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Non-Voting Blacks Could Help Make USA a Shame Again

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Non-Voting Blacks Could Help Make USA a Shame Again
Op-Ed By Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds

At a time when African-Americans – especially millenniums -should be running even pole-vaulting to the polls because not voting could help shift the race to Donald Trump. But so far this isn’t happening. Early voting polling shows a decrease in turnout from 2012.

Perhaps the apparent lack of enthusiasm can be explained because in 2012 President Barack Obama was running for a second term. Nevertheless, it would be awful if blacks sit nonchalantly by without voting their strength to stop a hateful, bigoted move from making America a shame again.

As an African-American woman, I feel only one-half liberated by Obama’s election. With a black man being the world’s most powerful leader, I saw the walls of racial caste come tumbling down. The other half of me– the female– still yearns to be set free, to believe the glass ceiling is finally been shattered.

Racism and sexism are parts of the same coin. So with all the hell blacks have gone through fighting institutional racism, for the life of me, I can’t see why we aren’t the first to rush to the polls in defense of Clinton after seeing how the deck is stacked against her. Even Obama and husband Bill admitted that she is more qualified for the presidency than either of them when they ran.

When South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie!” at Obama during a joint session of Congress and when Trump pushed the birther movement trying to deny Obama’s USA birth status, my spirit sank. Now as I see Hillary whipped worse than a battered wife or a downtrodden slave and watching the parade of women accusing Trump of sexual assault my spirit is down in the dumps again.

Hillary’s treatment is unprecedented and unfair. Here we have the FBI, some high-rolling Republicans along with the Russians who Trump speaks so well of and reportedly has business interests with teaming up to bring Clinton down with hacked e-mails that only maliciously target Trump and seem oblivious to the many shady deals of Donald Trump.

I need convincing that somehow Trump or one of his billionaire friends did not slide millions over to FBI director James B. to write a well-crafted letter of innuendo that slammed Clinton without producing any facts against her. It is also incredible that Comey could get so hot to trot over investigating what could be on the computer of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose wife is Clinton’s top aide, but say nothing about the hacked emails of Democrats which intelligence officers have blamed on the Russians. Russian involvement with U.S .operatives is a serious crime possibly bordering on treason.

If blacks are not voting because they have bought the line that both Trump and Clinton are two bad apples that is a myth. Hillary had dedicated her life to defending the rights of the dispossessed from the time she was working to expand opportunities for children as a young college student. On the other hand, Trump has worked hard to enrich himself and other millionaires even racking up a record of housing discrimination against people of color.

Instead of joining the off-key chorus against Clinton, we should be astute enough to ask different questions from the mainstream on the issue of fairness.

For example, why isn’t the media focusing on Trump’s email mess? According to an October 31 Newsweek article Donald Trump’s companies have engaged in tactics much more deceptive than what Trump accuses Clinton. The magazine says it has exposed through a review of court cases over the decades that Trump’s companies “have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders.”

Yet, this bombshell against Trump is hardly a whisper compared to the roar against Clinton.
As African-Americans we must be disciplined enough not to lose our focus obsessing over e-mails when our very survival is at stake. Unarmed black men are habitually gunned down by police, an issue Clinton has promised to address through reforms in the criminal justice system, while Trump just promises more law and order to aid police.

Flint Michigan is not the only city where people are suffering from toxic chemicals. Other predominately poor and black areas are being sickened by toxins, which is the expressed concern of Clinton but not Trump, whose views are so attractive to anti-black militants the KKK has come out in support of his candidacy.

Even more urgently the next president could possibly appoint three Supreme Court justices. With Clinton we have the best chance of finally having a black woman on the high court, but in the hands of Trump, someone who mocks the disabled, derides immigrants, devalues women and blacks that would be a serious mistake not just for African Americans, but for others who believe in justice and fairness.

As it was hard for a nation to survive one half-slave and one half free, it is difficult for a person to thrive with the dream of the black side advancing but the female side stagnating. For me, Hillary Clinton ties the nation and the promise of individual equality together. It would be a shame if we did not use our vote to achieve that.

Photo: Dr. Barbara Reynolds

President Obama on Shooting of Police Officers in Des Moines, Iowa: “…All Across the Country, Our Police Officers Go to Work Each Day Not Knowing Whether They’ll Come Home at Night…”

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on President Obama on Shooting of Police Officers in Des Moines, Iowa: “…All Across the Country, Our Police Officers Go to Work Each Day Not Knowing Whether They’ll Come Home at Night…”

Yesterday, two police officers put on their uniforms to serve and protect the communities they loved.  And early this morning, they were taken from us in shameful acts of violence.

Sergeant Anthony Beminio and Officer Justin Martin represented our best, most decent instincts as human beings – to serve our neighbors, to put ourselves in harm’s way for someone else.  They knew the dangers of their job.  They knew the risks.  Yet they chose to dedicate themselves to those values anyway.  So today, Michelle and I join Americans across our country in expressing our condolences and stand in solidarity with their grieving families, fellow officers, and the communities they served so honorably.

All across the country, our police officers go to work each day not knowing whether they’ll come home at night.  Their families live each day with the same fears.  So as Americans, we owe them our respect and gratitude for their efforts to safeguard our families and our communities.  And so as we once again mourn American police officers lost in the line of duty, we must also renew the call to match that same sense of service, that same devotion within our own lives and our own communities.

Thankfully, that’s the Iowa I know well.  That’s what I’ve experienced every time I’ve visited Urbandale and Des Moines – good, big-hearted people who look out for each other and are willing to come together across our differences.  That’s the spirit we all must summon now not only to heal, but to honor the service of Sergeant Beminio, Officer Martin, and all the men and women who wear the blue.

Hillary Clinton Affirms Message Portrayed in Documentary That Highlights Obstacles Black Women Face in the Corporate Workplace

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Hillary Clinton Affirms Message Portrayed in Documentary That Highlights Obstacles Black Women Face in the Corporate Workplace

“Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America” Screenings on National Tour
Melody Sherea and Monica Simmons

Oakland, CA — In April this year, Black Entertainment Television (BET) aired the tenth annual Black Girls Rock! celebration and award show dedicated to elevating the narratives of Black women and shining a light on the achievements of women of color whose contributions often go under the radar in mainstream media. Between high-energy musical performances and award presentations, presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton heralded the Black Girls Rock! movement and its founder Beverly Bond. In her speech, Clinton referred to black women as “change makers and path breakers and ground-shakers.” She went on to share her thoughts about barriers black women face in this country. This film “is to rebuke every single one of those barriers and discrimination and systemic racism that keep them up,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s comments were strictly in line with the profound message delivered in the Head Not The Tail Productions’ (HNTT Productions) documentary titled Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America. The film, directed by Melody Shere’a and executive produced by her sister Monica Simmons, is a powerful and inspiring documentary that uncovers and addresses issues around racism that profoundly affect black women in the corporate workplace. Highly educated and qualified women featured in the film share respective experiences of disappointment and rejection when simply trying to earn a living and compete against (mostly white) women for a higher step on the corporate ladder.

Shere’a and Simmons are talented sisters, who have each personally experienced workplace race and gender discrimination throughout their corporate careers, which is how they conceived the idea to develop this documentary and start the conversation. “In conducting research for the film,” said Shere’a. “We found the corporate practice of discrimination to be a common harsh reality faced by countless women of color.” Clinton speaks about opportunities that she as the president wants to make available for women. Shere’a wants to be sure that “black women share in those opportunities.”

“Invisible Women” to go on National Tour:
Invisible Women’s premiere screening was held October 12, 2016, on the campus of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. Overwhelmingly received, the film is set to re-screen at the same venue November 11th. “Invisible Women” will commence its national tour in late January, headed for Washington, D.C., New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Screening dates will be announced.

Though numerous entities address the issue by hiring and promoting more women into management positions and corporate executive roles, a considerable recognition/advancement gap still exists for black women. The playing field isnt level, and well-qualified black women are too frequently denied the opportunity to explore similar career growth opportunities as their white and other female counterparts. The facts and details you will learn from this documentary will surprise you.
About Head Not the Tail Productions (HNTTP):
HNTT Productions, founded in 2016 by Melody Sherea, is located in the heart of Oakland, California. The company creates, develops, produces and invests in film, television and documentary projects. The entertainment industry veteran possesses more than ten years acting, print modeling and voice-over experience. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Sherea graduated from Cal State Hayward, where she earned her Bachelors degree, and later pursued an MBA in Finance at Holy Names University in Oakland.

Monica Simmons is the Executive Producer of the documentary and head of production and film development for HNTT Productions. For more details, visit www.HNTTProductions.com

Photos: L-R: Sisters, Melody Shere’a (film director) and Monica Simmons (executive producer)[/caption]

CBC Chairman G. K. Butterfield and Rep. Robin Kelly Condemn Discriminatory Housing Practices of Facebook Advertising

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on CBC Chairman G. K. Butterfield and Rep. Robin Kelly Condemn Discriminatory Housing Practices of Facebook Advertising

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01), and Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IL-02) condemn Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for its use of “Ethnic Affinities” advertising that allows users to exclude groups based on race and ethnicity in clear violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

“We have witnessed exclusion and discriminatory practices among popular social media platforms once before,” said Chairman Butterfield. “Racism and discrimination in any form should never be tolerated. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are outraged and challenge Facebook and all social media platforms to take the issue of discrimination seriously and implement innovative solutions that aim to prevent ill-treatment of its customers and discrimination on its platform.”

“As a representative of Chicago, the origin city of Hansberry v. Lee which helped strike down restrictive housing covenants, I feel a particular obligation to see to it that discriminatory housing practices are not allowed to endure,” said Congresswoman Kelly. “While I don’t believe that Facebook intentionally sought to promote housing discrimination, I do feel they now have a responsibility to right this wrong. Technology shouldn’t be used to divide communities, and episodes like this are preventable. This conversation isn’t limited to Facebook, and unfortunately there have been a number of recent reports about technology being misused to divide communities. Without a doubt the tech sector can benefit from having a more diverse, robust and inclusive design and vetting process as they continue innovating.”

Reps. Butterfield, Kelly, Emanuel Cleaver, II (MO-05) and Yvette Clarke (NY-09) addressed their concerns with Facebook in a letter, which can be read here, and has called upon the company to swiftly address and remedy the discriminatory practice in a manner that continues to allow and support innovation, as well as promotes inclusion and diversity among its workforce and throughout the tech sector.

Justice Department Announces Pilot Program to Provide Military Communities Across the Country with Dedicated Legal Support

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Justice Department Announces Pilot Program to Provide Military Communities Across the Country with Dedicated Legal Support

The Department of Justice announced a new program, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Enforcement Support Pilot Program, to support enforcement efforts related to protecting the rights of current and former military personnel as part of the department’s Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative.  The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is a federal law that provides wide-ranging financial and housing protections and benefits for military members as they enter active duty.

With the support of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys and the Civil Rights Division, the new pilot program funds Assistant U.S. Attorney and trial attorney positions to assist the department’s litigating components with SCRA enforcement, and also designates military judge advocates currently serving as legal assistance attorneys to serve as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys to support the department’s enforcement efforts related to the SCRA.  U.S. Attorneys throughout the country will also be appointing Initiative Liaisons to work with local military and veteran communities.

“The men and women who bravely defend our country deserve more than just our respect – they deserve our unyielding support,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.  “The pilot program we are announcing today will enhance our ability to safeguard the economic and legal rights of our servicemembers, our veterans and their families.  In the days ahead, the Department of Justice will continue working tirelessly to ensure that our laws protect those who protect us.”

“Servicemembers sacrifice a lot to protect our freedom and our security, and in turn our laws protect them and their families from unscrupulous financial predators,” said Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General Bill Baer.  “The SCRA Enforcement Support Pilot adds significant legal resources designed to stop these predators.  Whether a servicemember has a financial or housing related issue, the Department of Justice will investigate complaints promptly and vigorously take enforcement action against wrongdoers.”

The pilot provides full-time support for SCRA enforcement efforts through the end of Fiscal Year 2018 and funds Assistant U.S. Attorneys in districts with major military installations and additional trial attorneys in the Civil Rights Division, for a terminal period.  The Assistant U.S. Attorneys will principally be responsible for coordinating with Staff Judge Advocate’s Offices on military installations and bringing claims in coordination with the Civil Rights Division against those who target servicemembers.

The pilot also allows military judge advocates (JAG) who are serving as legal assistance attorneys to be designated as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the purpose of assisting with SCRA litigation.  The Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative will coordinate the assignment of these JAG officers with U.S. Attorney’s Offices throughout the country.  U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the Western District of Washington and the Eastern District of North Carolina are the first districts adding these valuable military legal resources.

In addition to the funding, it was announced that the Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative has become a permanent component within the Office of the Associate Attorney General and will be led by Director Silas V. Darden.  The department created the Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative in December 2014 with a mission to support the department in its efforts to protect those who protect us all.  Please visit www.servicemembers.gov for more information about the initiative.

African American Civil War Museum Honors Two Leaders Who Work To Preserve African American Civil War History

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on African American Civil War Museum Honors Two Leaders Who Work To Preserve African American Civil War History
African American Civil War Memorial Museum


“Moving Forward” is the theme of the upcoming celebration, at the African American Civil War Museum, Saturday, November 19, 2016, 7-10 pm. This celebration will honor two outstanding former Members of the Board of Directors, who worked to restore and preserve the history of the United States Colored Troops and their white officers who led them into battle. Both free and formally enslaved men served as soldiers in the Union Army, during the American Civil War.


The honorees of “Moving Forward” are Beverly Perry, Esq., Senior Advisor to Mayor Muriel Bowser, and former Vice President of Government Relations for Pepco; and Mr. Emanuel (Manny) J. Friedman, Philanthropist and Co-Founder of EJF Capital LLC. Both honorees are being recognized for their 20+ year prior membership on the Board of Directors of the African American Civil War Museum. Special Guests of the “Moving Forward” celebration are Ms. Cheryl Wills, NY TV1 News Anchor, Author and Honorary Chair of the celebration; and Major General Leslie C. Smith, Deputy Inspector General of the U.S. Army.


Frank Smith, founder and Executive Director of the African American Civil War Museum said, “Beverly Perry has been a visionary leader on the Board of Directors for the past twenty years. She saw the wisdom in building the Civil War monument and Memorial and led Pepco to donate significant funds.


We will miss her and wish her well. Our other honoree, Manny Friedman is like my soul brother. Like me, he was born and educated in the South, in North Carolina, and tasted the bitter sting of discrimination as a young Jewish kid. We bonded right away and he has been one of our major supporters in donating money. Manny purchased the largest known collection of Benjamin Banneker artifacts and donated them to our Museum.”


The African American Civil War Museum celebrates the contributions of the United States Colored Troops, who helped secure the victory of the Civil War in 1865. The Museum hosts thousands of visitors annually and was touted as the “Location of the Month” by the DC Film Commission.


The “Moving Forward Celebration” will be held in the trendy “U Street” Street District of Washington, D.C. at the African American Civil War Museum Headquarters, 1925 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.


For ticket information, go to www.afroamcivilwar.org

Or call Dawn Chitty, 202-667-2667.

For press inquiries contact Frank Smith, 202-369-5119.


African American Civil War Memorial Museum

1925 Vermont Ave. NW.,

Washington, DC, 20001



See it! Be inspired!

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Frank Smith

(202) 667-2667

1925 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC, 20001



Simple-To-Use Math Book Helps Parents Raise Learning Potential For Their Children

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Simple-To-Use Math Book Helps Parents Raise Learning Potential For Their Children

Create a Math Environment by Vivian W Owens
Nationwide – Do you wait for your 3-year old child to enter kindergarten before he learns number relationships? Or, do you bring him into a math environment that you have created in your home?In a new book entitled, Create A Math Enviroment: Revised Edition, parents can find simple ways to show their children how to become comfortable with number concepts. Multiplying? Not a problem. Fractions? Not a problem.The subtitle for this book is Touch to Learn Math. Drawing upon childrens natural tendency to understand ideas easily through the power of touch, author, Vivian W. Owens, says that this book will allow you to help children at whatever stage you find them. A method of teaching a 3-year old one-to-one correspondence may be the same method that you use to teach a 14 year-old the same concept. Create A Math Enviroment: Revised Edition guides you through the process.With its simple approach to learning, the book embraces intuitive learning. Intuitive math takes on a reality that will delight parents, educators, young and old learners, and any casual reader. Targeted for understanding by anyone, this book has been shown to be very clear and very readable.

Create A Math Enviroment: Revised Edition follows in the footsteps of another Owens parent-helper book entitled, Parenting For Education: Revised Edition. Owens, a former classroom teacher, says that she continues to see a need for parents intervention in the learning development of their children. She believes that parents can play a dramatic role in raising the learning potential for their children as their children enter the school room, and as they grow from grade to grade.

Her books benefit children in any setting, whether they are in public or private schools or in a home-school environment.

On a monthly basis, parents can find Parenting for Education articles by Owens on her website at www.escharpublications.com. Some of these articles reflect a science or math how-to aspect.
About the Author
Vivian W. Owens is also the author of several African American childrens books, one of which is Nadanda The Wordmaker – a book which won a Best Childrens Book Award from Writers Digest the year it was published. Her new childrens book, The Man Who Hid Christmas in a Shoebox, will publish in a limited hardback edition just in time for Christmas.

For more information about Create A Math Enviroment: Revised Edition, contact Eschar Publications at escharpub@earthlink.net or visit their official website at www.escharpublications.com.


Photo Caption: Bookcover and author, Vivian W. Owens



Illinois Department of Insurance Receives $1.3M Federal Grant

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Funds will boost the Administration’s continued efforts to provide Illinois with better and more efficient coordination of care

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) received a $1.3M federal grant that will be used to enhance consumer and healthcare provider outreach with a particular focus on parity in mental health & substance use disorder benefits and preventative health services.  Additionally, this grant will provide more resources for DOI health plan oversight and data analysis.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to further our Administration’s coordinated efforts on mental health,” Acting Director of DOI Anne Melissa Dowling said.  “We are always searching for opportunities to raise awareness that our Department is here to help Illinoisans.  These funds will help extend our outreach.”

A portion of the grant will go to strengthening the Office of Consumer Health Insurance (OCHI) and improve data tracking and consumer complaint analysis. It will also help in increasing awareness of the internal and external appeals processes for health insurance consumers.  The grant will allow DOI to develop community-focused health insurance consumer education for Illinois residents.

Through this grant, DOI will work with health plans, consumers and providers to ensure that mental health parity compliance is understood and achieved.

Earlier this month, Governor Rauner announced the submission of a 1115 Medicaid waiver proposal to the federal government.  This waiver allows Illinois to use innovative health care strategies to build a behavioral health care system that offers integrated and comprehensive care focused on the whole person.  The waiver was developed from the collaboration between 12 state agencies and the Governor’s Office, as well as community partners and stakeholders.

“I am committed to furthering this collaboration to achieve mental health parity in the commercial health care system by collaborating with my colleagues as well as with the provider community in Illinois,” said Dowling.

More information about the State’s 1115 Medicaid Waiver can be found here http://bit.ly/2efgXV6

Wendy Raquel Robinson, Miguel Nunez Jr. Host the 26th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Wendy Raquel Robinson, Miguel Nunez Jr. Host the 26th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards

Honoring Joe Morton, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Ledisi, Rory Pullens with legendary presenters Debbie Allen, Loretta Devine, Kenny Leon 


NAACP Theatre Awards

Beverly Hills, CA — The Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Branch announces the co-hosts for the 26th Annual NAACP Theatre awards being held on Monday, November 21, 2016, at Saban Theatre located at 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211 at 6pm. Co-hosting this year will be Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and Actor Miguel Nunez, Jr.

One of the most talented, professional actors in the entertainment industry, Wendy Raquel Robinson is known for her groundbreaking role as the sexy and feisty sports manager Tasha Mack from BETs #1 rated scripted series, The Game. Ms. Robinson earned a 2015 and 2016 NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series and is the 2014 NAACP Image Award recipient for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. She is the founder of a NAACP Award winning program, Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC), a community based non-profit, 501(c)3 in South Los Angeles that focuses on performing arts training in acting, voice and dance for youth, ages 5-18.

Funny man Miguel Nunez has made a name for himself and built quite a fan base over the years. Born into a family of nine children in New York, following high school he moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor. Hes best known as Jamal in the basketball comedy film, Juwanna Man with other prominent roles in Harlem Nights, LIFE, Why Do Fools Fall in Love and UPNs hit television show SPARKS. In his latest film project, he stars alongside rapper/actor AKON in The American King hitting theatres in 2017.

Multi-NAACP Image award and EMMY award winner Joe Morton, famously known for his role as Eli Pope in ABCs Scandal, will be presented the NAACP Lifetime Achievement Theatre Award by Actress, Choreographer and Executive Producer of Greys Anatomy Debbie Allen. Tony award winning Director Kenny Leon, who is scheduled to direct Hairspray Live! on NBC December 7, 2016, will be on hand to present accomplished actress and 2016 Tony Award Nominee LaTanya Richardson Jackson with the NAACP Trailblazer Theatre Award. Americas dreamgirl, the uber-talented and award winning actress Loretta Devine, will bestow our honoree, nine-time Grammy nominee and now thespian Ledisi with the Spirit Theatre Award. In addition to these esteemed thespians, honoree Rory Pullens, Executive Director of Arts Education Los Angeles Unified School District and former CEO at the nationally renowned Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, D.C. will receive the Humanitarian Award.

Other notables and gifted entertainers who will present awards to the 2016 NAACP nominees include: Kenny Lattimore (Artist), Pooch Hall (Ray Donovan), Marsai Martin and Miles Brown (Black-ish), Renee Lawless (The Haves and Have Nots), Omar Dorsey and Timon Kyle Garrett (Queen Sugar), Keesha Sharp (Lethal Weapon), Tonya Renee Banks (Little Women LA), Ted Lange (Veteran actor and thespian), Paul Jackson Jr., (Jazz Guitarist) and many more! These entertainers will all unite for one special evening to honor those who have made a difference in the theatre community and abroad.

Performances by 2016 EMMY Award winner Obba Babatunde with a special rendition of Mr. Bojangles and Tammi Mac will delight the audience with a dramatic excerpt from her 2016 NAACP Theatre Award winning one-woman play Bag Lady plus a powerful opening act that will draw attention to the positivity behind the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement are scheduled.

For more information about the 26th Annual NAACP Theater Awards, visit www.naacptheatreawards.com or contact Lisa Humphrey, Premier Concepts at 310-293-4154, email: media@premierconceptspr.com.
About The NAACP Theatre Awards:
The NAACP Theatre Awards is presented by the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Branch in partnership with the 8th District office of Councilmember Bernard C. Parks and co-chaired by Byron K. Reed, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo-West Region Community Relations. Ron Hasson is Branch President and Tia Boyd is the Executive Producer for the NAACP Theatre Awards Show. The prestigious star-studded gala is produced for the purpose of honoring thespians among the best in the field of entertainment. The branch also celebrated a four-day theatre festival, which provides a platform for thespians to express their craft and share their contributions with an audience of their peers, the community and other individuals who celebrate live theatre in Los Angeles.


Illinois Department of Insurance Announces Start of Open Enrollment

Posted by Admin On November - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Illinois Department of Insurance Announces Start of Open Enrollment

 With significant changes in the health care marketplace across the country consumers are encouraged to compare options before enrolling or re-enrolling in health coverage

DOI provides free assistance to consumers navigating available health plans

CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) announced that Qualified Health Programs (QHPs) are now available to Illinois residents at Get Covered Illinois and Healthcare.gov.  Due to the significant changes to the plans and prices from plan year 2016, DOI is encouraging all Illinois residents to take their time and compare plans.


“The Illinois Department of Insurance recognizes the challenges Illinois consumers will face as they try to decide on a health care plan for next year,” said Acting Director Anne Melissa Dowling.  “We want Illinois residents to know we are here as a free resource to make sure everyone is able to get the best coverage possible for themselves and their families.”


Illinois residents can make an appointment for free, in-person assistance from a licensed and trained Navigator by going to GetCoveredIllinois.gov or calling 1-866-311-1119 for more information.

The following insurers are offering a total of 331 (182 individual & 149 small group) Qualified Health Plans on the Illinois Marketplace in 2017:

  • Celtic Insurance Company
  • CIGNA Health of Illinois Inc. *
  • Health Alliance Medical Plans, Inc. (“HAMP”)
  • Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company (“HCSC”, dba Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois)

  • Humana Health Plan, Inc.

Analysis of Illinois Exchange plans is provided at http://insurance.illinois.gov/newsrls/2016/08/2017RatesNumbers.pdf.


Important Dates:

  • November 1, 2016:  Open Enrollment begins
  • December 15, 2016:  Last day to enroll in or change plans for new coverage to start January 1, 2017

  • January 15, 2017:  Last day to enroll in or change plans for new coverage to start February 1, 2017

  • January 31, 2017:  2017 Open Enrollment ends

Follow IDOI & Get Covered Illinois on:

Web:  http://insurance.illinois.gov/ or https://getcovered.illinois.gov/en

Twitter:  @IL_Insurance or @CoveredIllinois

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CoveredIllinois


* New to the Illinois exchange in 2017

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