Black Financial Advisor teaching his 11th Year of Wealth Building Strategies to the African American community

 “Changing lives, financially”

James Veal, founder of JRV Wealth Management Group LLC

Philadelphia, PA ( – African Americans have made tremendous strides in just about all industries in America. We have educated, created, and developed exceptional doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, athletes, entertainers, scientists, etc. However, one of the most important aspects of American life that we continue to fail miserably at and still yet to master in this capitalistic country is economic development. Many questions need to be answered: How do we solve the financial illiteracy crisis? Can we eliminate poverty in Black America? How can we change from being the world-leader as conspicuous spenders to understanding and learning key strategies of building wealth and empowering the African American community?

Well, that’s where James R. Veal enters the scene, along with his basic financial literacy class that teaches the importance of wealth building, entrepreneurship, and money management skills – specifically geared to those in the African American community. James is managing member and owner of JRV Wealth Management Group LLC, a Philadelphia-based financial planning and investment advisory firm. As a financial advisor with over 15 years in the industry, James has experienced so much. “The most intriguing concern that I have for such a long time – and still today – is the general lack of financial knowledge and education that has plaque the lives of most Americans. I should know! I grew up in a low-income neighborhood as a child but I was determined to learn the importance of money management and wealth building concepts. My mission since then has been to create and build a successful investment advisory firm and to help those most in need to understand the importance of money and how they can make it work for them as it has for me.”

For the past 11 years, James has been teaching a very popular financial educational/wealth building course called, “Ways to Pay Yourself First”. This 10-week course is conducted each year in the Fall and Spring semesters thru PASCEP (Pan-African Studies Community Education Program) in conjunction with Temple University in Philadelphia. Here are just some of the topics that students will learn from the class:

* What Can We Learn from Black Wall Street
* How to Buy Mutual Funds and Stocks to Build Wealth
* How Wall Street Works
* Best Ways to Get Rid of Debt, Forever
* The Importance of Your 401(k), 403(b), & 457 Employer Plans
* How to Retire Rich!
* How to Start Your Own Investment Club

This class was created out of these frustrations:

* the severe lack of trustworthy financial professionals in/out of our communities
* the public’s lack of financial literacy and other wealth building educational  opportunities
* phony self-proclaimed financial experts who just want to sell you their products
* to combat the increasing poverty levels that is demoralizing those most in the African  American and Latino communities
* the lack of savings, investments, and insurance
* a $ 1 trillion Black buying power that’s enriching all cultures other than their own
* major concerns about social security, the disappearing of pensions, and the lack of none/low contributions to employer retirement plans

Registration begins Monday, August 19, 2013 – Friday, August 30, 2013 from 10am to 5pm on the campus of Temple University * 1509 Cecil B. Moore Avenue/2nd Floor * Philadelphia, Pa 19121. Classes are on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm beginning September 24, 2013. The fee to enroll in the course “Ways to Pay Yourself First” is $25.00. Download the PASCEP Fall semester 2013 brochure online at Call 215-204-1993 for more details.

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 Photo Caption: James Veal, founder of JRV Wealth Management Group LLC