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Attorney General Madigan Files Amicus Brief in Federal Lawsuit Seeking to Halt Implementation of Immigration Executive Order

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Madigan Joins 15 Other Attorneys General & Asks Appellate Court to Permanently End Unconstitutional Travel Ban

Nationwide Noting Irreparable Harm to Illinois & the Country


CHICAGO, IL ─ Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco in support of a lawsuit challenging the federal Executive Orders on immigration as illegal and unconstitutional.


“Our country was built by immigrants and refugees who came here in search of a better life,” Madigan said. “Illinois is home to nearly 2 million immigrants who contribute to our state in invaluable ways. I will fight to ensure Illinois remains a safe and welcome home for immigrants and refugees.”


Madigan filed the brief together with attorneys general from 15 other states and the District of Columbia in State of Washington and State of Minnesota v. Donald Trump. Madigan and the attorneys general urged the Appellate Court to uphold the temporary restraining order blocking key parts of the executive action, pointing to the damage that will be caused to individual states.


The brief states that the Executive Orders barring entry into the United States of individuals who are nationals from seven majority-Muslim countries, including people who hold valid U.S. visas for work, study and travel “hinders the free exchange of information, ideas, and talent between the affected countries and the States, including at the States’ many educational institutions; harms the States’ life sciences, technology, health care, finance and other industries, as well as innumerable small businesses throughout the States; and will inflict economic harm on the States themselves.”


“The Administration’s reckless dismissal of the Constitution threatens to rip apart California families, risks their economic well-being and defies centuries of our American tradition,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said. “Immigrants are the life-blood of our nation who work hard to build our country, especially in California. Our universities, medical institutions, businesses, and our tax base are all harmed by President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and un-American order.”


“I am grateful to the State of Washington for taking this leadership role in ensuring that the President complies with the Constitution and laws of our country,” Delaware Attorney General Matthew Denn said. “I hope that this litigation will help repair the harm caused by the reckless drafting and implementation of this Order, and ultimately result in a federal immigration policy that protects Americans’ safety and also comports with the law.”


“We believe this executive order is unconstitutional and unlawful, which is why we are joining in opposing its implementation,” District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine said. “If implemented, this executive order would cause real and immediate harm to our residents and our city. As state attorneys general charged with promoting the public interest, we will continue to take any appropriate action to stand in the gap to defend our Constitution and its timeless principles of religious freedom, equal protection of law, and due process.”


“The Executive Order has already generated confusion, disappointment, and fear,” said Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh. “It is not only a policy that is unwise and dangerous, but it is a policy that is inhumane, inappropriate and un-American. As Attorneys General, we have the responsibility to fight this unconstitutional order and uphold the law.”


“No president or administration is more powerful than our laws and our Constitution,” said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. “As state AGs, it is our job to hold this administration accountable and stand for the interests of our states and our residents. We are united in this effort.”


“New Mexico has welcomed hundreds of students, scholars, doctors, and other lawful visa-holders from countries affected by this unlawful order,” New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said. “It is unfair, unconstitutional, and un-American that these community members and their families are being penalized based solely on their religion and national origin.”


“State Attorneys General are on the front lines of protecting our people from dangerous and hastily-implemented federal policy. I’ve been clear: President Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional, unlawful, and fundamentally un-American – and we won’t stand by while it undermines our states’ families, economies, and institutions,” New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said. “From filing our own federal lawsuit last week, to partnering with fellow Attorneys General on this amicus brief today, we will use every tool at our disposal to fight President Trump’s discriminatory order and help ensure the rule of law prevails.”


“Here in Oregon, we welcome and honor our immigrants, who add so much to the quality of our lives. We want to be ready to help in any way we can to establish the permanent illegality of the Executive Order,” said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.


“This filing is about keeping our communities safe, protecting our economy, and upholding the rule of law” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “Pennsylvania was founded on the promise of liberty and we’re proud to help lead this effort in support of Washington State’s lawsuit.”

“As a colony, Rhode Island was founded on religious tolerance.  We were formed by the visionaries and dissidents who were escaping religious persecution.  In our earliest years, we became a haven for people of all faiths and beliefs,” Rhode Island Attorney General Kilmartin said. “President Trump’s Executive Order is in direct conflict with the principles upon which our great state and this great nation was built upon. We cannot allow, our Constitution and our constitutional rights to be trampled on, people to be discarded, or our freedoms to be restricted.”


“Even as we pursue our own challenge here in the Commonwealth, we stand with those opposing President Trump’s unconstitutional, unlawful, and un-American immigration ban, whether in courtrooms, at our airports, or at peaceful demonstrations in communities all around the country,” Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said. “The immigration ban has already hurt Virginia families, businesses, colleges and universities in ways that will take years to undo, but the first step is getting it struck down in court and that is exactly what we plan to do.”


Attorney General Madigan has condemned the Executive Orders as unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful. She also has issued a letter to Illinois Governor Rauner urging him and his administration to fight the executive orders and protect Illinois immigrants and refugees from discrimination and hate crimes. Madigan also issued advice to immigrants that they may be targets of scam artists and unscrupulous immigration services providers who illegally pose as lawyers or demand excessive upfront fees for assistance in the wake of the executive actions.


The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has already denied the administration’s request for an immediate suspension of a district court’s temporary restraining order that blocked the implementation of key portions of the executive orders on immigration.



State Investigation Leads to $4.25 Million Settlement in Mining Discrimination Lawsuit

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Illinois Department of Human Rights assists U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in investigation of sex discrimination in coal mining


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) Director Janice Glenn congratulated the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for the resolution of two lawsuits against various Illinois affiliated coal mining companies that alleged discriminatory hiring practices towards women in underground mines and related positions, which followed a collaborative investigation between both agencies.


The $4.25 million settlement calls for the involved mining companies to provide payment to women applicants who were denied employment based on sex, and will result in the immediate hiring of women into Illinois coal production jobs. As the EEOC pursued a charge of systematic discrimination, IDHR was engaged in the preparation, investigation, and interviewing of witnesses.

“These lawsuits by the EEOC, and the subsequent settlement, are a major victory for gender equality in a historically male-dominated profession,” said IDHR Director Janice Glenn. “I am thankful for the work of our Springfield and Marion offices in collaborating on the investigation that led to this significant settlement. This investigation is an example of the strength of our partnership with the EEOC, allowing us to more effectively enforce state and federal antidiscrimination laws.”

Sex discrimination in employment is illegal under both the Illinois Human Rights Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Read more about the EEOC Settlement at: https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/1-25-17.cfm.



Black History Month: A Tribute to Courage and Perseverance

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By Marc Morial

President & CEO, National Urban League

If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today? The Hebrew keenly appreciated the value of tradition, as is attested by the Bible itself. In spite of worldwide persecution, therefore, he is a great factor in our civilization.” – Carter G. Woodson

In 1926, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, under the leadership of historian Carter G. Woodson, declared the week of Abraham Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays to be Negro History Week. Students at Kent State University are credited with proposing the first Black History Month, which took place on campus in 1970. President Gerald Ford in 1976 was the first to officially recognize the observance, saying, “The last quarter-century has finally witnessed significant strides in the full integration of Black people into every area of national life. In celebrating Black History Month, we can take satisfaction from this recent progress in the realization of the ideals envisioned by our Founding Fathers. But, even more than this, we can seize the opportunity to honor the too often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

Throughout the month, the National Urban League will honor the contributions and achievements of prominent Black Americans as a tribute to their courage and perseverance.

Bill Dotson Creates Obama Commemorative Collection

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2017 Comments Off on Bill Dotson Creates Obama Commemorative Collection

World renowned African American ball point pen artist, Bill Dotson teams up with company to produce limited edition Barack H. Obama commemorative collection.
Bill Dotson Bama Mamma Collection

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – Bill Dotson has received worldwide acclaim for his brilliant work. From contracts for national sporting events to international commissions of famous world leaders, Dotson has been heavily sought after for his unique ability to capture the underlying essence of these transient moments in history. He is renowned for his interactive exhibitions and masterclasses, where he demonstrates his exceptional ballpoint pen technique.

Unique in form, he developed this eccentric style while recuperating in the hospital from a serious injury. Able to move only his wrist, he spent his time doodling on letter correspondence paper. These small circular motions would later mature into the distinct craftship of which he would become known.

It was only fitting that he devote his time, energy, and expertise into creating this masterpiece of one of the greatest presidents and most influential world leaders of all time. Appropriately entitled “Life”, “Liberty”, and “Happiness”, the three works draw inspiration from our inalieble rights and the strides President Obama has arduously taken to champion these values.

“I was very excited about the opportunity of having this collection distributed,” Dotson said. “I know a lot of families have wanted a momento to remember this historic period. This is my way of giving back.”

The company

Dotson’s company, Bama Momma, has the sole goal is to provide the African American community with a high quality but affordable keepsake of this monumental period.

In order to pursue this momentous endeavor, they will be partnering with organizations (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV) and individual proprietors (bloggers, journalists, social media Influencers) in a cross promotion throughout Black History Month. In return for advertising, they will direct 50% of all proceeds from those advertisements back to your organization. They will provide you with a personalized promotional code (or phrase) which can be used by your content viewers to receive half off on all purchases. This code will also allow us to effectively track orders and promptly issue payments back to your organization.

They will also be offering extreme discounts for bulk orders. This will be beneficial to vendors, organizations who will be hosting large events, and various other fundraising initiatives.

For bulk orders, they can provide shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Depending on location, they can also offer personal delivery and assist with unloading and stocking.

Individuals who assist in initiating bulk order sales during this cross promotional period will also be entitled to 25% of proceeds from those sales.

The Product

Focused on longevity, their 16″ x 20″ prints are manufactured in the USA with high grade material. A supportive backing board is included for additional strength. To prevent scratches and general wear, each of our prints come enclosed it a protective cellophane sleeve.

Feel free to explore their website at www.Bamamomma.us for more information.
To take part in this national cross promotional opportunity, please contact:
Bryan J Pegues
Bama Momma
(330) 333-2071
** For physical and digital publications, ad formatted material are readily available.


Photo Caption: The Bill Dotson Collection


Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to Anti-Semitic Attack on Chicago Loop Synagogue

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From: Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago Coordinating Committee

Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago condemns the horrendous display of hatred of Jews that took place at the Chicago Loop Synagogue this past Saturday, on the Jewish holy day of rest.

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish communities of Chicago and around the world, with our Muslim family, and with oppressed people everywhere.

This attack was not an isolated act of violence. Acts of hate and state-sanctioned violence against Muslims, people of color, indigenous people, and queer people have a long and bloody history in this country.

The Trump administration’s first few days have reflected the racism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism that he promoted in his campaign, including executive orders targeting Muslims, immigrants, and refugees, and the alarming consolidation of power by white nationalist icon Stephen Bannon.

Our organizing at this time is focused on creating and strengthening communities of mutual support and sustained resistance to hate, discriminatory policies, and dangerous ideologies.

Statement from Jewish Voice for Peace-National in response to spate of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers available here.

JVP-Chicago is the local branch of Jewish Voice for Peace (www.jvp.org), a national, grassroots organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for a just and lasting peace according to principles of human rights, equality, and international law for all the people of Israel and Palestine. Jewish Voice for Peace has over 200,000 online supporters, over 60 chapters, a youth wing, a Rabbinic Council, an Artist Council, an Academic Advisory Council, and an Advisory Board made up of leading U.S. intellectuals and artists.

Rep. Harper to Fight for Business Reforms as New Vice Chair of House Committee on Business Incentives for Local Communities

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – As the new Vice-Chair of the House Business Incentives for Local Communities Committee, state Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, will advocate for job creating policies, support environmentally friendly legislation and fight for real reforms to Illinois’s criminal justice system.


“I am honored to be sitting on the House Business Incentives for Local Communities Committee and fighting for the interests that are important to my constituents, like stable, middle-class jobs, a hike in the minimum wage and tax relief,” said Harper. “I will also pursue tax relief for medium and small sized business, so that they can compete with large corporations. I support policies that expand access and opportunity to those people that need the most assistance.”


As a member of the Appropriations: General Services Committee, Harper will analyze state expenditures and look for ways to prioritize spending. Harper is also a member House Environment and the House Agriculture and Conservation committees, which will oversee proposals that affect environmental policy in Illinois. She will work on legislation that aims to support the further development of urban agriculture to ensure that city residents have access to adequate farmers’ markets, grocery stores and healthy food suppliers.


“I will also be sitting on the House Elementary and Secondary Education: School Curriculum and Restorative Justice Committees,” added Harper. “I have seen our schools close and continued unfair and biased treatment towards the students of my district. I still see unfair treatment towards people who have paid their debt to society and not receive the respect they’ve earned. And I’ve seen access to quality food diminish which has led to high rates of preventable diet related diseases among certain populations in my district and throughout the state. As a voice for students, those hurt by our justice system and people who deserve to live in green and healthy communities, I’ll fight every day to establish better policies and reforms that adequately address these issues.”



Community Group’s New Space Offers Access to Jobs, Immigrants Rights Programs

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CHICAGO, IL – Latino Union of Chicago’s new office, which opened last week in the heart of the thriving Lawrence Avenue business district, will provide employers and community members alike with easier access to economic development and immigrants rights programming.


This Thursday, the organization will host a forum to update members of Albany Park’s immigrant community on President Trump’s immigration executive orders.

The forum will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Feb. 9 at 4811 N. Central Park, with staff and members available to speak to the media from 5 to 5:30 p.m.


Located just two blocks west of the Kimball Brown Line station, Latino Union serves residents who are looking for help with home maintenance, house cleaning, child care and elder care with a worker-run hiring hall that is open from 7am to 11am Monday through Friday. Anyone interested in hiring a worker can contact the hiring hall by calling 773-588-2641 or emailing workercenter@latinounion.org.


“Our door is always open to our members and supporters, and we invite community members and the media to come visit us in our new location,” says Latino Union Executive Director Analía Rodríguez.


About Latino Union of Chicago

Latino Union of Chicago is a membership-based organization that strives to create safer work spaces for day laborers and domestic workers, develop community leadership and build a larger movement for immigrants’ and workers’ rights. For more information, visit www.latinounion.org


Great Granddaughter of Feu Felix Houphouet Boigny, First President of Cote Divoire, West Africa, Set to Share his Legacy for Peace During Black History Month

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2017 Comments Off on Great Granddaughter of Feu Felix Houphouet Boigny, First President of Cote Divoire, West Africa, Set to Share his Legacy for Peace During Black History Month

Stephanie Gregoire-McKinney, granddaughter of the first President of Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – African-born linguist, global liaison and cultural connector, Stephanie Gregoire-McKinney, great grandaughter of  Feu Felix Houphouet Boigny, is on a mission to continue in the legacy of her great grandfather,the first President of Cote DIvoire, (Ivory Coast) West Africa. She will travel to interested colleges, corporations and organizations, during Black History month, to speak about his legacy of resolving conflict through dialogue and peace.

Feu Felix Houphouet Boigny, was in office for three decades and known throughout the world as the spokesman for resolving conflict and ensuring a better world. He traveled to the US many times to meet with American presidents. On May 22, 1962, he visited the White House for a State Dinner given in his honor by then President and Mrs. Kennedy, and was later to meet with many others, such as President Richard Nixon in October 1973, and as President Ronald Reagan in June 1983, who praised him for a free economy and as a spokesman for resolving conflict. World leaders travelled to Africa to seek his advice.

The climate of todays world, along with instant access to global violence provided by technology, has many US citizens intimidated by international travel and in fear of engaging with other cultures. Many Americans still hold outdated beliefs and great mistrust for African people. There is a need for all of humanity to understand that there is good and bad in every culture. says Gregoire-McKinney. She intends to keep her grandfathers legacy alive by sharing his story, dispelling myths and negative stereotypes that many Americans have of African leaders and people.

In 1989, the General Conference of UNESCO established The Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize to reaffirm its commitment to peace and dialogue between cultures and civilizations. According to the UN:


The General Conference of UNESCO conferred on the Prize the highly symbolic name of Félix Houphouët-Boigny, the “Sage of Africa”. The Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize is intended to honour living individuals and active public or private bodies or institutions that have made a significant contribution to promoting, seeking, safeguarding or maintaining peace, in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and the Constitution of UNESCO. The Prize was established in 1989 by a resolution supported by 120 countries and adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its 25th session. It is in line with the philosophy of UNESCOs founders who, in the preamble to the Organizations Constitution, solemnly declare that: Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.

Born into the Baule Tribe in Abidjan, Cote dIvoire, West Africa, Linguist, Global Liaison & Cultural Connector, Stephanie Gregoire- McKinney, has a passion for the diversity of cultures and global harmony. Following in the footsteps of her Great Grandfather, Feu Felix Houphouet Boigny, first President of Cote dIvoire for three decades, known as The Sage of Africa Stephanie gears her work to continuing his legacy through her movement for peace by guiding people to engage harmoniously with the diverse cultures of the world.

Gregoire-McKinney has studied in France and at the Monterey Institute of International studies in California. She has traveled extensively, engaging with people from Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Maghreb, Cote dIvoire, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Corporations, organizations and interested parties in booking and/or sponsoring events should contact Bobbi Hicks at (862) 944-4737. Stephanie Gregoire-McKinney may be contacted directly at slm.translat@gmail.com.


Photo Caption: Stephanie Gregoire-McKinney, granddaughter of the first President of Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa




Attorney General Sends Letter to Governor Urging His Administration to Fight Executive Orders & Protect Illinois Immigrants & Refugees from Discrimination & Hate Crimes

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CHICAGO, IL  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sent a letter to Gov. Rauner condemning the federal executive orders on immigration and urging him to use his authority to protect all Illinois residents from the harm caused by the executive actions. While there is a temporary halt to the immigration travel ban, other provisions of the Orders could greatly impact the lives of Illinois immigrants.


The president issued several Executive Orders on immigration. The executive orders instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security to seek agreements with states and localities to authorize local law enforcement to serve as immigration officers. They also directed that sanctuary jurisdictions are not eligible to receive certain federal grants. Another order suspended immigration from seven nations for 90 days and suspended the admission of all refugees for 120 days.


In her letter, Madigan stated that the Executive Orders have threatened the future of immigrants and refugees who have settled in Illinois and who greatly contribute to the state. The Attorney General urged the governor to refuse to agree to deputize Illinois law enforcement to work as federal immigration officers, policing immigrants in the state. Madigan also urged the governor to strengthen the state’s efforts to ensure immigrants and refugees can safely settle in Illinois and protect them against hate crimes.


In the letter, Madigan states:


“As a result of the President’s recent Executive Orders, the lives of immigrants, refugees, and asylees who live in Illinois and across the United States have been upended. The Administration’s Executive Orders have closed our country’s doors to many vulnerable people seeking refuge from violence and hatred. America is defined by the immigrants who came here in search of a better life. These Executive Orders have threatened what it means to be an American and the rich history of inclusion and diversity that has made our country great. They have created a culture of fear that signals to many immigrants who live here and contribute to Illinois’ economy that they are not welcome in our state or country.


“The Executive Orders also raise serious legal questions that have resulted in challenges in courts throughout the country and will continue to prompt litigation. I write to urge you to use your authority as the Governor of one of the most diverse states in the nation to protect all of the residents of Illinois – along with our employers and educational institutions – from the harm caused by these executive actions.”


The Attorney General urged the governor to pledge to protect immigrants and refugees in several ways:

  • Refuse to enter into any agreement that would use Illinois law enforcement authorities as federal immigration officers. Deputizing Illinois law enforcement as immigration officers would not only divert already scarce resources away from public safety efforts and raise serious legal questions, but also undermine the values on which the country was built.
  • Strengthen the work performed by the Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Services within the Illinois Department of Human Services, which assists immigrants and refugees settling in Illinois through training, health screening, citizenship classes and other services. From October 1, 2016 through January, 31, 2017, 1,001 refugees arrived in Illinois.
  • Commit to strong enforcement of Illinois’ anti-discrimination laws and bolster efforts to fight hate crimes against all residents across the state, including immigrants and refugees. Illinois’ hate crime statute provides both criminal and civil protections to those who have experienced hate-based harassment, injury and property damage.

Immigrants make up about 14 percent of Illinois’ population or nearly 1.8 million residents, making Illinois sixth among all states in the number of foreign-born residents. Cook County ranks the third largest U.S. county in its number of foreign-born residents. The benefits of immigration to Illinois are immense. A recent study found that Illinois businesses owned by immigrants produced $2.6 billion in business income in 2014, with immigrants composing 22 percent of the entrepreneurs in Illinois and immigrant-owned businesses employing over 280,000 people.


National Hook-Up of Black Women Scholarship Program Now Open

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2017 Comments Off on National Hook-Up of Black Women Scholarship Program Now Open

The deadline to apply is February 27, 2017 

National Black Women Hookup Organization

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – National Hook-up of Black Women (NHBW) Scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall after graduation. Two different scholarships are available.

Candidates must have a GPA of 2.75 or above, and be involved in school and community activities; they must be able to demonstrated at least 100 hours of community service. Scholarships include the Dr. Arnita Young Boswell Scholarship, named after Dr. Arnita Young Boswell, a long time social worker and university professor, and the Dr. Frazier Sister-to-Sister Scholarship, named after Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier, who was the Assistant Director of Early Childhood Research and Intervention Programs, Department of Education, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois.

To apply, candidates must complete and mail an application, along with a 450-500 word essay on the topic of community service. In addition, a recent transcript of grades, photo and two letters of recommendation are required. Applicants for the Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier Scholarship must be 21 years old or older.

NHBW, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of families through the arts, culture, health wellness, education and human service programs. They are located in Chicago, Illinois.

For more details and/or to apply for this scholarship program, visit:

For more 2017 scholarship programs, visit:


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