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Lt. Gov. Simon encourages passage of measure to support education funding reform

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CHICAGO, IL – As the state’s point person on education reform, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon today issued the following statement in support of Senate Joint Resolution 32 sponsored by Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill).

The resolution creates the General Assembly’s Advisory Committee on Education Funding, which will review the state’s system to fund education. The committee will issue recommendations by Feb. 1, 2014 that are aimed at reforming state funding of education in order to make it more equitable and boost student success.

“Under the current funding structure, students’ learning opportunities are influenced by zip code, perpetuating a system of haves and have-nots. We need to ensure that educational opportunity is available to every student, everywhere in the state, so we can build a skilled workforce and help our economy grow.

“I encourage members of the General Assembly to pass Sen. Manar’s resolution, which will help us take a comprehensive look at our education funding system and could find areas where we can strengthen and expand the opportunities offered to our future leaders.”

Award-Winning Author Darryl James brings his hit stage play “Love In A Day” to DC to benefit local area HIV testing outreach organization

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The play will benefit the Us Helping Us, People Into Living (UHU) organization, which delivers HIV counseling and testing services in the Washington, DC area

Washington, DC (BlackNews.com) — Us Helping Us, People Into Living (UHU) will deliver the powerful stage play, “Love In A Day,” to raise funds and awareness for the organization’s crucial mission of delivering HIV counseling and testing services in the Washington, DC area. UHU, along with Tenacious Productions and award-winning author Darryl James will Present An Evening of Art, Music and Theater with The Hit Stage Play “Love In A Day” in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 19 at 4pm at CHSSP, 2052 West Virginia Ave, NE, Washington, DC.

UHU, which envisions a world in which health and wellness are within everyone’s reach, is celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2013. The “Love In A Day” theater event is a fundraiser to also highlight UHU’s receipt of a grant from the District to develop and implement HIV counselling and testing services to couples, including heterosexual and same sex couples. Since grants do not cover all infrastructure costs of the organization, UHU continues to raise funds to close the funding gap.

A DC survey of heterosexuals found that in many stable committed relationships, condom usage was low. However, about half of those persons in those relationships did not know their partner‘s HIV status. Within a relationship perceived as “safe” due to its intimacy and commitment level, the combination of not using condoms and not knowing your partner‘s status may lead to HIV infection.

The play, “Love In A Day” has as its theme, couples on a retreat dealing with relationship issues, including one couple living with HIV infection. Ticket sales on Sunday, May 19 will benefit UHU, a 501(c)(3) [non-profit] community-based organization, boosting their mission of delivering HIV counselling and testing to couples like the one in the play.

“Love In A Day” is a story of love in the age of troubled relationships and is a powerful presentation of people in love holding on to love through daunting challenges. If you believe in love, you will believe stronger, but you will believe.

Each couple in the play is seeking to rebuild their relationship on a relationship retreat lead by a relationship coach and his assistant, working through their difficulties to find love. The atmosphere, the discussion and the vibes spark chemistry as each person falls in Love in a Day.

The play is written and directed by Darryl James, an award-winning author (“LA Riots…Revolution”), lecturer, syndicated columnist and the publisher of Tenacious Books, a boutique publishing house for self-publishing authors. James has lectured for the National Council of Negro Women, the National Urban League, The Black American Law Students Association (BALSA) and the NAACP, in addition to radio stations, colleges and universities across the nation. As a relationship coach, James has provided relationship insight for Ebony Magazine, the NAACP, the National Urban League and the National Council of Negro Women.

The production is traveling nationally to create fundraising opportunities for community organizations.

For more information, contact Ron Simmons at (202) 446-1100 or visit www.loveinaday.com.

Photo Caption: Award-winning author Darryl James brings his hit stage play to DC from Hollywood

Parents and students to hold sit-in demonstration at Williams Elementary and Williams Middle School today to protest school closing

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Protest demonstration to he held Friday, May 3,  10 AM, at Williams Elementary and Williams Middle School at 2710 S. Dearborn, in Chicago


Sixty-five students and 5 parents will assemble inside the hallway of Williams Elementary School and Williams Middle School at 2710 S Dearborn to protest the Chicago Public Schools’ proposal to close Williams Elementary and Williams Middle School with students to be transferred to Drake Elementary and then Drake to relocate to the current Williams Elementary & Williams Middle School building.

Douglas neighborhood schools Williams Elementary and Williams Middle School student populations are 98% African-American, 95.1% low-income and 14.3% Special Education. In 2012, Williams Elementary and Williams Middle School experienced a major CPS school action when Urban Prep – Bronzeville co-located their building. After the co-location, Williams Elementary and Middle School dropped from a Level 2 to a Level 3 school. 

After an emotional series of community hearings, where participants felt that their concerns were ignored by CPS, parents and students are making their voices heard to Shawn Smith, CPS network chief who will be attending a meeting at Williams Elementary and Middle School.

For more information:

OccupyCPS    facebook.com/occupyCPS    @occupyCPS   #occupycps

Twitter hashtag: #WilliamsProtest

Press contact: Jitu Brown 773-317-6343, Greg Goodman 248-770-2760

Arizonans march for rights of workers, immigrants

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Arizonans March for Rights of Workers, Immigrants



New America Media

By Valeria Fernández


PHOENIX – More than 2,000 people marched Wednesday from the Arizona State Capitol to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Phoenix, calling for fair immigration reform that would extend protections for immigrants not only to live freely in the United States but also to the workplace.

“People are beat up at home and they are beat up at work here. They get threatened by the cops at home and they get threatened by their bosses at work,” said Brendan Walsh, executive director of the organization Central Arizona for a Sustainable Economy.

Arizona has been ground zero for one of the most divisive immigration debates in the country with the passage of SB 1070 in 2010, a law that requires police officers to ask for documentation when they suspect a person is in the country illegally.

The state also has an employer sanctions law that has resulted in the arrest of workers in sweeps and the mandatory use of a federal database known as E-Verify.

The number of protesters did not compare to the massive marches in 2006 that drew crowds of more than 100,000 here to protest the punitive immigration reform bill introduced in the House by Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner.

But activists working together with 22 organizations in the Arizona Immigration Reform Coalition underscored the significance of this year’s march for workers’ and immigrant rights that converged in a global boycott against the Hyatt.

Members of the Unite Here hotel workers union denounced working conditions and alleged discriminatory practices in the wages of the hotel’s Latino workers; Hyatt denied the allegations in a statement.

“For several years, Hyatt has been trying to increase wages and benefits for our associates who are represented by Unite Here in certain cities. Instead, Unite Here leadership has focused on a campaign to pressure Hyatt into forcing associates at Hyatt Regency Phoenix and other Hyatt properties to join the union whether they want to or not,” they wrote in a statement.

Margarita Hernández, a 60-year-old U.S citizen who joined the march Wednesday, said she has worked at the Hyatt for 12 years. She claims she recently started getting complaints about her lack of proficiency in English, which she said made her feel discriminated against.

“Immigration reform should be to rescue the economy of this country, but also to respect human rights and equality,” Hernández said.

With immigration reform reigniting in Congress and a Senate bill that would create a long pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers, Walsh and other advocates believe immigrant workers would be able to exert their rights without fear of facing deportation or getting fired.

“We’re here for the workers and to let it be known that we can’t sustain the economy we have without the labor of immigrants,” said Petra Falcón, director of Promesa Arizona, an organization involved in voter registration and mobilization.

Several groups present at the event reiterated the message to put an end to all deportations as Congress discusses immigration reform.

Community activists also helped people register to vote at the event and members of a campaign to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio collected signatures from opponents of his tactics of immigration enforcement that have resulted in claims of racial profiling.

Tonatierra, a group lead by human rights activist Salvador Reza, is planning another march for May 5 to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Among those present will be Father Alejandro Solalinde, a human rights advocate who works in migrant shelters in Mexico and has denounced both U.S. and Mexican border policies.

Star-studded double bill slated for May 26 Jazz on a Summer’s Day Concert

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Roster of virtuoso musicians featured in seasonal series at the Lakeside Inn  


On Sunday May 26, the non-profit arts organization portoluz will present a much anticipated double bill featuring six stalwart members from Chicago’s A-list jazz roster. The concert is part of Jazz on a Summer’s Day, the intimate concert and performances series showcased at the Historic Lakeside Inn.

MAY 26TH 4PM  EST $15


About the artists  


Working within a multitude of stylistic contexts, electro-acoustic composer/cornetist Rob Mazurek has helped redefine the aesthetic boundaries of artistic expression for well over a decade. Mazurek rose to prominence in the fertile mid-1990s Chicago jazz scene, quickly venturing beyond the traditional tenets of the idiom to become one of the most compelling improvising composers of his generation.

While living in Brazil from 2000 to 2005, Mazurek immersed himself in the sights and sounds of the Amazonian rain forest, the plateaus of Brasilia and the urban intensity of São Paulo. Inspired by these disparate experiences, he constructed exotic soundscapes using such esoteric source material as the sounds of electric eels recorded at INPA research laboratory in Manaus and audio culled from storm systems on the outskirts of Brasilia. It was in São Paulo that he met Mauricio Takara and Guilherme Granado, his partners in the São Paulo Underground, which continues to spur his interest in the Brazilian sensibilities of sound and color.

Since then, Mazurek has expanded his reach. Splitting his time between Chicago and São Paulo, he currently leads and composes for a wide variety of ensembles, including Exploding Star Orchestra, Pharaoh and the Underground (featuring Pharaoh Sanders), Chicago Underground, Pulsar Quartet, São Paulo Underground, Starlicker, each of which possesses its own distinct musical personality.    

JEFF PARKER is a guitarist, composer, educator, and sculptor of sonic textures.  Since 1990, he has focused on being adaptable in musical environments that are constantly changing; he is an improvising musician.  He is also a composer of instrumental songs.         

Recognized as one of contemporary music’s most versatile and innovative electric guitarists, his music is characterized by ideas of angularity and logic, as well as an instantly recognizable tone on the instrument.  He works in a variety of mediums, from Jazz to contemporary music, using ideas informed by innovations and trends in both popular and experimental music.  He creates works that explore and exploit the contrary relationships between tradition and technology, improvisation and composition, and the familiar and the abstract.

His sonic palette may employ techniques from sample-based technologies, analog and digital synthesis, and conventional and extended techniques from his 35 years of playing the guitar.

He is a founding member of the critically acclaimed and innovative groups Isotope 217Ëš and Chicago Underground, and a longtime member of the band Tortoise.  He has released several collaborative albums under his own name.  Currently he has been focusing on solitary work and solo performance – to cultivate and establish an idiosyncratic relationship between electronic and acoustic compositional properties in music and sound.   


JEFF CHAN Chicago saxophonist/composer Jeff Chan is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the Asian American experience through music.  He has worked with many of the leaders of the Asian American creative music movement, including saxophonist Francis Wong and bassist Tatsu Aoki as well as some of the top figures in the Chicago music scene such as saxophonists Jimmy Ellis, Ari Brown and Ed Wilkerson, trumpeter Ameen Muhammad, drummer Avreeayl Ra and pianist/bandleader Yoko Noge.

As a composer, Chan has created works for varied and diverse ensembles, from solo instruments to large ensembles, including a musical score for modern dance company Facing East Dance & Music.

Chan is the recipient of awards from Meet The Composer, the Zellerbach Family Fund, the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Illinois Arts Council.  He has presented and performed his music across the country and in Europe as a leader and guest artist.

EDWARD L. WILKERSON, JR., is an internationally recognized American jazz composer, arranger, musician, and educator based in Chicago. As founder and director of the cutting edge octet, 8 Bold Souls, and the 25 member performance ensemble, Shadow Vignettes, Wilkerson has toured festivals and concert halls throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. One of the great saxophone and clarinet players on the Chicago scene, Edward Wilkerson Jr., from the ’80s into the new millennium may have become best known as a bandleader and composer, particularly associated with medium- to large-scale projects. He has also been a major presence in Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), teaching composition at the organization’s music school and serving for a time as AACM president. 

TATSU AOKI – Bassist Tatsu Aoki is a prolific and accomplished musician, composer and educator. He works in a wide array of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music to jazz to experimental music and is a much in-demand artist performing on both contrabass and the shamisen (Japanese 3-stringed lute). He has recorded over 100 albums featuring many of the musical legends of Chicago, including Fred Anderson, Von Freeman, Malachi Favors Maghostut, Don Moye and John Watson Sr. 2006 saw Aoki present his most ambitious work to date, “re: Rooted” a continuation of his “Rooted” composition cycle featuring the MIYUMI Project Big Band at Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavilion. Aoki is the founder and Artistic Director of the Annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival.

AVREEAYL RA Chicago master drummer / percussionist AVREEAYL RA was born in Chicago on May 21st, 1947 and still lives there today. He is a renowned musician always in demand among visiting jazz artists in Chicago. Avreeayl’s father, Arthur “Swinglee” O’Neil, was a tenor saxophonist who was mentor to many young Chicago musicians, including John Gilmore, later the mainstay of Sun Ra’s Arkestra. (Avreeayl reports that John Gilmore had a crush on Avreeayl’s sister and so spent as much time as he could at the family house.) Swinglee O’Neil played in one of Sun Ra’s early Chicago bands, and Sun Ra played in one of Swinglee’s groups as well.

About the JAZZ ON A SUMMER”S DAY Series 

The “ballroom” of the historic Lakeside Inn is a mid-size wooden room filled with arts and crafts era antiques. The ballroom looks out over Lake Michigan and in this cozy and informal setting, the performance unfolds. The magic of the environment, the virtuosity of the musicians, the intimacy of the performance and the natural acoustics of the wooden room conspire to create a deeply meditative experience.

Veteran impresaria Marguerite Horberg owned the fabled nightclub HotHouse in Chicago for many years. HotHouse was one of the world’s premiere stages for Jazz and eclectic contemporary cultural expression. Now Horberg and her new company, portoluz are bringing the same top talent to Harbor Country in a special all-acoustic program. This seasonal series of sophisticated artistry is designed to be unfettered by commercial distractions -making the Lakeside Inn a perfect spot for artistic discovery and adventure.

Featured in this year’s season are some of the music world’s most treasured creative artists. While each performance on the bill is uniquely representative of the genre -jazz/creative improvised music, altogether and over the years, dedicated audiences can appreciate the comprehensive language of the improviser and how the music is continually being advanced through contemporary exploration.  In fact, the point of the series is to take audience members on a journey through modern music and provide opportunities to experience art that they might not otherwise have access to.  

“Crisp dappled sunlight falling on stray notes, lazy phrasing, a serious music lover’s idyll”.



VENUE:  The Lakeside Inn 15251 Lakeshore Road, Lakeside Michigan

VENUE INFO:   The Lakeside Inn (269) 469-0600  www.lakesideinns.com 

DATE:  Concerts take place on the last Sunday of the month April through September

TIME:  For the gala opening concert 5pm EST all other programs commence at 4pm EST

PRICE:  The gala kick off concert is $25.  Tickets for each other concert in the series is $18 per person; all ages are welcome to attend 

MORE:  Information: portoluz@gmail.com, www.portoluz.org

Sponsors: Greenbush Brewery 



April 28 Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble with Nirmalya Roy, Subroto Bhattacharya and Indrajit Banerjee
May 26 Double Bill!Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker & Jeff Chan’s Cultural Arts Quartet with Edward Wilkerson, Tatsu Aoki and Avreeayl Ra
June 30 Renee Baker’s Artet
July 28 Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith
August 25 Vincent Chancey, Harrison Bankhead, Ernie Adams and Miguel de la Cerna
September 29 Bill Carrothers, solo piano 

“Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder” comes to Navy Pier® Pepsi® Skyline Stage May 22 – September 2

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CHICAGO, IL – Cirque Shanghai returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier this summer with a magnificent new show “Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder” beginning Wednesday, May 22, 2013. The production will run through September 2, 2013 (Labor Day), rain or shine, at the Navy Pier® Pepsi® Skyline Stage, the 1,500-seat, canopied, open-air theater on Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave.
Tickets go on sale today and will be available via Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or www.ticketmaster.com/shanghai.
“Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder” is a spectacle for audiences of all ages, featuring performers direct from China who are leaders in their craft of tumbling, juggling, balancing and more. With a total of 36 troupe members, “Dragon’s Thunder” is the largest Cirque Shanghai cast to ever visit the U.S.
This year’s production features an incredible line up of awe-inspiring acts, including “The Chinese Flex Bar,” the heart stopping “Gravity Swings,” and the awesome sounds of the traditional Chinese “Dragon Drums.” For the first time in Cirque Shanghai’s North American engagement, the traditional Chinese drums will be an integral part of the production.
Back from last year’s show is the fate tempting “Wheel of Destiny,” and China’s finest daredevil motorcycle troupe, “Imperial Thunder,” returns with not two, not four, but five motorcyclists riding at break-neck speeds within a steel globe.

Audiences and critics alike have raved about last year’s production, “Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon.” The Chicago Sun-Times says “No doubt about it, this ‘Dragon’ breathes fire,” and Newcity regarded the production as “athletically mind-blowing.” Chicago Parent believes “This is one of those rare shows that works for everyone,” and Northwest Indiana Times raved that “This season’s Cirque Shanghai show can be summed up in three words: ‘Seeing is Believing.’”
Directed by Miao Miao Chen, “Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder” is presented in this exclusive U.S. engagement by Navy Pier in conjunction with International Special Attractions, Ltd. (ISA) production headquarters in Shanghai, China. 
“Cirque Shanghai” will perform May 22 – Sept. 2, with regular run performances as follows:

  • Wednesday at 2, 6 and 8 p.m. 
  • Thursday at 2 and 8 p.m.
  • Friday at 2, 7 and 9 p.m.
  • Saturday at 2, 6 and 8 p.m.
  • Sunday at 2 and 4 p.m.

There will be additional performances on Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday May, 23 at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, May 26 at 8 p.m., Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day) at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Thursday, July 4 at 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 2 (Labor Day) at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Tickets go on sale May 3 and will be available by calling 800-745-3000 or visiting www.ticketmaster.com/shanghai. Discounted tickets for groups of 10 or more are currently available by calling GroupTix at 773.327.3778 or visiting www.grouptix.net.  
Meet The Creative Team

International Special Attractions (ISA) was established in 1989 and over the past two decades has become a world leader in the production of large scale special attractions, events and theatrical productions. Last year, ISA presented The Ice Kingdom, a 13,000 square foot world made entirely of ice, at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, the first time such an attraction had ever been created on the west coast.  ISA’s other ICE! attractions can be seen annually at four Gaylord Hotel locations throughout the United States, and are enjoyed by over 1 million people worldwide each year. ISA was the first company to bring Chinese acrobats to Broadway and also produces Cirque Shanghai, which has performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world.  Additionally, ISA has produced Luminasia for the past three years at The Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY.  ISA clients have included The Walt Disney Company, Gaylord Entertainment, The Queen Mary, The New Victory Theatre in New York, Navy Pier Chicago, The Galt House Hotel, Busch Entertainment Corp and Six Flags, Inc.  Featured Television coverage has aired internationally, on networks including NBC, CBS and ABC to name but a few.

Originally from a classical music background, Haiping Ge was one of the earliest producers serving in the Shanghai government’s Office of Cultural Exchange Affairs. From that office, he hosted many of the first Western entertainers performing in China. For the last two decades, Haiping Ge has been producing shows with ISA for the world’s premium venues. His current productions include: Cirque Shanghai for New Victory Theatre on Broadway; ICE! attractions in Dallas, Nashville, Orlando and Washington D.C. in association with Gaylord Resorts; Luminasia at The Galt House in Louisville, KY, USA. Haiping also produced a Chinese acrobatic show for Disney World, Florida which will run through the end of this year.
Miao Miao Chen is a second-generation performer as well as the show’s director.  She studied with the internationally famous Shenyang Performing Arts Academy beginning at age five, and joined the acclaimed Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, one of the top ten troupes in all of China, at age 13.  Chen is the recipient of a Gold Lion Award from the International Acrobatics Competition in France, and received the top award for Best Innovative Performance in Uruguay.  Chen has performed throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. In 2006 and 2007, Chen worked as a choreographer for “Le Grand Cirque” which has toured in cities across Australia, the United Kingdom and United States. Chen previously directed hit productions of “Cirque Shanghai” in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Located on Lake Michigan, just east of Chicago’s downtown, Navy Pier is the most-visited tourist and leisure destination in the Midwest, welcoming more than 8 million visitors annually.  Originally opened in 1916 as a shipping and recreation facility, it is now one of the country’s preeminent recreation and exposition facilities, showcasing 50 acres of parks, gardens, restaurants, shops, attractions, sightseeing and dining cruise boats, exhibition facilities and more.

Another Successful Year for C2E2

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Soap Box Rants


By Pamela Bratcher-McMillan
President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.


While alternate PETAL et al. team members manned PETAL et al.’s booth at C2E2 at McCormick Place in Chicago, it gave me an opportunity to not just take a look at the great work being displayed in Artists’ Alley, but to also take advantage of some of the panels and exhibits that had a way of grabbing one’s attention. Artists’ Alley may have been the largest we’ve seen in all our years of attending this event…and there’ve been many. The Cosplay participants, particularly the Zombies making their way throughout the event made for an interesting and exciting venue.

“Writing for Video Games” panelists’ David A. Rodriguez and Lewis Harris II shared some very useful insight on getting started in the industry. They shared their experience as video game designers, writers and eventually level builders and more, and pointed out the importance of being able to wear many hats in the industry. They focused on how a game works and why it is crucial to have a story and a plan before you get started with making a game. Both Rodriquez and Harris have vast knowledge and experience with playing games and are avid readers as well. They noted that a game idea can come from anywhere, and talked about the importance of watching everything around you.

Prior to that, there was a presentation by a video game development panel hosted by several game developers, designers and educators, including Ryan Wiemeyer and Allen Turner from DePaul University. Ryan said drive, determination, passion and proof of that will get you in the door of a game design studio. He was passionate about his pursuit of a career in the industry, adding that he knew exactly what he wanted to make great games. Ryan is known for his game “Organ Trail” a parody of the “Oregon Trail” video game, and he is owner and designer of “The Men Who Wear Many Hats”. Allen, the moderator and a host for the panel, is a pioneer in the industry. He has mentored and advised many that are currently working in the industry. He was lead designer/game director for WideLoad games and is currently the owner of Council of Fools.

All participants agreed that video game design and development can be a very challenging, competitive and time-demanding field, but they wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world because there is no job that is more fun or personally rewarding.

Pamela Bratcher-McMillan is a technology Expert and President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.

Chicago’s Merit School of Music named a finalist for the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award

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CHICAGO, IL – Chicago’s Merit School of Music is proud to announce it has been selected as a 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award (NAHYP) Finalist by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and its partner agencies, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

If Merit is chosen to receive an award, the school will receive national acclaim, a $10,000 grant, and an invitation to attend a White House awards ceremony in August hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Merit was named a Finalist for its accomplishments in youth after-school and out-of-school arts and humanities learning.  The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities reviewed a total of 376 nominations from 49 states. According to the President’s Committee, Merit’s selection as one of the 50 Finalists distinguishes it as “one of the top arts- and humanities-based programs in the country.”

Merit School of Music, meritmusic.org, is a non-profit community music school providing high-quality music education to more than 6,000 Chicago-area students, from newborns to age 18. Founded in 1979, Merit transforms the lives of Chicago-area youth by providing the highest quality music education – with a focus on underserved communities – inspiring young people to achieve their full musical and personal potential.  Merit’s esteemed faculty teaches a continuum of instrumental programs leading to the Alice S. Pfaelzer Tuition-Free Conservatory for the most advanced and motivated young musicians.   Merit also provides in-school music instruction to more than 4,000 kids each year through its Bridges: Partners in Music program. 

As a nonprofit organization, Merit School of Music is devoted to giving all children, regardless of their financial abilities, the opportunity to grow through high quality music education. Merit’s student body reflects Chicago’s diversity with 44 percent of its participants of Hispanic origin. Eighty percent receive scholarships and financial aid.

To learn more about Merit’s music education programs, visit meritmusic.org or call 312.786.9428.

Be a Smart Shopper for Mother’s Day

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(A Message from the Better Business Bureau)



Chicago, IL  – Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, is fast approaching.  If you are planning on buying a gift, you should make sure to read the “fine print” that can prevent potential misunderstandings as we honor the 85.4 million mothers in the United States, according to the US Census Bureau. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) reminds consumers it’s important to be a smart shopper when selecting a gift for Mom.


“Picking out a gift carefully is important. It is not uncommon that consumers find themselves in trouble when not all questions have been asked and answered about a product or service.” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Let this be the year you give a carefree gift to Mom.”


The BBB offers the following shopping tips for Mother’s Day gifts:


Gift Cards and Certificates: Check the terms and conditions of any gift card or certificate prior to purchase to ensure that the expiration date and conditions won’t be problematic. If you are giving a gift card to someone who will make online purchases, be sure the gift card is redeemable for internet shopping and not just for in-store use. Make certain on a gift card that the security number hasn’t been revealed prior to purchase.


Electronics: Whether you plan to buy Mom an iPhone, laptop or other electronic device, be sure that you don’t remove it from the box before wrapping it up. Many electronics stores require the original packaging in order to process returns or exchanges.


Clothing or Handbags: If you are planning to purchase clothing or a handbag for Mom, make sure you get a gift receipt in case she decides to return the item.


Cosmetics: If you are interested in purchasing cosmetics or fragrance, speak to the store about their return policy and keep the receipt. If she tries the product and is not satisfied, make sure to be aware of the store’s open item policy.


Guides, Tours and Classes: Yoga, wine tasting and cooking lessons are a fun way to celebrate and spend time with Mom. However, it’s important to get details about these classes and adventures in writing and in advance of the trip. Be sure to clarify all of the factors listed below:


·      Are reservations required and if so, by when?

·      What are the total costs and features?

·      What services and equipment are included?

·      Are taxes or any other charges added?

·      Are there any restrictions or special time requirements?

·      Are there any cancellation or refund penalties or policies?


For more tips you can trust, visit www.bbb.org


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