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Stolen Lives Families Speak Out Over Denial of Permit for Public Event at the State of Illinois Building March 2

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From: Stop Mass Incarceration Network – Chicago

A permit has been denied by the State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center for a public event for the Stolen Lives Families inside at the food court. This is part of a Day of Resistance, March 2, demanding justice for these families and calling on everyone to stand up to STOP POLICE MURDER and indict & convict all the murdering cops and those who covered up for them. This is a public space that will give the families whose loved ones were murdered by police the opportunity to dramatically bring to life the humanity of those whose lives were stolen by police through reading their names, testimony, art, and song.

We will not be pushed into conference rooms or places where the public cannot hear these families’ voices. We will draw on all the support for these Stolen Lives families across the city to demand that a permit be granted for the food court which is a public space and where other groups have been allowed to use.

This is a building where events have been held in public areas, for example “Cirque Dreams Holidaze”, a mini-performance with acrobats etc. was held in the food court in December 2014.  The denial of this inside permit at the food court is an attempt by the State and City officials to shut down and shut up any further public statements over the outrageous murders of Black and Latino people. It is a continuation and escalation of the exoneration and cover up of police murders that have made Chicago infamous.

IL Dept. of Central Management Services representative Jennifer Haley & Wilma Wilbon, Special Events Director, Wilma.Wilbon@illinois.gov and 312-814-6676 have denied this permit.  These families should be given a permitted space indoors to demand justice on March 2.

Statement from Janet Cooksey

I am the mother of Quintonio LeGrier, the honor student at NIU who was murdered by Chicago police December 26th.  I am supporting this event because Chicago police has made it a part of their job to kill our youth and feel no one is going to be heard or do anything about it.

Chicagoans are tired of it.  We know as well as others that there is a problem in the Chicago Police Force.  Mental evaluation as well as training needs to be conducted monthly.

When I sit down and think about how many children I have cried over and now mine because of the officers that didn’t control situations but put growing children in body bags.  We must stop this.  Not another mother needs to feel what I am feeling. Chicago police officers shoot you then feel they can sue you.

Statement from Gloria Pinex:

I am f**king outraged at all the police murders that go on, especially my son Darius Pinex who has yet to get justice from this system.  If you are as outraged please join me March 2nd at the Thompson Center against police brutality.  I will be speaking.

Stop Police Murder!

Indict, Convict, Send the Killa Cops to Jail and all Those Who Lied and Covered Up for Them.

The Whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell.

Our demands are simple!

Stop Mass Incarceration Network – Chicago

stopmassincarcerationchicago@gmail.com • (312) 933-9586

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is a project of the Alliance for Global Justice, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more info, see stopmassincarceration.net

Black Caucus Chairman says legislation Ken Dunkin is Proposing to Save CSU Comes “With a Few Strings Attached”

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Statement from Senate Black Caucus Chairman Emil Jones III regarding Dunkin’s HB 6409

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Recently, State Representative Ken Dunkin held a press conference boasting his plan to save Chicago State University (CSU) and several other state universities from financial collapse. What Representative Dunkin failed to mention is how seniors, people facing foreclosures, human services and LIHEAP would all fall victim to fund sweeps tied to funding his legislation. Senator Emil Jones III, Chairman of the Senate Black Caucus introduced Senate Bill 2272, which funds CSU without evoking harm to some of our most vulnerable citizens like Rep. Dunkin’s bill would cause.

Below is Senator Jones’ statement:

“The legislation that my colleague and good friend Ken Dunkin is proposing comes with a few strings attached. Ken’s bill is funded by a separate demand from the governor and republicans in the form of Senate Bill 3044, which steals funds from LIHEAP, the Human Services fund, foreclosure prevention programs, money for our crumbling schools and a fund that provides long-term care for seniors.

So sometimes, the things our “allies” suggest aren’t really what they seem to be. Legislation I am sponsoring spends tax money we have collected and hasn’t been spent to fund CSU. On a side note, I would like to applaud CSU’s students and faculty for their poise and willingness to make adjustments while the governor, his allies and republicans play politics with your futures. Back to Ken, let’s get on the same page and pass my bill that solves problems and doesn’t create them.”

President Obama Announces His Intent to Nominate Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress.


President Obama said, “Michelle and I have known Dr. Carla Hayden for a long time, since her days working at the Chicago Public Library, and I am proud to nominate her to lead our nation’s oldest federal institution as our 14th Librarian of Congress. Dr. Hayden has devoted her career to modernizing libraries so that everyone can participate in today’s digital culture. She has the proven experience, dedication, and deep knowledge of our nation’s libraries to serve our country well and that’s why I look forward to working with her in the months ahead. If confirmed, Dr. Hayden would be the first woman and the first African American to hold the position – both of which are long overdue.”

Carla D. Hayden, Nominee for Librarian of Congress, Library of Congress:


Dr. Carla D. Hayden is CEO of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, a position she has held since 1993.  Dr. Hayden was nominated by President Obama to be a member of the National Museum and Library Services Board in January 2010 and was confirmed by the Senate in June 2010.  Prior to joining the Pratt Library, Dr. Hayden was Deputy Commissioner and Chief Librarian of the Chicago Public Library from 1991 to 1993.  She was an Assistant Professor for Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh from 1987 to 1991.  Dr. Hayden was Library Services Coordinator for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago from 1982 to 1987.  She began her career with the Chicago Public Library as the Young Adult Services Coordinator from 1979 to 1982 and as a Library Associate and Children’s Librarian from 1973 to 1979.  Dr. Hayden was President of the American Library Association from 2003 to 2004.  In 1995, she was the first African American to receive Library Journal’s Librarian of the Year Award in recognition of her outreach services at the Pratt Library, which included an afterschool center for Baltimore teens offering homework assistance and college and career counseling.  Dr. Hayden received a B.A. from Roosevelt University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago.


Jobs After Jail: Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline

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State regulations bar formerly incarcerated workers from good jobs and a chance at stability


About 70 million people in the U.S have a felony or serious misdemeanor arrest or a conviction that could impact their ability to find a job – locking a big part of our country out of stable, good-paying employment.

For many, their prison record will be a life sentence to poverty and low wages.

A new report by the Alliance for a Just Society, Jobs After Jail: Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline, analyzes the impact of policies that reduce employment opportunities for people who have served jail or prison sentences.

According to Jobs After Jail, nationwide there are more than 6,000 mandatory employment restrictions employment restrictions facing people who have served their sentence.

The findings underscore the urgency to “ban the box” in every state and at the federal level. However, the Jobs After Jail research also clearly shows the critical need to change the thousands of laws nationwide that restrict job opportunities, and keep families and communities struggling.

A wide variety of jobs are barred, but depending on the state, they can include such work as a veterinarian, mortgage broker, or optometrist.

“A history of racism in the United States means that people of color are more likely to be poorer than their white counterparts,” said Jill Reese, associate director of the Alliance for a Just Society.

“They are also more likely to be incarcerated and to face harsher sentences. The impact on communities of color is devastating when so many people are cut off from good jobs after their release,” said Reese.

Jobs after Jail includes first-person stories from formerly incarcerated people about the hurdles of finding a job, getting to work with restrictions on driving, checking “the box” on a college application, and juggling two or three low wage jobs to make ends meet.

“Our research shows that every state has jobs that formerly incarcerated people are banned from holding,” said Allyson Fredericksen, the Alliance’s policy analyst and author of the report. “Some states have more than 200 restricted jobs – and Louisiana has 389 restrictions. The result is a vast number of people who are sentenced to poverty.”

Recommendations from the report include:

* Eliminate lifetime legislative bans to employment

* Ban the box – the question about convictions on job applications.

* Reform policies on court fines and fees and incarceration fees that leave people deep in debt after they are released.

* Invest in businesses that pay high wages and employ formerly incarcerated people.

Jobs After Jail: Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline is part of the Job Gap Economic Prosperity series on jobs and wages produced by the Alliance since 1999.

Alliance for a Just Society is a national organization that focuses on social, racial and economic justice.

More information is available at:

Chuy Garcia Endorses Michael Madigan for State Representative

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CHICAGO, IL – Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (7th) is endorsing Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan for re-election, Madigan announced.

“Now more than ever, local families need Michael Madigan in the State Capitol fighting for them,” Garcia said. “Under Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, families are facing unprecedented attacks on their financial security, students are under threat that their schools will close, and elderly residents are unable to get the medical care they need. Governor Rauner has failed to put the needs of our families ahead of his own personal agenda, which in itself is an attack on the middle class. Michael Madigan has stood up against Governor Rauner’s dangerous agenda that endangers our local families and families across Illinois.”

“I’m honored to receive Commissioner Garcia’s support and proud to work with him to strengthen our neighborhoods and protect our families and what we have worked hard to build,” Madigan said. “At the very heart of that goal is fighting against reckless agendas aimed at driving down the wages of the middle class and struggling families and weakening their standard of living, and fighting against dangerous plans that hold up funding for critical programs that our families depend on, like medical care services for the elderly, breast cancer screenings for women at risk, and affordable child care.”

“Michael Madigan continues providing the strong leadership that our neighborhoods need to succeed and thrive,” Garcia said. “He has been a progressive leader on issues of citizenship, parent mentoring, battling predatory lenders that have forced families into foreclosure, voter protections, and better funding for our schools.”

County Board President’s Chief of Staff Announces Resignation; Will Head Statewide Children’s Advocacy Group

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Tasha Green Cruzat, chief of staff to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, announced that she will leave her County post next month to become president of Voices for Illinois Children.

Cruzat, 46, has served as Chief of Staff since last August, coordinating and overseeing the work and activities of the County bureaus and departments under the Office of the County Board President. She joined Cook County in November 2013 as Deputy Chief of Staff to President Preckwinkle.

During her tenure as Chief of Staff, Cruzat helped advance the administration’s efforts in the public health, public safety, economic development, governance and fiscal arenas.

“I am grateful to Tasha for her efforts on behalf of Cook County during the past couple of years,” Preckwinkle said. “She has worked hard to ensure that those who work in Offices Under the President are responsible and responsive to our residents. I wish her the best in her new opportunity, and congratulate Voices for Illinois Children for hiring a skilled and dedicated professional.”

Voices for Illinois Children is a nonpartisan advocate for responsible public investment and policies that give Illinois children, families and communities the tools they need to live healthy, stable lives. The organization provides independent, data-driven budget and policy analysis, utilizes strategic communications, and leads statewide coalition efforts to end Illinois’ current budget impasse.

“Working for President Preckwinkle has been extremely rewarding, and I will always value the work we did to help transform Cook County government under her leadership,” Cruzat said. “While leaving is difficult, I am honored to have the opportunity to work on behalf of Illinois children and families on issues of critical importance.”

Preckwinkle said the search for a new Chief of Staff is under way.

Connecticut Inmate Requesting Unbiased Legal Representation

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Connecticut inmate, Dr. Ernest C. Garlington, requesting unbiased legal representation following testimony that sentencing judge’s wife intimidated his attorney.


Dr. Ernest Garlington

Suffield, CT (BlackNews.com) – Dr. Ernest C. Garlington is currently incarcerated at the MacDougall Walker Correctional Institution located in Suffield, Connecticut. He was sentenced to a term of 33 years following a highly publicized criminal trial in 2007. The frenzied media coverage was based on the charge that Dr. Garlington conspired to murder the step-father of Boston Celtics guard, and former UCONN hero, Ray Allen.
Beyond his claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, he raises serious issues as to the fundamental legitimacy of the original trial the partiality of the trial judge, the insufficiency of the evidence, police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, judicial misconduct as well as conspiracy, obstruction of justice, fraud and coercion on the part of the presiding judge, his wife and the prosecutor.
The CT Public Defenders Office has assigned three different attorneys to Dr. Garlington’s habeas case over the past 3-1/2 years. None of these attorneys have been willing to expose the corruption in this case to defend Garlingtons innocence, due to conspiracy, coercion, threats and manipulation. The habeas case has been stalled because these Public Defender attorneys have withdrawn from the case, forcing Dr. Garlington to sit behind bars. The CT Public Defenders Office has effectively revoked Dr. Garlingtons constitutional right to a habeas trial.
In his obstructed efforts to file a writ of habeas corpus, Dr. Garlington’s Federal Civil Rights have been violated. He has repeatedly been denied his constitutional right to fair, unbiased, effective assistance of counsel. Thus far, two public defenders have applied for, and received permission to withdraw from Dr. Ernest Garlington’s case due to concern of retaliation from Judge Patrick Clifford, the original presiding judge. The third public defender was requested to withdraw because he will be called as a witness during the habeas case.
March 2008: Following the trial, Garlington hired the law firm of Denner & Pellegrino (Boston, MA). Attorney Jeff Denner was informed by Dr. Garlington that he overheard a Court Marshall say that Judge Cliffords wife, a realtor, was going to sell Ray Allen an $8M home, with a sizeable commission. Garlington also explained that Clifford mentioned something about the home, but when he asked his attorney, Willie Dow, about it, Attorney Dow said it was nothing and he did not know anything about it. Attorney Denner checked the transcripts and discovered there was no mention of an $8 million dollar real-estate deal, so he ordered the tapes of the trial.



The incriminating discussion, which included the presiding judge stating: “We need money. We’ve got my daughter’s wedding to pay for. My wife better start shaking the money tree,” was revealed on the tapes and the court was ordered to revise the transcript by including the $8.7M real estate deal. [CR9-173818] Attorney Denner stated: In my 25 years of practice, Ive never heard anything like this in open court.



Judge Clifford is the poster child for Judicial Misconduct because Judge Clifford had been rebuked previously by the court for having outrageous conversations in open court. [Taken from transcripts during jury selection on 10/23/2007 and 10/24. The court and the defense attorneys have a copy of the taped conversation and it is public record.]
The Garlington Family made a formal complaint to the Judicial Review Committee regarding the incriminating discussion caught on tape about the $8.7M real estate scandal. The complaint was ignored. Dr. Garlington, from his prison cell, discovered that documents presented as evidence from the investigation of the real estate scandal contained fraudulent signatures. Garlington received results from an independent Signature Examination report on December 8, 2010. [Report available upon request] The results confirmed, with absolute certainty, that Judge Cliffords wife, Susan Clifford, forged the signatures of Daniel and Diane Dolan [the homeowners and friends of Judge Clifford) to cover-up the quarter of a million dollars she would have received in commission if she had sold the $8.7MM mansion to the alleged victims step-son, Ray Allen, before or after the trial. Garlington submitted his findings to the Judicial Review Committee.
2011: Attorney Bruce McIntyre withdrew from Dr. Garlington’s case after only 3 months. He has represented numerous clients before Judge Patrick Clifford, as well as been appointed, directly by Judge Clifford, to represent a client in a 2011 case.
2013: Attorney Ted Koch requested to withdraw from representing Dr. Garlington [Superior Court, Judicial District of Tolland, Dated January 10, 2013 – Docket #124004333-S], citing concern about his present/future relationship with Judge Patrick Clifford. In court transcripts he is quoted as saying: “I want to say up front, that my reason for withdrawing from [Dr. Garlington’s case] is not personal to Dr. Garlington. We have an amicable relationship. He’s not being unreasonable, and he’s not being crazy.” Also: “. . . without going into details, Mr. Garlington has some claims against Judge Clifford that there’s some basis for, as far as I can tell, and that would be quite powerful claims to make. So, it’s essentially a conflict of interest question.”
November 13, 2015: Dr. Garlington’s third public defender, Attorney David DeRosa, sought to withdraw from Dr. Garlington’s case [Docket 124004333-S] at the request of Dr. Garlington. The failure of current counsel, Attorney David DeRosa from the Division of Public Defender Services, to report to the Division of Public Defender Services and the Statewide Bar Counsel Grievance Committee Attorney Kochs actions in this matter, creates a further conflict of interest with the Division of Public Defender Services and any attorneys affiliated with said Division.
As per court instruction, Attorney DeRosa met with Attorney Koch to provide background on the habeas case. Attorney DeRosa stated: “Mr. Koch said the case just got crazy. People calling me and everything else and I just had to withdraw.”


Attorney DeRosa additionally stated in court that “Susan Clifford [Judge Clifford’s wife] contacted Attorney Koch regarding Dr. Garlington’s case.” These allegations of judicial misconduct are further enhanced by Attorney Koch’s statement to Attorney DeRosa that Judge Clifford himself pressured Attorney Theodore Koch Sr. (father of Attorney Koch) to encourage his son to withdraw from representation of Dr. Garlington. The presiding judge (William H Bright, Jr.) responded: “I can understand why Mr. Garlington would conclude that the only reason that Judge Clifford’s wife would be calling Attorney Koch would be to pressure him about the case. That’s a reasonable inference for him to draw.” Dr. Garlington explained to Judge Bright that “Susan Clifford knows that her falsified signature is going to become a part of this habeas,” at which time the Judge asked Attorney DeRosa: “Are you prepared to, if you need to, put Judge Clifford’s wife on the stand and question her about this alleged fraud and the conversation with Attorney Koch?” To which Attorney DeRosa responded: “Sure, Your Honor.”
Dr. Garlington plans on calling Attorney McIntyre, Attorney Koch and Attorney DeRosa to testify regarding the coercion, intimidation and fraud being perpetrated on his right to fair, unbiased, effective counsel.
In short, in an effort to avoid exposure of criminal acts which occurred during the original trial, officers of the court have coerced and bullied the Public Defenders Services to effectively revoke Dr. Garlingtons Constitutional rights to a fair and impartial habeas trial, thereby violating his Federal Civil Rights. Dr. Garlington simply seeks the opportunity to prove his innocence.
For more information, contact E.A. Harris 631-680-9357
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are not those of www.copylinemagazine.com, but those of the author.




Photo: Dr. Ernest C. Garlington

Sanders to Visit Illinois Today

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CHICAGO, IL – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday will travel to Illinois. The Democratic Party presidential candidate will host a rally at Chicago State University and join the MSNBC College Tour with Chris Matthews at University of Chicago. Sanders will discuss a wide range of issues, including getting big money out of politics, his plan to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, combating climate change and ensuring universal health care for all.

Thursday, February 25th
Doors open at 5 p.m. MSNBC College Tour with Chris Matthews
, University of Chicago, Quadrangle Club, 1155 East 57th St, Chicago, IL
Information for the public: Open to students by Invitation only
Information for the media: Press interested in covering this event should contact Kristen Osborne at kristen.osborne@nbcuni.com.

Doors open at 6 p.m. A Future to Believe in Chicago Rally, Chicago State University, Emil & Patricia Jones Convocation Center, 9501 South King Dr. Chicago
Information for the public: This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs [insert landing link] are strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.
For security reasons, please do not bring bags and limit what you bring to small, personal items like keys and cell phones. Weapons, sharp objects, chairs, and signs or banners on sticks will not be allowed through security. Parking available on-site.

DC Area HBCU-Bound Students Get $2.1 Million Scholarships

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$2.1 Million in scholarships awarded at the Alfred Street Baptist Church sponsored HBCU College Festival on Saturday, February 20


Thousands of high school students and their families converged on T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA on Saturday, February 20 just outside of the nations capital to receive $2.1 Million in scholarships from Historically Black Colleges and Universities sponsored by Alfred Street Baptist Church.

Alfred Street HBCU Festival

Alexandria, VA (BlackNews.com) – One of the oldest, largest and most prominent African American churches in Alexandria, Virginia; Alfred Street Baptist Church, sponsored their largest college fair to date, the 14th Annual HBCU College Festival at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria on Saturday, February 20 where $2.1 Million in scholarship funds were awarded to high school students.

Students and their families began arriving as early as 7am, even though the doors werent scheduled to open until 10am. Although a large number came from the Washington, DC area, a significant number came from as far away as Alabama, Illinois, New York and Florida just to name a few. Moreover, $41,000 in application fees were waved and 1,000 students received on-site admission to colleges. Over 160 scholarships were awarded in total to deserving students.

Students received life-changing news: Not only did many get accepted on-site to a plethora of HBCUs such as Hampton University, Virginia Union University, and Norfolk State University, but many received full rides. This is just another way that Alfred Street Baptist Church continues to make a difference and impact the lives of others by hosting such a significant event during Black History month.

“We intentionally brought in colleges that were prepared to give away scholarships on the spot,” said Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, pastor of the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church; and the sponsor of the event. This makes it convenient for students who otherwise may not have had help searching for college funds. We know how much this event means to our community as well as to these families; because we know that without this event, many couldn’t afford college.”

This was definitely the largest turnout to date, in the history of the event, with over 3,000 students and their families checking in on-site, augmented by the over 320 volunteers who arrived as early 6am in preparation for the event, success was imminent even before the doors opened. This event was not just for HBCUs as several branches of the military were on hand as well to talk to students about career opportunities. In addition, there were a host of seminars, break-out sessions and workshops held, which tackled issues and topics relevant to todays youth such as: social media etiquette, preparation for college interviews, show me the money/financial aid 101, your GPS to success, and more.

“Black youth are often stereotyped as uneducated, with no ambition or drive, but events like these dispute the perpetual stereotype of black youth time and time again, as nearly 5,000 youth registered online to attend our college festival, continued, Dr. Wesley. Many black youth and their families woke up this past Saturday morning dreaming of a college education and wondering how it would be possible. By noon, of that day, many saw the dreams come to fruition and had answers. God is good and He showed up, and showed out on Saturday.”

Ryan Atkins, director of Alfred Streets HBCU Committee (one of the organizers) said, If you total up all the scholarships, the funds awarded exceeded over two million dollars and Saturday wrapped up with over 60 HBCUs from across the country coming on site and 42 of those granted students acceptance and money to pay for their higher education on the spot.

Bernard Jackson, president of Alfred Streets HBCU Committee echoed, “Many students can breathe a little easier now, we here at Alfred Street Baptist Church know that the cost of education rises every year, and thats not even factoring in room and board, transportation, extracurricular activities college costs can be huge. Therefore we are so blessed to host this event year after year which provides huge relief to these families.

Follow the 2016 HBCU Festival on Social Media through the following:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlfredStreetBaptistChurch/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AlfredStreetBC
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alfredstreetbc/
Hashtags: #ASBC #Alfred Street #HBCU #SupportHBCUs #HBCUSmatter #HBCUpride

About Alfred Street Baptist Church
Established in 1803, Alfred Street Baptist Church is home to the oldest and largest African American congregation in Alexandria, Va. With nearly 7,000 members, the church has served as a prominent religious, impactful, educational and cultural organization in the Northern Virginia community. The church will celebrate its 213th anniversary in November 2016 under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley. For more information, visit www.AlfredStreet.org.

Photo Caption: Attendees of the 2016 Alfred Street College Festival

State Rep. Ford Hosts Press Conference on Foster Care

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CHICAGO, IL –Illinois State Rep. La Shawn Ford, D-Chicago and Breaking Bread Group to Advance Foster Care hosted a press conference in the blue room of the Thompson Center, commencing an effort to increase male participation in the state’s foster care system.

“There’s a serious lack in men who become foster parents in our state, so we’re calling on all of the good men to get involved and really make a difference,” said Ford. “We have to understand that a father figure plays such a significant role in a child’s life, teaching them lessons that can only be taught from a male perspective. It’s vital for children to have that kind of figure in their lives.”

“As an adopted person I am in full support of people with good will extending their home and love to help make a difference in the life of someone in need of a family,” said Ford. “I am grateful that my grandmother made many sacrifices to put my life on the right path and allow me a chance to be successful in life. The state can’t raise children and the need to have qualified families extend their homes is beneficial to the state and the child.”

Ford and Breaking Bread Group to Advance Foster Care announced that they are initiating a campaign to push for 200 men to become foster parents in Illinois. They will be joined by the Department of Children and Family Services and the Illinois Center for Adoption and Permanency, who will present portraits from their renowned Heart Gallery to move the effort forward.

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