Author Says “Urban Fiction Books Today Glorify Ghetto”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with ghetto but fantasy and fiction should lead readers to new places, take them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and paint a picture of upliftment and encouragement for urban youth readers,” says Aquanza Cadogan.

Orlando, FL ( – Aquanza Cadogan returns with his sophomore novel, Alumni, a book about four unique friends who grow-up and grow-apart after college graduation, only to return years later by one unique bond – brotherhood.
“I dont want to teach my son to be hood rich, or watch my daughter aspire to be a Trap Queen,” Cadogan explains. “I want them to read about the positive, progression of minorities in college; show them that you get rewarded for working hard and chasing your dreams.”

Alumni pushes the envelope for the Urban Fiction genre with colorful characters, creative word-play and vivid storytelling ability that will take readers on a memorable journey. This book can be purchased online at on September 20, 2015 for $14.99 paperback and $5.99 eBook.

About Aquanza Cadogan
Aquanza received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication from the University of Florida. His Island upbringing, that is centered around education, independence and the pursuit of success has given him a refreshing outlook on storytelling. His writing style is a product of growing up in Brooklyn, New York, being raised in the divided South and mentoring youth in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Florida. Alumni is the sequel to Summer Session, his first novel, a book self published on Amazon in 2013.

For more information about Alumni, please visit or contact Aquanza Cadogan at 407-569-5308.

Photo: Author, Aquanza Cadogan