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NAACP Statement on the Fatal Shooting of Alton Sterling During Police Encounter in Baton Rouge, LA

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BALTIMORE, MD –  NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks issued the following statement regarding the fatal shooting of 37-year old Alton Sterling after an encounter with police in Baton Rouge, LA:

“Yet again Americans are confronted with another fatal shooting of an African-American at the hands of the police. Behind the latest horrific video and hashtag is the humanity of a young black man slain on film whose name was Alton Sterling. The death of another African-American – captured in shocking detail on video – at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve the community is heartbreaking. Beyond heartbreaking, this latest tragedy calls for officials to break the inertia that may paralyze local and state authorities in insuring justice for the family, friends and community of Alton Sterling. 

“Specifically and first, all state and municipal authorities should be directed by Governor Edwards to cooperate with and actively support the ongoing Justice Department investigation. Second, the cooperation with the the federal investigation should be monitored by state authorities, and if the facts bear out, pursue the filing of state charges.  Third, based on the results of all state and federal investigations, if and as the facts warrant, the police involved in the shooting of Mr. Sterling should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Fourth, the Baton Rouge Police Department should undergo a thorough and comprehensive review to insure that its policing practices adhere to the Justice Department protocols and the Presidential Commission on 21st Century Policing.

“Sadly, the video of Alton Sterling’s death appears to be an ugly replay and remix of so many tragedies involving the police. In 2015, 27 people lost their lives at the hands of police in Louisiana, 14 of those were African-Americans. In the same year, 1000 people lost their lives in police custody across the United States.  These tragedies, as well as our communities and country, demand wholesale reform.

“This is precisely why the NAACP is calling for the Protect with Respect Policing Reform Agenda.  First, we are calling on states to pass comprehensive racial profiling laws. One racial profiling law, co-authored and passed with the support of the NAACP in Missouri enabled the Department of Justice to hold the Ferguson Police Department accountable through its “pattern and practice” investigation.

“Second, we demand full support of and passage of two crucial pieces of federal legislation.  Last summer, the NAACP led a 1,002 mile march from Selma, Alabama to Washington DC to demand members of Congress pass the Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act (LETIA) and the End Racial Profiling Act. LETIA addresses the issue of police accountability and trust between police departments and their communities. The legislation also provides incentives for police organizations to adopt standards to ensure that incidents of misconduct are reduced through management training and protocols. ERPA would create a federal prohibition on racial profiling, mandate data collection, provide funding for law enforcement retraining and withhold funding to law enforcement agencies that do not comply. 

“Third, as the two presumptive presidential candidates criss-cross this country, we want them to clearly state their commitment to address criminal justice reform and the issues of racial profiling, use of excessive force, and stop and frisk abuses.  As the two candidates lead rallies and fundraising events seeking our support and our vote, we must demand that they support legislation to reform our fractured criminal justice system and end the murder of black and brown men and women at the hands of police.

“Today, we mourn the tragic loss of the life of Alton Sterling and pray for his family and community. But we must also turn our anger and determination towards efforts to ensure there is a transparent and through investigation, demand our legislators and police officials support efforts to reform our criminal justice system at every level, and pass reasonable legislation that would end racial profiling.

“We applaud the efforts of the Baton Rouge NAACP, led by President Mike McClanahan, to support the community and lead the call for a thorough, independent investigation into the shooting death of Alton Sterling.”

Photo: NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks

Urban League Movement Supports Peaceful Protest, Thorough Investigation in Baton Rouge

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NEW ORLEANS (July 6, 2016) — As Louisiana and the nation grieve the death of Alton Sterling, the National Urban League and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans today joined Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards in calling for a thorough investigation of his shooting by Baton Rouge Police, and a comprehensive evaluation of police training and policies.

As these killings continue to shock the conscience of Louisianans and the nation, we look forward to the day when hastiness on behalf of police, poor training of police and aggression on behalf of police are behind us,” Urban League of Greater New Orleans President and CEO Erika McConduit-Diggs said. “The Baton Rouge community is tight-knit, a city whose residents genuinely care about their neighbors. This strong sense of community can be seen by the outpouring of local support. As this altercation highlights, there is still work to be done to bring the community closer together and build a more trusting relationship between its citizenry and those sworn to protect them. “

“Louisiana has had its fair share of national tragedies and continues to march toward the north star of equality,” National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial said. “‘Union, Justice, and Confidence’ is the state motto and those words are to be made ever more significant in the coming weeks as investigations reveal more. The National Urban League stands behind ULGNO it  they continues be an active member of the community striving to make each word more potent by addressing the needs of South Louisiana; bringing people together, advocating for due process and equitable treatment, and building confidence in our governance through policy.”

McConsuit-Diggs and Morial stressed that coordination among local leaders, friends and neighbors and  law enforcement is critically important in these trying times.

“Our thoughts and prayers will be with the Sterling family as they now must make progress without the support of their patriarch,” McConduit-Diggs said. “In the spirit of solidarity with the peaceful protest in the Louisiana Capitol, we support the efforts of due process in the service of justice for the Sterling family and applaud the U.S. Department of Justice for their swift response to fully investigate this matter. As the investigation unfolds, we stress the importance of transparency and keeping the community informed and abreast of all findings.

Morial added, “The Urban League movement focuses to build inclusive communities that not only recognize African American humanity, but maximize the individual and collective contributions of all in our society.   As we work to dismantle systems that humiliate, unjustly murder and continuously devalue black lives in America, our faith and works will be with the community as we strive to create sustainable change and improve upon the quality of life in our region and our nation.”

Photo: Marc H. Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League

The Fraternal Order and Police Reform

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 By Curtis Black (Reprint)

At Issue: FOP and reform

Dean Angelo, president of the Chicago lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, spoke at the City Club last week, saying police officers today face unprecedented levels of disrespect, and calling for rebuilding impoverished communities which have high levels of violence.

He also spoke about current efforts to reform policing in Chicago. “Today everybody and their sister wants to implement changes in policy,” he said. “It’s dangerous to think those changes will be credible if they come from people who have never strapped a weapon on.”

His remarks came at a time when Angelo has been accused of “a complete lack of understanding” of the recommendations for reform issued by the mayor’s Police Accountability Task Force. That’s according to task force chair Lori Lightfoot, president of the Police Board, who was quoted by Politico saying, “Read the report, Dean – and get on board with reform.”

(The task force said the FOP contract has “essentially turned the code of silence into official policy.”)

Angelo sidestepped a question about the union’s role in the police accountability crisis, saying less than a half of 1 percent of police officers “tarnish the uniform.”

“Are we responsible for that behavior? That is that adult person’s choice to behave that way. Do we defend people when they get written up or disciplined? We do to an extent. But that is up to the department to recognize behavior that needs to be adjusted.”

He did seem to nod toward the existence of a code of silence among police when he said the union has reached out to the Department of Justice as it investigates the Chicago Police Department “to help facilitate meetings at our building so that the officers wouldn’t be ostracized if they were in the commander’s office for more than 15 minutes and everyone would [ask], what did you say? why were you in there so long?”

He was less clear when asked about contract provisions mandating the destruction of police misconduct records, saying that only unsustained allegations are required to be destroyed: “When something is proved it stays; when something is alleged it needs to go.”  He added that “if [a complaint is] part of litigation it stays forever.” Neither assertion is true.

Angelo asked what relevance records going back several decades could have today. One function noted by the task force is as potential evidence for individuals challenging wrongful convictions.

Contracts and consent decrees. At In These Times, Adeshina Emmanuel recently reviewed 20 years of Department of Justice consent decrees mandating reform in police departments across the country, finding many cases where police union contracts “presented a roadblock to achieving key reforms required by the settlement.” Contract provisions have been used to block efforts to improve the handling of police misconduct, strengthen civilian oversight, or establish early-warning systems to identify problem officers, he reports.

In Portland, Oregon, the union sued to block changes to use-of-force rules and training, after DOJ found a pattern of excessive force by police dealing with people with mental illness.

In Newark, New Jersey (in a settlement reached after Newark’s police chief, Garry McCarthy, moved to Chicago), the local FOP welcomed the Justice Department and “helped feds unearth problems” – particularly unconstitutional stops of pedestrians, driven by quota-based department directives that the union had opposed. But the local also sued to block creation of a civilian oversight agency. (The national FOP opposes civilian review boards.)

Experts say real reform will require state and local legislators to take on powerful police unions and repeal so-called “Police Officer Bill of Rights” laws, Emmanuel reports.

Emmanuel has previously analyzed the Chicago FOP contract as well as state law providing extra legal protections to police officers accused on misconduct.

Guevara victims win reviews. Years after going to court to win review of their 2000 murder conviction, Gabriel Solache and Arturo DeLeon Reyes last week won a post-conviction hearing.

Theirs is one of at least eight cases identified by the Better Government Association last year in which prisoners have alleged they were framed for murder by Detective Reynaldo Guevara, who retired from the police force in 2005. Three murder convictions based on Guevara investigations have been overturned, and a fourth Guevara target was released after he won a new trial in 2009.

A decade ago, a Humboldt Park group found some 40 cases where Latino youth were investigated for murders by Guevara and convicted with no physical evidence linking them to the crimes – and with witnesses who reported being coerced and intimidated by Guevara. Attorneys familiar with the matter have said there may be many more.

The order for a new hearing for Solache and DeLeon Reyes came three years after Guevara took the Fifth Amendment when called to testify in their case.

The Emanuel administration has refused to release a report completed last year by outside lawyers who reviewed scores of cases in which Guevara was involved, reportedly finding that several likely resulted in wrongful convictions.

Mary Powers. Anyone who has attended or spoken at a Police Board hearing can thank Mary Powers, founder of Citizens Alert, who forced the board to hold open meetings in 1970. Powers, who died on June 25 at the age of 93, took up the cause of police reform after she toured the building where Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was killed in 1969.

The small but persistent group was for decades the foremost proponent of police accountability. A 1992 Chicago Reader profile of Powers says Citizens Alert was a major force in litigation disbanding the Chicago Red Squad and was later “the unquestioned leader in keeping the Burge case in the spotlight.” Powers was an early critic of the use of Tasers.

“A lot of ad hoc groups … spring up after a crisis and then break down,” said Fred Rice, police superintendent under Mayor Harold Washington, speaking of Powers’ group. “But these folks stay with it.”

From The Archive:

“Kicking the Pigeon” is a series of seventeen articles by Jamie Kalven published between July 6, 2005 and February 16, 2006 on the original View From The Ground. It describes the incidents and underlying conditions that gave rise to Bond V. Utreras, a federal civil rights case that has figured centrally in the public conversation about police accountability in Chicago.

This week we present issue #11: “The Logic of Impunity.”

Click on the photo above to read the full story.

Statement from Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Regarding State Department Email Investigation

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 Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch released the following statement today regarding the State Department email investigation:

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as Secretary of State.  I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation.”

President Preckwinkle Launches New Cook County Website Focused on Services

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A major update to Cook County’s main website, unveiled today, will enable visitors to www.cookcountyil.gov<http://www.cookcountyil.gov> to more easily connect with the County services they need, said County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

“Government websites have a reputation for not being very user friendly,” Preckwinkle said. “With our new website we put the user first.”

The old school way of designing government websites was to build an online copy of what existed in the physical world – a page for each office, agency and elected official. The new County website still has these pages, but its focus is on the services the County provides. With sections focused on residents, businesses and numerous subcategories, Cook County aims to simplify the process and connect residents as quickly and easily as possible.

The new website is based on the open-sourced Drupal platform, which is used extensively in the federal and state websites. It is designed to scale for any sized screen, which means it works just as well on a smartphone as it does on a desktop computer.

Cook County used Smart Chicago’s Civic User Testing Group (CUT Group) to test different ways of organizing the site during the design phase. The results should reduce the amount of searching visitors need to do to find what they want.

The content management system that County employees use to populate the site is also designed to be user friendly, which lets the employees of each department maintain their own areas and make quick updates.

Community Leaders Deliver Over 80,000 Petition Signatures to SEC Demanding Action on Toxic Swap Deals

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National Outcry on Same Bad Bank Deals That Could Cost Illinois Taxpayers $870 Million in November if No Action Taken

On Thursday, Grassroots Collaborative will join with organizations across the country including Americans for Financial Reform, CREDO Action, and Rootstrikers to deliver a petition in which more than 80,000 Americans asked the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate the toxic swap deals squeezing cities and states across the country.

These toxic swap deals contributed to budget shortfalls that led to schools closing in Chicago, water shutoffs in Baltimore, and devastating environmental and health issues in Los Angeles.  These same bad deals also helped lead to the bankruptcy of Jefferson County, Alabama and Detroit, Michigan.  The state of Illinois has already lost over $684 million to Wall Street banks on these deals and could be on the hook for an additional $870 million on November 27th if action is not taken.

In many cases, it appears that banks misrepresented the risk of these deals to cities, or omitted key information, in violation of fair dealing rules. The SEC has the power to order Wall Street to give back any ill-gotten gains if it finds evidence of wrongdoing. On Thursday, taxpayers and elected officials will ask them to do just that.

WHEN: 10:30am, July 7th, 2016

WHERE:  SEC Chicago Regional Office, 175 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60604

WHAT: Press conference followed by petition delivery


State Representative Chris Welch

State Representative Robert Martwick

Alderman Carlos Rosa

Saqib Bhatti, Director, ReFund America Project

Erica Rangel, Ceasefire, Enlace Chicago

Kimberly Johnson, Teacher at Emmett Till Elementary

Dr. Jamal Bryant Ministries Partners Up With Leading Internet Enabled Television Network…The Edge Network

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The Edge Christian Network is excited to announce the union of Jamal Bryant Ministries and The Edge Christian Networks. The Edge Network is the only Woman – Owned Internet Smart T.V Enabled Christian Network in the Nation. The Edge Network boasts of bringing the viewership of Live Streaming to over 99 million homes in the U.S. alone.

This means that Jamal Bryant Ministries and other upcoming Christian Broadcasters are aired to the Internet live streaming home in the U.S. and around the world.

What is Internet Television? It is simple, it is television manufactured with internet capabilities such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku Live Streamers, Google Chromecast T.v and RCA Manufactured Smart Tv’s. Internet Television is becoming the go to choice for entertainment. The industry has captured over fifty percent of the television viewer audience with programming such as Hulu and HBO NOW.

The Edge Network captures the faith based network side of Smart Television by providing riveting Christian Programming with Dynamic Crystal Clear High Definition Audio and Visuals to the viewer. We at the Edge Network are proud to announce the joint partnership with Jamal Bryant Ministries. You can view Dr. Jamal Bryant Ministries on The Edge Network accessible to over 99 Million Smart Television homes on all RCA Televisions and most streaming devices for dynamic messages of hope and inspiration.

“According to the latest information from the IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service, smart TV household penetration in Japan has already reached 50% and will rise to 63% in 2019, followed by the United States at 57%” Television Post.com http://www.televisionpost.com/technology/smart-tv-households-growing-fast-in-certain-countries/

Man Sues Chicago Police Who Stole a Decade of His Life

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Picked up on a bogus drug charge, scholarship student Jermaine Walker
had his young life irretrievably side-tracked by cop frame-up


CHICAGO, IL – After spending a decade in prison on a bogus drug charge, Jermaine Walker, 39, today sued the police who framed him. In 2006 Walker was on a full scholarship at Fisk University studying computer science and researching superconductivity when a police frame-up in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood tragically side-tracked his young life.

Police officers Michael White, Eric Reyes, Sebastian Flatley and Brian Daly allegedly planted drugs and hid evidence in order to win a false felony conviction of possessing drugs within 1000 feet of a school. Only thanks to the efforts of Ingrid Gill, a dedicated public defender who reinvestigated the case, was the hidden evidence uncovered and in March of this year his conviction was overturned, all charges were dismissed, and he was subsequently granted a Certificate of Innocence.

Mr. Walker and his attorneys will speak publicly about the case for the first time today at a 2:30 PM press conference at Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law, 311 N. Aberdeen Street, 3rd floor, on Chicago’s Near West Side. Mr. Walker is represented by Jon Loevy, Russell Ainsworth, Gretchen Helfrich and Elizabeth Mazur of the civil rights firm Loevy & Loevy.

In 2006, police pulled over Mr. Walker and his brother after they exited the parking lot of a J.J. Peppers convenience store at the intersection of Lawrence Avenue and Sheridan Road. They pulled their car over into an alley which just happened to have several security cameras. In the alley police beat him, planted drugs on him, and falsely claimed the brothers were trying to sell them.

To try to stop the beating, Mr. Walker loudly noted that there were several security cameras in the alley and that they would be “stupid” to attempt drug sales in such a location. The beatings continued.

After the brothers’ arrest, the Cook County States Attorney’s Office sent an investigator, Thomas Finnelly, to the alleged crime scene to take pictures, including of any security cameras. Because evidence of the security cameras would discredit the police version, Finnelly intentionally photographed the alley to make it appear that there were no security cameras present, and at Mr. Walker’s trial he and the officers who testified all denied under oath that there were any such cameras. Only a decade later would the Court finally credit Ms. Gill’s evidence and set Mr. Walker free, stating: “it is very disturbing and upsetting, especially as a judge, to be involved in a system where an officer, especially an officer of the court, would come in and swear under oath to something that was not true.”.

Loevy & Loevy is one of the nation’s largest civil rights law firms, and over the past decade has won more multi-million dollar jury verdicts than any other civil rights law firm in the entire country. A copy of the lawsuit, Jermaine Walker v. Michael White, Eric Reyes, Sebastian Flatley, Brian Daly, the City of Chicago, et al., No. 1:16-cv-07024, can be found here.

Former Macon Co. Board Of Elections Director Sentenced To Prison For Embezzling Public Funds

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Kimberly Michelle Bishop, the former director of Macon County’s Board of Elections was sentenced late yesterday to six months in prison for embezzling public funds, announced Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina.  Bishop, 44, of Franklin, N.C., was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release, the first six months of which to be served under home detention, and to pay $68,705.26 as restitution.

U.S. Attorney Rose is joined by John A. Strong, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Charlotte Division, and Tom Ammons, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) in making today’s announcement.

“Bishop abused the trust placed in her by the public.  As a director on the Board of Elections, Bishop stole public money to enrich herself and her lifestyle.  She is now a federally convicted felon, a title she earned through her greed and theft.  Federal laws are very effective in addressing this type of corruption – let this be a message to other elected officials who may seek to violate the public’s trust through illegal activity,” said U.S. Attorney Rose.

“This was a complex investigation that took teamwork, from both the SBI and FBI, to accomplish a positive outcome.  We have built a strong relationship with the FBI, and enjoy the partnership developed with investigating public corruption cases.   Our goal for this investigation was to ensure that justice was served so the community knew this type of behavior by a leader within the county would not be tolerated,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ammons.

According to information contained in filed plea documents and the sentencing hearing, from about 2002 to January 2014, Bishop served as director of the Board of Elections (BOE) for Macon County.  In that capacity, Bishop had access to BOE’s expense budget and was authorized to initiate check requests to pay for BOE-related services.  Beginning in about June 2013 and continuing through January 2014, court records show that Bishop submitted check request forms and caused checks to be issued to four individuals to supposedly pay for their work on behalf of BOE.  BOE had not, in fact, approved these four individuals as BOE workers and they were not on the county’s payroll.

Bishop has admitted in court that in order to cash these checks, on some occasions she forged the endorsement signature of the payee and signed her own name on the back of the checks, then cashed them at local financial institutions.  On other occasions, court records show that two of the named payees would sign their names as endorsers, cash the checks and split the money with the defendant.  In total, Bishop’s embezzlement scheme caused Macon County to issue checks for over $68,000.  Bishop pleaded guilty in February 2016 to one count of federal program fraud.

In making today’s announcement U.S. Attorney Rose thanked the FBI and the SBI for their investigation of this case which is ongoing.  The prosecution was handled by Assistant United States Attorney Richard Edwards of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Asheville.

Source: FBI


Kirk-Authored Language to Protect Veterans Included in CARA Conference Report

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Language Requires VA Participation in Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs 

Holds VA Facilities to the Same Standards as Private Hospitals and Clinics

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) applauded the inclusion of Kirk-authored language that requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to participate in Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) in the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA) conference report. This language would require the VA to disclose prescribing information to state controlled PDMPs in order to prevent the over-prescription and abuse of opioids amongst our nation’s veterans. Senator Kirk has not only sponsored legislation (S. 2601) to address this important need, but also offered his bill as an amendment during Senate consideration of S. 524, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA).  

“Candymen like Danville’s Dr. John Sturman have gone unchecked by the VA for too long,” said Senator Kirk. “Veterans deserve the best care including oversight of their doctors to prevent overprescribing. VA doctors should operate under the same standards as private physicians and disclose prescription information to ensure the safety and protection of our veterans.” 

After learning that Dr. John K. Sturman was hired to work at the VA Illiana Health Care System’s pain management clinic in Danville, Illinois, while he was under investigation for allegedly over-prescribing narcotics that killed three patients in Indiana, Senator Kirk demanded answers from the VA about their hiring practices and the actions being taken to ensure Illinois veterans weren’t being overprescribed dangerous painkillers.  

Between 2001 and 2009, pain reliever prescriptions nationwide quadrupled to nearly 3.8 million, and studies show that almost half of veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and/or Operation Iraqi Freedom, and entered Veterans Affairs (VA) health care from 2005 through 2008, received at least one pain-related diagnosis. State PDMPs collect information from doctors and pharmacists on controlled substances dispensed in the state to identify abuse and diversion and facilitate treatments for addicts. In Illinois, the state PDMP receives daily reports of Schedule II, III, IV, and V drugs like hydrocodone and adderall dispensed from retail pharmacies. Under current law, which allows but does not require VA facilities to report prescription and usage to PDMPs, Illinois veterans would have to wait six months for VA to fully employ this life-saving program. 

This legislation will hold VA doctors and hospitals to the same standard as doctors at private sector hospitals and clinics. The conference report is expected to go before the full Senate this summer.

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