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National Black Church Initiative lends its 34,000 Church Coalition to overturn Stand Your Ground law in Florida

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Black Church vows to get job done by any means necessary democratically

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans has authorized 3500 black churches in Florida to work with Representative Alan Williams to overturn the Stand Your Ground Law.

The most important living memorial for Trayvon Martin, his family, and every black youth in Florida and across the country is for the church to use its extraordinary power to overturn and kill the Stand Your Ground Law. This law has caused great legal complications for prosecutors.

The Rev. Anthony Evans said, “From the time this incident has happened, we have vowed to bring justice for our little black boys and we will not stop until it is done by any means necessary- non-violence.”

Florida Democratic State Rep. Alan Williams has introduced a bill in the legislature that would do away with the Stand Your Ground defense, which law enforcement personnel and district attorneys have said makes their job harder in prosecuting shootings. Many believe the Florida legislature won’t overturn the law, but changes have been bandied about by the Republican majority, which is a good thing…The death of Trayvon exposed the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a shadowy, corporate-funded group that has been one of the leading forces behind stand-your-ground laws. Once the light hit them, their involvement in other issues, such as voter ID laws, was made public.”[1]

About NBCI

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of 34,000 churches working to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. NBCI’s mission is to provide critical wellness information to all of its members, congregants, churches and the public. NBCI offers faith-based, out-of-the box and cutting edge solutions to stubborn economic and social issues. NBCI’s programs are governed by credible statistical analysis, science based strategies and techniques, and methods that work. Visit our website at www.naltblackchurch.com.

Slashed budget leaves indigent defendants lawyerless

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Louisiana Weekly

By Tom Gogola

Slashed Budget Leaves Indigent Defendants Lawyerless

Draconian cuts in the budget for lawyers who represent indigent defendants have come back to haunt the Orleans Parish criminal justice system.

Upwards of 500 indigent defendants may have been locked up without the benefit of an assigned defense attorney over the past year, according to a brief filed today in the state Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal. The brief charges that “many indigent people facing serious criminal charges in New Orleans do not have attorneys.

” The court papers were filed by William Quigley, a constitutional and civil rights attorney who teaches at the Loyola College of Law.

Quigley said that prior to layoffs last year, one division of the Orleans Public Defenders represented over 500 people, all of whom were cut loose from their counselors as the budget ax fell.

“It is not clear what happened to those 500 people,” he wrote.

One judge on the Orleans Parish criminal court bench has responded to the public-defender crunch by refusing to let prosecutions go forward in cases involving multiple defendants — to the dismay of Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

In February 2012, Orleans Public Defenders was forced to cut about $2.5 million from its $9.5 million budget to close an anticipated fiscal year-end shortfall. That led to layoffs and other cuts — and an attendant spike in caseloads for the remaining group of about 60 defense attorneys.

In addition to layoffs, the caseload crunch has been worsened by prosecutors charging multiple defendants in an increasing number of high-profile, mid-level felony cases.

Last year’s budget bust forced the public defenders organization to close a division of its operations devoted to ensuring defendants’ rights in cases where conflicts between co-defendants may arise. It reopened months later but with less than half its original staffing.

In the meantime, up to 500 defendants were either released on bond or locked up at the Orleans Parish jail, never having been assigned a defense lawyer as they await their day in court.

In today’s court filing, Quigley asserts defendant Christopher Gordon’s constitutional right to a competent defense. Gordon in September was co-charged with another man on felony drug possession charges.

Gordon was arraigned and entered a not-guilty plea last October, and in December, Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter put the brakes on his case based on Quigley’s argument that Gordon could not be prosecuted without first being assigned a criminal defense lawyer.

Quigley is not a criminal defense lawyer.

“At my request Judge Hunter has stayed the prosecution of a number of these cases,” Quigley said.

Chief public defender Derwyn Bunton said the city’s numerous new anti-violence and anti-crime initiatives are driving the spike in the number of cases involving multiple defendants. He cited a recent racketeering case that involved 10 defendants.

“When that case hit the system, I thought: I hope some of them have private counsel, because this case is not going anywhere,” Bunton said. “There are more and more of these cases coming through the criminal justice system.”

The Orleans Public Defenders’ Office fields a unit called the Conflict Division, which is charged with determining how multiple defendants charged on a single bill of information can be defended. Often the defendants are singled out and defended individually.

The indigent lawyers’ organization also funded a Conflict Panel, comprised of lawyers working as contractors for Orleans Public Defenders. Panel members took over representation of a co-defendant when conflicts arose among the rights and interests of others charged in the same case.

But the 10-person internal Conflict Division office was temporarily shuttered in early 2012, Quigley said. The money for outside contract lawyers dried up, and other Orleans Public Defenders’ attorneys were left holding the bag for the swelling number of indigent defendants entitled to legal representation.

Hunter took matters into his own hands late last summer.

Transcripts provided to The Lens show that he put lawyers from Orleans Parish Defenders’ under oath and forced them to cough up their caseload numbers. One said her caseload was 179.

Hunter then started un-assigning Orleans Parish Defenders lawyers from cases involving multiple defendants. He reached out to lawyers around the city to step into the breach he had created. Hunter said he could not comment for this story. “This is active litigation,” he said, “it would be more appropriate for [Quigley] to answer your questions than for me to answer them.”

“Hunter’s concern is justice for the people,” Bunton said. “He’s seeing overburdened lawyers in an overburdened office, and defendants — some may be innocent, or they may be over-charged, and he wants them to be able to stand up to the forces of the government to give them a fair trial.”

Enter Quigley.

“When [Hunter] started this process, as far as I know, he’d always appoint Bill Quigley, unappoint our office, and then Quigley would file a motion saying they didn’t have lawyers and he could only participate in a limited capacity,” Bunton said.

But, since Quigley wasn’t handling their criminal cases, some indigent defendants would go back to their cells confident only in the knowledge that their constitutional right to a defense lawyer was being looked after, even if they had no counsel in their criminal defense.

“The judge’s action left a lot of folks without lawyers,” Bunton said.

In an email to The Lens, Quigley said that before he was brought in, Hunter was able to find lawyers to handle several dozen cases involving co-defendants, but that he eventually “ran out of competent lawyers.”

With Quigley on board, Hunter has said he won’t allow prosecutions of un-defended indigents to go forward.

That news did not sit well with a District Attorney’s office tasked with prosecuting alleged perpetrators. It filed writs of its own in state court arguing against Quigley’s move.

“It is ironic that they have counsel coming in to court, lawyers who are filing briefs on their behalf complaining that they aren’t being represented,” said Chris Bowman, an assistant district attorney and spokesman for District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.”

The Conflict Division at Orleans Parish Defenders was reopened in August but with about half the staff it had previously fielded. Its fiscal year begins in July, and Bunton said the new fiscal year gave his organization a chance to re-up its co-defendant unit.

“We hit the wall in early 2012,” Bunton said. “At that point we couldn’t handle conflicts at all. We had a restart in July and slowly picked ourselves up from the ashes, but still with the understanding that, as cases were coming in, we’d run out of capacity — and that’s been the case.”

Contacting The Lens after initial publication of this article, Orleans Parish Defenders’ spokesperson Lindsey Hortenstine said the office today is keeping up with demand and that any indigent defendant who needs their services is getting them.

Today’s brief from Quigley follows on a prior writ filed with the state court by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office that rejected Gordon’s claims of indigence.

The district attorney also questioned the legality of Quigley’s “limited representation in this matter” and claims that Quigley didn’t have a consultation with Gordon, a prerequisite to assure that a client “will understand the dangers that may be inherent in contracting for limited legal services.”

The prosecutor’s office further argued that there was no evidence that Gordon qualified for the appointment of a public defender, or that a hearing was ever conducted to determine counsel for him.

“Accordingly, Mr. Quigley’s assertion that his client is being denied effective assistance of counsel is premature,” the district attorney’s office argued.

With Quigley’s brief rejecting Cannizzaro’s assertions, Bowman said his office’s next move would be to file writs of mandamus in state court to order Hunter to appoint counsel.

“It’s the judge’s responsibility to appoint counsel to defendants who can’t afford counsel,” he said.

The above article was reported by The Lens, an independent, nonprofit news site in New Orleans. It was originally published in the March 11, 2013 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper.

Madigan announces $7 million settlement over Google Street View

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Agreement Bans Unauthorized Data Collection, Requires Privacy Training for Employees & National Campaign on Protecting Personal Information

CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan joined with 37 states and the District of Columbia to announce a $7 million settlement with Google over its collection of personal data of Illinois residents and from consumers across the country while gathering data for its popular Street View service.

Under the agreement, Google also has agreed to destroy the personal data it collected, which could have included people’s emails, passwords and browsing history shared over wireless Internet connections.

“While this agreement puts a stop to Google’s unwarranted data collection, it should serve as an important reminder to Illinois residents to take the necessary steps to protect their personal information online,” Madigan said.

Google Street View allows users to view actual photographs when using Google’s map service or driving direction service. Google collects the images for Street View using vehicles equipped with antennae and open-source software that travel all over the world to photograph homes, buildings and other landmarks to include in these location-based services.

The agreement addresses practices by Google between 2008 and March 2010, when Street View vehicles collected network identification information for use in future geolocation services. At the same time, Google was collecting and storing data frames and other “payload data” that was being transmitted by consumers over unsecured business and personal wireless networks. Payload data can include user emails, passwords and browsing activity.

Google has since disabled or removed the equipment and software used to collect payload data from its Street View vehicles. Under the agreement with Madigan and the attorneys general, Google must not collect any additional information without notice and consent.

Google has maintained that it never used the data collected and that the information collected in the United States was not disclosed to a third party. Under the agreement, information collected by Google was segregated and secured and must now be destroyed.

In addition, Google must conduct employee trainings on privacy and confidentiality of user data for at least 10 years. The company must also conduct a public service advertising campaign to help educate consumers about steps they may take to better secure their personal information while using wireless networks.

Protect Your Online Identity

Madigan also recommended Illinois residents consult OnGuard Online, a consortium of federal government agencies and technology industry experts, which recommends additional precautionary steps to secure wireless networks and to ensure safe web browsing. The steps below are provided by OnGuard Online:

  1. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software and a firewall: Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Keep them up-to-date, and check to ensure that your firewall is turned on.
  2. Change the identifier on your router from the default. The identifier (SSID) for your router is likely to be a standard, default ID assigned by the manufacturer to all hardware of that model. Change your identifier to something only you know, and remember to configure the same unique ID into your wireless router and your computer so they can communicate.
  3. Change your router’s pre-set password for administration: The manufacturer assigned the router a standard default password. Those default passwords are available to anyone, including hackers, so change it to something only you know. When choosing a password, make sure to choose one of sufficient length and complexity to prevent it from being hacked.
  4. Turn off your wireless network when you know you won’t use it: If you turn the router off when you’re not using it, you can limit the amount of time that it is susceptible to a hack.
  5. Don’t assume public Wi-Fi networks are secure: Café, hotel and airport “hot spots” are convenient, but they are not secure

Joining Madigan were attorneys general from Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Van Hise handled the case for Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau.

Web Venture addresses minority unemployment

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Oppsplace.com, an RLJ Company, joins with BET Digital and Uptown Media to provide access to jobs and opportunities for diverse talent

Career And Procurement Opportunities Will Be Made Available Across Networking Platforms

Bethesda, MD (BlackNews.com) — OppsPlace, LLC, an RLJ Company, announced it has joined efforts with Black Entertainment Television (BET) Digital and UPTOWN Media to create a multifaceted cross promotional web-based venue designed to address minority unemployment and help users find jobs and opportunities from leading Fortune 500 companies that truly value diversity and inclusion.

OppsPlace.com, created by Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies and founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), is a new online portal for diverse individuals and business owners looking to find employment opportunities in corporate America. With over 20,000 open jobs on OppPlace.com, OppsPlace gives top talent countless opportunities to get their foot in the door at leading corporations around the country. There are currently thousands of job vacancies available in entry-level, mid-level, and senior executive levels.

Today’s announcement marks the beginning of multiple media partners who firmly believe in Robert L. Johnson’s mission of providing a solution to the current unemployment crisis in America — particularly among minorities. The strategic alliance between OppsPlace, BET Digital, and UPTOWN Media will increase awareness about the thousands of employment opportunities and provide valuable content in key areas such as career success, business development, and gaining financial stability.

“We are excited to work with BET Digital and UPTOWN Media in this collaborative effort to assist diverse individuals in finding employment in leading companies that truly understand the business case for diversity and inclusion. By working collaboratively on the unemployment issue, we are confident that thousands of unemployed people will have access to wonderful job opportunities that are available on our OppsPlace platform,” said Kelli Richardson Lawson, President and COO of OppsPlace, LLC. “BET and UPTOWN are two of the top media networks within the minority community and I cannot think of better allies in helping to find a solution to minority unemployment and other issues that directly impact African Americans.”

Each site will feature links to job postings from companies looking to further their commitments to diversity in hiring and employment. In addition to opportunities, job seekers will have access to weekly editorial content, expert advice, blogs, and newsletters on topics such as career, business and finance, and can participate in real-time networking forums discussing the latest job numbers, upcoming events and other employment news.

Job opportunities will be available and cross-promoted through OppsPlace.com, BET.com, and Uptown magazine.com starting mid-March, 2013. Each networking site will announce new openings and career advice via their respective social media outlets, direct marketing, and career fair and industry events across the country.

Visit www.oppsplace.com, www.bet.com, or www.uptownmagazine.com for more information and opportunities available in your industry.
About The RLJ Companies:
The RLJ Companies, founded by Robert L. Johnson, is an innovative business network that provides strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies. Within The RLJ Companies portfolio, Johnson owns or holds interests in businesses operating in a publicly traded hotel real estate investment trust; private equity; financial services; asset management; insurance services; automobile dealerships; sports and entertainment; and video lottery terminal (VLT) gaming. The RLJ Companies is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with affiliate operations in Charlotte, NC; Little Rock, AR; Los Angeles, CA; San Juan, PR; and Monrovia, Liberia. Prior to founding The RLJ Companies, Johnson was founder and chairman of Black Entertainment Television (BET). For more information, visit: www.rljcompanies.com.

About OppsPlace:
OppsPlace, LLC created by Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies and Ariel Friedler, CEO of Symplicity Corporation, is the preeminent online network for minorities looking to build net worth. It is the only online community that aggregates rich content, minorities looking for jobs and minority businesses seeking to do business with U.S. corporations – all in a robust networking environment. OppsPlace provides U.S. companies with the best opportunity to find qualified, minority job seekers and minority businesses in one online destination. For more information, visit www.oppsplace.com. Media Inquiries: Traci Otey Blunt 240-744-7858 or press@rljcompanies.com

About BET Digital:
BET Digital is the interactive arm of BET Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B) and the preeminent provider of quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs initiatives for the consumers of African-American culture. BET.com, the premier online destination managed by BET Digital, is a leading Internet source for Black entertainment, music, culture, and news. Other divisions managed by BET Digital portfolio include BET Mobile, which provides apps, ringtones, games and video content for wireless devices; Centric.tv, the online extension for CENTRIC; BET Video On Demand (VOD), one of the largest On Demand service providing African-American content; and the BET Vertical Ad Network, a leading advertising network targeting the high quality consumers of African-American culture with more than 150 content publishers.

About Uptown Ventures Group:
Founded in 2004, Uptown Ventures Group is the only luxury lifestyle company targeting the Affluent African American (AAA) Market. UPTOWN Magazine affords luxury purveyors the broadest access to this highly sought-after demographic. Uptown Media Group, LLC offers traditional and innovative strategies, including UPTOWN Magazine (published 6 times per year with NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Detroit and National editions); Uptown Professional (Published 2 times a year) interactive website UPTOWNmagazine.com, lifestyle guide UPTOWNsocial and Uptown’s signature events.

There is an answer to reducing gun violence in Chicago

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It lies at 1210 West 78th Pl., Chicago, IL
By Chinta Strausberg
There is an answer to reducing gun violence in Chicago if only lawmakers and elected officials would take heed, and it can be replicated all over this city, all over this nation if there is unity of purpose.
Saint Sabina’s Father Michael L. Pfleger’s “PEACEMAKERS” Anti-Violence program has been in place since September 15, 2012 when he struck a peace accord with four rival gangs in the Auburn Gresham community. His September 22, 2012 PEACE basketball tournament is now history as is the peace that still exists in that community.
No, it doesn’t take the military. No, it doesn’t take the flooding of our community with police or rounding up gang leaders and threatening them which only increases gang violence.
All it takes are GENUINE LOVE, COMMITMENT, and A HOLISTIC PLAN THAT INCLUDES FREE EDUCATION COUPLED WITH A VIABLE JOBS PROGRAM. What it does not take are empty political promises and feel-good press conferences that evaporate soon after the news goes off the air.
Father Pfleger has provided 62 street organization youth with intern jobs and another 20 will begin in two-weeks. That’s LOVE.
Father Pfleger has put more than 50 in GED classes and for those who pass is assisting them to go on to City Colleges. That’s LOVE.
Father Pfleger has bought those who have been “great voices” in keeping the peace 16 suits. That’s LOVE.
Father Pfleger has provided mentors. That’s LOVE.
Father Pfleger has provided legal help in assisting them to clean up their records–expungement for those who qualify. That’s LOVE.
Last week, Father Pfleger held his Peace League banquet at the Salaam Restaurant–a fitting name since Salaam means PEACE– where he passed out the trophies and special awards to the leaders of the street organizations who have helped maintain the peace in the Auburn Gresham community. Bulls star Joakim Noah came. That’s LOVE.
By the end of this month, Father Pfleger said 82 of the brothers will have intern JOBS and close to 60 in GED. That’s LOVE.
There will be more major programs coming down the pipeline thanks to Father Pfleger for he’ll never stop until there is peace in the streets. That’s LOVE.
And, finally, the weekly PEACEMAKERS basketball games will resume 7 p.m. on every Monday at Saint Sabina’s ARK, 7800 So. Racine. That’s genuine LOVE.
Tell me peace cannot exist in Chicago!! It can if only politicians and elected officials will listen to what can and has been working, but it only done so because of HARD WORK like what Father Pfleger has produced especially when the cameras were not around. He is like the Everready bunny…he just keeps on working and following what Jesus has instructed him to do—work towards achieving peace and to do so without disrespecting our troubled youth. Now, today, we have former rival gang members who once shot at each other, shooting HOOPS OF LOVE on the same gym floor and who are sitting side-by-side in classrooms revitalizing their minds and discovering the treasure troves of talents that were hidden behind weapons of mass destruction.
Out of the weekly marches that often ended in the dark came a beacon of light that today is guiding our youth away from jails and prisons and into potential careers that can earn them millions of dollars and to a path where they in turn can reach back and help their misguided brothers and sisters to choose another path in life.
I thank God for Father Pfleger and pray every day that God continues to give him strength and wisdom to continue the gospel of Jesus and be convicted like his mentor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to carry on his mission of peace even though his critics continue to cast proverbial stones at him. As Pfleger did when he was 16-years-old standing on the side watching his friends and neighbors throwing stones at Dr. King as he marched for open housing in Marquette Park, let that image of strength, conviction and peace continue to be your guiding light and may you continue to pass on that torch to our children.
As you said recently, “There can be a pipeline to prison, but there can be a pipeline to success. We’re going to change the pipeline…” and he is doing just that. There is an answer to ending violence, but it’s hard, gritty work.
Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

Classrooms First legislation passes House committee

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – After hearing testimony from Lt. Governor Sheila Simon, the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee unanimously passed Classrooms First Commission legislation that will make it easier for school districts to voluntarily consolidate. House Bill 2267, sponsored by Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria), now moves to the full House for consideration.

Simon, the state’s point person on education reform, served as the chairperson of the bipartisan Classrooms First Commission, which examined ways school districts could reduce duplicative spending and improve educational offerings. Based on the Commission’s findings, legislation approved by committee would allow non-contiguous school districts to consolidate, small schools to dissolve voluntarily without referenda and high school districts to tie consolidation dates to capital funding.

“We want Illinois to lead the nation in education performance, not bureaucracy,” said Simon. “This legislation will make it easier for school districts to put their students first by dedicating resources to expanding classroom opportunities, and I would like to thank Rep. Gordon-Booth for her continued work to move this bill though the House.”

The Classrooms First Commission was comprised of P-20 stakeholders including teachers, administrators and parents and it held public hearings across the state on school district consolidation last year. You can learn more about the commission’s recommendations here.

Better Business Bureau recognizes the Top Arbitrator at Annual Gala

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CHICAGO, ILBrian T. O’Connor will receive the Arbitrator of the Year Award from the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) at the group’s 86th Annual Dinner Meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2013, at the Chicago Downtown Marriot. This award is presented to the BBB arbitrator who best exemplifies the qualities and skills in assisting people using the BBB Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.

“As an arbitrator, Mr. O’Connor has greatly assisted individuals and businesses come to fair and equitable agreements,” said Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois.

O’Connor was certified as a Better Business Bureau Auto Line Arbitrator for the Chicago office in the fall of 2011. Since then, he has arbitrated more than a dozen Auto Line cases, in addition to several other types of consumer cases.

After completing undergraduate studies and law school at Marquette University, O’Connor worked here in Chicago as a trial attorney, before entering the corporate world, where he performed subsidiary general counsel roles for Coca-Cola and Ameritech. O’Conner then moved to become vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs for T-Mobile USA in Washington, D.C.

O’Connor has served on the board of directors of The Civic Federation and on the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois, prior to his move to Washington D.C. He returned to the Chicago area in 2004 to provide legal and consulting services to a variety of start-up enterprises.

The People have been fed blatant lies – and we dared to digest it

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To lie is to deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth, intentionally. A lie is an intent to deceive.

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

From a spiritual prospective, I believe that the eyes of God are upon us at all times! And, with the eyes of God going through the earth caring that His words of righteousness not return back to Him void… I honestly believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will not suffer evil things that are intentionally perpetrated against His people to prosper! God is watching!

Evils forces from Washington to the State House, Educational institutions and some other influential fronts, are causing the people of God to suffer greatly in the areas of housing, nutrition, education, health and welfare and a list of other services that are paramount to one’s constructive lifestyle. Yet, people in Washington, Springfield, Chicago, and other cities across the United States, continue as though nothing matters as long as it does not affect their families and friends. But God is watching!

These evil forces are terribly short-sighted and care less about others… until it begins to breathe down the neck of their immediate peers. Those persons who act in concert to deprive innocent taxpayers will sooner than later do some serious reaping what’s sown. You just can’t misuse people without expecting dire consequences or what is also called the law-of-retribution! God is watching!

Affected by the ill-fated moves are African-American and Hispanics, who genuinely cannot help themselves in any manner… The John/Mary Doe’s depend on those appointed to fight for the public’s welfare. However, some leaders could care less as they continue to deceive! God is watching!

However, in the mist of all the trauma and drama, some actually believe that they can continuously betray the community and bring forth their partners who have become complicities in their crime. Strange as it seems – when the wagon comes – everybody goes. And where are the so-called friends then?

But above all, our youth who have been deceived, received many years of incarceration, and were set-aside by the people who themselves should be incarcerated for community deceitfulness and betrayal, the question becomes: Who’s going to jail! God is watching!

Of whom do I speak: To those who have been assigned awesome responsibilities to govern our cities, counties, states and the many public institutions that care for the citizenship of these Not-so-United States. Yes, I’m speaking to those who have intentionally fed a lie to us and asked us to digest it!

God is watching all of us, as the Heavenly hosts are documenting our life’s story in the Lamps Book of life … which is an all inclusive!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network:

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network

Young Black millionaire sets sales record with new book release, offers special book sample

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Thirty-three-year-old entrepreneur with a multimillion-dollar company reveals secrets to achieving business success. Aims to replicate the popularity of his Internet blog and inspire millions of entrepreneurs with his new book

ATLANTA, GA (BlackNews.com) — On the heels of winning a competitive bid for a $40 million project, Kevin D. Johnson, president and CEO of Johnson Media Inc., releases his book entitled The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs. The book, which reached a company record of 1,276 pre-order sales, shares secrets to thinking like top entrepreneurs and achieving business success.

The release of The Entrepreneur Mind comes at a time when millions of Americans are opting to find the American Dream through entrepreneurship. According to a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation, a leading nonprofit that promotes entrepreneurship, the percentage of Americans starting businesses in 2010 and 2009 was the highest in 15 years. The Entrepreneur Mind will help these new entrepreneurs as well as advanced entrepreneurs achieve success and sustainability. Moreover, the book is already being used at colleges and universities, including Plymouth University in the United Kingdom.

Providing a fresh and unique approach to entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneur Mind gives readers 100 essential ways of thinking that lead to a high level of business success. Through the conviction of Johnson’s own personal experience running a multimillion-dollar company and the compelling stories of modern-day business tycoons like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Sara Blakely (Spanx), he transforms an oftentimes complex topic into a lucid, accessible, and practical one. Areas covered are Strategy, Education, People, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Leadership, and Motivation. Lessons include:

* How to think big
* Who makes the best business partners
* What captivates investors
* When to abandon a business idea
* Where to avoid opening a business bank account
* Why elite entrepreneurs create new markets

“I strongly believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born. If you study and adopt the ways of thinking of the best entrepreneurs and then turn your thoughts into actions, you have a formula for winning in business. Essentially, The Entrepreneur Mind is that formula. Based on the overwhelming response from segments shared online and amazing pre-order sales, this book will help and inspire many more,” Johnson stated.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, the book is available on Amazon.com, in Barnes & Noble, and via the book’s official web site and blog at www.TheEntrepreneurMind.com. Customers who purchase the book from the official web site receive a discount and a personalized signed copy of the book. To download a PDF sample of the book, visit www.theentrepreneurmind.com/booksample.pdf

For more information about The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs, please visit www.TheEntrepreneurMind.com or contact publicist Jennifer Madden at 404-961-5700 or jennifer@johnsonmedia.com.

“Kevin Johnson is definitely playing a pivotal role in contributing to our entrepreneurship age.” — Vivian Giang, reporter, Business Insider

Book Details:
Title: The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs
ISBN: 978-0-9884797-0-8
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Johnson Media Inc. (JM); First edition (March 2013)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.70 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces
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Kevin D. Johnson, 33, founder of Johnson Media Inc. and a serial entrepreneur, has over thirteen years of experience leading his multimillion-dollar marketing and communications company that serves many Fortune 100 businesses. As an innovative leader and dynamic speaker, he has appeared on CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS, Oprah Radio, and in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and son.

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Welcome to CopyLine Magazine! The first issue of CopyLine Magazine was published in November, 1990, by Editor & Publisher Juanita Bratcher. CopyLine’s main focus is on the political arena – to inform our readers and analyze many of the pressing issues of the day - controversial or otherwise. Our objectives are clear – to keep you abreast of political happenings and maneuvering in the political arena, by reporting and providing provocative commentaries on various issues. For more about CopyLine Magazine, CopyLine Blog, and CopyLine Television/Video, please visit juanitabratcher.com, copylinemagazine.com, and oneononetelevision.com. Bratcher has been a News/Reporter, Author, Publisher, and Journalist for 33 years. She is the author of six books, including “Harold: The Making of a Big City Mayor” (Harold Washington), Chicago’s first African-American mayor; and “Beyond the Boardroom: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders,” about John Herman Stroger, Jr., the first African-American elected President of the Cook County Board. Bratcher is also a Poet/Songwriter, with 17 records – produced by HillTop Records of Hollywood, California. Juanita Bratcher Publisher

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