Adult Redeploy Illinois Convenes 2015 All-Sites Summit

CHICAGO, IL — About 150 Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI) program site managers, service providers, and state and local leaders will convene in Bloomington today at the 2015 ARI All-Sites Summit, hosted by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA).

Summit participants will discuss topics critical to the success of prison diversion, including leveraging the Affordable Care Act for offender treatment opportunities that ultimately benefit public safety, and the role of law enforcement in adult diversion programs. In afternoon breakout sessions, attendees will discuss building a recovery-oriented system of offender care and using data for program quality improvement and evaluation.

Staff assisting non-violent offenders at 22 sites with 24 distinct programs across 39 counties will be in attendance.  Local representatives from counties interested in exploring an Adult Redeploy Illinois program will also be in attendance.

“This event provides an opportunity for those who are on the ground working with this particular population to hear from criminal justice experts, exchange information, and offer what works with others who share the goal of creating safer communities with anticipated lower offender recidivism rates,” said ICJIA Executive Director John Maki.

Each individual diverted from prison by ARI represents significant potential cost savings: an aver­age annual ARI intervention costs about $4,400, while the annual incarceration cost per capita is estimated at $21,500. ARI sites have diverted 2,025 non-violent offenders from prison since program inception in January 2011 and through the end of 2014, resulting in an estimated $46.8 million in correctional cost savings.

The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Chateau Bloomington Hotel and Conference Center, 1601 Jumer Drive, in Bloomington.

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