$70,000 urban land site now valued at $1,000,000 for student

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Special Partial Tuition Scholarships Now Available for accepted African Americans, Other Minorities or U.S. Veterans

Boston, MA (BlackNews.com) — The Founder of The REDI Foundation, non-profit institute, Richard Michael Abraham, announced at The REDI Foundation’s press conference that the mission to teach and train land and property owners how to become successful real estate developers and develop their property continues to produce success stories.

“The 6-Month Mentoring ONLINE Real Estate Development Course is teaching and will train 500 professionals in the next five years how to successfully develop land or property. This is my legacy Course where I mentor each accepted student personally and privately. Since my announcement in November last year, just look at the fantastic developments my students are doing,” Mr. Abraham stated.

The 6-Month Online Real Estate Development Certification and private Mentoring Course is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive Program. Each accepted student is required to develop the land or property with the help of and under the watchful eye of Mr. Abraham. Course enrollment is strictly limited and always fills quickly but “Standby” places are available for exceptional applicants.

“Just take one of my students. Even though F.T. Ryan, a fabulous student is educated, like so many other Americans he cannot find suitable employment. He remembered ten years ago, he had purchased a vacant land parcel and now, to survive and take control over his life and income, he decided to learn how to develop his land. After working and studying hard in the Course and following my Mentoring, F.T. (or Todd) now is on the verge of developing a mixed-use development including his own street-front restaurant and upper floor apartments in Philadelphia. Based on the financial feasibility, he is now projecting to earn a $1,000,000 profit. And there are a lot of other average Americans out there who can do the same,” Mr. Abraham added.

Todd had a few words of his own to add: “With an extensive background in Chemistry, Art and Mathematics from Temple University, I still did not FEEL FULFILLED… until I enrolled into the REDI Foundation’s Real Estate Development Certification Program. Imagine having someone that’s like a friend of the family, a close friend of the family who wants to passionately and wholeheartedly see you succeed as a real estate developer, fulfilling your visions…Richard Michael Abraham. Imagine having a life coach that passionately wants to see you succeed…Richard Michael Abraham. And the icing on the cake – to have someone teach you PRINCIPLES that most people wouldn’t even learn in a lifetime…Richard Michael Abraham. And this is just the tip of the iceberg to what the future will hold. What so many other developers KEEP HIDDEN out of fear, Mr. Abraham and The REDI Foundation brings to light with stellar confidence.”

Land and property owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who possess a passion for real estate development and who feel they have what it takes to develop real estate (once they learn the skills) are invited to apply for the 6-Month Course by visiting www.redii.org

Only the very best applicants are accepted. If you feel you are an exceptional candidate, to apply for a special “Standby” Course place, review all the details about the course on the website and then, if you have a passion to learn, email your completed Application as soon as possible. Tuition is comparable to a University program. (Partial scholarships are limited) Include a sincere cover letter describing why you want to be accepted. Also include any details on land or property you want to develop. Once received, a REDI Application officer will contact you for your interview and to discuss your exact tuition amount after the partial scholarships.

Photo Caption: F.T. Ryan, real estate student at The REDI Foundation 

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