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‘Stop and Frisk’ – Unconstitutional Racial Profiling

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on ‘Stop and Frisk’ – Unconstitutional Racial Profiling

By Benjamin Todd Jealous

President/CEO of the NAACP 


“No one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life.”

Those words came from U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin in her fiery 195-page ruling on the NYPD’s “stop-and-frisk” program. After a two-month trial featuring dozens of interviews and statistical analysis of nearly five million police stops, Judge Scheindlin concluded what so many already knew: New York City’s stop-and-frisk is an unconstitutional racial profiling program.

Many of us celebrated her decision in Floyd v. City of New York this week, but this is just one victory in an ongoing fight against racial profiling. Within hours of the decision, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he would appeal the case.

However, there are a number of concrete steps that are being taken to help fight racial profiling in New York City, across the federal government, and on the state level.

First, a diverse coalition in New York City is supporting the Community Safety Act (CSA). The CSA is a set of two bills – one would effectively ban racial profiling by the NYPD, while the other would appoint an Inspector General to create greater oversight and allow victims of stop-and-frisk to hold police accountable for profiling. The New York City Council passed the CSA last month despite misinformation and fear tactics by the opposition, but Mayor Bloomberg made good on his promise to veto the bill. It is now up to the City Council members to stand by their principles and override the veto with a minimum of 34 votes.

Second, last month members of Congress re-introduced the End Racial Profiling Act of 2013 (ERPA). The bill comprehensively addresses racial profiling by law enforcement on a number of levels: by defining the problem, explicitly banning racial profiling, mandating data collection to better understand the problem, requiring law enforcement training on racial profiling, and holding federal officers accountable. The bill has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate and 39 in the House, and the national conversation around racial profiling has given it significant momentum.

Finally, a number of NAACP chapters and other grassroots groups have reenergized the fight to end racial profiling and other discriminatory laws on the state and local level. “Trayvon’s Law” is a set of guidelines for organizers who want to end the flawed policies that led to Trayvon Martin’s death and the inability of the system to hold anyone accountable. It provides a legislative basis for laws to ban racial profiling, repeal stand your ground-type laws, and create accountability for law enforcement and community watch groups.

A group of students called the Dream Defenders have taken Trayvon’s Law to heart. For the last four weeks, they have camped out in front of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office demanding an end to Stand Your Ground and racial profiling. Many civil rights advocates from all walks of life have joined their fight. Earlier this week Talib Kweli was the most recent high-profile name to join them at the Florida State Capitol.

The Dream Defenders have exemplified Margaret Mead’s quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Every challenge to stop-and-frisk, racial profiling, and other unjust polices has been the result of a groundswell of ground-level, grassroots activism and support. We can and must apply the same type of grassroots thinking to the larger battle to end racial profiling across America.

Benjamin Todd Jealous is president/CEO of the NAACP. 

Contact:  Ben Wrobel 917-846-0658 bwrobel@naacpnet.org @NAACPPress

Scammers trying to make Obamacare confusion an opportunity for Identity Theft, warns Better Business Bureau

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on Scammers trying to make Obamacare confusion an opportunity for Identity Theft, warns Better Business Bureau


(From the Better Business Bureau)


CHICAGO, IL – With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly labeled “Obamacare,” on the horizon, scammers are finding it to be the latest opportunity to steal people’s identities.

“Scammers are calling consumers claiming they are eligible for health insurance cards in exchange for personal information,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Consumers should ignore these calls because providing information puts you at risk for identity theft.”

Bernas explained the scams work like this: You receive a call from someone claiming to be from the federal government. The scammer says that you have been selected to be part of a group of Americans to receive insurance cards. But before the card can be mailed, your bank account and social security numbers are required. Once they get this information, they can sell it or use it to access your accounts.

“Affordable Care Act scammers are able to easily make consumers think that their calls are legit, especially with such a hot topic like Obamacare,” Bernas explained. “Consumers need to realize that the government rarely calls individuals. If you receive this type of call, hang up.”

The BBB offers the following tips to people who experience the affordable healthcare scams:

  • Hang up the phone. If you get one of these calls, just hang up. You may be tempted to call back, but this will only give the scammer another opportunity to steal your information. Also, be sure not to press any buttons that the scammer instructs.
  • Never give out personal information. Never give out your bank account numbers, date of birth, credit card number or social security number.
  • Don’t rely on caller ID. Some scammers are able to display a company’s name or phone number on the caller ID screen. Don’t trust that the information you see is true.
  • The government rarely communicates via phone calls. Most of the time, the government uses traditional snail mail to communicate to consumers. The government rarely calls, emails or texts, so don’t give your information to these types of government messages.

For more tips and information about affordable healthcare scams, visit www.bbb.org.

HBCUCONNECT.COM Partners with Spelman College to produce “Hire Spelman”

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on HBCUCONNECT.COM Partners with Spelman College to produce “Hire Spelman”

Career Expo

Columbus, OH (BlackNews.com) — HBCU Connect, the largest organization and website targeting alumni and students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities has recently partnered with Spelman College to produce “HIRE SPELMAN” annual career expo, October 24th, 2013 at Spelman College, targeting hundreds of talented Spelman alumnae and students.

Since 2001, HBCU Connect has powered the first and largest job board on the Internet targeting professional African Americans using their niche audience of more than 2.3 million HBCU alumni & student members. HBCU Connect works with more than 9,000 hiring organizations and leverages these key employer relationships to the thousands of job seekers who regularly frequent the site.

With recruiting resources growing smaller for many organizations, staffing managers are being forced to make critical decisions around the allocation of these resources, often affecting their organization’s diversity outreach. Via online, event and print HBCU Connect provides a one-stop-shop targeting HBCU talent.

“HBCU Connect is interested in partnering with progressive HBCUs, African-American institutions and organizations who are seeking to grow their attendance, membership, sponsor relations and fully leverage the professional communities they are in touch with the thousands of job opportunities our employers share with our audiences,” shares HBCU Connect’s President, Daniel Moss. “Through partnerships like this, HBCU Connect has been able to grow its range of recruitment services beyond job postings, resume sourcing, banner ads and email blasts, candidate screening and sourcing but also career fairs and boutique professional networking events.”

About HBCUConnect.com
HBCUConnect.com is the first social network target African Americans and the largest website targeting alumni and students from the United States’ 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCU Connect provides scholarships, news, event and career resources to more than 2.3 Million online subscribers and in 2001 launched the first job board targeting African Americans. To learn more, please visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Hqh2UR41Jnumh81uDUkwsabz3tjR_iHpRtsjq8f2clvRGYMKuoRM7Gn7sJw0EjKZOEIZyMhcUb71Ai1vSXnvl-zLJVXKMOLrvECvFZif476_xzn4ImD1gA==.

About Spelman College
Founded in 1881, Spelman College is a highly selective, liberal arts college widely recognized as the global leader in the education of women of African descent. Located in Atlanta, Ga., the college’s picturesque campus is home to 2,100 students. Outstanding alumnae include Children’s Defense Fund Founder Marian Wright Edelman; Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer, Broadway producer Alia Jones, Former Acting Surgeon General and Spelman’s first alumna President Audrey Forbes Manley, Harvard College Dean Evelynn Hammonds, Author Pearl Cleage and Actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson. For more information, visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Hqh2UR41JnsdgJmUKOYYY47JFOLRi-SAPJlb8NJZTml–YD1wyD41V9g8FqjTyJNdFQOnMtTnDtZI60oB9Wg34Rq7aFzysIUSush6LVy_p4NFJzsppw3xg==.

To learn more about sponsor/exhibitor opportunities, HBCU Connect’s marketing and diversity recruitment programs, or the ways your organization can partner with HBCU Connect to deliver a turn-key career fair, grow your event attendance and/or organizational membership, please contact Daniel Moss at: dmoss@hbcuconnect.com, or call 614-416-5517.

Back-To-School Plans Should Include Internet Safety Discussion

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on Back-To-School Plans Should Include Internet Safety Discussion

 A Note from Anita Alvarez

Cook County State’s Attorney

Pencils, notebooks, folders, new clothes, haircuts – a list that starts out like this can only mean one thing:  it’s back-to-school time.  While our list of things to-do are long for this annual event, we should add one more thing to it:  a discussion on internet safety with our children.

Children of all ages are computer savvy, some more so than many adults.  That is why it is important for parents to start a conversation with their children early on, setting up rules about using computers and about the potential dangers that they may encounter while online.

Since children may be utilizing multiple computers for their school work — in school, at the library and at home — you should remind them of these simple, yet effective safety tips:

  • Never give out personal information to someone they don’t know.  This includes their name, address, age/grade, phone number, and school.


  • Never send photos of themselves to someone they don’t know.  Tell them to be careful of the types of photos they send friends or want to post on social networking sites.  You may want to set ground rules that you should see and approve any photos before they post or send them.


  • Never agree to meet someone in person they have met on the internet.  Explain to them that it is possible that the person is not a kid their age but an adult who may be seeking to harm them. They should tell you immediately if someone asks to meet them so you can, in turn, call the police and report it.


  • They should tell you immediately if someone sends them something that makes them uncomfortable or scared.


As a parent, you can take steps to provide a safer internet environment in your home:

  • Make sure the computer is in a common area of your home, such as the living room or kitchen, and not in your child’s bedroom.  This can make it easier to see what sites your child visits while they are online.


  • Utilize the parental controls that are available through your internet service provider.


  • Routinely review your child’s browsing history.  If they visit a site you feel is inappropriate, ask them why they went to it and how they found out about it.  If you are still uneasy, perhaps you can block the site to prevent any future visits.


  • Utilize computer monitoring software that will search for inappropriate content on websites that have been viewed. 


Communicating with our children and being involved and aware of their activities in all aspects of their lives, at home, at school, online, etc., is the key to keeping them safe.

Anita Alvarez

Cook County State’s Attorney

Love, Poém: Florida Poet, C.C. Keenan, Acquaints Nation with Unique New ‘Interlude Poetry’

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on Love, Poém: Florida Poet, C.C. Keenan, Acquaints Nation with Unique New ‘Interlude Poetry’
Having recently emerged onto the Florida writer’s scene with gusto, C.C. Keenan is now set to take the national stage as she announces her first major book release. Titled ‘Love, Poém (Part 1)’, the book is garnering a growing audience due to its unique concept of Interlude Poetry.
Storming onto the scene with her self-devised ‘interlude poetry’, Keenan’s debut book is tipped to resonate with readers around the world.
Synopsis of ‘Love, Poém (Part 1)’:
Interlude (in•ter•lude)- a short play or dramatic entertainment between parts of a larger production.
Interlude Poetry- Poetry between parts of a larger story production.
Welcome to a new world of poetry. Follow a free- spirited young woman as she juggles her career, love life and self-identity in Love, Poém.
As Keenan explains, her work is making poetry interesting and accessible to all.
“Most people know what an interlude is, but they don’t instantly associate it with poetry. Therefore, this new format is certainly making people sit up and listen,” says Keenan.
Continuing, “It’s really become a hit among the young urban audience; with teens, college students and the young adult community showing a great interest in it.”
Due to this success, Keenan will soon be performing her work live.
“As a member of the spoken-word group Poétic, I’ll soon be performing poetry and songs from my book to live audiences. I can’t tell you how exciting this is; it’s certainly something I’m proud to be doing so early into my public career,” she adds.
The demand for Keenan’s work is high. In fact, since its recent release, her book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.
For example, Brittany Abraham of the University of Florida commented, “What happened to her and Anthony?!”… “That was really good, definitely left me wanting more!”
With the book’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.
‘Love, Poém (Part 1)’ is available now on Amazon, Kobo, Createspace (photographed edition), iBookstore, eBookpie, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Esentral, Copia, Scribd, Gardner’s and Sony.
About the Author:

I love to write; I have been writing for fun since grade school. I remember really enjoying learning to write cursive in second grade, and writing my first chapter book in the fifth grade. Born and raised in Florida, I have lived here all my life and Florida has its low points, but I love it. I graduated from the University of Florida last year(2012) in August, and published my first book in March of this year.
I’m excited to share my passion for poetry and writing with readers, as well as introduce a new form of poetry,interlude poetry, with my first book,”LOVE, POEM.”
I am a member of POETIC: A SPOKEN WORD GROUP and we will soon be performing original poetry from the book, ”LOVE, POEM.” Please contact me or connect on facebook at FACEBOOK.COM/CICIKEENAN to stay updated on performances, book signings, and more.

TAMPA, FL – While she wrote her first book in grade five, Tampa’s C.C. Keenan has only recently emerged onto the Florida writer’s scene. However, her formative years are more than paying off as she rapidly picks up pace as an author and poet poised to dominate the literary landscape.

Chicago Board of Elections Chief praises “Mother Jennings’’ 106th birthday

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on Chicago Board of Elections Chief praises “Mother Jennings’’ 106th birthday


She saw the right for women to vote

By Chinta Strausberg

Chicago Board of Election Commissioners officials late Tuesday praised “Mother” Magnolia Jennings who will turn 106 on Thursday, August 15th, and praised her consistent voting record that included casting her ballots in the last presidential and special elections.

“We are so proud to count Magnolia Jennings among our most experienced — and most reliable — voters in Chicago,” said Langdon D. Neal, Chairman of the Chicago Board of Elections. “In Magnolia, or as we would call her out of respect and endearment, Mother Jennings, we have a woman who was there to see women first gain the right to vote, just three days after her 13th birthday back in 1920.”

“Mother Jennings continues to exercise the precious access to the electoral franchise, as recently as the 2012 presidential election and again during this year’s special elections. Mother Jennings is among the best examples of a dedicated voter, and a reason why Chicago leads the region in voter engagement and turnout,” said Neal.

The daughter of Mississippi farmers, Magnolia Jennings has spent most of her life being a housewife and mother of three, but on Thursday she will have one of her biggest birthday’s when she turns 106-years-old.

A resident at the Waterfront Terrace, 7750 South Shore, since 2005, Jennings is having a birthday party from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday in the lower level of the Waterfront Terrace, according to Ruby Morris, marketing director for the Waterfront Terrace.

Born to Maggie and Joseph Spencer in Tchula, Mississippi, Jennings is one of seven children. Her sister, Thelma Montgomery, is currently 88-years-old and resides in Las Vegas with her daughter, Elaine Ennols.

Jennings attended school in Tchula, Mississippi where she only went to the fourth grade. She returned to complete her education. 

In 1945, Jennings moved to Chicago’s South Side where she married Curtis Jennings. The couple had three children, Curtis Jennings, Jr., Myrtle Hatcher and Ella Mae, who died at the age of 3, all of whom preceded her in death. Her husband has also passed in 1997.

Asked if she can remember any racism in Mississippi, Jennings said she could not recall any instances of racism. A Christian, she remembers being very good with young adults and was very committed to her ministry.

When asked if she voted for Barack Obama, America’s first black president, Jennings said she was very happy to cast her vote for Obama.

For further information, call Ruby Morris, marketing director for Waterfront Terrace, at: 773.294.3818.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Former Child Protective Investigator releases new book about Florida’s Child Welfare System

Posted by Admin On August - 14 - 2013 Comments Off on Former Child Protective Investigator releases new book about Florida’s Child Welfare System

New book “The Department” by Kevin L. Ramos addresses long-time issues in the Florida Child Welfare System, and aims to create a meaningful discourse and possible changes for child welfare systems around the world.

North Miami, FL (BlackNews.com) — Kevin L. Ramos officially releases The Department. This compelling novel chronicles the life of rookie Child Protective Investigator (CPI) Jeremiah Abundo and his experiences working in Miami Dade, Florida. Through his unforgettable experiences as a CPI, he tries to maintain a semblance of balance between his demanding job and his personal life.

The Department also centers around 15-year old Quintavia “Queen” Collins a brilliant, young junior attending Miami Northwestern Senior High. When these two dynamic people meet, they will never be the same. The Department addresses a number of issues surrounding this agency from race relations to unfair work conditions.

“I wrote this book because the public needs to know how we truly function or – dysfunction…as a system internally,” Ramos states. “Changing this damaged system will take the effort of our entire state. If you are wondering how Florida’s DCF has garnered such a poor public opinion – you have to look no further then how DCF treats its very employees.” Since May 2013, there have been six children that have died in the State of Florida: each child had prior involvement with DCF.

The Departmentwill give readers a better understanding on how it feels to be a child welfare professional. In the past, most child welfare stories have portrayed state social workers as callous, uncaring individuals; this book casts these workers in a different light. The Department is a must read for anyone interested in discovering the beauty of human perseverance. The book is available in softbound ($16.99) and Kindle ($9.99) editions. The book can be purchased online by visiting: www.thedepartmentbook.com

About the Author:
For over a decade, Kevin L. Ramos worked for the Florida’s Department of Children and Families as a Child Protective Investigator and a Child Protective Investigator Supervisor. He graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Communications and interned at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri.

For more information about The Department, please visit: www.thedepartmentbook.com or call (786) 436-0620.

Photo Caption: Bookcover

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