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President Obama, Atty. General Eric Holder and the NAACP Condemn Senseless Murder of Two New York City Police Officers

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on President Obama, Atty. General Eric Holder and the NAACP Condemn Senseless Murder of Two New York City Police Officers

Two NYPD Officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were gunned down Saturday by  Ismaaiyl Brinsley while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn. After the shootings, Brinsley commited suicide. Prior to the shootings, Brinsley, 28, on his Instagram Account wrote: “I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours, let’s take 2 of theirs.”

“Two brave men won’t be going home to their loved ones tonight…” President Barack Obama

Saying he unconditionally condemn the murder of two police officers in New York City, President obama said there is no justification for this heinous act.

“Two brave men won’t be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification,” Obama said in a statement. “The officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day – and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal – prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen.”

Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Saturday regarding the fatal shootings of two New York City police officers:

“I condemn this afternoon’s senseless shooting of two New York City police officers in the strongest possible terms. This was an unspeakable act of barbarism, and I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of these two brave officers in the line of duty.

“On behalf of all those who serve in the United States Department of Justice, I want to express my heartfelt condolences to the officers’ loved ones and colleagues. I will make available all of the resources of the Department to aid the NYPD in investigating this tragedy.

“This cowardly attack underscores the dangers that are routinely faced by those who protect and serve their fellow citizens.  As a nation we must not forget this as we discuss the events of the recent past. These courageous men and women routinely incur tremendous personal risks, and place their lives on the line each and every day, in order to preserve public safety.  We are forever in their debt.

“Our nation must always honor the valor — and the sacrifices — of all law enforcement officers with a steadfast commitment to keeping them safe.  This means forging closer bonds between officers and the communities they serve, so that public safety is not a cause that is served by a courageous few, but a promise that’s fulfilled by police officials and citizens working side by side.”

The NAACP also said it condemns the violent and senseless deaths of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of these officers and also pray for a speedy recovery of the third victim who was shot in Maryland yesterday by the same shooter. In no way does the NAACP support this act of vigilante justice by a troubled individual. While our criminal justice system is not without deep and divisive flaws, we know that police officers, who risk their own safety for ours, play a critical and necessary role in keeping every community safe. Our sincerest sympathies go out to the friends and the families of the slain officers. The loss of any life at the hands of violence ‎is tragic. We who believe in peace and freedom, fairness and equality, understand that progress can only be achieved by intimate and intentional collaboration of law enforcement and community members.

Fioretti, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, Call For Immediate Shutdown of Red Light, Speed Cameras

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Fioretti, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, Call For Immediate Shutdown of Red Light, Speed Cameras

Will hold a press conference today,December 22 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall, 121 North LaSalle Street, 2nd Floor

After a Chicago Tribune study showed that the City’s red light camera program does not provide the safety benefits promised by the Emanuel administration, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, joined by Alderman and Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti, call for an immediate shutdown of the program.

“The Chicago Tribune and Texas A&M study confirms what The Citizens To Abolish Red Light Cameras has been saying for two years,” said Mark Wallace, Director of Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras. “The city’s fraudulent red light camera and speed camera policy has nothing to do with safety at all. We don’t have an epidemic of children being struck by cars; we have a problem with children being struck by guns and bullets.”

“These cameras are brought to us by fraud, abuse and an ongoing federal investigation,” said Alderman Bob Fioretti. “You can’t balance the budget by giving away the public trust, and that’s what the Emanuel administration has done with these cameras. The proof is right here in front of us that this system doesn’t work and has been a burden on Chicagoans, and I will continue to work to lift it by eliminating this program.”

Who: Mark Wallace, Director, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras, Alderman Bob Fioretti, Mayoral Candidate and Don Bransford, Public Relations Director, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras

What: Press conference calling for immediate shutdown and removal of Chicago’s red light and speed camera program.

When: December 22 at 10:00 am

Where: City Hall, 121 North LaSalle Street, 2nd Floor

Statement from the Illinois Department of Public Health and Chicago Ebola Resource Network

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Statement from the Illinois Department of Public Health and Chicago Ebola Resource Network

CHICAGO, IL – The following is a joint statement from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC), two of the members of the Chicago Ebola Resource Network.

Test results for Ebola virus disease were negative for a child who recently traveled from West Africa to Chicago. The child had a fever during screening at O’Hare International Airport and was transported to UCMC following stringent infection control protocols for observation and testing.  In addition to a medical evaluation, Ebola testing by IDPH was performed as a precaution, the results of which were negative. The child has been discharged.

At this time, there have been no confirmed cases of Ebola in Illinois, and there is no threat to the general public. Travelers from Africa may experience malaria or respiratory illness due to influenza or other non-Ebola associated diseases.

The statewide Ebola Task Force, announced Oct. 22 by Gov. Pat Quinn, will continue to work with hospitals and local health departments across Illinois to quickly identify a person who could potentially be at risk of Ebola, and take quick action in order to protect the health and safety of all Illinois residents.

The Chicago Ebola Resource Network is a coalition of CDPH and four leading Chicago-area hospitals, including the University of Chicago Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It was formed as part of a coordinated response to prepare for and respond to possible diagnoses of Ebola.

For more information, visit http://www.idph.state.il.us/ebola/index.htm.

To respect and protect the individual’s privacy, no additional information is available.

Madigan Announces $90 Million T-Mobile Settlement Over Cell Phone Bill Cramming

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Madigan Announces $90 Million T-Mobile Settlement Over Cell Phone Bill Cramming

CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan joined with her counterparts around the country, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission to announce a $90 million settlement with T-Mobile USA over allegations the company placed unauthorized charges on customers’ accounts, a practice known as “cramming.”

Madigan, the other attorneys general, the FTC and the FCC reached the settlement following reports of cramming from T-Mobile cell phone customers who were billed for services by third-party companies that they never authorized or wanted, such as “premium” text message subscription services (PSMS) that sent customers horoscopes, trivia and sports updates for $9.99 a month.

T-Mobile is the second mobile telephone provider to enter into a nationwide settlement to resolve allegations regarding cramming. In October, the attorneys general, FTC and FCC reached a similar $105 million settlement with AT&T Mobility.

“Cell phone bill cramming has become a major source of consumer fraud,” Madigan said. “We will continue to take action to stop scammers from illegally profiting from putting unauthorized charges on our bills. This settlement ensures that all third-party charges are first authorized by T-Mobile customers.”

Cramming happens when third-party vendors use consumers’ phone numbers much like a credit card. Vendors add charges to phone bills for bogus products or services, such as celebrity gossip items, horoscopes, trivia and joke-of-the-day offerings, that consumers and businesses never requested or authorized. But because consumers rarely, if ever, detect the fraudulent charges, the scammers often illegally profit for months at a time.

Under the terms of the settlements, T-Mobile must provide each victim of cramming who files a claim under its Premium SMS Refund Program an opportunity for a full refund. Consumers can submit claims under the program by visiting http://www.t-mobilerefund.com. They can also find information about refund eligibility and how to obtain a refund, and request a free account summary that details PSMS purchases on their accounts at that site. For additional questions, contact the Refund Administrator at (855) 382-6403.

The settlement bans T-Mobile from the commercial PSMS business. T-Mobile must also take a number of steps designed to ensure that it only bills consumers for third-party charges that have been authorized, including the following:

  • T-Mobile must obtain consumers’ express consent before billing consumers for third-party charges, and must ensure that consumers are only charged for services if the consumer has been informed of all material terms and conditions of their payment;
  • T-Mobile must give consumers an opportunity to obtain a full refund or credit when they are billed for unauthorized third-party charges;
  • T-Mobile must inform its customers when they sign up for services that their mobile phone can be used to pay for third-party charges, and must inform consumers of how those third-party charges can be blocked if the consumer doesn’t want to use their phone as a payment method for third-party products; and

T-Mobile must present third-party charges in a dedicated section of consumers’ mobile phone bills, must clearly distinguish them from T-Mobile charges, and must include in that same section information about the consumers’ ability to block third-party charges.

In 2012, Attorney General Madigan drafted and negotiated a law that banned unauthorized charges on landline phones, making Illinois only the second state in the nation to ban the practice on wired phone lines. But as more people now use cell phones as their primary phones, scam artists are migrating to wireless billing schemes, spurring the need for stronger consumer protections.

In total, the Attorney General’s office has filed 30 lawsuits against crammers. Among the most glaring of the targets for these scams was by US Credit Find Inc., a Venice, Calif.-based operation, which crammed a Springfield public library’s dial-a-story telephone line. Madigan sued US Credit Find Inc. in 2009.

Over the last several years, Attorney General Madigan has advocated for a nationwide ban on phone bill cramming, testifying before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and filing comments with the Federal Communications Commission.

Chicago Faith and Community Leaders Warn: ‘Don’t Disenfranchise African American Voters’ Call For A Fair and Transparent Election

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Chicago Faith and Community Leaders Warn: ‘Don’t Disenfranchise African American Voters’ Call For A Fair and Transparent Election

CHICAGO, IL – Clergy and community leaders are holding a press conference 9:30 a.m., Monday, December 22, 2014, in the Lower Level of the 69 West Washington Building to speak out on voter disenfranchisement of the black vote and to call for fair and transparent municipal elections during the ballot challenge hearing proceedings at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioner.

Several mayoral candidates have been removed from the ballot as they faced petition challenges. The high profile candidacy of millionaire African American businessman Willie Wilson faces petition challenges, and many leaders are very concerned that without Wilson on the ballot Chicago’s black community will be essentially voiceless in the February 24, 2015 municipal election.

“We are calling for complete transparency in the Election Board’s proceedings,” said Rev. Stephen Thurston of the New Covenant Baptist Church.

“The mission of the Board of Elections would be to see that the people have all of the candidate options that they are entitled to,” said Rev. Marshall Hatch of the New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church in West Garfield Park.  “Real choices in elections are the hallmarks of real democracy.  Chicago deserves real options.”

Rev. Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church stated, “When we look at the conditions in our neighborhoods, Chicago needs genuine dialogue about the future of the city.  We appeal to the Board to be very careful not to limit the live options of Chicagoans unnecessarily. The Board must be prepared to give full explanations of hearing results that remove viable candidates from the ballot.”

Kirk Calls For Congressional Hearings Into North Korea Hack

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Kirk Calls For Congressional Hearings Into North Korea Hack

CHICAGO, IL – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) called on Congress to schedule hearings in order to look into North Korea’s hack of the Sony Corporation. The hack exposed thousands of employee records and private emails, and following terrorist threats caused the entertainment company to cancel the release of “The Interview,” a satirical movie about Kim Jung Un, North Korea’s leader.

“America does not answer to North Korea or the demands of terrorists, and the theaters that decide to take a stand against terrorism and show this film should be protected by the law,” Senator Kirk said. “Congress should to schedule hearings for the American people to learn if other countries assisted North Korea in this attack, see what series of events led theater-owners to to self-censor, and to know the full threat of cyber-warfare that is facing us.”

Spanish Speakers Can Now Easily Pre-screen Food Stamp Eligibility

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Spanish Speakers Can Now Easily Pre-screen Food Stamp Eligibility

CHICAGO, IL –On the heels of President Obama’s executive order on immigration, mRelief, an app that helps Chicagoans determine their eligibility for government benefits — and local community resources through Purple Binder — has launched mRelief español. The web application’s latest version provides a custom Spanish translation of the site and the food stamps eligibility screener.

Census Data shows that out of the people who “speak English less than very well” in Chicago, 62 percent are Hispanics according to analysis in the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project. The Chicago metropolitan area is home to the 5th largest Latino population in the US at 1.9 million. Further, Hispanics — both foreign born and native — have the lowest Median Annual Personal Earnings in the city at $29,600. “As income is a primary indicator of food stamps eligibility, empowering Hispanics about their eligibility for benefits is critical,” said Rose Afriyie project manager of mRelief.

Through mRelief’s partnership with LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation), the team behind mRelief first started integrating Spanish by providing users who qualified for food stamps, rental assistance, and other programs with information about when Spanish was spoken at community service centers. Now, the vibrant open source community has helped them expand their reach.

mRelief is a success story of the Open Government Hack Night at 1871. mRelief reaped the benefits of being an open source application when the all-woman team connected one Tuesday night with Spanish translator Rene M. Paccha. As the application progressed, Paccha, who is also a ruby developer followed the updates on Github. Making use of the open source translation tool R81N, created by developer Andrey Sitnik, Paccha completed translation for tabs on the main website, the food stamps screener, and all food stamps response pages. Manuela Sifuentes, startup founder of Malinalli Language Consultants, also contributed to the Spanish translation.

“I have found that machine translations tend to make things more confusing,” said Paccha about his decision to pitch in and manually translate key pages on the web application. Paccha who is a native Spanish speaker of Chilean and Ecuadorian descent and formally taught continued, “I wanted to correct for that mistake by using my trade as a translator to do something for my community.”

The web application is currently awaiting decisions from grantmakers that would help finance the translation of the remaining 11 web programs and the 4 programs on SMS. Supporters can donate to mRelief at bit.ly/mrelief-form.

For more information, contact: Rose Afriyie, 570.982.1562, sariyie@gmail.com

Huell Howser to Air Seven Nights a Week at 7 p.m. on KCET

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Huell Howser to Air Seven Nights a Week at 7 p.m. on KCET

Huell Howser Documentary Re-Broadcasts on Jan. 7 to Commemorate Anniversary of his Death

Burbank, Calif. – Calling all Huell Howser fans!  KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station, announced that Huell Howser’s CALIFORNIA’S GOLD, VISITING and ROAD TRIP series will now air on KCET seven nights a week at 7 p.m. beginning Saturday, Jan. 3

The new schedule shifts the broadcast of the popular series, RICK STEVE’S EUROPE, which will now air each weekday at 7:30 p.m..

For more than 30 years, Howser produced hundreds of episodes and made stars of everyday people and explored of the state of California – from its natural beauty to its historical landmarks – and of course, the unforgettable visits to homespun family businesses and weird and arcane roadside attractions.

In honor of Howser’s lifetime of contribution to the people of California, KCET will re-air the fascinating documentary, A GOLDEN STATE OF MIND: THE STORYTELLING GENIUS OF HUELL HOWSER on Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. to commemorate the two-year anniversary of Howser’s passing.

The film debuted earlier this year at Chapman University and made its television debut on KCET on Thanksgiving. To learn more about Howser and to watch the film’s trailer, visit: www.kcet.org/huell.


On-air, online and in the community, KCET plays a vital role in the cultural and educational enrichment of Southern and Central California. KCET offers a wide range of award-winning local programming as well as the finest public television programs from around the world. Throughout its 50-year history, KCET has won hundreds of major awards for its local and regional news and public affairs programming, its national drama and documentary productions, its quality educational family and children’s programs, its outreach and community services and its website, kcet.org. KCET is a donor-supported community institution. For additional information about KCET productions, web-exclusive content, programming schedules and community events, please visit kcet.org. KCET is a part of the KCETLink Media Group.

Victoria Sheppard vs. Kent State University – Institutional Racism and How Black Scholars are Marginalized

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Victoria Sheppard vs. Kent State University – Institutional Racism and How Black Scholars are Marginalized

Kent State University Sociology Chairman uses the “f” word during an employment meeting with a black scholar

Victoria Sheppard

Akron, OH (BlackNews.com) — “I’m a white man, I can f___ up!” “I have a black brother-in-law. I didn’t like him at first, but now he’s my best friend!”

These were statements made by Kent State University (KSU), Department of Sociology Chairman, Richard Serpe, Ph.D., during a meeting regarding employment. According to a charge filed by Victoria Sheppard, Ph.D., with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC), “Richard Serpe, used sexual profanity and “footsie” with me, repeatedly, after I purposefully moved my feet. Serpe told me, “I could hire you… then he paused and tilted his head.”

Continuing, Dr. Sheppard charged Serpe said, “Your doctorate doesn’t mean anything. It’s a start!”Following this meeting, Dr. Sheppard says she went to her car and wrote down the details of the incident. Dr. Sheppard filed an official charge against Kent State University for sexual harassment and gender discrimination with the OCRC. Kent State University took six months to respond to Dr. Sheppard’s charge of discrimination.

“Serpe told me my doctorate doesn’t qualify me to teach at the university. The problem is, a terminal degree does indeed qualify one to teach at a university. Prior to my case, job descriptions on Kent State University’s Human Resources web pages, as at many colleges and universities, called for applicants seeking college teaching positions to be eligible if they were “ABD” (All But Dissertation). So, one could apply and be hired to teach college courses even if one had not earned the doctorate. After my charge, KSU changed job descriptions, now requiring applicants have extensive teaching and publishing experience. If we are not given employment opportunities, how can we have experience?” Dr. Sheppard said.

According to Dr. Sheppard, the OCRC investigator telephoned her at home prior to the end of the charge findings, stating, “I’m calling to let you know that I am finding no probable cause in your case. What Chairman Serpe did to you was wrong and inappropriate, but it was not against the law!”

“To add insult to injury,” Dr. Sheppard said, “after the case was closed by the OCRC, a woman who appeared to be Chairman Richard Serpe’s wife, “showed up at my home, knocked on my front door and stood boldly in front of me, staring at me with an angry demeanor. She never identified herself! She stood close enough that she could have harmed me!”

Dr. Sheppard said she is currently researching diversity in Ohio’s universities. Dr. Sheppard said, “Universities in the State of Ohio say they are committed to diversity, but based on the Workforce Analysis reports that I have obtained, the reality paints a different picture. They are hiring very few blacks at the highest teaching levels. They are hiring blacks to work in the cafeteria, maintenance, etc. They hire black professionals, but in positions that make the university look good. Directors of Diversity and Inclusion do not typically have hiring power outside of their office. Anyone can request Workforce Analysis reports showing these facts. As one local Diversity Vice President told me, These people a(at the university) don’t care about diversity!”

Concluding, Dr. Sheppard said, “This is how black scholars are treated at Kent State University! This is institutionalized racism at its best. It takes place at the individual level when persons of the dominant culture interact with blacks. This is how racism is perpetuated. I believe every black scholar, every black student, and potential KSU students, should know about this case, that this is how KSU really does diversity!”

Asserting the accurateness of her charge, Dr. Sheppard said, “The OCRC charge is a legal and notified document that makes me subject to perjury. This case is still open. I’ve been battling with KSU since filing this charge January 28, 2013!”

Stating she would like to see a national conversation about how racism plays out in everyday American society, Dr. Sheppard said, “I want to make sure that as many people as possible aware of how black scholars are treated at Kent State University. It is atrocious that a black woman, an academic, can be spoken to in such a despicable manner and no one seems to care! It is this type of attitude, the unspoken code that one can do or say anything to a person of color because his or her life is considered to be of less value in American society. Serpe disrespected me and told me my doctorate doesn’t qualify me to teach at the university,” Dr. Sheppard asserted, “As Michelle Obama said, the bar moves when we get to it!”

Dr. Sheppard is a respected member of the community. She led a July 2014 public forum with brass from the Akron Police Department and citizens of the city in a discussion about community policing and citizen complaints. She is also the former Executive Director of the Coalition for a Safe Community (Coalitionforasafecommunity.org), a group of local community leaders and activists who work toward building trust relationships with police and addressing incidents of alleged police brutality. Dr. Sheppard is a writer and scholar. She is the Executive Director of the American Education Institute of Ohio, an organization she founded to conduct research on and present public forums on urban issues.

Dr. Victoria Sheppard can be reached at drshepvctr@gmail.com

For a copy of the OCRC charge, contact:
Cleveland Regional Office
Vera Boggs, Regional Director
Lausche State Office Building
615 W. Superior Ave., Suite 885
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 787-3150 Fax: (216) 787-4121
TTY: (614) 752-2391

Photo Caption: Dr. Victoria Sheppard

Minority Enterprise Advocate (MEA) Magazine to Host Federal Business Forum and Expo on June 10, 2015

Posted by Admin On December - 22 - 2014 Comments Off on Minority Enterprise Advocate (MEA) Magazine to Host Federal Business Forum and Expo on June 10, 2015

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) – MEA Magazine is hosting their 10th Annual Federal Business Forum & Expo on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Show Place Arena located at 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. For over 10 years, MEA has been the premier source of news and information for government and industry personnel about strategies and developments that impact the countrys ability to achieve the advantages of contracting with exceptional small businesses.

The Federal Business Forum & Expo 2015 gives attendees the opportunity to hear and meet one-on-one with government and industry leaders who fill crucial roles in making and executing the policies affecting businesses.

During the event, there will be an awards luncheon recognizing 40 Business Executives Under 40. Hi-Tech, manufacturing, education; finance; construction; cyber security; healthcare companies who is under the age 40 by the date of the event has the opportunity to submit their information for consideration to receive an award. There will also be a VIP Reception, by invitation only, with Federal Chief Information Officers.

One of the guest speakers is Ms. Linda Cureton, CEO of Muse Technologies, Incorporated (www.muse-technologies.com). Her company delivers transformation and IT consulting services that brings innovative and management efficiency to Government clients and industry partners. Formerly Ms. Cureton was the CIO for NASA.

The U.S. Defense Department (Air Force; Army; DCMA; DIA; DLA; MDA; Navy; NGA; NSA; PEOSTRI) will have a 2-hour panel discussion with answer and question session on their mentor protégé programs.

There will be a Business Matchmaking session with Federal agencies, major corporations, and certified businesses.

During the conference, attendees will meet important Federal government officials; bankers who understand the needs of small business contractors and the differences in the business models of commercial and government business; large companies that subcontract with small companies and enter into formal mentor-protégé agreements to help their small partners grow; highly capable small companies that want to team to win government work, either as a prime or a subcontractor; and match-making opportunities.

For more information about registration, exhibiting and the awards luncheon call (703) 730-4091 or email debra.williams@meamagazine.comcastbiz.net.

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