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Mzuri Moyo Aimbaye to Participate in March on City Hall Demanding Community Control of the Police

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on Mzuri Moyo Aimbaye to Participate in March on City Hall Demanding Community Control of the Police

Mzuri, an activist and extraordinary, multi talented performing artist who co-starred in the internationally acclaimed cultural film, “SANKOFA”, will participate in the march on City Hall demanding community control of the police. She is currently performing nationally with her incredible one woman play , “The Fannie Lou Hamer Story.”

The march will take place Saturday, August 29, 2015 at Noon, and will kick-off from Federal Plaza, Adams and Dearborn.

According to Mzuri, she has been deeply disturbed by the unjust killings of Black people by police officers.  She will share her remarkable talents to support the call for community control of the police by delivering a powerful, relevant and uplifting song at the “This Stops Today” mass march on August 29!

The march on City Hall will kick-off at 12 Noon from Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams Streets and proceed around City Hall before concluding with a mass rally in the Daley Plaza. Mzuri will join the march at Federal Plaza then perform at the Daley Plaza rally.

Todd Stroger to Run for 6-Year Water Reclamation District Seat After 3 Dems Voted Against Him

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on Todd Stroger to Run for 6-Year Water Reclamation District Seat After 3 Dems Voted Against Him

By Chinta Strausberg

When former Cook County Board President went before the Cook County Democratic endorsement committee last Tuesday, he received a great deal of support for a vacant seat on the Water Reclamation District (MWRD) from both city and suburban ward committeemen with the exception of three African Americans.

It was there that 52-year-old Stroger presented his credentials to run for a vacant two-year Water Reclamation District seat. The 30-member endorsement committee is made up of city and suburban ward committeemen. When the votes were tallied, Stroger said he had more votes than Tom Greenhaw who ultimately won the endorsement.

Stroger said he received support from Thornton Township Supervisor Frank Zuccarelli and 9th Ward Committeeman Antony Beale who voted in favor of Stroger for the two-year term, but the weighted vote fell short.

“All the African American ward committeemen supported me for the two-year-term including the south suburban committeemen except three African Americans,” Stroger said referring to Fourth Ward Committeemen Toni Preckwinkle (4th) who defeated Stroger in 2010, Fifth Ward Committeeman Leslie Hairston (5th) and 7th Ward Committeeman Natasha Holmes who lost her aldermanic seat in the last election.

After consulting with his political strategists, Stroger said, “We decided to withdraw my name for the two-year term. I am running for the six-year Water Reclamation District term.”

After the vote, Stroger said, “I am not surprised. For the past five-years, Preckwinkle has been trying to prove that the county was in bad shape. It doesn’t benefit her to be positive about me.”

Undaunted by the opposition votes, Stroger said, “I am not going to let this stop me. One thing the Democratic Party depends on and that is the black minority vote to get people elected. There is no way I will not be one of three candidates” elected on March 16, 2016.

Stroger, who once worked for three summers at the MRWD said, “I know a lot about the District.  I have a good working knowledge of the MRWD. The Water Reclamation District is a public health issue,” said Stroger. “It’s about separating water and contaminates and putting the clean water back. Clean water is the main goal.”

The next day, the full 80-member Cook County Democratic Central Committee met and voted by weighted vote. The committee endorsed a slate for the March 15, 2016 primary that includes: Hillary Clinton for president, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza for Illinois State Comptroller, but Democrats opened for an open primary for the U.S. Senate race because the five candidates failed to get enough votes.

Those five senatorial candidates are: Andrea Zopp, U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Susana Sandoval, Illinois Senator Napoleon Harris and Cook County Board Comm. Richard Boykin.

While State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, Donna More, Kim Foxx and Cook County Board Comm. John Fritchey presented their credentials before the committee, the party made no endorsement in the states attorney race.

However, the party did endorse the following incumbents: Dorothy Brown for Clerk of the Circuit Court and Karen Yarbrough for Recorder of Deeds. For the six-year terms for Water Reclamation District Commissioners, the party endorsed incumbents Barbara McGowan, Mariyana Spyropoulos and Josina Morita. The committeemen also endorsed Tom Greenhaw for the two-year term for the MWRD.

On the judicial level, the party endorsed Justice Bertina Lampkin and Judge Eileen O’Neill Burke for the Appellate Court. The alternates selected were: Associate Judge William Boyd, Judge Raul Vega and Associate Judge Leonard Murray.

For the Cook County Board of Review, 2nd District, the party endorsed incumbent Comm. Michael Cabonargi.

Also endorsed were the following for Circuit Court judge: Judge Alison Conlon, Judge Daniel Patrick Duffy, Judge Rossana Fernandez, Judge Alexandra Gillespie; Maureen O’Donoghue Hannon; Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr., Brendan O’Brien and Judge Devlin Joseph Schoop.

The alternates selected by the party were: Fredrick Bates, Sean Chaudhuri, Patrick Heneghan, Nichole Patton and Peter Michael Gonzalez.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

New Law Addresses Racial Disparities in School Discipline

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on New Law Addresses Racial Disparities in School Discipline

SPRINGFIELD, IL – A 2012 study found that Illinois suspends more African-American students than any other state in the U.S., including a Black-White suspension disparity that is the highest in the country. To address this all-too-apparent problem and the overall frequency of out-of-school discipline, a new law will help to ensure that all students are in school and off the streets as much as possible.

“Constantly suspending and expelling the very kids that need to be in school is one of the most counter-productive practices of our education system,” said Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford, sponsor of the successful legislation. “We need to keep young people in school learning how to succeed and off of the street corner learning how best to end up in prison.”

The new law will address the frequency and racial disparity of suspensions and expulsions in several ways, including the following:

·         Disciplinary removals of longer than three days must be limited to instances where the student’s presence is an on-going threat to the school, and all other options have been exhausted.

·         A school board must state how a suspension and expulsion is in the best interest of a school before disciplinary action.

·         School districts must establish re-engagement policies for disciplined students.

·         Suspended students must be given the opportunity to make up their work.

·         School officials must limit suspensions and expulsions to the greatest extent practicable.

Original research into state records has shown that in the 2010-2011 school year, Illinois students lost 1,117,453 instructional days due to disciplinary actions, 95 percent of which were for minor offenses.

“Illinois’ highest-need students are dropping out of school or ending up in the criminal justice system – at an enormous cost to Illinois taxpayers – for incidents that could have and should have been addressed within the school environment,” said Sen. Lightford. “Expulsions and suspensions will now only be a last resort. This is a great victory for everyone in Illinois and all those children who hold out hope for their future in what has seemed, at times, like an elusive dream of a great education.”

The law goes into effect September 15, 2016.

ICYMI: My Op-Ed on Protecting Illinois Veterans

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on ICYMI: My Op-Ed on Protecting Illinois Veterans

VA whistleblowers need more protection

By U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

Illinois is home to more than 700,000 men and women who have served our country in a military uniform. Throughout the state we entrust five Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and 27 clinics with the task of caring for our veterans. But when the VA falls short of that goal, it’s our job to protect both our nation’s heroes and the whistleblowers who speak up to defend them.

As chairman of the subcommittee that oversees federal funding for the VA, I have no tolerance for misconduct, patient neglect or retaliation against whistleblowers at our VA hospitals and clinics. On July 30, I marked National Whistleblower Appreciation Day by thanking whistleblowers from Illinois and around the country who have courageously spoken up to expose corruption and misconduct.

The occasion also was an opportunity to further investigate whistleblower claims of veteran abuse and the retaliation faced after reporting these allegations. At a hearing of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, we heard testimony about the dark side of VA hospital care from Dr. Katherine Mitchell, the former medical Director for the Iraq and Afghanistan Post-Deployment Center and the whistleblower who exposed the Phoenix, Arizona, VA scandal that led to the resignation of Secretary Eric Shinseki.

We also heard testimony from Dr. Lisa Nee, a former cardiologist at the Edward J. Hines, Jr., VA in Maywood, who experienced retaliation from VA officials after reporting unnecessary surgeries, boxes of unread medical tests and questionable administrative practices at Hines.

Dr. Nee testified that she was given numerous bankers boxes full of unread echocardiograms, representing what she estimated to be hundreds of veterans, many of whom “had already died from or suffered cardiac complications after the study was performed but prior to it being interpreted.”

The fact that doctors and leadership at Hines knew of this misconduct and covered it up is disturbing, and the American people will not stand to have our heroes treated as second-class citizens.

Reports of patient abuse, manipulated wait times and whistleblower retaliation are rampant at Hines here in Illinois and at VA hospitals across the country. Our nation’s heroes deserve better than mistreatment and neglect at the hospitals and clinics whose mission is to provide them quality care.

After speaking with Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Nee and other whistleblowers, it became clear to me that not only are our veterans subject to abuse, but the nurses and doctors who sound the alarm on misconduct currently have inadequate protection from performance-based retaliation under the law. So I authored legislation, which has already passed through the Appropriations Committee, that funds veterans’ care at record levels and protects whistleblowers by encouraging them to speak out against instances of corruption or neglect.

The bill closes a loophole in the Whistleblower Protection Act by prohibiting retaliation against VA healthcare providers through performance reports.

I also recently launched a VA Whistleblower Hotline for veterans and employees who witness poor care, mismanagement or misconduct by VA staff and officials. Those who witness corruption can contact my staff by phone  at (773) 431-4099 or by email at vets@kirk.senate.gov.

As Americans, we must take care of our veterans and protect the whistleblowers who speak up when our veterans are mistreated. By identifying misconduct early and investigating allegations aggressively, we can help ensure that all of our nation’s heroes are provided the quality care that they so rightly deserve.

Illinois Registers First Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on Illinois Registers First Medical Cannabis Dispensary

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR) announced the registration of its first medical cannabis dispensary. Harbory, located at 8195 Express Drive in Marion, IL, successfully completed the DFPR business dispensary registration process and inspection and is now licensed to operate as a medical cannabis dispensary.

Under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, the State of Illinois requires medical cannabis dispensing organizations to be registered with DFPR to acquire medical cannabis from a registered cultivation center for the purpose of dispensing cannabis, paraphernalia, or related supplies and educational materials to registered qualifying patients.  In addition to a dispensary’s business registration, principal officers and employees must be licensed under a separate registration process before a dispensary may open to the public for business.

Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries will continue to be registered on a rolling basis.  Once approved for registration, the dispensary name and address will be posted to the Department website: www.idfpr.com.  Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries will receive medical cannabis exclusively from Illinois’ licensed growing facilities once it becomes available.

Attorney General Madigan: Sexual Assault Survivors Will Not Pay For Exams

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on Attorney General Madigan: Sexual Assault Survivors Will Not Pay For Exams

CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan highlighted a new law that will prohibit health care providers from directly billing sexual assault survivors for the collection of evidence related to their attacks. House Bill 3848, sponsored by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) and Sen. Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake), was passed by the General Assembly unanimously and signed into law Monday.

The new law, initiated by Attorney General Madigan, will ensure compliance with the federal Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA) and remove a barrier that may prevent sexual assault survivors from going to the hospital after the crime.

“I strongly encourage anyone who is sexually assaulted to go quickly to a hospital emergency room for necessary care and to collect evidence of the crime,” Madigan said. “This law assures that in the aftermath of a sexual assault, a survivor will not be sent a bill for those critical ER services that play an important role in helping law enforcement make an arrest and work to achieve justice for the survivor.”

Following a sexual assault, survivors are urged to go to hospital emergency rooms for a medical forensic examination. This is an invasive examination that can last four to six hours and involves the collection of physical evidence from the survivor’s body. The physical evidence, collected through what is commonly referred to as a “sexual assault evidence kit” or a “rape kit,” is then sent to a crime lab for testing. The test results are a critical part of a criminal investigation and may later be used in a criminal prosecution.

“Sending survivors of rape a bill for medical services as a result of their attack is highly insensitive and can unnecessarily force them to relive the event,” Mussman said. “We need to do everything we can to help survivors recover, and this law is an important step in the right direction.”

“I am pleased to see this measure pass, and I applaud Attorney General Madigan for moving to protect the survivors of sexual assault,” Bush said. “The legal process survivors face often seems overwhelming. This will ensure that survivors can come forward without worrying about shouldering the financial burden of an investigation.”

HB 3848 expressly prohibits hospitals, emergency room physicians and other providers of sexual assault services from charging the survivor or sending the survivor a bill. Hospitals must also provide a written notice to survivors when they are discharged, explaining that they may not be billed and providing information regarding who to contact if they receive a bill. Under the new law, fines may be imposed on providers who bill or refer a survivor to a collection agency.

The law brings Illinois into compliance with the VAWA, which requires Illinois to certify that that sexual assault survivors are not being billed for medical forensic examinations as a condition of receiving federal grant funds. Failure to comply with VAWA could result in the loss of these federal funds which are used to provide services to victims, to train law enforcement officers and prosecutors, and to train Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), who work with victims to gather evidence and help them begin the recovery process.

Madigan’s effort to draft and ensure passage of this new law builds on the work she has done for over a decade to protect survivors of sexual violence, strengthen their rights and increase the likelihood of successful prosecutions of sex crimes. Madigan has led the effort to significantly increase the number of trained SANEs in hospitals throughout Illinois and has worked to pass legislation to mandate the testing of sexual assault evidence kits, as well as to improve college responses to campus sexual assaults. Madigan’s office provides funding for dozens of organizations that offer critical services to survivors. She also has worked to strengthen Illinois law to protect victims of stalking, a crime that is more likely to occur on college campuses and that can lead to sexual violence and other crimes.

The new law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2016.

Illinois Students’ ACT Score Ranks Highest Among States That Administer the ACT Statewide

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on Illinois Students’ ACT Score Ranks Highest Among States That Administer the ACT Statewide

Growing number of Illinois students are considered college ready in individual subject areas

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Illinois students are tied for the highest composite ACT score among the 13 states that administer the ACT test statewide.  The Class of 2015 achieved an average composite score of 20.7, tying with Colorado’s graduating class and showing steady progress in meeting ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks, according to “The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2015.”

“Illinois has been a longtime leader in helping students realize their college potential by providing all 11th-graders access to college entrance exams,” said State Superintendent of Education Tony Smith, Ph.D.

Illinois’ graduating seniors show continued gains in the percentage of students who meet each of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores in English, math, reading, and science:

Subject 2015 2014
English 63 62
Mathematics 41 41
Reading 41 41
Science 37 35

A benchmark score is the minimum score needed on an ACT subject-area test to indicate a 50 percent chance of earning a B or higher or about a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in a corresponding credit-bearing college course. These courses include English composition, algebra, social science, and biology.

In Illinois, Hispanic students represented 22 percent of graduates meeting three or more College Readiness Benchmarks in 2015, compared to 18 percent in 2011. African American graduates represented 12 percent of graduates meeting three or more benchmarks in 2015, compared to 10 percent in 2011.

Illinois maintained the same composite score of 20.7 from 2014 to 2015, which falls slightly below the national average score of 21. The national average is based primarily on the scores of self-selected, college-bound students. In Illinois, every 11th-grader was required to take the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) from 2001 to 2014. The Class of 2015 was the last graduating class to take the PSAE during their junior year.  ACT research shows that testing more than a college-bound population is associated with lower overall composite scores.

The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 to 36, with 36 being the highest possible score. Today’s results represent the latest scores achieved by all Illinois 2015 graduates in both public and private schools.

Pure Thoughts Publishing Announces the Signing of Six Promising Authors

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Bishopville, SC (BlackNews.com) – Pure Thoughts Publishing has announced the signing of six new authors who are changing the world by their transformational message. Their names are Tasha Page-Lockhart, Dashaleque Hall, Angie Taylor Reames, Samajesty Starr, Ebony Stroder and Rufus Reddick III.

“The new authors have the experience and wisdom to inspire the world by their work. It’s an honor having this caliber of people join the Pure Thoughts Publishing Family,” said the company’s founder, Marita Kinney.

Tasha Page-Lockhart is the season six winner of BET’s gospel singing competition Sunday Best and Staller Award winner for New Artist of the Year. She is slated to release her debut book, And the Winner Is in spring of 2016. Dashaleque Hall is a music producer and songwriter who recently released her debut book Cries of Lonely Silent, which is now available in all major retail stores.

A dynamic and passionate poet, Angie Taylor Reames, released her inspiring debut book ‘Perfect Imperfection’, now available for purchase. Samajesty Starr is a Gospel Hip-Hop Artist whose debut book Face II Face is set to be released Fall of 2015. Ebony Stroder is a Creative Hairstylist, Visionary, and Owner of ENS Consulting will release her debut book, Don’t Wish, Work Fall of 2015. Rufus Reddick III will release his debut book The Modified Village Fall of 2015.

Pure Thoughts Publishing LLC represents several successful and bestselling authors and these six new authors are also poised to make headlines in the future. For further information about the authors and their books, visit: www.PureThoughtsPublishingllc.com or contact Marita Kinney at 937-999-7907.

About the Publisher
Pure Thoughts Publishing LLC is an interactive publishing company that promotes pure, uplifting, real and enlightening content. The company provides customized services to meet their project goals for both new and seasoned authors.

Photo Caption: (left to right top) Dashaleque Hall, Ebony Stroder, SaMajesty Starr
(left to right bottom) Tasha Page-Lockhart, Angie Taylor Reames, Rufus Reddick III

What People are Saying About A Possible Biden Candidacy

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White House: The Vice President Knows How to Mount a Successful Presidential Campaign. Per White House Secretary Josh Earnest, “I’ll just say that the Vice President is somebody who has already run for President twice. He’s been on a national ticket through two election cycles now, both in 2008 and in the reelection of 2012. And so I think you could make the case that there is probably no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign.” [Press Briefing, 8/24/15]

The Vice President Has Time to Mount a Successful Campaign. “The decision clock is ticking for Vice President Joe Biden to decide about a presidential run — and history hasn’t been kind to past candidates who waited until the last minute. … But the situations aren’t totally analogous. Biden does not have the name ID problem others in the past had, and he’s certainly more politically experienced than Clark. Thompson and Perry both seemed to lack the passion Biden frequently exhibits. And, what’s more, none of them was the sitting vice president to a president still very popular with the party’s base. ‘I think it’s difficult for a candidate to get in very late, but what’s different about Joe Biden is that he’s a sitting vice president,’ said Jamal Simmons, who served as Clark’s press secretary in 2004. ‘Clark had never run for any office. He had to build a campaign and learn how to be a politician at the same time,’ added Simmons, who’s now a Democratic consultant and co-founder of CRVIII.com. ‘Biden has done it twice before and has a network and a database of donors to rely on.’” [NPR, 8/25/15]

Many Top Obama Fundraisers Remain Uncommitted. NBC News’ Peter Alexander reported that, “There is one piece of really good news for Biden here. Only a small percentage of Obama’s top fundraisers from 2012 have already committed to bundling large sums of money for the Clinton campaign.” [NBC, Today Show, 8/25/15]

The Vice President Could Attract Real Support from the LGBT Community. “There are few politicians who’ve been more outspoken on LGBT rights in a gut-level, passionate way than Vice President Joe Biden. Nor has there been any politician so public in his or her opinions and so close to a president who catapulted LGBT rights during his two terms, profoundly making history. … And that may present a problem for Clinton — who some recent reports suggest has wide support among LGBT voters — if Biden jumps in the race, in the same way we saw support from LGBT activists begin to cleave between Clinton and Obama during the 2008 primaries. The LGBT electorate is not a big one. But it is a politically active, organized and influential one, raising a lot of money for candidates and, like other minority groups focused on attaining rights, providing worker bees during campaigns who galvanize and energize the larger electorate — and in the case of LGBT organizers, that’s had a big impact on energizing younger voters too.” [Huffington Post, 8/25/15]

City of Chicago Launches New Workshop Series Focused on Startups

Posted by Admin On August - 26 - 2015 Comments Off on City of Chicago Launches New Workshop Series Focused on Startups

Five New, Free Workshops Will Educate Entrepreneurs on Critical Strategies for Growth and Business Success

As part of Chicago’s efforts to support small business and startup growth, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) is hosting a new workshop series called “Startup Toolkit: Tips & Tricks for Success.” The five-part series, which begins August 28, 2015 and will be held once a month through the end of the year, will cover areas new and existing entrepreneurs need to know in order to run a successful startup business, including commercial property leasing, legal considerations, social media, and business sales and acquisitions. All BACP workshops are held at City Hall, 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 805.

“We always like to introduce innovative business tools to keep small businesses thriving,” said BACP Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek. “This new workshop series will help small businesses learn from the success and failures of other companies, to easily adapt to current business trends.”

Since 2011, the Emanuel administration has increased efforts to support business growth in neighborhoods across Chicago. Mayor Emanuel launched the Small Business Center (SBC) to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs a one stop shop resource as well as educational workshops, where more than 11,300 people have attended since April 2011.

“Starting a new business is a daunting and expensive undertaking if an entrepreneur is not properly educated on how to tackle the issues that lie ahead,” said Lema Khorshid, a founding partner at Fuksa Khorshid, LLC. “The series is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the practical strategic legal education that they need to run a successful startup venture.”

The new workshop series includes the following programs:

8/28 Navigating a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

9:30-11:00 am

Are you ready to take your business to the next stage by leasing a commercial property? This is a tough real estate market – learn how to navigate your way through commercial leases so that you can expand your operation seamlessly.  In this workshop, you will gain an abundance of knowledge and practical tips as you learn how to locate the ideal property, negotiate the right lease for each type of business, and understand the language and details behind real estate contracts.

9/30 Protecting your Start Up

3:00-4:30 pm

Legal Considerations Before opening the doors to your new technology concept, it’s important to be aware of legal risks that exist so that you can properly protect your newly minted business. This presentation will first explore different sources to fund your business venture and teach you some basic principles of how to protect yourself in the claws of litigation. We will also discuss intellectual property laws and provide practical approaches on how to implement a solid intellectual property plan. Finally, we will look at important employment laws as well as review lease agreements to help demystify confusing legalese.

10/30 Identifying, Capitalizing, and Protecting Your Intellectual Property

9:30-11:00 am

This workshop will teach you how to protect and capitalize on your company’s intellectual property. Your company’s intellectual property assets are strong differentiators in a highly competitive marketplace. Further, intellectual property (IP) acts as an excellent way for you to generate additional revenue to increase your bottom line. As your business continues to grow, you must capitalize on and protect your IP assets to remain competitive in the marketplace.

11/20 Steering Through the Social Media Landscape

9:30-11:00 am

Best Practice for Employers Given the rapid rise of social media in our culture, business owners are often at a loss about what social media uses they can and can’t restrict as well as how their employees’ use of social media may affect their image and their bottom line. The workshop imparts business owners with best practices regarding their employees’ use of social media and how to limit their liability online, while maintaining a positive image for their business.

12/18 Buying and Selling a New Business


Find, Evaluate, and Negotiate We will discuss business sales and acquisitions, business valuation, due diligence, powerful negotiations, and financing options. Learn why buying a business could be an alternative to starting new business. Develop skills in analyzing new business opportunities and negotiating business purchases or sales.

BACP offers free workshops every Wednesday and Friday in Room 805 at City Hall, 121 North LaSalle Street. The workshops are conducted by city officials, BACP’s partner organizations and experts in the industry and are open to the public. To register, or for more information, call 312.744.2086 or email BACPoutreach@cityofchicago.org. More information about BACP’s programs and events can be found at www.cityofchicago.org/bacp.

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