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City Threatens Illegal Seizures Of Homeless People’s Possessions

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Community activists challenge Chicago’s latest attempt to intimidate homeless people in the Uptown neighborhood


Activists are denouncing the City of Chicago’s latest threatening moves against the city’s homeless population ahead of a sweep scheduled for today, Friday, Sept. 16.


Police and Department of Family Support Services (DFSS) personnel blanketed Uptown’s homeless encampments late last week with notices threatening to destroy their tents and other possessions needed to survive the oncoming winter. While DFSS Commissioner Lisa Morrison Butler has since verbally withdrawn some of the worst threatened measures, activists say that isn’t good enough.


“This city has broken so many promises about housing the homeless underneath Lake Shore Drive, replacing torn down CHA housing, and ending homelessness in general that verbal assurances aren’t good enough,” said Ryne Poelker, a homeless advocate and activist with North Side Action for Justice.


“Being homeless is stressful enough, especially when combined with mental health issues that many homeless people have. It is barbaric for the city to add to that anxiety and fear by illegally threatening to force them out and destroy their possessions. This is the exact opposite of the kinds of help our homeless neighbors need.”


The destruction of homeless people’s possessions has been deemed unconstitutional and illegal numerous times [2] by both federal and local courts. Currently the City is fighting another probably futile court suit over the same issue, wasting taxpayer dollars that would better be invested in affordable housing rather than attorneys and court penalties.


To counter the City threats, activists have posted their own notices underneath the Lake Shore Drive viaducts inhabited by the homeless, informing them of their rights, noting that the City’s threatened actions are illegal, and promising heightened monitoring of the City’s actions Friday morning, including filming, particularly during its cleaning scheduled to begin at 10 am or later that day.


The City’s threat to destroy homeless people’s possessions comes just as the mayor’s office made great hay over a recent report claiming a 13% decrease in the city’s homeless population over last year. As one activist said of the much-derided report, “53 people experiencing homelessness in the 46th Ward? Holy shmoly, there are more than that in just 1 shelter or 2 viaducts…”


Groups involved in the effort to counter the City’s threat of destroying homeless people’s possessions on Friday include North Side Action for Justice, No TIF for the Rich, Uptown Tent City Organizers, and the Gay Liberation Network.



Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs Assists Veterans impacted by ITT Technical Institute Closing

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA)-Veterans Education and Training Section (State Approving Agency) took immediate action to assist Illinois Veterans impacted in their educational endeavors due to the closing of the ITT Technical Institute.

“Our number one priority is the welfare of our Illinois Heroes and their families. When we received word of the closing of ITT Technical Institute, we contacted all veterans enrolled in that school to assist them to continue their education,” said Erica Jeffries, Director of the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

78 Illinois Veterans were enrolled with ITT Technical Institute, 13 were scheduled to graduate on September 4, 2016 and two veterans were to start classes on September 6, 2016. The additional 63 student veterans had their studies disrupted. Dan Wellman, Administrator for the IDVA Veterans Education and Training Section, contacted all the student veterans to answer questions, offer additional information about continuing their education, retrieving student records and more. “As fellow veterans, we encourage all veterans impacted to call us with any questions. We’re standing by to assist,” said Wellman.

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is also working to help all displaced students across Illinois impacted by the closure of ITT Tech continue their education though their local community college.

Student Veterans can contact the IDVA at (Within Illinois): 800-437-9824; Phone (Out-of-State): 217-782-6641 or TDD: 217-524-4645. More contact information may be found on our website – www.illinois.gov/veterans

Munger Campaign Asks Mendoza to Return One of Her Pensions to Taxpayers

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Chicago City Clerk took two salaries and built two pensions at same time


The Campaign for Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger called on Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza to pass on one of her two public pensions to make up for her ten years of simultaneously taking in two government paychecks.


The campaign noted that Mendoza raked in two salaries – one from the city of Chicago and the other from the state – during her ten years of “service” in Springfield. The paydays coincided with government contributions to her two public pensions.


“Susana Mendoza voted for the unbalanced budgets, tax increases and pension holidays that put Illinois in fiscal crisis,” Munger Campaign Manager Phil Rodriguez said. “At the same time, she picked up two paychecks and sweetened her two pensions. It embodies all the problems that have led us to this place.”


Mendoza started working for the City of Chicago in 1998 as a Project Coordinator. In 2000, she won a Party Primary for State Representative and received a 33 percent raise for her city job a month later. She then served ten years in the General Assembly, all the while remaining on the city and state payrolls.


The salaries coincided with contributions to two public pensions.


“It’s time for a change,” Rodriguez said. “Leslie Munger spent her career balancing budgets and meeting financial expectations. She has dedicated nearly two decades to serving developmentally disabled adults. She doesn’t accept a public pension or state health care benefits. The contrast could not be clearer.”


Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs Awards Nearly $6 Million to Project Safe Neighborhoods Program

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The Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded grants totaling $5.7 million to create safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in gang violence and gun crime.  The awards are funded under the 2016 Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction (Project Safe Neighborhoods) Program.  The goal of PSN is to create safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in gang violence and gun crime.

The program’s effectiveness is based on a cooperative approach and unified strategies led by the local U.S. Attorney, a collaborative PSN task force of federal, state, and local law enforcement, community members, and other key partners.  The partners work to implement gang crime and gun violence enforcement, intervention, and prevention initiatives, using data and research with a local research partner.

“Gang violence and gun crime are two of the most formidable obstacles we face in ensuring that every American lives in safe and secure communities,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. “These vital grants give jurisdictions the resources they need to develop comprehensive, collaborative responses to the most serious and destructive crimes.  By combining more effective enforcement with closer cooperation, better data and expanded prevention initiatives, Project Safe Neighborhoods helps communities make meaningful strides towards ending violence, promoting peace, and restoring hope.”

“Although crime rates remain at historically low levels nationally, some communities – and particularly, certain segments of those communities – continue to struggle with gun crimes and gang violence,” said Assistant Attorney General Karol V. Mason. “The funding provided through Project Safe Neighborhoods gives these jurisdictions the resources they need to improve outreach and education, prosecute gun and gang cases, and restore peace to their streets and homes.”

This year’s recipients of approximately $500,000 each include Black Family Development, Inc. of Michigan;  the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services; the Denver Police Department; City of Brookhaven, Georgia; the Governor’s Office of Crime Control Prevention in Maryland; the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services; and Texas’ Safe City Commission.  Awards of approximately $300,000 went to the City of Greensboro, North Carolina; The Justice Education Center, Inc. of Connecticut; the Wisconsin Department of Justice; City of Columbia, South Carolina; and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (two awards).  The City of Memphis, Tennessee, the City of Omaha, Nebraska and Louisiana State University each received awards of $150,000.

Each applicant addressed the required PSN design features in its application: (1) Partnerships; (2) Strategic Planning, Crime Analysis, and Research Integration; (3) Training; (4) Outreach; and (5) Accountability and Data-Driven efforts.

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP), headed by Assistant Attorney General Karol V. Mason, provides federal leadership in developing the nation’s capacity to prevent and control crime, administer justice, and assist victims. OJP has six bureaus and offices: the Bureau of Justice Assistance; the Bureau of Justice Statistics; the National Institute of Justice; the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; the Office for Victims of Crime, and the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART). More information about OJP and its components can be found at www.ojp.gov.

Madigan Urges Illinois Residents to Submit Claims for $3 Million Herbalife Settlement

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CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan urged Illinois residents who were victims of Herbalife nutrition company’s multilevel marketing scheme to file a complaint with her office to benefit from an additional $3 million settlement with the company. The Illinois settlement is in addition to the Federal Trade Commission’s nationwide $200 million settlement with Herbalife.


Under the Illinois agreement, Herbalife, which sells global nutrition and weight management products, must pay an additional $3 million in relief to affected Illinois members who participated in Herbalife at any point from 2009 through the present. The FTC reached a separate $200 million settlement with Herbalife that will provide reimbursement to impacted members nationwide, including in Illinois.


Illinois Herbalife members who have not yet filed a complaint with Madigan’s office should submit a complaint online or contact Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Hotline:


1-800-386-5438 (Chicago)

1-800-243-0618 (Springfield)

1-800-243-0607 (Carbondale)


“I encourage anyone who was a victim of Herbalife’s scheme to contact my office to obtain additional relief on top of what is being provided nationally,” Madigan said.


Madigan alleged that Herbalife’s current business model involved luring members with promises of lavish rewards for selling the company’s products, when in fact, the majority of incentives were given to people who recruited others to sell the company’s products. As a result, most people who joined Herbalife never made any money from the company but lost the costs of starting a business.


The FTC settlement requires Herbalife to change its business model to ensure all compensation is based on retail sales that are verified. It also prohibits Herbalife from making statements that indicate that participation in Herbalife is likely to result in a lavish lifestyle, such as you “can quit your job,” “be set for life,” “earn millions of dollars,” or “make more money than they ever have imagined or thought possible.” That also includes images of opulent mansions, private helicopters, private jets, yachts and exotic automobiles in their promotions.


Division Chief Deborah Hagan, Senior Consumer Counsel Charles Fergus, and Assistant Attorneys General Jacob Gilbert and Gregory Jones handled the case for Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau.




Sec’y of State Jesse White to Host Illinois’ U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day Celebration

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60 people from 21 countries to be sworn-in as citizens


 Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White will hold Illinois’ eighth annual U.S. Constitution and Citizenship Day Friday, September 16th at noon at the Richard J. Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St., outside on the plaza, to observe and honor Constitutional freedoms and celebrate those becoming citizens of the United States of America.

The event marks the 229th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, which took place on September 17, 1787. U.S. District Court Judge Joan B. Gottschall will swear in 60 people from various countries including Belize, Brazil, Burma, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, India, Iraq, Jordan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Op-Ed: A Letter of Appreciation to All Who Decided to Open Accounts in Black Banks: This Might Prove to Be a Game-Changer

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Op-Ed By Michael Grant


As president of the National Bankers Association, whose members include many of the Black-owned banks that received and are still receiving an unprecedented level of support from all over America, I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude by simply saying: Thank you!


While efforts to get the Black community to utilize Black-owned banks is not new (Black banks have served the community since Reconstruction), what has been happening over the last two months is nothing less than phenomenal.  The outpouring of support, triggered by the clarion call of rapper Killer Mike and answered by such superstars as Usher, TI, Solange and others, caught the banks by surprise – a very pleasant surprise.


Black people moving millions of dollars into Black-owned banks within such a short period of time might ultimately prove to be a game-changer!  The catalyst for this mobilization of people and purses was born of frustration but the timing of this effort at self-empowerment could not have been more perfect.


After decades of celebrating the colossal achievements of the Civil Rights Movement, the thought leaders in Black communities across America are beginning to reach a consensus: Black America will never be able to enjoy the full privileges of first class citizenship in this country until it had secured the ultimate badge of liberty in America: financial freedom!


So many of the social ills that continue to plague large swaths of America’s Black communities can be summoned up in one phrase: financial dependence.  High unemployment rates, underperforming businesses, crime, inadequate education and job training opportunities, low aim and an all-pervasive nihilism – especially among many Black youths – is defining far too many Black neighborhoods in our country.


Then along came this bank black movement.  The idea of using one’s dollars to improve the overall condition of the community has been resurrected.  And, to be sure, opening accounts in Black banks is a great first step. But what should follow?


Next, the Black bankers have a responsibility to teach banking 101 to the masses.  You see, placing millions of dollars in the bank as deposits creates the need to support those accounts with investment capital.  It takes both core deposits as well as capital in order for the bank to increase lending which is where real economic development takes place.  When banks’ capital ratios meet regulatory requirements, they have more capacity to provide home equity loans, small business loans, mortgage lending, personal lines of credit and so forth.


The bank is also the community institution that can leverage a million dollar investment eight or nine times.  The bank’s increased lending capacity is how we begin growing the collective wealth of the community.  For example, the more home equity loans are used to create new businesses or to expand existing ones, the more jobs (and job training) these businesses can provide.  It has been estimated that if the Black community would spend one-tenth of its disposable income with Black businesses, one million new jobs could be created.  So much of our economic destiny is in our own hands!


Since statistics show that a qualified Black borrower has a higher probability of getting his or her loan approved at a Black bank, doing business with these banks – as a first choice – is a no brainer.  The more we circulate our dollars within our own community, the more opportunities we create and the more wealth we can accumulate that can be transferred to future generations.


Contrary to the anticipated push back of the naysayers, the “bank Black” movement is not a boycott of other banks; it is simply an intelligent strategy at diversifying one’s dollars and investing in oneself.


The black banks are genuinely grateful for the trust that you, the consumers, have placed in them.  Now, in order to sustain these new banking relationships, bankers and consumers must begin forging a new bond, born of mutual respect and a genuine desire to build what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would call “The beloved community.”


Great days ahead!


Michael A. Grant, J.D.



Photo: Michael Grant, president/CEO National Bankers Association


Chicago GOP Wins Court Victory

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CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago GOP send this message to Republican leadership this afternoon:

Republican Party Leaders: Late yesterday afternoon we scored a significant victory in federal court over Chicago Democrats and the Chicago Board of Elections. U.S. District Court Judge Milton Shadur ruled that we have a First Amendment right to prevent those who vote in Democratic primaries from being seated as Republican committeemen in Chicago, and to that extent our bylaws override state law. The net effect is that 13 ward committeemen have been permanently removed from office.

This ruling has broader implications for the Party in Illinois.

First, some background. In 2014 the Rauner campaign and the city, county, and state parties teamed up to recruit election judges in Chicago. The Rauner campaign wanted to ensure that we had genuine Republicans in every precinct to help reduce fraud.

It worked, and as a result Mike Madigan and Pat Quinn passed an amendment to the election code to make it harder for us. The amendment said that the county chairman could no longer place election judges; the power to do so would now fall to the ward committeeman. The Democrats knew that they could control some of the Republican ward committeemen and capture all of the election judge slots for themselves. To take advantage of the amendment, Democrats ran candidates in the 2016 primary for Republican ward committeeman across the city.

In response, I wrote an amendment to the Cook County bylaws that said that if you vote in a Democratic primary, you can’t serve as a Republican committeeman. After the March primary we notified 13 would-be committeemen with Democratic voting histories that they could not serve.

Two of them filed a challenge before the Chicago Board of Elections seeking a ruling that they were, in fact, committeemen. In an astounding move, the Board ruled in their favor.

The CBOE has always favored the Democrats, but this was unprecedented. We responded by filing a federal civil rights case against the Board.

Normally, a Board of Elections does not put up a defense against such suits. As a supposedly-neutral third party they let the other side, in this case the Democrats, argue the case. But in an even more astounding move, the Board had their lawyer, paid for with public money, submit a very aggressive brief and actively argue the case on behalf of the Democrats.

The judge was floored and chastised the Board for its naked display of partisanship. The judge subsequently issued a permanent injunction against the Board, and later a final ruling against their position.

This case wasn’t a close call. You can read some of the scathing language the judge had for the Board in the injunction and in the decision.

The broader legal implication of this case is that Mike Madigan cannot decide, through force of law, how the Republican Party operates in this state. As a Republican Party leader, I ask you to keep this in mind.

If Mike Madigan enacts a state law that unduly burdens our First Amendment rights, we can fight it and we can win.

For more information, contact Chris Cleveland @ 312 339 2677 or

City Announces Voting Period for ‘Chicago’s Top Cabbie’ Contest

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 Two Week Voting Process Will Determine Winner of Free Taxicab Medallion

The City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) today announced the final stage of the citywide competition to find ‘Chicago’s Top Cabbie’. The public is encouraged to vote on the twelve finalists.

“This competition has brought out stories that highlight the quality and hard work of taxi drivers across Chicago”, said BACP Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek. “I look forward to taking the next step in this contest and presenting this free medallion and the financial freedom it will provide to Chicago’s Top Cabbie.”

The twelve finalists and their stories will be posted online for voting at www.chitopcabbie.com. The voting period is open to the public from September 16th to September 30th.  The prize is a free taxicab medallion.

The competition began in May and was open to the 12,000 taxi chauffeurs who are licensed by the city. BACP promoted the contest through a handful of municipal digital billboards, through the two CHICABS apps, Curb and Arro, as well as on social media. A task force comprised of BACP employees; Judith Frydlund, Commissioner of Chicago’s Department of Buildings; George Lutfallah, Editor of Chicago Dispatch; Efrat Stein of Self Help Home and Bill Kurtis evaluated all nominations and choose the finalists.

An ordinance introduced in City Council earlier this year created the competition with the prize of a free taxicab medallion. The contest was created to build on the success of the Taxicab Driver Excellence Award, which recognizes taxicab drivers who serve the disabled community.

BACP oversees the licensing of Chicago’s public chauffeurs and public vehicles including taxicabs, transportation network providers, liveries, charter and site seeing buses, horse drawn carriages, ambulances, water taxis and tour boats.  The department oversees the purchasing of taxicab medallions, vehicle inspections and rates of fare. Learn more about BACP’s Public Vehicle Operations at www.cityofchicago.org/BACP.

Casting Announced for Goodman Theatre’s 2016 “New Stages” Festival

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C.S. Lee, Keith Kupferer, Mia Park, Anthony Irons, Elena Marisa Flores and more cast in the 2016 New Stages Festival, September 221 – October 9


Free annual fest includes “Professionals Weekend,” October 7-9, where attendees can experience three developmental productions + three staged readings

Just added: A free reading of Until The Flood, the latest work by Artistic Associate Dael Orlandersmith, on October 1

CHICAGO, IL – Casting is complete for the three “developmental productions” featured in Goodman Theatre’s 13th annual New Stages festival, a free celebration of new works by some of the country’s finest established and emerging playwrights. These three plays, which are staged in repertory with modest production values following three weeks of rehearsal, include Blue Skies Process by Abe Koogler, directed by Henry Wishcamper; Support Group for Men by Ellen Fairey, directed by Kimberly Senior; and The King of Hell’s Palace by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, directed by Tea Alagić. Full cast lists are included below. All productions in New Stages are designed by Kevin Depinet (Set), Rachel Lambert and Noël Huntzinger (Costumes), Jesse Klug (Lights) and Richard Woodbury (Sound). In addition, three one-time-only staged readings appear during the final weekend of the festival (“Professionals Weekend”), including: Florissant & Canfield by Kristiana Rae Colón, directed by Monty Cole; Amy and the Orphans by Lindsey Ferrentino, directed by Scott Ellis; and And Moira Spins by Kirsten Greenidge, directed by Lisa Portes. New Stages runs September 21 – October 9 in the 400-seat flexible Owen Theatre; all productions and readings are recommended for ages 14+. Tickets are free, but reservations are required; call 312.443.3800, visit GoodmanTheatre.org/NewStagesFestival or the box office (170 N. Dearborn). For more information about “Professionals Weekend,” visit GoodmanTheatre.org/Professionals.

In addition to the New Stages celebration, the Goodman offers a special free reading of Until the Flood, the latest work by award-winning playwright Dael Orlandersmith, the Goodman’s newest Artistic Associate. Directed by Neel Keller, Until the Flood focuses on the social unrest following the fatal police shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014. The characters—which include a middle-aged black teacher, a white police officer, an older black barbershop owner, a young black teenager, and a preacher—are composites Orlandersmith created after extensively interviewing Ferguson residents. The result is a diverse mosaic of voices exploring the complex ways in which trauma manifests itself in a community. Until the Flood was commissioned by the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, where it will receive its world premiere next month (October 12 – November 6, 2016). The reading is one-time-only on October 1 at 7:30pm at Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement. Tickets are free; reservations required, GoodmanTheatre.org/UntiltheFlood.


The Goodman is grateful for the generosity of its New Work sponsors, including: the Time Warner Foundation, Lead Support of New Play Development; the Davee Foundation, Major Support of New Work; the Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation and The Pritzker-Pucker Foundation, Major Support of New Play Development; The Glasser and Rosenthal Family and the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust, Support of New Work Development; and The Joyce Foundation, Principal Support for Diverse Artistic and Professional Development.


Casting for New Stages 2016


Blue Skies Process

By Abe Koogler, directed by Henry Wishcamper | appears in repertory September 21 – October 8


To make something new. That’s the task facing co-workers Amy, Peter and Kenny. To bolster their efforts, the team’s visionary leader has mandated a “blue skies process”: no hierarchy, everything is on the table and everyone is equal. Except they’re not. Underneath the veneer of workplace civility, an epic power struggle is taking place. Hilarious, absurd and sometimes menacing, Blue Skies Process pokes fun at office politics but takes the process of creation very, very seriously.




Joe Dempsey as Peter

Meighan Gerachis as Amy

Michael Gomez as Kenny

Guy Massey as Kristan

Karen Rodriguez as Reina


Support Group for Men

By Ellen Fairey, directed by Kimberly Senior | appears in repertory September 23 – October 9


Four men meet every Thursday night in an apartment on the border of Wrigleyville and Boystown. Instead of letting off steam at a Cubs game, they’ve formed a makeshift support group—complete with invented Native American nicknames, a baseball bat/talking stick, and most importantly a ‘no women’ policy that is strictly enforced.  When a gender-non-conforming visitor abruptly crashes their party, the guys’ notions of masculinity are upended. This topical comedy examines the many ways gender functions in an increasingly non-binary world—and proves help can sometimes be found in the most unlikely places.




Elena Marie Flores as Officer Delgado

Anthony Irons as Delano

Ryan Kitley as Brian

Keith Kupferer as Roger

Jeff Louis Kurysz as Alex

Dan Lin as Kevin

Steve Wojtas as Officer Nowak


The King of Hell’s Palace

By Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, directed by Tea Alagić | appears in repertory September 25 – October 9


Inspired by true events, The King of Hell’s Palace is a new drama by the author of The World of Extreme Happiness (2014) that explores the conflicts that arise when a community’s greatest source of capital becomes their own bodies. When the Henan Ministry of Health begins paying citizens for blood plasma, impoverished farmers in the province’s remote villages sell blood to buy fertilizer, mend their houses and create new opportunities for their children. As corrupt health officials cut costs to maximize the plasma products sold to pharmaceutical companies, safety standards are ignored, bringing catastrophic health implications to China’s most vulnerable population.




Rammel Chan as Little Yi

Celeste Den as Pearl/Lili

C.S. Lee as Stone/Kuan

Michelle Krusiec as Jasmine/Han-Han

Jo Mei as Yin-Yin/Pei-Pei

Mia Park as Luo Na/Dr. Gao

James Saito as Chen/Old Yang

Wai Yim as Wen/Director Zhang


About Goodman Theatre


Called America’s “Best Regional Theatre” by Time magazine, Goodman Theatre has won international recognition for its artists, productions and programs, and is a major cultural, educational and economic pillar in Chicago. Founded in 1925 by William O. Goodman and his family in honor of their son Kenneth (an important figure in Chicago’s cultural renaissance in the early 1900s) and represented today by descendant Albert Ivar Goodman, Goodman Theatre has garnered hundreds of awards for artistic achievement and community engagement, including: two Pulitzer Prizes, 22 Tony Awards (including “Outstanding Regional Theatre” in 1992), nearly 160 Joseph Jefferson Awards and more. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Robert Falls and Executive Director Roche Schulfer, the Goodman’s artistic priorities include new plays (more than 150 world or American premieres in the past 30 years), reimagined classics (including Falls’ nationally and internationally celebrated productions of Death of a Salesman, Long Day’s Journey into Night, King Lear and The Iceman Cometh, many in collaboration with actor Brian Dennehy), culturally specific work, musical theater (26 major productions in 20 years, including 10 world premieres) and international collaborations. Diversity and inclusion have been primary cornerstones of the Goodman’s mission for 30 years; over the past decade, 68% of the Goodman’s 35 world premieres were authored by women and/or playwrights of color, and the Goodman was the first theater in the world to produce all 10 plays in August Wilson’s “American Century Cycle.” Each year, the Goodman’s education and engagement programs serve thousands of students, teachers and life-long learners. In addition, for nearly four decades A Christmas Carol has led to the creation of a new generation of theatergoers in Chicago.


Goodman Theatre’s leadership includes the Artistic Collective: Brian Dennehy, Rebecca Gilman, Henry Godinez, Dael Orlandersmith, Steve Scott, Chuck Smith, Regina Taylor, Henry Wishcamper and Mary Zimmerman. Joan Clifford is Chair of Goodman Theatre’s Board of Trustees, Cynthia Klem Scholl is Women’s Board President and Justin A. Kulovsek is President of the Scenemakers Board for young professionals.

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