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NAACP “Deeply Disappointed” On U.S. Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement on Climate Change

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Baltimore, Md. – The NAACP says it is deeply disappointed by President Donald J. Trump announcement that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

NAACP’s Statement:

“Despite this disastrous step backwards for our nation, the NAACP resolves to not only do its part to adhere to the tenets of the Paris Agreement, but also to continue to fight for environmental justice.

“There’s no way around it – this decision by the Trump Administration is not only a rejection of the undeniable science that has proven climate change exists, but also will send our nation and our planet down a path that will only lead to catastrophic destruction. In these dark times, one thing is for certain: the United States may be out of the Paris Agreement, but the NAACP is going to be all in for equity and our environment, now more than ever before,” said Leon W. Russell, chairman of the Board of Directors.


The NAACP asserts that anything less than a 100-percent commitment of adherence to the Paris Agreement is a flagrant and callous disregard of the urgent mandate to protect our people, and our planet,” said Jacqueline Patterson, director of the NAACP’s Environmental and Climate Justice Program. “Low-income African-American neighborhoods will be among the most affected by exiting the Paris Agreement. Increased carbon dioxide emissions can cause extreme and unprecedented weather conditions, which can potentially devastate communities as we saw during Hurricane Katrina. The United States is the world’s second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions, only behind China. Our country should be showing model leadership and ending the politicization of climate change, rather than continuing to turn its back on African-Americans in the name of corporate greed and dependence on fossil fuels.”


“The NAACP has had a delegation at the United Nations Climate Talks since 2009 when our Environmental and Climate Justice Program was established, and we voted unanimously in support of the Paris Agreement resolution. Today, we pledge to remain active members of these talks, and to hold our country accountable in a forum of its national peers as the voice of the U.S. electorate,” Russell continued. “The NAACP also plans to increase and deepen our mitigation and adaptation work until every state and every one of our branches is engaging on stemming the tide of climate change, and preparing communities for the impacts that are already being felt.”


Across the nation, NAACP Branches and Chapters are already advancing the tenets of the Paris Agreement with a view towards even more ambitious aims than those espoused in the agreement, by ensuring that all climate mitigation and adaptation action is centered in equity and justice:


  • In Memphis, Tennessee; Indianapolis, Indiana; Gulfport, Mississippi; Omaha, Nebraska; Chicago, Illinois; and more, NAACP units have engaged in Coal Blooded Campaigns to stop the practices responsible for the largest emissions of carbon dioxide, the number one greenhouse gas that drives climate change.
  • From Georgia, to Michigan, to Alabama, to Missouri and beyond, the NAACP has been advocating for strong pollution standards such as the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, Carbon Pollution Standards and more, to significantly reduce the pollution driving climate change.
  • In Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and more, the NAACP is advancing energy efficiency and clean energy policies as an alternative to fossil fuel based energy production.
  • In Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska as well as Saginaw, Michigan and Gary, Indiana, the NAACP is leading action on communities going solar.
  • On the adaptation side, in North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and beyond, the NAACP is working with Climate Central and NOAA to train communities and facilitate planning for the impact of sea level rise.
  • To address climate related shifts in agricultural yields, from Longview, Texas to Gulfport, Mississippi, the NAACP units have planted local gardens and from Anchorage, Alaska to Indianapolis, Indiana, the NAACP is partnering with schools and local community projects to support aquaponics, to grow food indoors.
  • Starting with the NAACP National MoA with FEMA, to the individual disaster plans in Alabama, Missouri, Florida, Mississippi and elsewhere, the NAACP is preparing communities to adapt to the increase in extreme weather events.

Attorney General Madigan Reaches Settlement With Fraudulent Charitable Telemarketers

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CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a settlement with Safety Publications Inc., a professional fundraiser and for-profit telemarketer, and its owners over allegations that the company violated the charitable Solicitation Act and prior consent decrees with Madigan’s office. The Solicitation Act dictates the laws governing charitable solicitations and fundraising activities in Illinois.

The consent decree entered by Cook County Circuit Judge Thomas R. Allen permanently bans Safety Publications and one of its owners Arthur Olivera from charitable fundraising in Illinois and requires Safety Publications to dissolve its operation with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. Its other owner, Adam Herdman, is banned for three years from charitable fundraising in Illinois. The settlement also includes a penalty of nearly $160,000 against the defendants.

“The owners of Safety Publications are serial con artists who have shown complete disregard for the law over and over again,” Madigan said. “Today’s order should put an end to their serial fraud in Illinois.”

Today’s settlement resolves a three-count complaint Madigan filed in January 2016 against Safety Publications for: 1) misleading the donating public as to who was making the solicitation and how the donations would be used; 2) acting on behalf of a charity without maintaining the required registration and failing to disclose or account for fundraising activities; and 3) violating the consent decrees Safety Publications and its owners had previously entered into with Madigan’s office.

Madigan has pursued Herdman and Olivera multiple times for violations of the Solicitation Act.

Her allegations stemmed from Safety Publication’s work soliciting donations for VietNow National Headquarters (VietNow), a Rockford, Ill.-based charity that pledges to help veterans overcome joblessness and post-traumatic stress disorder. VietNow hired Safety Publications to raise money, but records show only a fraction of the contributions Safety Publications collected actually went to pay for charitable programs. When making solicitation calls to the public, Safety Publications failed to disclose that it was a paid fundraiser. Safety Publications also failed to disclose or account for its paid fundraising activities on behalf of VNH in annual financial reports filed with Madigan’s office. Records also show that Safety Publications was not registered with Madigan’s office for a portion of the time that is was soliciting donations. In addition, Olivera did not disclose a previous felony conviction on registration documents filed with Madigan’s office.

Bureau Chief Therese Harris, Assistant Bureau Chief Barry Goldberg and Assistant Attorney General Pasquale Esposito handled the settlement for Madigan’s Charitable Trust Bureau.



Death Toll on Suburban Roads Nearly 3 Times More Than in the City in 2015

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The culprit is more people driving on roads that are designed for speed rather than safety

CHICAGO, IL — Suburban traffic fatalities in 2015 outnumbered those in Chicago nearly 3 to 1, according to a new report from the Active Transportation Alliance.

“Many people are shocked to learn that our suburban communities have a far greater number of traffic fatalities,” said Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance. “Why? Suburban communities have more people driving more cars at faster speeds on roads that are often designed to maximize travel speeds at the expense of public safety.”

Burke said the most important strategies to improve traffic safety are more enforcement of traffic laws and streets designed with safety in mind for everyone who uses them.

In 2015, 301 people died while walking, biking and driving on roads in suburban communities, while the city of Chicago saw 119 traffic fatalities. The greatest contrast occurred with motorist fatalities: 228 people died in cars in the suburbs vs 66 in the city during 2015 (2015 is the most recent year that official crash data is available from the Illinois Department of Transportation).

Also in 2015, 59 people were killed while walking in suburban communities while 46 people in Chicago were killed while walking. For people biking, 14 people in the suburbs were killed while 7 people were killed in the city.

One of the most powerful strategies for making streets safer and more welcoming is an international movement called Vision Zero, which aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate serious traffic injuries and fatalities. The city of Chicago is preparing to release a Vision Zero plan in coming weeks. The Active Transportation Alliance urges suburban Chicagoland communities to follow Chicago’s lead and start drawing up Vision Zero plans.

“Our streets are valuable public spaces and using them shouldn’t require putting your life at risk,” said Burke. “The good news is that we know how to make our streets safer for everyone. Vision Zero has saved countless lives in the United States and around the world — we need to do the same here.”

Other points highlighted in the report:

  • Traffic injuries are unchanged or decreasing since 2005 for people in cars, walking and riding bikes.
  • Since 2005, traffic fatalities are mostly unchanged for people in cars and riding bikes, but have increased for people walking.

While many people think expressways pose the greatest danger for crashes in the Chicago region, it’s the arterial roads where crashes are most likely to happen — despite the fact that arterial roads comprise only 14 percent of regional roadways. Arterial roads, which are mostly controlled by IDOT, account for 53 percent of the reported crashes region wide.

About the Active Transportation Alliance
The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization that advocates for walking, bicycling, and public transit to create healthy, sustainable and equitable communities. The organization works to build a movement around active transportation, encourage physical activity, increase safety and build a world-class transportation network. The Active Transportation Alliance is supported by more than 7,000 members and 1,000 volunteers. For more information about the Active Transportation Alliance, visit www.activetrans.org or call 312.427.3325.

Senator Raoul Passes Measure Creating Elected School Board in Chicago

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SPRINGFIELD, IL —  Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago 13th) secured passage in the Senate of a measure allowing for the election of the Chicago Board of Education starting in 2023.

Before this legislation, the Chicago Public School district was the only school district in the state without an elected school board.

“It’s important that Chicago stay on par with the state, not only with funding but also with democracy,” Raoul said.

Similar legislation passed the House in 2016 but did not advance in the Senate. The measure passed today sets the size of the elected board at 15 members and establishes a redistricting commission to draw districts for board members.

“We amended the legislation to make sure the legislature was not drawing districts but that redistricting was done by people within the city of Chicago,” Raoul said.

Currently, the Chicago Board of Education is composed of seven members appointed by the mayor of Chicago.

HB 1774 passed the Senate 53-2 and heads to the House for a concurrence vote.

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