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Emanuel Pounded by Four Challengers in Last Mayoral Debate

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Emanuel Pounded by Four Challengers in Last Mayoral Debate

By Chinta Strausberg

During the last mayoral debate held Tuesday at the DuSable Museum of African American History, four candidates took turns pounding Mayor Rahm Emanuel who stuck to his script bragging about implementing longer schools days for kindergartners, improving the graduation among high school students and ending corruption in Chicago.

To the mayor’s left stood Bill “Dock” Walls who spoke about Chicago being the most segregated city in America where he said Blacks “have not been treated any better” under Emanuel’s administration “than we were under Jim Crow.”

Mayoral hopeful Jesus “Chuy” Garcia was furious over Emanuel’s political mailings including the one showing Garcia voted for a 37 percent pay hike for himself. “Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia voted to raise his salary by $15,000 a year, a 37 percent increase. But never passed a raise in the minimum wage,” Emanuel’s mailing stated.

“Politicians like Chuy Garcia raise their own pay and take care of themselves, but not us. That’s old school Chicago politics,” Emanuel said on the flyer.

Holding up both of Emanuel’s mailings, Garcia said, “$7, $8, $9, $10 million later, it hasn’t purchased him any love.”

While Wilson and Walls pounded the mayor on issues involving unfairness towards African Americans, Walls chided Wilson, who runs a $60 million-a-year-business, for using factories in China and accused him of not hiring any Chicagoans. Wilson fired back saying, “I do have employees in Chicago…about 10. I have 4 in China. I do business in China because it’s a global economy. The clothes you are wearing, Mr. Walls, are from China in case you didn’t know it….”

After the debate, all but the mayor held court with the media where Walls criticized the mayor for not “doing anything to move Chicago forward in the international realm. We do not have an industry to call our own…. The city of Chicago is stagnant under Rahm Emanuel.”

Asked if he favored Charter schools, Walls said, “Those persons who get to the front of the line are the people with money and clout. Poor people would be at the end of the line. There is no fair system for allowing poor people, underprivileged people to get to the front of the line. Even the lottery is weighted against them…. At the end of the day, vouchers will not serve poor people. They help rich people get to the front of the line.”

Asked if President Obama’s coming to Chicago next week to declare the Pullman neighborhood a national monument would help boost the support of the mayor, Wilson suggested Obama should stay in D.C. saying, “He should stay out of the local politics. He has enough to do in Washington, D.C. He came here for Gov. Quinn and it did no good…. He went back emptied handed….”

Wilson said, “If he (Obama) is coming here,” Obama should be asked if it is OK to close down 50 schools, “CHA got $1.2 billion and only $144,000 got to African Americans and Latino? Is it OK to have a red light camera…? He should stay in Washington, D.C. “ Walls said Obama’s support for then Gov. Pat Quinn didn’t help that candidate and it probably won’t help Emanuel.

Walls said that Obama and his wife have one vote each. “I don’t think his coming to Chicago will influence this election. This is an unusual election. The needle has not moved on Rahm Emanuel.” Walls said Obama coming to Chicago “is a mistake.”

Fioretti said Obama coming to Chicago “shows sheer politics” because in March of 2013 he introduced a resolution calling for a national park in Pullman….”

“This mayor does things by dividing…. He did it with the Obama library, which is now pitting a public interest against a private interest, the West Side against the South Side. It shows his failed leadership on all counts,” Fioretti said.

Ald. Fioretti, who accused the mayor of allegedly engaging in a “pay to play and pin stripe patronage” scheme, said, “It’s the selling of City Hall bit by bit…. I introduced seven ordinances…. They are languishing in the Rules and Ethics Committee.” Fioretti called for another debate.

Asked his opinion on the right-to-work program that is being touted by Gov. Bruce Rauner, Wilson said, “I made a mistake on that…. I think I have to change” his opinion on that issue. He vowed to do more research on policy. However, he added, “The unions need to get their act together. They need to have equal opportunity for contracts and jobs…. I do think you should have a right to decide whether you want to belong to a union….”

Asked if elected what would be the first thing he would  do, Wilson said he would push for economic development, economic empowerment then introduced a bill calling for those doing business of Chicago would reflect its residents.” Wilson added, “This city is not for sale like this mayor has done with $30 million….”

Asked if he and his son, Samuel, benefitted from a deal involving his son who received free legal help from the law firm Mayer Brown with the help of a $100 million bond deal that paved the way for Mayer Brown to get the bond counsel job, doesn’t that make him “soul brothers under the skin” since there is a conflict of interest,”? Garcia hotly denied that allegation.

“We don’t share much of a soul in what we believe in and certainly in what we believe in…,” Garcia said referring to the mayor.

“The services that were provided were not provided as a request that came from me,” Garcia said. “There is no conflict of interest…. “

Garcia accused the mayor of “running scared. That’s why he’s doing to everyone that he can to ask for their help. He’s afraid he is not going to raise his popularity above 42. Money can’t buy you love. $7, $8, $9, $10 million later, it hasn’t purchased him any love because love isn’t for sale in Chicago…,” Garcia said accusing Emanuel of allegedly behind the leaking of the story about his son.

Wilson, who ended the debate with a prayer, was asked if he supported prayer in schools. “I support prayer everywhere. I think prayer is the key to our problems

There was a group of blacks and Hispanics protesting outside of the museum accusing organizer because they it was an invitation-only event.

But when it was time for the mayor to ask one of his challengers a ten-second question, he said, “I’d rather talk directly to the voters about their questions….” Fioretti growled, “follow the rules….”

To Garcia, the mayor accused him of “voting for the largest property tax in the history of Chicago which the people are still paying for and then you took an $8500 illegal deduction. Why would you do that given the consequences that everybody has to now still pay for the largest property tax increase”?

Garcia referred to the year 1986 after he was elected as alderman “we broke the Vrdolyak 29 and the machine politicians that hampered Harold Washington. We have to deal with the deficit from the previous administration. We finally did it…. We did the right thing….”

Before the debate began, a group of students protested outside of the museum accusing organizers of locking them out of the debate.

Early voting runs through Saturday, February 21, 2015. The winner must get 50 percent plus one but if not there will be a runoff on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Cook County Board of Commissioners Passes Wage Theft Ordinance

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Cook County Board of Commissioners Passes Wage Theft Ordinance

New legislation will make Cook County a national leader in combating wage theft

The Cook County Board of Commissioners passed a significant new ordinance designed to address the problem of wage theft. The ordinance, which was introduced by Cook County Commissioner Jeffrey Tobolski and co-sponsored by Board President Toni Preckwinkle, prohibits any company or individual who is found guilty or liable of wage theft from obtaining Cook County procurement contracts, business licenses or property tax incentives for a period of five years. Cook County is now the largest county in the nation to pass such legislation.

“These past several years have been some of the most economically challenging in our nation’s history and the impact of the Great Recession has been most damaging to our low-wage workers,” Preckwinkle said. “Unscrupulous business owners have exploited low-wage workers by refusing to pay overtime, classifying legal employees as independent contractors, paying less than minimum wage, and, in some instances, even refusing to pay wages outright. This is unfair to hard-working employees and their families and it’s unfair to competing businesses which are operating within the confines of the law.”

“Millions of dollars in wages are stolen from workers by their own employers every year. Businesses who take advantage of Cook County workers should not benefit from Cook County contracts, licenses and property tax incentives,” said Tobolski.

Representatives from ARISE Chicago, an organization dedicated to building partnerships between faith communities and workers to fight workplace injustice, praised the legislation.

“For businesses and working people to thrive in Cook County, we need to be morally grounded in our business ethics.  We applaud Commissioner Tobolski and President Preckwinkle for their leadership on this ordinance, which is a building block in making Cook County the most ethical place in the country to do business!” said Arise Chicago Executive Director, Rev. C.J. Hawking.

Blue Line Protection Group Expands Security Solutions for Medicine Man’s Cannabis Dispensaries and Grow Facilities

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Blue Line Protection Group Expands Security Solutions for Medicine Man’s Cannabis Dispensaries and Grow Facilities

Denver, CO
– Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (OTCBB: BLPG) (OTCQB: BLPG), a leader in providing regulatory compliance, security consultation and protection services to high-value asset industries, announced the expansion of its security services for Medicine Man, one of Colorado’s largest lawful cannabis establishments.

Blue Line’s former law enforcement and military professionals will be managing all security operations at Medicine Man’s two locations in Denver and Aurora.  Blue Line will provide customer validation and verification, interior and perimeter security, camera monitoring and armored transportation services for cannabis product and the dispensaries’ cash tax payments to government revenue agencies.  The expansion of Blue Line’s services increases its gross revenue from Medicine Man from $194,000 to about $390,000 per year.

“Expanding our relationship with Blue Line Protection Group makes perfect business sense,” said Sally Vander Veer, Medicine Man’s Controller.  “Having Blue Line handle security operations among all of our dispensaries and grow facilities saves us money over supplying our own security personnel.  It also ensures that we maintain the same high-quality customer service and security operations and helps us provide a safe and secure retail experience for our customers and staff.”

“The tide is turning in the lawful cannabis industry,” said Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Traditionally, many marijuana businesses have been supplying their own staff to provide security and move their own cash and product.  However, it’s just not cost effective for them, and it’s potentially dangerous for untrained staff tasked with protecting highly valuable product.  Since we have the established infrastructure of cannabis protection and compliance services, we can leverage that presence and help these businesses operate more safely and economically.”

Medicine Man’s original retail location in Denver opened in 2010 and quickly made a name for itself as one of the state’s largest medical marijuana stores.  It became the first to apply for its recreational marijuana license and grew to become one of the largest marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

“We’re pleased to expand our relationship with Medicine Man,” said Ricky G. Bennett, Blue Line’s Vice President of Operations and Compliance.  “By assuming responsibility for their security operations, we’re better able to respond to their security requirements and provide customized solutions that leverage our industry-specific compliance and security expertise.”

In addition to providing its complete suite of security and transportation services, Blue Line also conducts on-site compliance audits for lawful cannabis businesses, designed to assist banks with meeting federal requirements for marijuana-related businesses.  Blue Line investigators perform state and federal compliance assessments to collect the necessary data to demonstrate its clients are operating responsible and legitimate businesses, in line with federal requirements as outlined in the Cole Memo, as well as FinCEN and BSA standards.

About Blue Line Protection Group, Inc.

Blue Line Protection Group provides secured transportation, state and federal regulatory compliance, security consultation and training, and professional protection services to high-value asset industries.  The company’s security operators, investigations personnel and consulting staff are highly trained professionals with significant experience in law enforcement and the United States armed forces.  For more information, visit www.BlueLineProtectionGroup.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and reflects management’s current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Some of these factors include: general global economic conditions; general industry and market conditions, sector changes and growth rates; uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will yield the expected benefits; increasing competition; availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success; the level of expenditures necessary to maintain and improve the quality of services; changes in the economy; changes in laws and regulations, including codes and standards, intellectual property rights, and tax matters; or other matters not anticipated; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

For more information, Contact Blue Line Protection Group, Inc.



Marc H. Morial’s Statement on Meeting With House Majority Whip Steve Scalise

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Marc H. Morial’s Statement on Meeting With House Majority Whip Steve Scalise

Marc Morial is President & CEO, National Urban League

“Having previously met Representative Steve Scalise through our mutual connection of Louisiana politics, in light of revelations about his 2002 address to the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) – founded by ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke – I believed it was critical to initiate a dialogue with the congressman to further determine whether any of EURO’s or Duke’s bigotry was indeed shared by our nation’s new House Majority Whip.

Today, Wade Henderson, President and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and I had what I hope will be the first of many meetings with Rep. Scalise.  I will go on record to say that it was a good meeting characterized by respectful dialogue and a thoughtful exchange of ideas between individuals who don’t always see eye-to-eye on policy issues.

While we took a positive step today toward creating a meaningful and real exchange between Civil Rights leadership and House Majority leadership in an open fashion, it would be unrealistic to say that anything was solved or resolved in one 60-minute meeting.  However, we articulated and discussed a number of issues and walked away with three specific requests that we hope Majority Whip Scalise will act upon in the short-term, including:

  1. A schedule of regular meetings with Rep. Scalise to focus on critical issues including voting rights and criminal justice reform.
  2. Facilitation by Rep. Scalise of a broader meeting between House Majority leadership, including House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Civil Rights leadership to discuss pressing issues facing the nation.
  3. An address by Rep. Scalise on the floor of the House to personally speak to the EURO issue and to repudiate the David Duke-type racist and divisive rhetoric and politics of yesterday – thus reassuring the American public that as a member of House Majority leadership, he is capable of being fair and inclusive in his judgments and decision-making on behalf of all Americans.

I have been asked whether I would join calls for Rep. Scalise’s resignation, and following today’s meeting, I remain undecided.  I am, however, hopeful that moving forward Rep. Scalise will demonstrate that he is serious about acting in good faith to build relationships across the board that can result in addressing critical issues of national concern – beyond ideology and for the good of all Americans, not a select few.  In recent years, this dialogue has been largely cut-off by House Majority leadership, and I believe it is of utmost importance that we begin to reengage based on one mandate alone – liberty, justice and economic opportunity for all.

U.S. Senator Durbin on Death of Alderman JoAnn Thompson: “…Chicago Lost a Dedicated Public Servant…”

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on U.S. Senator Durbin on Death of Alderman JoAnn Thompson: “…Chicago Lost a Dedicated Public Servant…”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) made the following statement after learning of the death of Alderman JoAnn Thompson.

“Today, Chicago lost a dedicated public servant.  Alderman Thompson was a charismatic fixture in Chicago politics and a determined advocate for the Englewood neighborhood.  She saw potential in every corner of her community and worked to create opportunities and enrich the lives of others.   I am thankful to have worked with JoAnn.  Loretta and I send our deepest sympathies to her friends and family.”

South Side Alderman JoAnn Thompson, 58, died of heart failure yesterday (2/10/15). She was seeking a third term in the upcoming February 24th election.

Thompson, backed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was in a re-election battle with Ald. Toni Foulkes (15th Ward) who took on her colleague after a City Council remap pushed her out of her ward. Also in the running for the 16th Ward Aldermanic seat is  former Alderman Shirley Coleman’s daughter, Stephanie Coleman.

Former Alderman Shirley Coleman, backed by then Mayor Richard M. Daley, was defeated by Thompson.

Thompson was first elected 16th Ward alderman in 2007.

Teamwork Englewood Offers Condolences to the Family of Ald. JoAnn Thompson

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Teamwork Englewood Offers Condolences to the Family of Ald. JoAnn Thompson

Teamwork Englewood sincerely expresses our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues on the passing of JoAnn Thompson, 16th Ward Alderman.

This comes as unfortunate news for Greater Englewood as the community loses a long time resident, a great leader and a valuable asset.

The Alderman was devoted to her constituents and she worked diligently on improving the conditions of the communities in the 16th Ward.

Teamwork Englewood wishes her family and colleagues GOD Speed.


Don’t Take Away the Ladder to Success for Aspiring Minority Small Business Owners

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Don’t Take Away the Ladder to Success for Aspiring Minority Small Business Owners

By Djenane Bartholomew

Every day my husband and I make decisions that affect the lives of 450 people and their families. It’s a lot of responsibility but above all a labor of love. It is all part of being local franchise owners and living our American dream. The franchise model has been a gateway for millions of people over the years to achieve small business ownership, many of them from racial or ethnic minority groups. It is important to not only preserve, but to strengthen this business model.

My husband came from Grenada and worked for UPS for over 20 years. As a young man, he had the foresight to invest in a property in Brooklyn which grew in value over the years. Blessed with some money when we sold it, we considered how to invest our good fortune into a new livelihood and soon discovered that franchising was the way to go for us.

We started with Subway sandwich shops, then added Dunkin’ Donuts and Popeye’s Chicken and Buscuit but migrated to casual sit-down dining that did not include alcohol. The folks at Golden Corral shared our values and this began our journey to ownership, which ended with seven Golden Corral locations, five in Kentucky and two in New Jersey.

Franchising is a unique business arrangement. Golden Corral provides a known brand which includes a logo, advertising and marketing, and specifications on everything from the 160-item buffet/salad bar to the The Chocolate Wonderfall fondue dipping fountain. Instead of the challenge of starting a business from scratch, with franchise ownership our customers know what to expect when they walk through our doors.

Just the same, we are the bosses in the best sense of the word. We recruit, hire and train our staff. We are responsible for maintenance and watch the receipts so we can compete in our local community marketplace. We are responsible for schedules, wages and encouraging the members of our team to do their best work. It has been a pleasure to see people grow professionally. In fact, we have now employed the children of our employees and many see working for us not merely as a job but as a career.

This small business franchise model, which has worked so well for my family and other minority entrepreneurs, is in danger of being upended. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is trying to change the definition of “joint employer.”

This is more than just a technical issue. If Golden Corral is considered a joint employer, my husband and I would lose control over the day-to-day issues at our restaurants. If Golden Corral and their locally-owned franchise owners morph into one big employer, we could lose our restaurants – and with it the hard work and money we’ve put into them – altogether, as Golden Corral could be forced to assume direct control over the day-to-day operations of our restaurants. This would be a tragedy for us and our employees because they are not just part of our businesses, but part of our family.

I also worry about aspiring entrepreneurs who might be looking at owning a franchise themselves. Why would men and women looking at franchising consider it if the core of what makes it a proven and workable business model is removed? This would prevent jobs from being created and businesses expanded, in an industry that has been growing faster than the general economy in recent years.

What’s more, according to a 2007 report from the International Franchise Association, 20.5% of franchised businesses were owned by minorities, compared to 14.2% of non-franchised businesses. A little more than ten years ago they made up just five percent of franchise owners. Franchising works for people who may have faced barriers to succeeding with their own businesses and policymakers should encourage this trend.

If the franchise model is shattered by the NLRB’s revised definition of joint employer, instead of an economy populated with small business operators from all walks of life, we would likely see large corporations consolidating operations with big, regional companies created by buying up small business operations like ours.

These challenges will have a negative impact on the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that has helped fuel America’s growth and economic recovery, and has paved the way for thousands to achieve their dreams of running their own businesses and serving their own communities.

Photo Caption: Dexter and Djenane Bartholomew own seven Golden Corral franchises, with five in Kentucky and two in New Jersey. The couple has been married for 17 years and sponsors several community youth organizations at their home in New Jersey. Djenane, who is a registered nurse, also volunteers at a mobile clinic each year on a trip to her native Haiti.

Madigan Calls on Oil Companies to put Stop to Synthetic Drug Sales at Gas Stations

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Madigan Calls on Oil Companies to put Stop to Synthetic Drug Sales at Gas Stations

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sent a letter calling on nine oil companies to take steps to stop synthetic drugs from being illegally sold at gas stations and convenience stores operating under their brand names, noting that law enforcement agencies have confirmed over 130 instances of branded gas stations having illegally sold synthetic drugs across the country in recent years.

The letter from Madigan, the Florida attorney general and 41 other attorneys general expressed serious concerns about the reported incidents of gas stations and convenience stores operating under brand names of reputable oil companies and selling illegal synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drug use has increased dramatically over the past several years. Starting in 2010, over 11,000 people, many of whom were younger than 17, went to the emergency room after using synthetic marijuana.

“When teens and young adults can find synthetic drugs for sale at gas stations operating under well-known brands, its gives these illegal products the false appearance of legitimacy when in fact they are very dangerous, potentially deadly drugs,” Madigan said. “Oil companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns designed to convince customers their brands are trustworthy. Prohibiting the sale of synthetic drugs in their stores can only protect their brand reputations while also protecting our youth.”

The letter was sent to top company officials at British Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Phillips 66, Shell Oil Company, Sunoco, and Valero Energy Corporation. In it, the attorneys general requested the companies address this growing problem by:

*Prohibiting franchisees from selling any synthetic drugs;

* Ensuring the prohibition is understood by store franchisees and their employees by communicating directly with each of them;

* Establishing a point of contact in corporate offices for franchisees, should they have any questions about synthetic drugs;

* Revoking the franchisee/franchisor relationship with any gas station or convenience store that sells synthetic drugs; and

* Reporting to local law enforcement authorities if any franchisee is selling synthetic drugs.

Attorney General Madigan has worked on many fronts to increase awareness of the dangers of synthetic drugs in Illinois. In November 2011, the Attorney General hosted the first-ever statewide emergency summit with state, county and local law enforcement officers, educators, health care professionals and parents to talk about the growing use of synthetic drugs, which led to the launch of “Operation Smoked Out,” a statewide initiative to remove synthetic drugs from retail outlets. Madigan’s office also has conducted numerous workshops with prosecutors and law enforcement personnel throughout Illinois to increase the focus on investigating and prosecuting these cases.

Joining Madigan in sending today’s letter were attorneys general from the following states and territories: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Celebrate Black History Month by Celebrating Your Health

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on Celebrate Black History Month by Celebrating Your Health

From Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention

February marks a month of celebrations as the nation acknowledges the accomplishments of African Americans during Black History Month. At the Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention we are celebrating the month by highlighting such events on our Black History Month Events Calendar. If you haven’t done so, please take a look at the events celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans in your area.

February is also a month of health – with American Heart Month and Wear Red Day on February 6th to bring awareness to heart disease, National Black HIV /AIDS Awareness Day on February 7th highlighting this year’s theme “I Am My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper. Fight HIV/AIDS!”, and National Cancer Prevention Month.

As such, this month we are focusing on African American health and sharing the progress being made toward actualizing our vision of safe, healthy and resilient African American children, families, and communities. One such accomplishment is the decrease of cancer deaths among African American males. For 2015, the American Cancer Society (ACS) report shows a 22% decrease in cancer death over the past 20 years, equating to more than 1.5 million lives saved—a positive trend seen for the past few years. With data examined across disease sites, age ranges, geographical locations and other factors, the American Cancer Society has been able to show important gains, including a 55% decrease in cancer death among black men in their 40s.

On November 8, 2014, we partnered with the State of the Cancer Union to present Empowering Communities: The Importance of Cancer Support and Long Term Survivorship, a panel discussion on cancer in the African American community.  The event focused on promoting a sense of community among African American cancer patients and survivors by linking them to culturally competent support in community and academic medical center settings. It was also an opportunity to learn about the strides we are making in combatting cancer, be informed about preventative measures we can take to live a cancer-free lifestyle, and hear, first-hand, the triumphant stories of cancer survivors. To view a video from the event, please click here.

Lastly, February marks an important deadline for many of us. Through the Affordable Care Act, we all have an opportunity to make health a priority for us and our families. The Illinois African American Coalition’s In-Person Counselors have been working diligently to ensure that African Americans are covered through the Get Cover IL campaign. Please don’t let the February 15th deadline pass without getting health insurance. Celebrate Black history Month by celebrating your health, to get covered today call us at 312-850-4444.

In service,

Malik S. Nevels, J.D.
Executive Director

New Book Showcases African American Motion Picture Pioneers

Posted by Admin On February - 11 - 2015 Comments Off on New Book Showcases African American Motion Picture Pioneers

A Separate Cinema: 50 Years of Independent African American Filmmaking

Los Angeles, CA (BlackNews.com) – A Separate Cinema: 50 Years of Independent African American Filmmaking published by The Hollywood Press covers the little known story of black filmmakers and popular screen performers. The lavishly-illustrated book coincides with the celebration of Black History Month this February.

Even before Hollywood became a motion picture-producing powerhouse, a parallel type of movie had begun to develop. From 1910 to 1950 black filmmakers around the country created an independent film industry with movies featuring African American actors tailored to the tastes of African American audiences.  For decades these talented artists were overlooked by history.  Rediscovered here with beautiful full color reproductions of over 135 movie posters and images, the Separate Cinema comes to life bringing a rich new dimension to the American film industry.

Written by Jeremy Geltzer, a film professor, entertainment lawyer, and author, A Separate Cinema is designed for film lovers and everyone interested in American history, culture, and the African American experience in the 20th Century. A visual feast, the images demonstrate the diverse and historic journey of the black film industry from the earliest days to the development of an alternative studio system.

Chapters profile recently rediscovered black filmmakers such as Bert Williams and prolific pioneers including Oscar Micheaux and Spencer Williams. A Separate Cinema showcases diverse screen talents, from cowboy star Herb Jeffries to singing sensations Ethel Waters and Lena Horne and comedians Pigmeat Markham, Mantan Moreland, and Moms Mabley. The final chapter profiles Academy Award nominated and winning African American talents up to 2015 as well as artists nominated to the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.

A Separate Cinema: 50 Years of Independent African American Filmmaking is available for $17.99 from Amazon.com and, for a limited time, $2.99 e-book at the Apple e-bookstore.

More information is available at www.Hollywood-Press.com and on Twitter @HollywoodBabel.

Photo Caption: Book Cover

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