A 60-day moratorium on crime? Think about it!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of the Probation Challenge PCC Network

If ever we as African-Americans decide to make a gigantic difference – yes, we can do it! History has taught us that whatever we laid our hands to … the Lord blessed it.

This nation was built by people of color and they were given little if any finance! What they were compensated with was not even considered the low cost of slave labor! History dictates that anything of a meaningful production … it has the fingerprint of a Black man on it.

Now that I’ve said that, Can we pull our minds inwardly? Can we decide without reservation to in-fact put the criminal just us system out of business? Can it be done? Frankly, without Blacks and Hispanics the system would fall to its knees.

Remember: What we put our minds to… it can be done with perfection. Consider the history of our building this country… We can build a city of loveliness right here in Chicago, a theory that can spread abroad. Do not allow the enemy (Satan) to say that it cannot be done… history says it can be done. The DNA is in our veins.

Ah, but what if we decided that we would put away knives and guns? And what if we as Blacks decided to create a moratorium on crime for only 60-days? That would mean no hurting or killing anyone! Think about it… if we could do it for 30 or 60 days, we could do it for a lifetime. But, then you would have some folk across town talking about some people causing trouble!  Yes, some folk would extremely… not angry but mad at you! How dare you mess with that multi-billion dollar industry of jails and prisons!  

Tons of wrong-minded folk would hate your guts for cutting out mass killings in our community. Folk would be disturbed for your taking the job of killing away from the KKK. Maybe would have to retreat to the woods to lick their wounds.

Haters: Their revenue would decrease and the criminal just us system would suffer greatly – only because you woke up from a bad nightmare.

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Rev. Harold E. Bailey, writes a weekly column for CopyLine Magazine www.copylinemagazine.com