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“Congress Put Country Over Party” – U.S. Senator Kirk on reopening the federal government

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Kirk statement on Bipartisan Compromise reached to reopen the government and protect U.S. credit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) released the following statement on the bipartisan compromise to reopen the federal government and protect America’s full faith and credit:

“Today Congress put country over party.  I was proud to be a part of the bipartisan group led by Sens. Susan Collins and Joe Manchin, which laid the foundation for this agreement to reopen our government and protect America’s full faith and credit.  As the debate moves forward in the coming weeks over spending and debt, it is my hope both parties will continue working together on a ‘big deal’ with spending cuts and reforms to entitlements and the tax code so that we can give our markets and the American people the stability they need and deserve.”

Senator Kirk joined a bipartisan group of 13 senators led by Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who came together during the shutdown to push for a compromise that would end the debt ceiling stalemate and reopen the government. The group is largely credited for providing a framework that was agreed to in the final bill. The Senate approved the Debt Limit Bill, S. 1569, by a vote of 81 to 18. Articles with more information about the group can be found here and here.

Obamacare: The Epitome of Hypocrisy

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By Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) – To all who ever doubted the callous, inhumane mentality of the Barack Obama administration, this recent revelation of Obamacare should remove any uncertainty. I could be referring to the hidden surcharge levied on every participant to ensure abortion-on-demand at the cost of the taxpayer… Or the absolute total disregard for the health of women in lobbing and giving monetary incentives to non-physicians to perform abortions, which recently became law in California… Yes, that would be, non-physicians performing surgery on disproportionately poor minority women… Although these could certainly be viewed as callous and inhumane, along with the tax that was levied on medical devices which mostly struggling seniors will be forced to pay, that’s not what I’m writing about, for there is something far darker and more sinister which shows the depth of depravity we have stooped to as a nation. Let’s be perfectly clear: for anyone to support this diabolical intrusion, which by design seizes control of our lives and strips us of the little bit of conscience America has left, is unconscionable.

The websites for Massachusetts’ Health Connector and Access Health Connecticut, Connecticut’s official health insurance exchange, specifically asks those attempting to sign up for health insurance coverage, if they have any “unborn children.” Is anyone in the household pregnant? Why? “Unborn Children” are counted as members of her household, so with this information, it helps determine whether she is eligible for assistance with health care costs!

“Unborn Children” are members! Wait…! What…? Who…? How…? So, let me get this straight… this segment of society which you have determined via Roe Vs. Wade to have no rights because they are not a person – and are not to be considered as a viable human being – but at the whim of the mother, can be torn and ripped out of the womb and mercilessly killed, and yet you now choose to recognize their “personhood and viability” by including them as members of your socialistic, genocidal, health care plan! Oh the unmitigated hypocrisy! This is demonstratively evil. The plan including them in coverage for their health, will also pay for them to be murdered, for their death, if another so chooses. Surely the facade of benevolence has been removed and we see the face of man’s inhumanity to man and another depth of depravity for America. As Dr. Ben Carson, the brilliant renowned neurosurgeon from John Hopkins stated,

“…the Affordable Health Care Plan is not about health care but control. It is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery.”

“Unborn Children are members…” I was so appalled I thought of God’s response to Adam and Eve when He said, “What Is This That Thou Hast Done!” As it was for Adam and Eve, so shall it be for this nation: they never got back to the place of their prosperity and neither will America ever get back once this law is fully instituted. Their expulsion from the place of their prosperity set the stage for the murder and the shedding of innocent blood for millennia; so it is for America. The Affordable Health Care Act, by design, will increase the slaughter of the innocent and they will predominately be African-American… also by design.

This mockery of justice is an “obamanation.” The themes of this madness mock justice and deceive its hearers, lulling them to sleep, thus ensuring their ignorance. Abortion. We hear terms safe, legal, and rare. Deception. The data proves it’s not safe for women; by omission they censor information on the possible link between abortion and breast cancer, the high probability of miscarriages, and psychological damage similar to PTSD. Legal? It was Augustine who said, “…an unjust law is no law at all…” Slavery was legal. Jim Crow was legal. But because it was legal didn’t make it right. Rare? Deception. Abortion is the most performed operation on a woman. One out of four women will have an abortion. In the African-American community, it can truly be described as Black Genocide, for as I have written before, 52% of all African-American pregnancies end in Abortion – 1,786 a day… Spelled out, that’s One-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Eighty-Six African-American children a day! In the City of New York, 60% of African-American pregnancies end with the death of the child by Abortion.

It’s the same for Obamacare… Deception. That name implies ‘Barack-Obama-Cares’ about the Americans who will be receiving its care. It would appear that 2,000 companies and Unions who are a part of the Democrat machine, along with the Congress and their employees, are the only ones he cares about, for they are all exempted – along with himself – from having to have “Obamacare.” Affordable? Deception. Remember when Candidate Obama was running for president… you were promised a savings of $2,500 only to find out it will cost nearly three times the amount promised each family would save. How in heaven can you call this affordable? When companies are making full-time employees, part-time employees, and you ask them why, and they say: they can’t “afford” to keep them full time because of the “Affordable” Health Care Act… What’s wrong with this picture? The irony is unbearable and the sanity of Americans who remain silent, especially those in the church, is absolutely incomprehensible. We are beginning to mirror the conditions Pastor Martin-Niemöller poetically described in Germany in the late 30’s. I have re-arranged his historic quote to reflect America today.

First they came for a Conservative talk show host,
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Conservative talk show host.

Then they came for the Tea Party,
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a member of the Tea Party,

Then they came for the Catholic Bishops,
And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic Bishop,

Then they came for me, a Baptist Preacher;
I told them I voted for “change” and was with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,
And a United Methodist.

They Left Me Alone!

The views and opinions in this article are those of Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. and not of CopyLine Magazine.

Lt. Gov. Simon releases military survey recommendations, urges debt ceiling agreement

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Simon continues efforts aimed at assisting military families in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Continuing her efforts to assist military families in Illinois, Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon on Wednesday released the recommendations and findings of a defense community survey that aims to help retain and strengthen military bases in Illinois. With military communities in jeopardy, Simon also called on the U.S. Congress to work quickly to come to a debt ceiling agreement before potentially devastating cuts take place.

“These survey findings and recommendations provide a helpful blueprint to better serve our Illinois military families,” said Simon. “I am eager to work with the Governor and General Assembly to implement this survey’s recommendations, and Congress can do their job and come to an agreement to avoid further disrupting military pay.”

Simon chairs the state’s Interagency Military Base Support and Economic Development Committee (IMBSEDC) which reviewed the survey findings and recommendations at its quarterly meeting on Wednesday in Springfield. The recommendations included:

· Developing an economic impact study to measure the various benefits military bases have on the community and state;

· Helping ease the transfer of credits between school districts in Illinois and other states for the children of military personnel;

· Developing a methodology to improve the transfer of professional licenses across state lines; and

· Continue developing processes to award credentials for training received in the military.

Over the summer, Simon’s office convened listening posts in Metro East, Quad Cities and North Chicago, all of which are home to military installations and that are dealing with the economic impact of sequestration, federal government shutdown and the possibility of future cuts. A statewide online survey followed in the fall. The survey and listening posts were administered for the IMBSEDC in partnership with the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA). More than 750 participants answered questions pertaining to business opportunities, education, workforce training and quality of life.

The IMBSEDC coordinates the state’s activities and communications relating to current and former military bases in Illinois. The committee was established in 2005 in response to U.S. Department of Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) orders to close and realign military bases nationwide.

Simon is calling on the federal government to come to an agreement regarding the debt ceiling before it has a negative impact on military families in Illinois and across the country. In a January letter to Congress, former-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner noted that benefits like military pay and social security could be at risk without the extension of borrowing authority.

“Military paychecks should not by jeopardized by the dysfunction in Washington, D.C.,” said Simon. “With a Thursday deadline fast approaching, I sincerely hope an agreement is reached quickly. The consequences of doing nothing could be devastating.”

Following the IMBSEDC meeting, Simon will chair a Governor’s Rural Affairs Council (GRAC) meeting. The 25-member council will discuss proposals to boost access to local foods, promote small businesses, strengthen emergency services and assist rural school districts.

‘Coming Out’ for Immigration Reform

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‘Coming Out’ for Immigration Reform

New America Media
By Ben de Guzman

October has always been a special month in my household, since it’s when my twin brother and I celebrate our birthday, surrounded by family. But October is also Filipino-American History Month and LGBT History Month, both of which I’m uniquely situated to appreciate: As a Filipino American, I am part of a legacy that includes generations of Fil-Am activists like Larry Itliong, who started the farm worker movement that was joined by Latino and labor pioneer Cesar Chavez. And as an openly gay man, in the spirit of the Stonewall activism that stood strong against homophobia and transphobia, I cheer the latest victory for the LGBT rights movement — the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and grant benefits to legally married same-sex couples.

The times we are in now, however, call for all the strength these legacies can muster. With our government mired in partisan disagreement, the movement for comprehensive immigration reform stands at a crossroads. Given the distractions, it would be easy to let the momentum wane. But far from choosing the path of least resistance, we’ve chosen to push on and continue the fight.

On Oct. 5, the board of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) gathered in New York and stood in solidarity with the more than 100 protests and marches taking place around the country as part of the National Day of Dignity and Respect. On Oct. 8, I joined thousands of pro-immigration advocates on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to raise our voices above the political posturing on Capitol Hill and call on our lawmakers to vote now for comprehensive immigration reform. My friend, colleague, kababayan (fellow Filipino American) and openly gay man, Greg Cendana, took our struggle to the next step by joining members of Congress, such as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), by getting arrested in an act of civil disobedience.

We are taking these measures because time is running out for our communities. The Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander LGBT families that are affected by our broken immigration system cannot wait.

My friend Tony Choi, a gay Korean-American undocumented immigrant who lives in Little Ferry, N.J., a few miles from my parents, is one of those who can no longer wait for immigration reform. He lives with the constant risk of deportation – which, for him, would mean facing anti-gay military hazing in South Korea because of that country’s mandatory military service requirements for young men.

Shirley Tan and Jay Mercado, my Filipina American activist role models in Pacifica, Calif., are taking their first vacation back to the Philippines in years –something they are able to do now because Tan’s deportation was halted by a bill sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), and the Supreme Court’s overturning of Proposition 8 in California and part of DOMA has given them rights as a binational, lesbian couple. They can, in essence, be a family. What they cannot do, they say, is stand by and watch as our backlogged and broken immigration system keeps other Filipino American families apart.

Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day, and I’m taking the opportunity to come out, again. But this time, I’ll be coming out as an advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented — at least 267,00 of which are LGBT — and that protects my family, our nation, and our core values of fairness, equality, and freedom to pursue happiness on our own terms.

Ben de Guzman is the co-director for programs at the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA). He is the proud son of Filipino immigrants.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice inducted as an Honorary Member of The Links, Inc.

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WASHINGTON, DC (BlackNews.com) — The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated announced the induction of Condoleezza Rice, Ph. D., as an honorary member. Currently a professor of Political Economy in the Graduate School of Business; the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution; and a professor of Political Science at Stanford University, Rice is one of the most influential women in the world of global politics.

The induction ceremony, presided over by the national president of The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated, Margot James Copeland, was held October 4 in Palo Alto, Calif. with more than 250 members of the organization in attendance. “Dr. Rice embodies the creed of our organization – service, friendship and leadership,” said Copeland. “Her distinguished career in academia and groundbreaking service to our nation and the world at large as our country’s National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, truly serve as an inspiration for all. We are proud to welcome Condoleezza Rice into the sisterhood of The Links, Incorporated.”

The Links bestow honorary membership upon individuals who are widely recognized nationally and internationally for outstanding and exemplary services rendered to their communities. Dr. Rice joins the esteemed company of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, international opera star Mattiwilda Dobbs, the incomparable Leontyne Price, the late Honorable Constance Baker Motley, iconic Marion Anderson, Honorable Patricia Roberts Harris, educator Elizabeth Koontz, and the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement,” Rosa Parks, as an honorary member of the organization.

Growing up in the segregated South, Rice has broken many barriers and accomplished many firsts. She was the first woman and first African American to serve as provost for Stanford University from 1993 to 1999. In assuming the role of the 66th Secretary of State of the United States in 2005, Rice became the second woman and the first African-American woman to hold this trusted position.

At The Links, Incorporated’s 38th National Assembly in June 2012, the organization bestowed upon Rice the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award in Orlando, Fla. This award honors individuals who epitomize the organization’s founding tenets of friendship and service and who have significantly improved the quality of life for those in underserved communities.

“Thank you for the invitation. I am honored to be a Link. Even as an honorary member, I know I will be expected to serve and I promise to do my part,” said Dr. Rice. The Links, Incorporated is proud to welcome Rice into membership.

About The Links, Incorporated
The Links, Incorporated celebrates more than 65 years as a women’s volunteer service organization committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the cultural and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry. A premier international service organization with nearly 12,000 members in 276 chapters located in 41 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, its legacy of friends providing services that change lives, established by the original circle of nine friends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1946, is alive and well.

The members of The Links, Incorporated are influential decision makers and opinion leaders. The Links, Incorporated has attracted many distinguished women who are individual achievers and who have made a difference in their communities and the world. They are business and civic leaders, role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who work towards a common vision by engaging like-minded organizations and individuals for partnership.

With more than two million service hours recorded in the past three years, members regularly contribute more than 500,000 documented service hours in their respective communities annually. For more information, visit www.linksinc.org.

About The Links Foundation, Incorporated
The Links Foundation, Incorporated, the philanthropic arm of The Links, Incorporated, has made more than $25 million in charitable contributions since its founding in 1979. Working closely with its sponsors and supporters, The Links, Incorporated is focused on creating transformational programming and impacting lives in communities of color through Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services, to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

Have Ma and Pa Stores Lost It?

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SoapBox Rants

By Pamela Bratcher-McMillan

President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.

Communities are facing some hard times all around, and as consumers we’ve been confronted with a lot of unrealistic pricing from getting a car serviced to getting dental work done.  It’s kind of scary how during hard times businesses are trying to find creative ways (in their favor) to mark everything up so they can stay afloat but have total disregard for the consumer.

Frankly, it’s a little unsettling when a dentist is trying to do a full scan of your head to take a look at your teeth. By the way, they say you should only do this every five years due to the high dose of radiation you come in contact with. And unless it’s absolutely necessary, why not wait.

By the way, they own that expensive x-ray until your insurance covers another one so make sure it’s a dentist you want to work with. If you have them send it to another dental office, they might not like it. Wow! And don’t you wonder about what happened to that simple x-ray to check your bite wings and between the teeth? Now these heavy duty machines take x-rays that bring up stuff that could have gone undetected for years. Not sure if that is always a good thing. I detect an anxiousness to go drilling where maybe it’s too soon for that type of work.

I watched one dentist pace back and forth in frustration when a man turned him down for the higher end x-ray.  As for doctors, it seems that when you hit a certain age, they want to give you pills and medication for everything and run tests for the slightest of events. Guess what, it’s hard for a lot of people out here. And the last thing they need is unneeded medication ruining their system. I remember a doctor saying once, ‘If you want to stay well, stay out of the doctor’s office.’ There may be something to that, “but in an emergency you got to do what you got to do.”

As for the car mechanics, yeah more people are riding bikes, watching YouTube videos and doing it themselves or having the guy that fixes cars in his backyard do his fixes. What do you expect when people walk in a nice empty garage of a once flourishing business and decide the few that they now get have to make up for the ones that no longer come? Your prices are too high! Maybe you should focus on developing a community where people would want to fill up your garage. You could offer some weekly specials or give away free coffee and donuts when it is cold. People like to feel good when they spend their money. Remember, it’s the business owner that the people support, not the business; so be nice, not greedy. Your customers will appreciate it when you recognize that they are probably having hard times, too. Keeping this up (being greedy without your customer in mind) would only drive customers to the big companies that aren’t really hurting during the recession because they can offer better deals. Community is the key.

Grocery store owners and restaurant owners, same thing…take a note from Treasure Island and Whole Foods that create an atmosphere of community. Their prices are high on some items, but they give away samples in the store and Whole Food’s employees are outstanding in the area of customer service. I have never been to a friendlier grocery store. They even offer free Wi-Fi and seating areas. I’ve been to several meetings (unrelated to the store) there. Restaurateurs, if you have an average space (especially one that doesn’t offer free hi-speed Wi-Fi, you are doomed in the young people market. Panera Bread, I-Hop and many other restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi – so get with the program. They also have specials.

It’s a recession! Build a community of people that want to hang out in your spot. More than likely they will keep getting up to buy something if they are working. It’s similar to constantly visiting the refrigerator when you work at home. I hate to even think about how much I spend at Panera Bread when I am camped out there working on special projects. I never feel bad because most of the time they have nice, courteous employees and the bread is good and tasty.

Also, neighborhood clothing stores should remember that ‘you‘re in the neighborhood.’ Don’t get mad if someone can purchase the same garment you sell for half price somewhere else. Maybe you should reconsider what you are selling or create stock that coincides with what the community is interested in purchasing. What do you have to offer to those people who are spending money with you?

Barber shops seem to be doing okay, but if your hair salon is closing down, maybe you’d better consider women are going to start doing their own hair at home if you don’t have an ambience or some type of special. Either they’ll love to hang out in there or love the deal(s). Check the internet. Many loyal customers are being baited with a lot of “freemium’s” – free stuff that makes one feel so good that they want to buy other stuff because of your business’ generosity.

The bottom line is: Keep in mind that when you are thinking about how hard it is for you to run a business, also think about how hard it may be for someone to meet your prices or want to, as well as what makes your place such an enjoyable experience that they would want to spend with you and don’t feel that they’re just another dollar for you to hold on to your business.

Remember, we’re all in this thing together!

Pamela Bratcher-McMillan is a technology Expert and President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al. She is also a weekly columnist for CopyLine Magazine

The Illiana could be a train wreck for transit

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(From the Active Transportation Alliance)

Active Trans urges transit agencies to stand up to political pressure and reverse their votes on the Illiana Expressway

CHICAGO, IL—On October 4, two Chicagoland transit agencies, Metra and PACE, voted to support the construction of the proposed Illiana Expressway by adding it to the Go To 2040 plan, the regional plan for Chicagoland. Two more transit agencies, CTA and RTA, abstained from voting. With the transit agencies scheduled to vote again in the final, binding vote on Thursday, October 17, Ron Burke, Executive Director of the Active Transportation Alliance, made the following statement:

“The Active Transportation Alliance was profoundly surprised and disappointed that Metra and Pace voted to support Illiana Expressway, and that the CTA and RTA abstained. The transit agencies voted against their own interests, against transit riders’ interests and against the GoTo2040 regional plan, which rightly prioritizes multimodal transportation and investment in existing infrastructure.

“Building the Illiana Expressway could be a train wreck for public transportation in our region. We call for Metra and Pace to reverse their votes and for all four transit agencies to oppose the Illiana during the CMAP MPO Policy Committee vote on Thursday, October 17. We are pleased to have heard recently that the CTA will apparently vote No after completing its own internal review. Metra, Pace and the RTA should do the same.

“A vote for the Illiana is a vote against transit for two main reasons:

“Private funding is not going to cover the expressway’s full costs, which leaves taxpayers on the hook for upwards of one billion dollars. The Illiana would leave few transportation dollars available for a long list of CTA and Metra improvements, and two new transit projects—the red line south extension to 135th street and the West Loop Transit Center—dimming the prospect that they will ever be built.

“Secondly, the Illiana would divert people, commerce, and resources, away from existing urban development—and the enormous transit investments our region has already made in those areas—and promote sprawl in remote areas that are much more difficult and expensive to serve by transit. In fact, as the Chicago Tribune pointed out in an October 7 editorial, the justification for constructing the Illiana—to serve that sprawl—is the very scenario that the Go To 2040 plan seeks to avoid.

“In both of these ways, the Illiana puts at risk Go To 2040’s goal of doubling weekday transit ridership to 4 million trips per day by 2040. It does all of that in exchange for transporting fewer people each day than the buses currently serving Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

“Transit agencies should serve their rider’s best interests and oppose this project and advocate instead for solutions to a long list of funding problems they already face: funding  insufficient to cover even 25 percent of the cost of keeping our buses, trains and rails in a state of good repair. Or the fact that four of our region’s top five job centers—including Naperville, Lombard, and Oak Brook—are not well served by rapid transit

“Pace has defended its vote, explaining that the Illiana will reduce congestion on the roads its buses use. But it’s hard to see how a road that is many miles from all but a few Pace bus routes will make a difference.  Moreover, experience in Chicagoland, particularly in the exurbs where the Illiana would be located, shows that building new highways over time leads to more driving and minimal reductions in congestion. The CMAP staff analysis of the Illiana found the same.

“The transit agencies’ votes show how difficult it is for agencies to make good public policy when a powerful entity like the Illinois Department of Transportation controls transportation purse strings and has taken a strong position.

“At a time when the public trust in our transit agencies has been shaken by recent scandals, this is not the time for them to again bow to political pressure. We urge Metra, Pace, and the RTA to oppose the Illiana on October 17.”

The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization that works to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful, sedentary travel to clean, active travel. The organization builds a movement around active transportation, encourages physical activity, increases safety and builds a world-class transportation network. The Active Transportation Alliance is North America’s largest transportation advocacy organization, supported by more than 7,000 members, 1,000 volunteers and 40 full-time staff. For more information on the Active Transportation Alliance, visit www.activetrans.org or call 312.427.3325.

Apollo Chorus Kick-off 2013-2014 Season with a free “Music in the Neighborhood” Concert

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Stephen Alltop, Music Director & Conductor and
David Bachmann, Assistant Conductor

Will Perform a Free “MUSIC IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD” Concert at The Apostolic Church of God on Sunday, November 3 at 3:00 p.m.

CHICAGO, IL — The Apollo Chorus, celebrating 142 years of making music as Chicago’s oldest premier volunteer chorus, will kick off its 2013-2014 season with a free “Music in the Neighborhood” Concert on Sunday, November 3 at 3:00 p.m. at The Apostolic Church of God, 6320 S. Dorchester.

The “Music in the Neighborhood” Concert will showcase a broad variety of music, including excerpts from upcoming concerts and favorite pieces from last season.  The pieces performed will include excerpts from Handel’s Messiah and Mozart’s Mass in C Minor, as well as “Te Deum” by Eleanor Daley, “Little Man in a Hurry” by Eric Whitacre, “Little Elegy” by Stephen Paulus and “Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.  Held at the Apostolic Church of God, one of Chicago’s largest, most vibrant religious and musical communities, this event is a great opportunity for first-time audiences to experience the Apollo Chorus in a historic Chicago setting.  The Apollo Chorus has been offering a free concert to begin their season for almost 15 years.

“The fall concert is an exciting preview of our most varied season yet,” said Dr. Stephen Alltop, Music Director & Conductor of The Apollo Chorus.  “By bringing a range of composers including Mozart, Handel, Whitacre, and the Beatles together in a single concert, we highlight how great composers almost always build on what came before.”

The music continues in December with two performances of Apollo Chorus’s signature rendition of Handel’s Messiah on Saturday, December 7 at 3:00 p.m. at Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center, 220 S. Michigan Ave., and Saturday, December 21 at 3:00 p.m. at Harris Theater for Music & Dance, 205 E. Randolph Drive. Choral Classics-Mozart’s Great Mass in C & Dvorák’s Te Deum will be performed Saturday, February 22 at 7:30 p.m. at University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel, 5850 S. Woodlawn Ave.; and the season finale Spring Concert, The Beatles & Friends, will be performed Friday, May 2 at 8:00 p.m. at Fourth Presbyterian Church, 126 E. Chestnut Street; and again Sunday, May 4 at 3:00 p.m. at First United Church, 848 Lake Street in Oak Park.

The Apollo Chorus is Chicago’s oldest musical organization, performing preeminent choral works at premier venues. Founded in 1872 in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire, the chorus is one of the oldest volunteer choral organizations in the United States and the oldest musical organization in Chicago. Its approximately 120 auditioned members include men and women of all ages, races, and backgrounds brought together by their love of music. The chorus has performed the master works of the choral repertoire, as well as new masterpieces from contemporary composers. The Apollo Chorus has performed at notable historic events, such as the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, the Century of Progress International Exposition, the opening of Medinah Temple, the opening of Orchestra Hall (Apollo was considered the official chorus of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra prior to the formation of the Symphony Chorus), the opening of Navy Pier, and the “Oprah Surprise Spectacular.” In 2013, the group has performed twice at sold out Josh Groban concerts at Ravinia and The United Center. The Apollo Chorus continually strives to advance musically and to share the power, beauty and majesty of choral music by presenting concerts and educational programs for diverse communities throughout Chicago and beyond.

“Music in the Neighborhood” is a free concert; no tickets are necessary.  Season subscriptions are still available for $95.  A special “new subscriber” rate is available for $65 for concert attendees who would like to purchase a subscription on site.  Regular priced tickets for the remainder of the season are $18-$75.  To purchase individual tickets or to book a group, call 312.427.5620 or visit www.apollochorus.org.

Two Black leaders, Orrin C. Hudson and New Jersey Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels, give back to youth

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Orrin C. Hudson and New Jersey Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels recently gave back to the community by teaching, speaking and playing chess at the 2nd Annual Chess Fest at Calvary Lighthouse Church in Lakewood, New Jersey. The event was open to children 18 and under.

About Orrin C. Hudson
Hudson, a former Alabama State Trooper and a world chess champion, is the founder of Be Someone, an Atlanta-based non-profit crime prevention program aimed at the youth of America. He comments, “The program teaches self-esteem, responsibility and analytical thinking skills to youth through numerous tools, including the game of chess. This is my second year partnering with the presiding New Jersey Superior Court Judge Wendel Daniels who too often sees the destruction of many young lives.” For more details, visit www.besomeone.org

About Judge Wendel E. Daniels
Daniels, who is a Superior Court Judge for the state of New Jersey and was the first African American Judge in Ocean County, has a similar background when it comes to his love of chess and using it to teach life lessons to young people – many of whom are at risk of making last-minute wrong decisions. Judge Daniels has been teaching chess since 1978, and is a United States Chess Federation certified coach. For more details, visit www.judiciary.state.nj.us/ocean/vic14-b.htm

Photo Caption: Orrin C. Hudson and New Jersey Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels

Robert L. Johnson will receive Highest Award Recognition in Media from the Library of American Broadcasting

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Bob Johnson honored as one of this year’s giants of broadcasting

Bethesda, MD (BlackNews.com) – Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies and founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), will be inducted into the 2013 Giants of Broadcasting Honors, an annual distinction established by the Library of American Broadcasting that recognizes outstanding leadership and innovation in broadcasting and media.

In 1991, under Mr. Johnson’s leadership, BET became the first African American-owned company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, Mr. Johnson sold BET to Viacom and remained the Chief Executive Officer through 2006.

Today, Mr. Johnson owns or holds interests in business operations that include automotive, hotel real estate investment, financial services, sports and entertainment. In 2012, Mr. Johnson announced the successful creation of RLJ Entertainment, Inc., one of the largest independent global distributors of entertainment content and programming in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia with over 5,000 exclusive titles. RLJ Entertainment, Inc. marks the third time Mr. Johnson has successfully taken a company public. RLJ Lodging Trust, a hotel real estate investment trust (REIT), went public in 2011.

Mr. Johnson will be honored for his contributions in broadcasting and digital media during an event that will be held this afternoon in New York’s Gotham Hall.

Established in 2003 by the Library of American Broadcasting on the campus of the University of Maryland, the Giants of Broadcasting has grown to be the primary academic and professional resource in the history and the traditions of the media. The Giants of Broadcasting events have in their first decade honored 157 individuals and two broadcast series.

About The RLJ Companies:
The RLJ Companies, founded by Robert L. Johnson, is an innovative business network that provides strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies. Within The RLJ Companies portfolio, Johnson owns or holds interests in businesses operating in a publicly traded hotel real estate investment trust, private equity, financial services, asset management, automobile dealerships, sports and entertainment, and video lottery terminal (VLT) gaming. The RLJ Companies is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with affiliate operations in Charlotte, NC; Little Rock, AR; Los Angeles, CA; San Juan, PR; and Monrovia, Liberia. Prior to founding The RLJ Companies, Johnson was founder and chairman of Black Entertainment Television (BET). For more information visit: www.rljcompanies.com. For inquiries contact: Traci Otey Blunt, 240.744.7858 or press@rljcompanies.com.

Photo Caption: Robert L. Johnson, chairman of The RLJ Companies
Photo credit: Melissa Golden

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