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City Colleges of Chicago Faculty Call for a “Vote of No Confidence” for Olive-Harvey President for Lack of Credentials

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City Colleges of Chicago Faculty Criticize Chancellor Suspension of Presidential Job Search; Call for “Vote of No Confidence” for Olive-Harvey President for lack of credentials


 CHICAGO, IL –  Chancellor Juan Salgado suspended a presidential search for Olive-Harvey College.  He took this drastic measure when he realized that the search committee was not going to move forward the application of the Interim President, Felicia Davis, who has strong ties to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  The search committee based their decision on Davis’ poor leadership and lack of academic credentials. On Thursday, during the City Colleges of Chicago Board Meeting, faculty will speak out for continuation of the search process and call for a “No Confidence Vote” against Felicia Davis.

“The Chancellor’s decision to suspend the presidential job search is a slap in the face to City College faculty and staff,” said Tony Johnston, President of Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600.  “This administration has stated that they respect shared governance in higher education, where faculty and staff’s academic expertise are consulted and respected, such as in the search and selection of administration.  The suspension of the search refutes that completely and points to the administration valuing political concerns over student success at our City Colleges”.

Davis is the former deputy chief of staff for Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In press releases put out by City Colleges announcing her appointment as interim president, it was stated that David held a masters in public policy from Illinois Institute of Technology. However, the search committee uncovered the truth – she is working on her masters but does not yet hold the degree. She is not qualified to be president of Olive-Harvey College.

The City Colleges of Chicago is the largest community college system in Illinois and one of the largest in the nation, with 5,700 faculty and staff serving almost 100,000 students annually.  These colleges provide Chicago’s neighborhoods with vital access to quality higher education.  Olive-Harvey serves a population of African-American and Latino students.  The college’s enrollment has plummeted in recent years due to the decline in those populations from disinvestment in public education and services on the southside of Chicago.

What: Speeches during CCC Board Meeting

Where: City Colleges District Office
Room 300
226 W. Jackson
Chicago, IL

When: Thursday, May 3
9 AM

Who: Cook County College Teachers Union – Local 1600

House Panel to Examine Why Judge Who Returned Child to an Abusive Home Was Tapped to Join Gov. Rauner’s DCFS

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CHICAGO, IL – The House Human Services Committee will examine why a former judge whose reckless decisions resulted in an abused child’s death is now filling a key position in the Rauner administration’s child welfare agency. The committee will hear testimony from advocates and agency officials on Thursday at 2:30 p.m., in the sixth floor committee room of the Bilandic Building in Chicago.

Recent reporting in the Belleville News-Democrat revealed how Laninya Cason, then a St. Clair County judge, had returned an abused 3-year-old boy to the custody of his mother and stepfather, despite the objection of the child’s court-appointed guardians. In February 2014, the child was found beaten and murdered by his stepfather. Even after returning this child to a life-threatening situation, Cason was selected by the Rauner administration in 2015 to fill an $86,000 per year supervisory position within the Department of Children and Family Services.

“It is very disturbing that Governor Rauner has chosen to put our children’s safety in the hands of someone whose poor judgment has resulted in such a tragedy,” Gabel said. “I am holding this hearing to give all involved parties a chance to tell their story so we may figure out how this was allowed to happen.”

Who: House Human Services CommitteeWhat: Hearing on Gov. Rauner’s appointment of Laninya CasonWhen: Thursday, May 3 2:30 p.m. Where: Michael A. Bilandic Building 160 North LaSalle Street 6th Floor, Room C-600 Chicago


Ald. Moore Urges Chicagoans to Oppose the Closure of Belmont and Western Courthouse

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From: Ald. Joe Moore

Alderman of the 49th Ward


I urge you to join me in opposition to the planned closure of the branch courthouse, located at 2452 W. Belmont (at Western).

The courtrooms at the Belmont and Western courthouse hear preliminary felony and misdemeanor cases for Chicago’s north side neighborhoods, including Rogers Park. Under the proposal, most of the cases heard at Belmont and Western would be shifted to the courthouse at Harrison and Kedzie and a few might be heard at the Skokie courthouse on Old Orchard Road.

To learn how you can help me in opposing this misguided plan, scroll to the bottom of this email.

Closing the Belmont and Western courthouse will impede our efforts to reduce crime

If adopted, this proposal would require victims, defendants, witnesses, and law enforcement officers in Rogers Park to travel greater distances for each case, resulting in increases in time, money and inconvenience for all involved and impeding our ability to fight crime and keep our neighborhood safe.

Successful prosecution of criminal cases requires the crime victims and witnesses to appear in court. It is often difficult under the best of circumstances to convince victims and witnesses to appear in court to testify. Time from away from work and fear of retaliation already serve as major impediments. Extending the time and distance it takes victims and witnesses to travel to court would add yet another impediment to securing their essential appearance in court cases.

Similarly, closing the courthouse also would discourage participation in our court advocacy efforts in which community residents volunteer to attend court hearings to advocate for victims of crime and ensure they and their cases get the attention they deserve from the assistant state’s attorneys and judges.

In just the last few months, my office organized community residents to attend court cases at Belmont and Western for a defendant accused of exposing himself to women and a defendant accused of stealing packages delivered to homes. In both cases, the presence of community residents in the courtroom ensured the cases were fully prosecuted and the defendants received the mental health and drug treatment services they needed.

Those efforts will be far more difficult to organize if our local courthouse is closed and volunteer court advocates are forced to travel greater distances to attend hearings in courthouses much further from their home.

Finally, closing the Belmont and Western courthouse also would require our 24th District police officers to travel a greater distance to attend court hearings, resulting in less officer time on the streets and more overtime costs to the City.

In short, this proposal strips away a vital crime-fighting resource for Rogers Park.

Why is the Belmont and Western courthouse slated to be closed?

The proposed closure is the result of a budget settlement between Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Chief Circuit Court Judge Timothy Evans.

Chief Judge Evans was forced to cut costs after the Cook County Board last year voted to repeal the so-called “pop tax” and failed to come up with an alternative revenue source.

Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, who represents most of Rogers Park, was one of a very few courageous commissioners to vote against the repeal, warning of the dire consequences that would result from the County Board’s act of fiscal irresponsibility. Unfortunately, his warnings are coming to pass, as county residents face harmful cuts to health care, social services and public safety due to the budget cuts.

As part of the effort to close the $200 million budget gap, the County Board approved a plan that called for Chief Judge Evans to lay off more than 155 workers. The chief judge challenged the plan in court on the grounds that the board could not tell him how to spend money given to the office he controls..

In December, a Lake County circuit court judge agreed with Chief Judge Evans in a ruling that put the layoffs on hold. The court decision sent President Preckwinkle and Chief Judge Evans to the bargaining table, resulting in a proposed settlement that calls for the closure of two branch courts–Belmont and Western and 155 W. 51st Street.

Here’s how you can help

President Preckwinkle and Chief Judge Evans are the principal actors in the decision to close the court at Belmont and Western. Ordinarily the County Board would have final approval over an agreement of this sort, but I am told a technicality in that rule may enable the president and the chief judge to bypass the board.

Please join me in calling upon President Preckwinkle and Chief Judge Evans to find a funding alternative to keep the branch court at Belmont and Western open. Contact them at the phone numbers and email addresses below:

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle
(312) 603-6400

Chief Judge Timothy Evans
(312) 603-6000


Joe Moore

DC to Host the Largest Black Business Conference

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Power Networking Conference, the largest continuous held event for black executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, to be held July 5-7

The 17th annual event will launch wings financial education centers and provide expert training and coaching, designed to tackle financial illiteracy, grow businesses and teach the 4 pillars for the inter-generational transfer of wealth in Black America.


George Fraser, President & CEO of FraserNET, Inc.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — FraserNet, Inc., has announced that its 2018 PowerNetworking Conference (PNC) will be held July 5-7, at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center, on the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This year’s conference top global experts will focus their training on financial literacy, business development and wealth building through personal “subject matter” excellence, effective networking and collaboration.

“Financial illiteracy is an American problem according to the Wall Street Journal, but it is 10x greater in Black America. All the studies, surveys and statistics predict if nothing changes within our community we will be financially destitute and enslaved by 2053. A November 2017 front-page headline in the Boston Globe said, “Black Bostonians median net worth really was $8.” Thus, we must effectively and aggressively address financial illiteracy and building million-dollar businesses in Black America. At PNC, we will do both and launch our national “faith-based” WINGS Financial Education Centers and Curriculum with the goal of 10,000+ centers up and running by 2028. Our curriculum will focus on a mindset shift of “instant gratification to delayed gratification” and the 4 pillars for the inter-generational transfer of wealth to include; proper management of accumulated wealth, real estate, business development and proper insurance,” said Dr. Fraser

The PowerNetworking Conference, widely recognized as America’s largest continuous held conference in the world for Black executives, business professionals and entrepreneurs. This year, the PNC is expected to draw more than 1,200+ attendees from around the world. In 2015, the PNC was named one of the “Top 5 Can’t Miss” Conferences in America by Forbes Magazine. Since its inception, the PNC has produced over $750,000,000 in new business startups and deal flow and sixteen (16) conferences across the United States. “I’m overjoyed to have been the first Black Conference to be selected for this prestigious annual recognition from the premier business magazine in the world. We have always felt this way, but now the world knows it,” said Fraser.

PNC, the creation of international speaker, author and networking guru, Dr. George C. Fraser, Chairman, FraserNet, Inc., a 31-year old highly respected company focused on mission-driven entrepreneurship, the PNC has been held in progressive cities such as Cleveland, Atlanta and Dallas. In 2016, the conference was moved to the National Harbor, located between Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Key sponsors this year include: Wells Fargo, First Financial Security, Greenlight Consulting Corp. Key components of PNC include keynote presentations, over 60 workshops/lectures featuring 50 global experts, two awards luncheons, a National Town Hall meeting and networking events designed to uplift African-American entrepreneurs and to encourage successful African Americans to lift others as a means of positively changing the world and changing their communities. “We must learn, earn and return,” proclaims Dr. Fraser.

The 2018 Global Expert line-up includes but not limited to:
* Reverend Dr. Freddie Haynes, Pastor, Friendship West Baptist Church, TX
* Dr. Randal Pinkett, CEO, BCT Partners, Inc. NJ
* Dr. William Pickard, CEO, Global Automotive Group, MI
* Dr. Michael Roberts, CEO, The Roberts Group, MO
* Linda Clemons, CEO, Sisterpreneur, IN
* Anthony Browder, Director, ASA Restoration Project, DC
* Dr. Linus Okorie, CEO, GOTNI, Lagos, Nigeria
* James Coleman, CEO, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corp.
* Dr. Jackie Mayfield, CEO, ComproTax, Inc, TX
* Earl Erasmus, CEO, The Dream Center, Cape Town, South Africa
* Farida Akidiri, Consultante En Stratégie d’Affaire, Paris, France
* Bishop Dr. James Dixon, Pastor, Community of Faith, TX
* Allyson Byrd, CEO, The Profit Accelerator, TX
* Delano Johnson, CEO, Jonsehn, Inc., NY
* Dr. Ron Daniels, President, Institute of the Black World, NY
* Cerita Battles, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo, FL
* Emmett Vaughn, Director, Diverse Business Dev., Exelon Corp., PA
* Imaj, Award Winning Country & Western singer and Activist, TX
* Dr. Emma Fraser Pendleton, CEO. Emma, Life Coach, GameChanger
* Dr. Ken Harris, President/CEO, National Business League, MI
* Dr. George C. Fraser. Founder/CEO, FraserNet, Inc. OH

As is done annually, several individuals and corporations of national prominence will be receiving awards at the PowerNetworking Conference Awards Luncheons. They are:

Lifetime Achievement Awardee:
* Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, Director, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

Black, Cool and Brilliant Awardees:
* Orrin Hudson, CEO, BeSomeone, GA
* Shawn Dove, CEO, Campaign For Black Male Achievement, NY
* Delano A. Johnson, CEO, Johnson Enterprises, Inc., NY
* Lance London, CEO, Carolina Kitchens, and NeVitica, Inc., MD

Entrepreneurs of the Year Awardees:
* Vanessa Braxton, CEO, Black Mama Brands, NY
* Dr. Terrence Cash, CEO Greenlight Consulting, NJ

Corporation of the Year Awardee:
* First Financial Security, Phil and Debbie Gerlicher, Atlanta, Georgia

Photo Caption:

George Fraser, President & CEO of FraserNET, Inc

About Dr. George C. Fraser
Dr. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded some 31 years ago, to lead a global networking movement for people of African descent. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he was an orphan and foster child for 15 years. He’s written 6 best-selling books to include: Success Runs in Our Race, Click and recently, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings, a book he co-authored with Les Brown. Upscale Magazine named him one of the “Top 50 Power Brokers in Black America,” and Black Enterprise magazine called him “Black America’s #1 Networker”.

In addition, Fraser has been featured on 7 national magazine covers, and has received 350 awards and citations to include: Induction into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum, 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees, a Chaplaincy and Ambassadorship. Dr. Fraser is most proud of the 2 African-centered charter schools that he helped found 14 years ago, which educate 300 inner-city Black children, of which 60% are boys. He’s been married 45 years, resides in Cleveland, and has 2 sons and 2 granddaughters.

About FraserNet
FraserNet is a global leadership network committed to economic development through education, training, and empowerment for Black people. Its focus is to train, educate, and equip Black people with new skills, new thinking and new approaches for personal, professional and financial success in the 21st Century. They have a continuing-relationship business model including, books, CDs, conferences, lectures, memberships, subscriptions, workshops and long-term coaching and mentoring agreements with their 91,000 global network members.

For more details about FraserNET, visit www.frasernet.com

For more details and/or to register for the PowerNetworking Conference, visit www.powernetworkingconference.com

Federal Indictments Unsealed; 14 Former South Carolina Department of Corrections Employees and Correction Officers Arrested by the FBI

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Columbia, South Carolina——-United States Attorney Beth Drake announced the indictment and arrest of fourteen former employees of the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) on federal charges related to accepting bribes and bringing contraband into South Carolina prisons.

The federal violations include: Use of Interstate Facilities to Facilitate Bribery, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1952; Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud Depriving South Carolina of the Right to Honest Services, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1349; and Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics, in violation 21 U.S.C. § 841.

The individuals charged include: Rachel Burgess (age 39); Joshua Cave (age 29); Jamal Early (age 23), James Harvey (age 54), Douglas Hawkins (age 29), Robert Hill (age 53), Sharon Johnson-Breeland (age 29), Darnell Kleckley (age 33), Holly Mitchem (age 37), Frank Pridgeon (age 64), Catherine Prosser (age 60), Camille Williams (age 65), Miguel Williams (age 41), and Shatara Wilson (age 29).  All defendants were arraigned on their respective indictments today.

Since 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has partnered with state law enforcement to investigate the smuggling of contraband into prisons by staff at SCDC. The investigation uncovered a number of SCDC employees who accepted bribes to smuggle into prison various contraband, such as cell phones, narcotics, or tobacco.  Additionally, joint investigations over the last year, targeting the use of contraband cell phones in our state prisons, have led to the federal convictions of multiple defendants in two other prosecutions in the upstate and most recently, just last week, in Columbia. See links below.

Inmate and Conspirator Convicted of Using Contraband Cellphone to Deal Drugs and Obtain a Mail Bomb from the Dark Web


Twitter: https://twitter.com/USAO_SC/status/989170992755986432 (link is external)

Jury Convicts Spartanburg Brothers in Federal Court of Drug and Money Laundering Charges (sentencing hearing is scheduled for Friday, April 27th, 2018, at 9:30 am at the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Federal Building United States Courthouse, 315 South McDuffie Street, Anderson, SC 29624)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/USAO_SC/status/953365064345702400 (link is external)

Fifteen Charged in Drug Trafficking Ring that Operated from Inside South Carolina Prisons


This operation was a combined law enforcement effort by the FBI, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), SCDC, and U.S. Attorney’s Office.  U.S. Attorney Beth Drake commended the partnership:  “This operation signals our joint commitment to prosecute those who abuse their position for personal gain at the cost of the safety of our communities and prisons. If you have information about public employees and officials abusing their position, please contact the Columbia (South Carolina) FBI office at (803) 551-4200 or www.fbi.gov/tips.”

This case is assigned for prosecution to Assistant United States Attorney Jay Richardson and Assistant United States Attorney Will Lewis.

The United States Attorney stated that all charges in these indictments are merely accusations and that the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Source: FBI


Scammers Target September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

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Consumers are reporting a new imposter scam — this time the callers are pretending to be with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). According to reports, the callers are telling people they may be entitled to money, and they are asking people for their personal information to determine if they are eligible. It’s a scam.

Currently, the callers are using spoofed phone numbers with New York area codes. They are asking for information ranging from Social Security numbers, mailing addresses, and bank account numbers, to medical histories and proof of whether a person worked in the 9/11 exposure zone.

If you get a random call with questions about your claim with the Victim Compensation Fund or your potential for eligibility, hang up immediately. The VCF may call you, but it will never ask for your full Social Security number. If you are uncertain whether a caller is from the VCF, hang up and call the VCF directly at 1-855-885-1555.

If you encounter a similar call, hang up and report it to the FTC. And spread the word to your friends, family, and community. It may help someone avoid a scam.

State Senator Collins Plan to Study Early Childhood Absences Passes Senate

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“To attack the causes of absence from all sides, we must fully understand it.”


SPRINGFIELD, IL – The problem of chronic absences weighs heavily on a school’s ability to educate students, a problem Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Collins continues to address this year with a plan that passed the Senate.

The measure, approved by the Senate in a 50-1 vote today, extends studies of chronic absence to include early childhood programs. Schools must collect and review absence data, using it as the basis for recommendations on what can be done to reduce absences and truancy.

“To attack the causes of absence from all sides, we must fully understand it, and that means starting with our youngest students,” Collins said. “We know that a pattern of absence or truancy can develop from an early age. Collecting this data and hearing these stories from our schools will help us to understand why, and to develop strategies to keep our kids in class.”

Data from the University of Chicago, the Consortium on Chicago School Research and reports by California-based Attendance Works highlight the critical importance of consistent preschool attendance. Students who attend preschool regularly are significantly more likely than chronically absent preschoolers to be ready for kindergarten and to attend school regularly in later grades.

Senate Bill 3536 heads to the Illinois House for consideration.

U.S. Rep. Rep. Schakowsky Demanded That Israel Stop Deadly Force Against Unarmed Protesters; Constituents Call for Investigation

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Jewish Voice for Peace to lead Shabbat vigil mourning 39 Palestinians killed, demand Senators break silence, urge investigation into whether Israeli military units received U.S. weapons, training.

Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago led over 50 constituents of Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in a vigil urging Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) to condemn Israeli military snipers’ deliberate targeting of unarmed Palestinian protesters participating in the Gaza #GreatReturnMarch.

Since then, on Thursday 4/26, Rep. Schakowsky and several other legislators released a statement in which they “call on the Israeli Defense Forces to immediately stop using deadly force against unarmed protestors.”

Friday April 27th, Jewish Voice for Peace led a second Shabbat vigil welcoming Rep. Schakowsky’s statement and urging her and other signatories to uphold U.S. law by launching an investigation into whether the Israeli military units responsible for these abuses have received U.S. weapons or training. Under what is commonly known as the Leahy Law, it is illegal to provide weapons or training to military units guilty of “gross violations of human rights,” including “extrajudicial killings.”

Participants will also demand that Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, who have still not commented on the killings despite the growing outcry in Congress, break their silence.

They will also honor the lives of Palestinians protesters killed by the Israeli military in Gaza by speaking the names of those who can be identified and reciting the Kaddish – a Jewish mourning ritual.

Approximately 42 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including minors and at least 35 who were shot dead by Israeli snipers while participating in the Gaza #GreatReturnMarch. Several minors are included in that number. More than 5,000 have been wounded. On Thursday, April 27th in New York City, 14 Jewish Voice for Peace members were arrested while demanding the New York Senator Chuck Schumer condemn the killings.

Led by Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago, the program included:
– Scout Bratt of Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago
– Gail Schechter, Chicago Area Peace Action
– Reverend Emily Heitzman

The event was held Friday, April 27, across the street East of Evanston’s Fountain Square, West of 1603 Orrington Avenue in Evanston

MORE BACKGROUND: On Friday, March 30th, an estimated 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza launched the #GreatReturnMarch. Organized by a cross section of civil society, grassroots activists, and political factions, this effort highlights the impact of Israel’s brutal military blockade and re-centers the issue of Palestinian refugees’ right to return to the homes from which they, or their parents and grandparents, were expelled in 1948.

The Israeli military responded with a brutal show of force – snipers opened fire with live ammunition in acts that Human Rights Watch denounced as “unlawful” and “calculated”. Amnesty International has condemned the Israeli military’s use of “excessive force” and assigned clear responsibility to Israeli authorities.

Israel’s government has made clear that it fully supports these deliberate killings. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has stated: “There are no innocents in Gaza.” The day after the killing of the first 15 Palestinian protesters on March 30, the Israeli military posted, then promptly deleted, the following tweet: “Yesterday we saw 30,000 people; we arrived prepared and with precise reinforcements. Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.”

As of April 27th, up to 42 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,400 have been injured, including children and clearly-identified members of the press.

JVP-Chicago is the local branch of Jewish Voice for Peace (www.jvp.org), a national, grassroots organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for a just and lasting peace according to principles of human rights, equality, and international law for all the people of Israel and Palestine. Jewish Voice for Peace has over 200,000 online supporters, over 60 chapters, a youth wing, a Rabbinic Council, an Artist Council, an Academic Advisory Council, and an Advisory Board made up of leading U.S. intellectuals and artists

Chicago Is 2018’s 7th Most Diverse Large City: WalletHub Study

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From: Diana Popa


With immigration policy remaining a hot-button issue in 2018’s political landscape, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s Most Diverse Cities in America.

To determine the places in the U.S. with the most mixed demographics, WalletHub compared the profiles of more than 500 of the largest cities across five major diversity categories: socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household and religious.Chicago ranks 11th overall but 7th among large cities.

Diversity in Chicago (1=Most Diverse; 250=Avg.)

  • 240th – Income Diversity
  • 47th – Educational-Attainment Diversity
  • 11th – Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • 55th – Linguistic Diversity
  • 146th – Industry Diversity
  • 192nd – Age Diversity

For the full report, please visit:

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