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Dick Gregory protege pens powerful Occupy Movement Song Oh-No! Anthem to inspire Occupy protestors during Chicago’s NATO Summit

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Oh-No! Anthem to inspire Occupy protestors during Chicago’s NATO Summit

Chicago, Illinois  – A young musician whose activism and devotion to the Occupy Movement mimic that of his mentor and hero Dick Gregory, has composed a powerful song and video that has energized protestors at past rallies. Since the video captures dramatic footage of confrontations between Occupiers and law enforcement, protestors will utilize it during the upcoming NATO Summit as a reminder to be vigilant and to deploy nonviolent tactics in dealing with police.
The song and video have won acclaim from Gregory, Occupiers and generated over 1 million downloads because it powerfully captures the message of the Movement.

Titled “Oh-No,” and written by Chicago native William “Wril” Brown, the spirited, poignant, rhythmic video and edgy in-your-face tune can be viewed and downloaded at http://www.ohnorevolution.com

A dynamic young lyricist, Brown penned the tune while in jail after being arrested – along with Gregory – during an Occupy protest against BP.

Described as “Music from the Heartbeat of the Revolution,” Malik Yusef, a Grammy-Award winning songwriter and producer has joined other music critics in praising the tune and comparing its power to “We Shall Overcome” and the other call-to-action music from the Civil Rights Movement.

Embodying the frustrations of the 99%, “Oh No!” eloquently captures the passion and message of the Occupy Movement and features Wril, Dick Gregory and hip-hop artist Truth.

Since first being introduced, the video has galvanized youth Occupiers and other protestors during rallies in Greensboro, North Carolina and in Atlanta.  With over 100,000 private views, the videotune is quickly emerging as the anthem of the Occupy Movement.

Dick Gregory, who is hailed as “the original Occupier” because of his legacy of protest during the Civil Rights Movement, t has been trumpeting the video for its dynamism and its powerful message.

“Wril’s video highlights the breadth, depth and heart of Occupy Wall Street and other Oh-No movements across the country,” declared Gregory.

It was on the strength of his admiration of Dick Gregory that Wril immersed himself deeper in the protest movement. When he first met Gregory    he developed a deep connection with the legendary comedian-turned-activist. He joined Gregory in his protest against BP for not providing financial compensation to the poor Gulf residents who were victims of BP’s gross negligence — though BP had earned billions of dollars in profits. Wril was arrested alongside Gregory when they staged a protest at British Petroleum’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The goal was to focus attention on the plight of the many lives and businesses that were devastated by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oilrig explosion.

Singer/songwriter Wril was so stirred by the injustice surrounding the crisis that, similar to the epiphany that sparked Dr. King to write his letters from a Birmingham jail, Wril was also inspired to pen the song “Oh No!” while in jail following the BP arrest.

The quick-paced video captures the passion, angst and overall message of the Occupy Movement in dramatic footage.  Among the scenes captured in the four-minute “docutune” are the arrests, the hauling off to jail of members and the highly-controversial pepper spraying of young innocent protestors who were silently voicing their protests during a sit-in at the University of California – Davis.  Pictured silently sitting while being sprayed, the act elicited worldwide outrage and symbolized the force that authorities have wielded in the face of non-violent peaceful protests.

In the video, Wril intersperses scenes from the protests with the refrain: Oh No!

In compelling musical snippets, the video dramatically spans the country depicting the outrage of the Occupy Movement.  The video underscores the energy and the transformation from despair to defiance of the 99% who see the banking policies as being destructive of the aspirations and hopes of those considered outside of the power network and who are victimized by the policies of the 1%.

“I have always wanted my music to express who I am as a person, to reflect my strong feelings about injustice and inspire others to take action to better our lives,” says Wril. “This song and video ‘Oh-No’ embodies the frustrations of many Americans and captures the passion of the Occupy Movement.”

Says legendary activist Dick Gregory: “The gifted young songwriter and vocalist Wril has a spirit of activism and social consciousness that harkens back to those revolutionaries and freedom fighters from the ’60 and ’70s whose brave sacrifices helped bring about the landmark changes of the Civil Rights Movement.

“With strong and committed activists like Wril acting as drum majors for justice, freedom and equality,” Gregory continues, “the Occupy Movement will achieve all of its lofty goals and mirror the success we enjoyed during the Civil Rights Era.”

About Dick Gregory:
Dick Gregory is a legendary comedian and entrepreneur known for his extended fasting to protest injustices and his Bahamian diet. His renown as an entertainer and businessman is matched by his social activism.  He has been outspoken about hundreds of human rights issues since the 1960’s and recently staged a protest against BP for the fraudulent and callous way they handled the BP oil spill.  An icon from the Civil Rights Movement, he has become active in the Occupy Wall Street movement and finds parallels between the protests of the ’60s and the outrage against banks and corporations of today. He says that the issue in both Movements revolves around justice and equity -two principles that are dear to him and for which he continues to fight.

About William “Wril” Brown:
William “Wril” Brown is a singer/lyricist whose talent has won admiration and praise from the legendary duo Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, as well as that of literary icon Maya Angelou, for his song “Forever and Ever I Do,” which he wrote and delivers with exceptional musicality. Wril’s depth, breadth and scope are dramatized by his versatility as a vocalist, songwriter and musician.

As a musician, he has a love affair with the piano that goes back to his church roots. As a vocalist, Wril boasts a falsetto that falls in love with every note. The passion that he brings to every tune makes his delivery memorable and captivating. As a songwriter, he digs deep into the core of his soul to capture the emotions of a tune.
The themes that dominate his writing revolve around his love and admiration for women and the sentimentality of family. His respect for women is mirrored in the acronym of his name: Wril stands for Women Really Inspire Love.

For more information, contact Melody M. McDowell – 312-371-8917

Grieving parents, Father Pfleger honor mothers of slain children

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Mothers: ‘Don’t be afraid. Turn in the shooters’


By Chinta Strausberg


CHICAGO, IL – Joining members of the “Purpose Over Pain” coalition which hosted Sunday’s press conference held by Saint Sabina’s “Memorial Wall” which contains photos of slain children located at 78th Place and Racine was Father Michael L. Pfleger who prayed for the mothers and presented each with a red rose and a pink balloon that included the name of their child written in a black marker.

“For many people today, this is a very difficult day,” said Pfleger. “While many celebrate and going out to dinner…celebrating the gift of their children, for these mothers that are here, it is a day of struggle, a day of pain and a day of hurt.”

But, the reason “Purpose Over Pain,” a group of mothers and fathers who lost their children to gun violence, held the press conference was to explained that “we don’t want the pain of their lost to rob them of the gift of their motherhood,” said Pfleger. “We don’t want violence to win out. We don’t want violence and the enemy to have more power than the gift of the lives these mothers gave.

“We came here today to wrap our arms around these mothers to let them now that they do not stand alone. We stand together as a family of faith. We stand together as brothers and sisters who walk this journey as painful as it may be sometimes together.” He said there is a support group that will stand with them.

To the mothers, Pfleger said, “We come to celebrate you and let you know that even though it is painful for you right now, we understand that your children may not be here to take you out to breakfast, your children may not be here to buy you some gifts, but your children are here from the balconies of heaven to say happy Mother’s Day. Your children are standing in the balconies of heaven to say ‘We love you’ and they are thanking God for you.”

On behalf of their children, Pfleger presented each of the mothers with a red rose. “Don’t let the violence rob you. You have these children love…. We thank God for you,” said Pfleger who prayed for the mothers. With heads bowed, he said, “The word tells us you are able to give us comfort. The word tells us that you know our pains and your word comes to give us comfort in the midst of our pains….

“We know if we lean on you and not to our own understanding that you will give us strength, that you are light in the midst of darkness, and hope in the midst of hopelessness, that you can give us peace that surpasses all understanding, that you can give us peace in the midst of things we don’t understand and can’t make sense of.

“I ask you God, to wrap your arms around each of these mothers, let them feel your presence. Let them feel your strength. Let them hear your voice that says to each of them even in the midst of their pain, I am with you. We ask that you continue to hold them close to you.

“We call on Mary, the mother of Jesus, because she knows what it’s like to lose a son to violence,” said Pfleger. “So, Mary stand with each of these mothers today that they like you can hold on to God, hold on to their faith and put their trust in him…. Let them know, they do not stand alone and that even they are physically separated from their children, that spiritually their children look down from them in Heaven’s Row they are on this day in the throne of God thanking God for each of their mothers.”

Pam Bosley, the mother of Terrell Bosley, 18, who was fatally shot on April 4, 2006 while standing in a church parking lot, told reporters: “We stand on behalf of mothers who lost their children to violence.  We stand on behalf of mothers who cannot get out of bed because they lost their children to violence. We stand here today for mothers who lost their minds, their health…

“We’re going to march today on behalf of the cowards who continue to murder and take our children every single day,” said Bosley who announced they were going to march against those officials who say crime has been reduced 2 percent but in Englewood it went up 40 percent. “Are they counting us out? We march against those telling us counting us out and our youth out….”

More than 50 mothers who lost their children to gun violence took black markers and wrote the names of their children on pink balloons. Clutching pictures of their slain children and holding the strings of the balloons, they told of the pain they continue to suffer due to gun violence that has forever changed their lives.

Nayda Figueroa, who held a picture of her grandson, Joseph Perez, 17, who was shot ten times by a gangbanger on November 1, 2007. “Today means I will not get a hug from my grandson or see that beautiful smile,” she said her eyes tearing up.

Wanda Slater held a picture of her son, Reginald Raylo, 22, who was killed August 1, 2010 at 8434 S. Euclid. “He was at a party with some friends and some guys in a car came by and did a drive by shooting and he and his friend were both murdered,” the distraught mother said clutching the picture of her son.

Tamoa Butler, whose son, Darius Parish, 20, was killed November 7, 2011. Sunday was her first Mother’s Day without her son. Slater said her son was killed at 62nd and Damen in a dive by shooting.

Myrna Roman held a picture of her son, Manuel Manny Roman, 23, who was shot on November 1, 2009 and died December 5, 2009. He was coming out of a gas station where he purchased a can of Coca-Cola; the mother said her voice cracking from grief. “ “His wife was pregnant at the time” he was shot. “We have three children being raised without a father not by choice, which makes me very angry.

“We did everything we were supposed to as parents to raise our children right; yet someone took their lives away. I am hurting. I’m angry and I’m tired of hearing that there are other statistics out there. I raise my son not to be a statistic, not to be involved in drugs…or gangs, to be a good father, to be a good mentor to his sons and his babies and now he ends up being a statistic? I am really angry….

Marvis Robinson, held a picture of her son, Rashad Robinson, 19. He was fatally shot on March 1, 2011.  He was at 111th and Wentworth when he was shot. “He was standing outside talking to his friends and talking on the phone to some girl, as usual.

“A guy came out of the alley and shot him three times. He was shooting at the crowd, and he was the first one to fall. Then the guy walked over and said, ‘This n—-‘ is still alive’ and shot him two more times,” she recalled. “He was my only son,” Robinson said saying this is her second Mother’s Day without her son.

Marsha Lee, held a picture of her son, Thomas Lee, 20, who was killed on August 14, 2008 at 147th and Loomis when he came out of a store in Harvey, IL. “So that this crowd does not continue to grow, it takes one thing for us to do. Many of us know that our children are involved in. Many of us know that our children were selling drugs. Many of us know that our children were selling drugs.

“You don’t speak up because you’re afraid. You need to be afraid to have the shooters on the street,” said Lee. “We are not safe.” She appealed to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama who promotes healthy eating for children. “It does no good for them to eat healthy when they can’t walk the streets,” said Lee. “We are rampant with violence…. We are speaking out so that this crowd won’t continue to grow….”

Saying she was raised in the Robert Taylor Homes, Lee said, “I don’t buy that when they say because you have a job you decide to come out and shoot. I don’t buy that because I was raised in Robert Taylor Homes.” She said her father did not work because he was disabled. “None of his children robbed. None of us ended up going to jail or to prison. I don’t buy that. You make the decision….” She said blacks and Hispanics are ending up in jail and prison as “a slave with a number on your back.”

Yvette Leyva, the mother of Cordea Leyva, 24, who was killed on October 17, 2010 on the 7800 block of Sawyer around 3:30 p.m. while walking home from a local store. She held onto her son’s picture.

The mothers released their pink balloons as Deneen Bohanon Silmon, the mother of Andre Bohanon, 21, who was robbed and shot in December of 2005, read the names of the child who were fatally shot.

“We’re sending a clear message today. Turn the shooters in. We’re tired of our children getting killed. We’re tired of burying our children. You know who the shooters are. You know who the gun suppliers are. Turn them in. Don’t be afraid of turning in a shooter,” said Silmon.

“Be afraid of the knock at your door to tell you that your loved one, your child has been killed. It’s time to turn the shooters in. Enough is enough. Enough killings, enough families destroyed, enough generations gone. It’s time to turn the shooters in. On this Mother’s Day, you don’t want to walk in our shoes,” Silmon said.

Led by Father Pfleger, the mothers marched down 79th Street around several block back to the church chanting, “Enough is enough,” “Stop the violence,” “Stop the shooting,” “Stop the silence,” “Break the silence,” and “No more violence.”

They ended their march at the “Memorial Wall” where Pfleger told them to hold the arms of each other. “We connect with one other because we want each of you to know that nobody stands alone…. When you’re laying in bed and you feel forgotten and feel abandoned and feel lost in your pain, sometimes the enemy will make you think you’re all by yourself.” He said they are not alone. “Lord, send your grace to them. Send your spirit to them. Let them know, God, that they are not alone, that they are not forgotten…. God, help every mother that agonizes throughout this country over the lost of their child, let them hear your voice that says, I am with you. You are not alone…. I am God enough to hold you in the midst of it all….”

At the end of the 11:15 a.m. worship service, Rev. Gail Rice, the keynote speaker, stood with Pfleger who asked all mothers to come to the altar. He also asked the church to keep Annette Nance-Holt in their prayers because not only is she remembering the death of her son, Blair Holt , 17, who was fatally shot five-years ago aboard a CTA bus, but just last Wednesday a day before that anniversary her mother, Juanita Nance, 86, made her transition.

Pfleger told Nance-Holt: “I have watched you grow in the faith in you so strong. When her son was killed, there was no preparation. She heard it on a phone call, but her mother sat her down last Saturday and told her I’m getting ready to go and spent an hour of conversation….”

Using Nance-Holt as an example, Pfleger said, “God knows what you can handle and…God prepared her.” Mrs. Nance talked to her daughter last Saturday and she died last Wednesday. “You have to understand that God will prepare you. God can hold you and let you know….” Pfleger said their children are standing with God, now.

Pfleger asked the church take a page from the previous generation where the community looked after the children and served as mentors. “Reach out to that young brother across the street because if you don’t do it, maybe nobody else will….”

Rev. Rice and Father Pfleger prayed for the mothers. Rice said, “It was women like you who prayed me through…so I just want to say thank you…. When my mother didn’t know what to do with me and I tell you I was a hot mess…, my mother stayed on her knees and God answered her prayers…. I thank you for what you poured into us….”

Rice said many times people talk about mothers because their children exhibited anti-social behavior, “because they weren’t excelling like their children were excelling and it had to be something that we did wrong, but the devil is a lie,” she told the church.

“We won’t listen to the words of naysayers. We will be the mothers God said that we are. We will continue to persevere. We will continue to pray for our sons and daughters, and we will succeed…. We will see our sons and daughters graduate from school..,” said Rice.

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host. You can e-mail Strausberg at: Chintabernie@aol.com.

National Radio Personality and Best Selling Author Michael Baisden explodes on the literary landscape with political/action thriller “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics and Sex: Everyone Has A Price”

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Baisden’s  Sequel to Maintenance Man skillfully mixes modern-day issues including corporate greed, voter suppression, and political corruption, with murder and suspense



Miami, FL- As one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history, Michael Baisden is an iconic figure. The social activist, filmmaker, television host, and speaker commands a daily audience of over seven million listeners with his top rated afternoon drive radio program heard in 22 of the top 25 urban markets. But when Baisden dons his hat as a best-selling author, he fully encapsulates the essence of his magnetic force. His previous titles like “God’s Gift to Women,” and “Do Men Know What They Want” have traditionally titillated while informing, unmasking relationship and societal issues that many might deem risqué. However, with his sixth book release “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics and Sex…Everyone Has A Price” Baisden raises his own bar, delivering an explosive political romance thriller that mixes sex and politics with volatile flair.  


In “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics and Sex…Everyone Has A Price” Baisden builds upon the saga of his former main character, Malcolm Tremell, a gigolo who first came to life in Baisden’s 1999 release “The Maintenance Man.” “The Maintenance Man” saw the author gain notoriety for unapologetically disclosing the lifestyle of a man who rendezvoused for pay with married women. The original “Maintenance Man” followed a litany of releases, including “Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat,” and “Men Cry in the Dark” and solidified his stance as one of the most successful self-published male authors on the literary scene.


With “Maintenance Man II,” Baisden broadens the storyline as Tremell comes out of retirement to not only rebuild his contact list of high-end female clientele, but also franchise a male escort service worldwide. Intrigue, drama and danger quickly come into play when Tremell liaisons with the wife of a powerful and corrupt Republican senator. When they unwittingly uncover the senator’s underhanded deal with the powerful Kross brothers for political control, Tremell will have to tap his military training and street smarts to not only save his life, but also those closest to him.


Baisden, once again educates as he entertains, brilliantly engaging his readers. Utilizing Malcolm Tremell as the ultimate Renaissance man protagonist, he brazenly unveils several harsh and dark realities behind the current political process. He skillfully touches on some of the most critical political issues to date, including voter suppression as well as corporate greed, seamlessly interspersing them between a romantic and politically charged plot. The novel’s tone is captivating and inviting, whisking the reader into a non-stop escapade of sex, action and adventure.


“Whether it’s my daily radio show, one of my film productions or TV shows, my audience recognizes me as the voice of the people. My career was launched with my books, so it’s important for me to continue writing novels that push the envelope. My mission has always been to challenge people to think outside the box and adopt lifestyles and attitudes that work for them, not society.  ‘Maintenance Man II’ is my best novel yet; unlike any story I’ve ever told.  It’s like James Bond, Bourne Identity and Shaft all rolled into one action packed and sexy thriller!” reveals Baisden.  


All of Baisden’s books, including “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics & Sex…Everyone Has A Price” can be purchased at Target stores and  Amazon.com For more information on Michael Baisden, go to  http://www.BaisdenLive.com/  or join him at “Michael Baisden Live” on Facebook and “Baisden Live” on Twitter.  



About Michael Baisden


Michael Baisden is a recognized best selling author, nationally syndicated radio personality and TV talk show host.  His high-octane energy and love for interacting with his listeners is just one reason for the popularity and success of his number one rated Michael Baisden Show, which is broadcast to over seven million listeners in nearly 80 affiliate stations across the country.    


Baisden is known for spearheading the historic Jena Six March, The Michael Baisden Foundations 2010 One Million Mentors National Campaign to Save Our Kids, where he spoke in over 72 cities signing up mentors and the recent Trayvon Martin awareness campaign. In March, Baisden along with Rev. Al Sharpton held a rally in Stanford, FL to protest the injustice over the lack of an arrest in the killing of Martin, a teenager who was just walking home from the store.  Over 30,000 people attended the rally along with the teenager’s parents and other leaders.  In 2012, to further his commitment to mentoring, he formed a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and African American Fraternities for the Mentoring Brothers in Action Campaign to recruit more African American mentors for Black boys.


With nearly 2 million books in print, both hard and soft cover, his work blends the perfect combination of entertainment, humor, provocation and sexuality. Michael’s vibrant personality on and off the air has made him a people magnet.


He first began attracting attention with primarily female followers as an author and publisher of the highly successful bestselling books: “Men Cry in the Dark”, “The Maintenance Man,” (two of his titles ultimately were adapted into stage plays selling to sold out crowds across the states), “God’s Gift to Women”  and a hot new book “Do Men Know What They Want.”    


Baisden has released the “Collectors Edition of Maintenance Man” followed by his sixth book “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics & Sex…Everyone Has A Price” on e-book, paperback and hard cover.  The hard cover book will be available exclusively at Target June 1, 2012.      


Michael Baisden photo: http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/5117/michaelbaisdenmm2.jpg


“Maintenance Man II” book cover: http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/8574/mmiicover.jpg


Protestors to announce final plans for march on NATO summit

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Press conference with the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda (CANG8) to be held at 10 a.m. today in front of the Hyatt Hotel at McCormick Place, 2233 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.


CHICAGO, IL – After months of negotiating with the City of Chicago and with the NATO summit only four days away, organizers of the only permitted march to the summit site at McCormick Place will announce their final plans for the event.

“After eleven months, we’ve come to the event we’ve been preparing for,” said Pat Hunt, a leading organizer for CANG8.  “NATO is not a defense organization:  it’s an alliance of nations engaged in warfare, we are a coalition opposed to war, and so we will march on Sunday to where the NATO warmakers are holding their summit.”

CANG8’s struggle with city authorities for the right to protest has taken an enormous amount of time and energy by the activists from the broad coalition of unions, community groups, religious groups and peace activists.  Andy Thayer commented, “We’ve worked hard to negotiate these permits because we know that had we not done this, many would fear expressing their free speech in such a charged atmosphere in the shadow of the summit.  It is a sad reflection on the state of our rights that we have to do this, a reflection of the permanent war our country is now in, where as a result, civil rights are increasingly imperiled.”

Organizers hope to have by the time of the press conference a document with the confirmation of plans for the details of stage and sound for the closing rally at Cermak and Michigan.

Beyond Sports Global Awards focus on UK sporting legacy

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In a year when the world of sport will be focusing on London, Beyond Sport has announced the launch of the P&G UK Impact Award, in association with the Daily Telegraph, which will recognise and support organisations across the nation creating positive social change through sport in their communities.

The launch of this new Award by Beyond Sport – whose global annual Awards reach 135 countries and are decided on by an influential judging panel that includes former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Dame Kelly Holmes, Lord Sebastian Coe and multi-Olympic Gold Medallist Michael Johnson – aims to highlight and support the lasting impact sport for development projects can have on communities not just in London, but across the UK, long after the Olympics have moved on to a new host city.

“In a time of social and economic unease, Beyond Sport is fascinated by some of the remarkable work that is going on across communities in the UK,” commented Nick Keller, the Founder of Beyond Sport. “We know London will have a significant legacy to talk about once the Olympics are over, but we want to unearth those remarkable projects and leaders that use sport for social good – from health to education to social inclusion and crime reduction – year-round and throughout the nation.”

Two new partnerships with Procter & Gamble (P&G) and the Daily Telegraph will drive the launch of the Award, which is open for entries from 9th May through 1st June on www.beyondsport.org.

A Shortlist of entries, deemed the most impactful community sporting projects in the country by a panel of expert judges, will be revealed in early June, all of which will receive funding and support for their initiatives.

The Winner of the P&G UK Impact Award, in association with the Daily Telegraph, will be announced at the Beyond Sport London Reception on the evening of 20th June at the Thomas Lyte flagship store in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade, when the stunning Beyond Sport Awards 2012 trophies will also be unveiled by Thomas Lyte, who designed and created the trophies uniquely for Beyond Sport. The reception marks one month before the Beyond Sport Summit, held 23rd-25th July, which will see hundreds of leaders in sport, government, development, and business gather to address how sport can make a positive social impact in communities across the globe.

Nathan Homer, Olympics Project Director at Procter & Gamble, said: “At P&G we believe in the power of sport to change lives not just for elite athletes and their families, but for everyone, and particularly, those facing society’s toughest challenges. Our commitment to Beyond Sport and to this Award is down to that one simple belief: that sport can make a difference. We are also delighted that the Daily Telegraph will be supporting the UK Impact Award. As a newspaper which shares our belief in the power of sport, we look forward to working with them to make a difference in people’s lives across the country.”

Keller added: “P&G’s belief in the power of sport to make a difference has been proven time and again throughout its Olympic partnership, and their investment in social change in Britain and beyond is underlined by their support for this Award. Meanwhile, the support of as respected an outlet as the Daily Telegraph will help us take this Award to a new level in terms of profile, awareness and reach.”

Ben Clissitt, Head of Sport at the Daily Telegraph, concluded: “In Olympic year, when the word ‘legacy’ has been at the front of everybody’s minds, the Daily Telegraph is pleased to support an Award which will highlight and support genuine social change through sport within the UK. We look forward to working with P&G and Beyond Sport to unearth the best this country has to offer.”

Beyond Sport is a global initiative that seeks to celebrate and support any organisation or individual with the goal to drive positive social change through sport. Its Global Partners are Barclays Spaces for Sports, TIME and UNICEF.

For more information on Beyond Sport, the Beyond Sport Summit and the Beyond Sport Awards visit www.beyondsport.org.

Illinois State Board of Education seeks members for the Student Advisory Council

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High schoolers from across the state will represent student interests


SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education is now taking applications from eligible high school students interested in serving on the state agency’s 15-member Student Advisory Council (SAC) for the 2012-13 school year.

“We are looking for the best students from across the state who are willing to step up and represent their peers,” said State Board of Education Chairman Gery J. Chico. “The student leaders bring an essential perspective to the State Board of Education.”

The Student Advisory Council, which was established in 1975, represents a diverse group of students from across Illinois who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, the ability to think creatively and work well in groups. Eligibility for the Student Advisory Council is open to students attending a public high school in Illinois who are entering the fall semester as a sophomore, junior or senior.

“This is one of the greatest opportunities for students in our state. It affords you the chance to represent your peers. The networking with both students and professionals is something that no other student job can present,” said Andrew Van Treeck, a graduating member of the 2011-12 Student Advisory Council. After graduating from Batavia Senior High School, Andrew plans to study economics at the University of Pittsburgh. 

The SAC members represent student concerns and can provide thoughts on ISBE’s existing and proposed programs, policies and regulations. The student members also choose a special project to research and present before the board at the end of the school year.

“My favorite part of this experience is meeting many new people from other areas of Illinois and collaborating with them on the project,” said SAC member Cameron Jodlowski, who will be entering his senior year at Olympia High School in Stanford.

 The 2010-11 Student Advisory Council presented “The Exploration of the Physical Education Mandate” to the State Board Education. To read this special project and others from previous years, and for more information about SAC, go to http://www.isbe.net/sac/. Members of the 2011-12 Student Advisory Council will present research on the topic of bullying at the State Board of Education meeting set for June 21.

“Serving in the Student Advisory Council is an amazing opportunity,” said SAC member Paige Logan, who will be a senior at Altamont High School in the fall.”You get to be involved with schools across the state and make a difference in so many lives.”

Five SAC members are expected to return as seniors serving on the ISBE committee, including Logan Jodlowski Jolie-Grace Wareham of Glenbard East High School in Lombard, Conor Reilley of Belvidere North High School and Kristin Ishmael of Litchfield High School.

“It was a lot of hard work, but it was a great learning experience. It was awesome to get to be a part of a group where every single individual participates,” said Kristin Ishmael.

Those graduating this year after serving on SAC include Emily Chesser of Williamsville High School, Austin Evans of Lovington High School, Aaron Jackson of Grayslake Central High School, Neshal Patel of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Sarah Reising-Rechner of Athens Senior High School, Van Treeck of Batavia, Abhinav Brahmamdam of Springfield High School, Maisie Mahoney of Oregon High School, Erin Martell of Maine South High School in Park Ridge, and Myles Gearon of Walter Payton College Preparatory High School in Chicago.

“While you are contributing to your education, you also have a great opportunity to make interesting connections with other students from across the state as well as educators, from your own school administrators, to people from the U.S. Department of Ed,” said Myles Gearon, who plans to study computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The deadline to submit an application for the 2012-13 Student Advisory Council is 5 p.m. Thursday, May 31, 2012. Interviews will be scheduled in July for those applicants chosen as possible members. For questions, contact Mike Hatfill of ISBE at (217) 524-4832 or dhatfill@isbe.net.

For the latest news from the Illinois State Board of Education, follow ISBE on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Illinois-State-Board-of-Education/136022251779 or Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/ISBEnews. Visit the official ISBE website at http://www.isbe.net.

Black doctor expands skin care line to UK

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 Bump Terminator, severe bumps lotion, launched in the UK by Breej Technologies

Lowell, MA (BlackNews.com) — BREEJ Technologies, a leader in advanced shaving bumps products announced today the launch of its Advanced Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion in the United Kingdom by BUMP TERMINATOR based in Hull, England. The Revolutionary BUMP TERMINATOR Severe Bumps Lotion rapidly resolves shaving bumps and ingrown hairs on the Back of the Head, Face and Neck area.

“We are very pleased that our 4 fl oz size of our Revolutionary BUMP TERMINATOR Severe Bumps Lotion is now available in the UK mass outlets [Drug Chain Stores, Grocery Chain Stores, Beauty Supply Stores, Barber shops and Salon] so that our United Kingdom customers can have quick and easy access to our revolutionary BUMP TERMINATOR Severe Bumps Lotion without having to pay express mail cost for shipments from the United States,” notes Dr. Aloy Anaebonam, founder & developer of the BREEJ Shaving Bump System.

“The distribution of the 4 fl oz size of the revolutionary BUMP TERMINATOR Severe Bumps Lotion through the UK mass market is a major step for us as we expand our business in the UK and EU Countries,” states Mr. Victor Okenyi, President of BUMP TERMINATOR, UK

About Shaving Bumps

Shaving Bumps, also referred to as ingrown hairs, pseudofolliculitis barbae or pfb, plague over two million black men and women in the UK and over 300 million black people worldwide. Shaving bumps, including the very difficult to treat back-of-the-head/neck bumps, represent a very significant issue for black people. Some have seen limitations in their careers as well as major social set backs due to their inability to get smooth shaves. The result of shaving bumps can be quite sad. Many have reluctantly given up shaving altogether.

Shaving Bumps and ingrown hairs also plague over 100 million men and women from other ethnic groups worldwide. For men the face is red, irritated and covered with bumps. In women there are bumps, and also, redness in the bikini line area, legs, underarms and face.

About the Revolutionary BUMP ZAPPER and BUMP TERMINATOR products from BREEJ Technologies:

“At BREEJ, we examined the Shaving bump problem scientifically and determined that Shaving Bumps are primarily caused by Trauma from Shaving, resulting in inflammation of the shaved area manifested as bumps as the body reacts to the trauma, compounded at times by infections and in people of color by the induction of additional melanin production by the trauma from shaving [and not the widely held view that Shaving Bumps are caused by in-grown hairs – wiry, curly hairs that curl and grow back into the skin],” explains Dr. Anaebonam, BREEJ Chief Scientist & Holder of 12 US Pharmaceutical Patents.

The inaccurate concept of in-grown hairs has led to a lot of poking & probing of the shaved area with tweezers and other special items often further aggravating the problem. BREEJ discourages this practice as the additional trauma often results in additional inflammation and at times, infection, hyper pigmentation and significant skin damage.

Dr. Anaebonam continues, “To avoid shaving bumps and razor burn it is important to adopt proper shaving techniques. Furthermore the shaved skin needs to be soothed and conditioned properly.”

Dr. Anaebonam concludes: “Smooth, bump-free skin is all about initially dealing with existing bumps and repairing damaged and darkened skin, and following this by properly cleansing, shaving, soothing and conditioning of the shaved area.” The BREEJ BUMP ZAPPER and BUMP TERMINATOR product lines are the result of an unprecedented scientific collaboration that involved seven companies in the United States, Italy, France and Switzerland. The products are designed to facilitate the cleansing, soothing, healing, fading, conditioning and revitalizing shaved skin. The products are based on rare and effective natural healing oils from copaifera officinalis (balsam copaiba) resin; carapa guianensis; chaparral (larrea divaricata) extract, palmaria palmata extract; centipeda cunninghamii extract; olea europaea; tabebuia impetiginosa and wasobia japonica (wasabi) extract.

The BUMP ZAPPER and BUMP TERMINATOR products for Men are recommended for:

* Back-of-the-head and neck Bumps
* Facial Bumps and Ingrown Hairs/Entrapped Hairs
* Elimination of Existing Bumps/Ingrown Hairs on Legs, Bikini line area, Underarms and Face
* Repair of Skin Damaged by Shaving bumps, waxing and other hair removal methods
* Prevention of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs when used after each shaving or hair removal session.

FREE Guide: Science of Shaving® – Bump Treatment and Shaving Guide for men can be requested via email visiting www.ScienceofShaving.com, www.FeeltheBreej.com, and www.BumpTerminator.co.uk
About BREEJ Technologies
BREEJ Technologies, Inc, a majority black owned company, develops and markets advanced personal care products for problem skin and collaborates with world-class international partners in product development and package design. Their anti-bump products are available at: CVS/pharmacy, CVS.com, SAFEWAY Grocery Stores, Barbershops, Beauty Supply Stores, ScienceofShaving.com, Feelthebreej.com, and BumpTerminator.co.uk
BUMP TERMINATOR, UK markets and distributes BREEJ Advanced Skincare Products for problem skin in the UK.

Enquiries are invited from owners and operators of appropriate retail outlets such as Pharmacies, Beauty Salons, Barbers’ Shops, Cosmetics/Beauty/Skin Care Products Stores. Call 0845 257 2482 or 07831 487924. Alternatively send an email to victor@bumpterminator.co.uk.

Distribution Opportunities: Interested Distributors – Beauty supply stores and companies, barber shops, salons, web sites and individuals should contact BREEJ for distribution details.

BREEJ On-Campus Entrepreneurial Programs For African American College Students: The company has developed a pilot entrepreneurial program for African American college students. Interested parties should contact BREEJ for program details.

BREEJ Community Based Entrepreneurial Programs For at Risk Youth: The company has developed a pilot Community Based Entrepreneurial Program for at risk African American Youth. Interested community leaders should contact BREEJ for program details.

For more information on BREEJ Technologies, visit www.ScienceofShaving.com

Photo Caption: Aloysius Anaebonam, PhD, Founder & Chief Scientist of BREEJ Technologies

First black female Nascar driver seeks community support

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Tia Norfleet is the daughter of Bobby Norfleet, who made his NASCAR debut at the Portland International Raceway road course in the year 2000

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Professional racecar driver Tia Norfleet has visions of giving to a community that supports her. As the first, youngest and only African-American female driver on the NASCAR circuit, Tia Norfleet has set the stage to opening the doors of diversity in a highly controversial and predominately male oriented sport.

With lawsuits that have been filed as well by other minorities, which have accused NASCAR of racial discrimination, many people wonder why and how can Norfleet compete in this division of racing. “It is sheer passion and instinct that drives this youngster to want to compete in this sport, she was born to compete,” says Isaac Hayes, spokesperson/CEO of the online fund raising organization, Tiapower.com.

Norfleet comes from a family with a history in racing. Her father Bobby Norfleet made his NASCAR debut at the Portland International Raceway road course on March 26, 2000, where he competed against NASCAR driver Bill Lester making that race historical. It was the only time in NASCAR history that two African-Americans drivers have competed at the same time.

With many accolades of her own including being spokesperson for the Safe America Diving program, and appearing in commercials such as the Verizon wireless, numerous magazine ads and radio and television interviews. Tia Norfleet has given Black women everywhere new hope in following their dreams.

The million dollar question that many people ask is, will the NASCAR community accept Tia for who she is, and that is according to Hayes, a true competitor. “Our goal is to raise funds needed for everyone to find out,” says Edward Williams, founder of the medium sized marketing company Team Tia.

Taking a page out of the country’s 44th President Barack Obama’s playbook, going grassroots to make history. Williams said “If President Obama can raise $700 million, surely we can raise $5 million to get Tia on the track. We have a good team and I think with the public’s help we can get Tia on the track and testing in two weeks.

“To ensure the success of this effort to fundraise,” says Hayes, CEO of Tiapower.com, “we have inked a lucrative deal with Alvin Kline, the social media guru and wed success agency team to head this unique grassroots online crown funding campaign.”

Hayes continues, “I am confident that Alvin Kline along with Team Tia and the additional benefits and memorabilia we are offering the donors at Tiapower.com should allow us the chance to find out.” As Tia prepares to take the wheel, the world holds on and wonders if the community that she supports will support her. The answer awaits at the finish line.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Issac Hayes at (877) 239-4924 or email contact@tiapower.com or visit www.tiapower.com

Photo Caption: Tia Norfleet 


Lt. Gov. Simon applauds Wetland Warriors for boardwalk project

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CYPRESS, IL – A champion for safe, clean and accessible rivers, Lt. Governor Sheila Simon gave the keynote address today at a dedication ceremony for the Section 8 Boardwalk at the Cache River State Natural Area. The boardwalk was closed following damage from a 2008 flood.

A group of junior high school students, known as the Wetland Warriors, at Creal Springs School used $15,000 of the $20,000 they received last year from the Disney Planet Challenge, a nationwide science competition, to help rebuild the boardwalk. Additional funding for the project came from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Friends of the Cache River Wetlands and the Southern Illinois Audubon Society.

“I applaud the Creal Springs School students’ commitment to protection and restoration of the Cache River Wetlands and to the many others who assisted in this collaborative project,” said Simon. “This boardwalk makes it possible for Illinois citizens young and old to enjoy some of our state’s wonderful natural resources.”

Simon issued a proclamation last year that declared July 12 to be Creal Springs School Day. Simon presented the proclamation to the Wetland Warriors at a meeting of the Mississippi River Coordinating Council, which she chairs. The council was established in 2010 and promotes the environmental and economic health of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

The boardwalk is located in the Section 8 Woods Nature Preserve which is a floodplain forest that features large bald cypress and provides a safe haven for a variety of birds, frogs and swamp fish. The boardwalk, located at the junction of IL Rt. 37 and the Cache River, extends from a parking area into the forested swamp.

The Creal Springs students won the Disney Planet Challenge for their projects in the Cache River Basin including transplanting vegetation, performing trail maintenance, determining water quality through sample collection, assembling educational materials for teachers and creating a website about their research.

Since winning the science competition the students have received the 2011 Illinois Audubon Society’s Youth Conservationist Award and their teacher, Fran Wachter, was awarded a 2011 Exxon Mobil Outstanding Illinois Teachers of Science award by the Illinois Science Teachers Association. The students are using the remaining money from the Disney Planet Challenge to build a wildlife viewing blind and purchase radio transmitters for species research.

Simon was joined at the dedication by IDNR Director Marc Miller, Friends of the Cache River Watershed board member Charlie Proctor, and members of the Wetland Warriors. The ceremony was hosted by Friends of the Cache River Watershed.


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