CBC Applauds the Decision of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to Initiate the DOJ Pattern-or-Practice Investigation Into the Chicago Police Department

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CBC Chairman G. K. Butterfield released the following statement following the decision of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to initiate the Department of Justice’s pattern-or-practice investigation into the Chicago Police Department.

“The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has asserted for years that African Americans are treated unfairly and disproportionately in the criminal justice system.  The multiple shooting incidents involving police in Chicago and across the country serve as further proof that bias and excessive use of force by law enforcement are real in the African American community.

“Last week, led by Congressman Bobby L. Rush (IL-01), the CBC sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch to initiate a pattern-or-practice investigation into the discriminatory policing by the Chicago Police Department.  These incidents are not isolated and reflect a pervasive pattern of racial bias in policing.  Today’s announcement from Attorney General Lynch is an opportunity to restore the trust of the American public in our criminal justice system and put an end to racial and discriminatory profiling by law enforcement once and for all.”