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“The State of Georgia has killed an innocent man” – Benjamin Todd Jealous, President, NAACP

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The world will remember Troy’s name


Tonight the State of Georgia has killed an innocent man.

In recent weeks, we fought hard for the commutation of Troy Davis’ sentence. More than one million of your petitions were delivered. Protests, rallies and vigils were organized around the globe. Tonight, we fasted and prayed together as a community.

I have spent the past week with Troy’s family. He wanted the world to know that he understood that this struggle goes beyond just one man. Troy was prepared to die tonight. As he said again and again, the state of Georgia only held the power to take his physical body. They could not take his spirit, because he gave his life to God.

Let’s remember and heed Troy’s words: We must not let them kill our spirit, either.

Troy’s execution, the exceptional unfairness of it, will only hasten the end of the death penalty in the United States. The world will remember the name of Troy Anthony Davis. In death he will live on as a symbol of a broken justice system that kills an innocent man while a murderer walks free.

The world will remember Troy’s name, as the death penalty supporters who expressed doubt in this case begin to doubt an entire system that can execute a man amidst so many unanswered questions.

The world will remember Troy’s name, as death penalty opponents who remained silent in the past realize that their silence is no longer an option.

The world will remember Troy’s name because we will commemorate September 21st each year as both a solemn anniversary and a call to action. The night they put Troy Davis to death will become an annual reminder that justice will not be achieved until we end this brutal practice of capital punishment.

“This movement,” Troy said, “started before I was born.” After tonight, our movement will grow stronger until we succeed in destroying the death penalty in the United States once and for all.

I know you will join me. Together we will secure his legacy, and the world will remember the name Troy Anthony Davis.

In solidarity,

Ben Jealous

Rev. Paul Jakes: “Troy Davis’ death was a modern-day lynching”

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Says the struggle for justice continues 


By Chinta Strausberg


The death of Troy Davis was a “slap in the face to all people of color and all people of good will,” Rev. Paul Jakes, Jr., pastor of the New Tabernacle of Faith Baptist Church said Thursday.

“It was a modern-day lynching that gives the smell of racism like that of the past when they used to hang blacks, when they killed Fred Hampton,” he said.

“The fight continues because it has ignited a consciousness among clergy to work hand-in-hand to impact change to the judicial system and to abolish the death penalty in the United States.”

Jakes said the Baptist General State Convention would convene a think tank to present our legislators with our collective demands to stop the psychological, spiritual and physical killings on death row inmates.”

While Troy Davis is dead, Jakes said the fight continues and that clergy will continue to pray for Davis’ family and the country “that the racism will be ended and the spirit of love will move across the breadth of this country.”

Jakes said the fight must continue because the death penalty is “flawed and should be abolished.” In the interim, Jakes is calling for a state-by-state review of the death penalty he believes is weighed heavily against black people.

“To killed Troy Davis is a miscarriage of justice and the shedding of innocent blood and that is why there should be a review nationwide of the death penalty.”

Once again, said Jakes, “We have a death penalty system that has stained the character of this nation. The blood of Troy Davis is on the hands of all of us and it will never be washed off until we bury this unjust and biased death penalty system.  And for the ones who are responsible for Troy Davis’ death they cannot be Pilot wash their hands from their decision. There must be repentance in the court system, in the legislative areas and across the board.”

Chinta Strausberg is a Journalist of more than 33-years, a former political reporter and a current PCC Network talk show host.

Obama’s health care cuts don’t worry advocates — yet

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New America Media, Question & Answer

By Viji Sundaram


Health care advocates were worried that President Obama might announce that he was planning to make some drastic cuts in health care in his deficit speech Monday. But while there are specific cuts of concern to advocates, they were pleased with the president’s overall defense of health care services, and his commitment to raise the revenues needed to sustain key programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

NAM health care editor Viji Sundaram spoke with Anthony Wright, executive director of the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition Health Access California.

President Obama outlined plans for deficit reduction that would include cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. He said his proposals would save the federal government $320 billion ($248 billion in Medicare savings and $72 billion in Medicaid) over the next decade. How can this be achieved without hurting those enrolled in the two programs?

First of all, it’s important to note what President Obama is not proposing. He is not advocating the wholesale restructuring and/or dismantlement of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, as proposed by Congressional Republicans. He is not proposing to raise the eligibility age of Medicare, or make other major changes to eligibility or benefits in either Medicare or Medicaid.

So are you saying that the president is not proposing to make major health care cuts?

As opposed to Congressional GOP proposals, the president is seeking to prevent radical changes in Medicare or Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California) by instead raising revenues. For example, allowing some of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

If we are seeking to reduce the deficit in the long term, it’s appropriate to ask that everyone share in the solution, not just low- and middle-income families, but also the folks who have benefited the most.

But even President Obama’s proposal is weighted toward cuts, 3 to 1. In health care, some of the cuts are to find more savings in the health system. For example, one of the bigger budget solutions is to get the same discount for prescription drugs in Medicare as we do in Medicaid. There are other solutions that smartly seek to find savings in Medicare and Medicaid.

But there are also other parts of the president’s proposal that would simply push more of the cost of care from the

federal government onto families or states. That’s not a solution—it’s simply a shift, that makes patients and taxpayers pay more in the end.So while we are happy that the president is protecting the basic core of Medicare and Medicaid, we are concerned about the impact of specific cuts, whether cuts to prevention and public health, some cost increases to certain Medicare beneficiaries, or some of the Medicaid cuts that will fall on states.Some 7.7 million Californians are currently enrolled in Medi-Cal. The state in March authorized cuts in the program. What could it mean to Californians if more cuts are made to the program? Would even more doctors decline to accept Medi-Cal patients?One of the reasons we are concerned with shifting costs to states is that states are already seeking to cut Medicaid with their existing funding.

Yes, there were cuts made in March to Medi-Cal, including a 10 percent rate cut to providers (which will more than likely cause more doctors to decline Medi-Cal patients); a cap on the number of doctor visits allowed; and an increase in cost-sharing on a very low-income population. These cuts are currently pending federal approval, partly because they bump up against the minimums allowed by federal law.

So the cuts made in March are not part of this package and are really part of their own timetable. But it shows the irony—the federal government will hopefully and appropriately reject many of the state’s proposed cuts as too severe, but at the same time these deficit negotiations may also create other problems and pressures to cut even more.

What in Obama’s announcement today to cut health care costs most worries you and why? What should the public most worry about and why?

The biggest concern is not what is in the president’s proposal, but what might come out of a negotiation with the Congressional Republicans. The president has said he would veto any proposal that cuts Medicare without a revenue increase on high-incomes. But given what the GOP has proposed, they may demand significant cuts if they were ever to agree to any deal on taxes.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was supposed to expand Medicare and Medi-Cal. Its goal was to expand Medi-Cal enrollment by 2 million in 2014, particularly by including low-income single adults. If Obama’s plan to cut funding to these programs is approved by Congress, what happens to the “Maintenance of Effort” assurance in the ACA? It seems counter-intuitive to cut funding to programs you want to strengthen.

Nothing in the president’s plan would impact the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, or the “maintenance of effort” requirements that are in place. That said, the Congressional Republicans have been clear about their desire is to repeal the federal health reform in its entirety, and in pieces. The president has appropriately stood firm on this point in the last few budget negotiations.

Obama said he wants to raise premiums and out-of-pocket costs for wealthier seniors enrolled in Medicare. But elder advocates are concerned that there could at some point be what they call a “downward creep” – that the middle-class seniors could also find themselves paying more. Could that happen?

We are always concerned about having people pay more for health care, especially when it could be a financial barrier to getting the care and treatment a patient needs.

It seems that health care advocates like you are not as shaken by what the president said Monday about health care cuts.

We were relieved that the savings sought from Medicaid was less than originally feared, given how sparsely funded it currently is. But the cuts that remain continue to be cause for concern. The proposal would change the formula by which the federal government reimburses states for much of the cost of Medicaid, and there’s a real argument for making those formulas simpler and fairer. Depending on exactly the formula, California could win or lose. But the issue is that this recalculation would also seek to save the federal government over $16 billion—which means some combination of states may have to pick up the difference.

But if the formula was crafted that way, would cash-strapped California afford to take on more financial burden?

California would not be in a position to make up the difference — I’m not sure many states would be — and as a result California would have to make up the difference through cuts or tax increases.




Cook County correctional officer charged with 1997 sexual assault

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A Cook County correctional officer has been charged in connection with the 1997 ongoing sexual assault of his 10-year-old step daughter in south suburban Harvey, according to the Office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Robert Buchanan, 45, has been charged with Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, a Class X felony.  The charges are the result of a continuing investigation by the State’s Attorney’s Office into dozens of untested rape kits that were discovered pursuant to a  2007 raid at the Harvey Police Department which was conducted by the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement partners.  The State’s Attorney’s Office has been conducting ongoing investigations into the untested rape kit cases since that time and has brought sexual assault charges against 14 defendants in 20 separate cases. 

Charges against Buchanan were brought after State’s Attorney investigators obtained a DNA sample from Buchanan to compare with the DNA that was originally obtained in the rape kit in 1997 but had gone untested by the Harvey Police Department.

On Sept. 12, 2011 State’s Attorney investigators were notified that DNA from the sex assault kit matched Buchanan.

According to prosecutors, Buchanan sexually assaulted the child over the course of seven months while she was between the ages of 10 and 11 in the Harvey home where he lived with the child and the child’s mother.  In August of 1997, the victim told her mother about the assaults and she was taken to a hospital where a rape kit was taken and semen was identified.

The victim’s mother contacted the Harvey Police who questioned the defendant but released him without charges and without ever sending the sexual assault kit to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for testing. 

Buchanan had worked as a Cook County Correctional Officer but has been on disability leave since November of 2010 and the Sheriff’s Office has begun proceedings to take action on his employment.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Prayer Breakfast continues to inspire positive community change

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 Nationally recognized Pastor Frederick Haynes III of Dallas to Deliver Keynote Address 


Washington, DC – The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) Prayer Breakfast which will be held on September 24, from 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., will feature  Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III, senior pastor of the Friends-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, “Gospel for Teens” and the Howard University Gospel Choir.   The annual Prayer Breakfast is a staple of the CBCF Annual Legislative Conference (ALC).

“The goal of the Prayer Breakfast is provide a strong spiritual foundation to improve communities across this nation,” said Rep. Donald M. Payne, of New Jersey and chairman of CBCF. “Our beginning and end primarily lies in the church – many of us were raised in the church – we must hold on to our spiritual grounding in order to transform communities across this nation,” he said.

Rev. Haynes is nationally well known and respected for empowering the disenfranchised and inspiring people to improve communities. He has a stellar reputation for ministering across generational, ethnic and socioeconomic lines. Pastor Haynes champions racial, economic and social justices, using his books Soul Fitness, a daily devotional and Healing Our Broken Village.   He also  has a popular weekly radio show entitled, “Freddy Haynes Unscripted” that he uses  to communicate his message of hope, redemption, healing and moving forward.

“Reverend Haynes’ messages directly correlate with our theme, iLead|iServe, as we encourage this year’s attendees to reconnect to their communities by leading the charge to better serve those in need.  This can be accomplished through community-based programs and policy development,” said Keith Wright, executive vice president of  CBCF.   

“Gospel for Teens” is a program of “The Mama Foundation for the Arts” and “Vy Higginsen’s School of Gospel, Jazz and R&B Arts.” The choir was created to pass the music from this generation to the next. The choir members who range in age from 13 – 19, were recently featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes and serve as ambassadors of gospel music, bringing together people of different races, nationalities, religions, or spiritual backgrounds with the message that we are more alike than we are different. CBCF will have a mobile giving campaign to support “Gospel for Teens.” Attendees may use their cellular telephones to text donations of $10 to “Gospel for Teens” by entering the numbers 20222, keyword TEEN.

For the past four decades, Howard University’s Gospel Choir has maintained the reputation as a premier performing arts ensemble. The choir has toured extensively here and abroad and is a favorite voice of inspiration to Prayer Breakfast attendees.  

The Prayer Breakfast comes on the closing day of the ALC – a four day policy and educational event that is held from September 21-24.  ALC- highlights the mission of CBCF – to develop leaders, to inform policy and to educate the public. It also provides almost 80 forums to address the critical challenges facing the African-American community. The Foundation will offer numerous session tracks to present high level, thought-provoking, engaging and useful information. Also offered during the four-day event are free health screenings, an authors pavilion, networking opportunities and cultural activities. ALC is recognized as one of the most important gatherings of African Americans in the nation.

Twitter – www.twitter.com/CBCFInc (#41stALC)

Facebook – www.facebook.com/CBCFInc 


The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., was established in 1976 as a

 nonpartisan, nonprofit, public policy, research and education institute to help improve the

socioeconomic circumstances of African Americans and other underserved communities.

Illinois Republican Party: Cullerton needs to clean up pension mess he created

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Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady said State Senate President John Cullerton needs to fix the state’s broken pension system in light of a new report that he was on a committee in 1991 that allowed 23 union leaders to collect at least $56 million in government pensions.


“John Cullerton created this mess. He needs to clean up his mess right now,” said Brady.


“Illinois has the worst unfunded pension liability in the nation and John Cullerton has had a seat at the table throughout the creation of this problem,” said Brady. “He needs to quit hiding behind his parliamentarian who tells him what he can’t do – and do something – now.”


“If John Cullerton can quickly pass an income tax hike and Democratic redistricting maps that created a Senate District for his Chief of Staff, Andy Manar, to run in, then he can get badly needed pension reform passed quickly too,” said Brady. “If it takes a Constitutional Amendment, then let’s see him sponsor the ‘Cullerton Clean Up My Mess Amendment’ now.”

Crowdsourcing effort by the Active Transportation Alliance gets you ready for the commute on the Chicago Lakefront Trail

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Get the scoop on high-waves, headwinds, detours and more before you step out of your door


As the post-Labor Day weather becomes more unpredictable, Chicago’s growing contingent of bike commuters can check a unique “traffic report” to ensure they’re prepared to hit the Chicago Park District’s Lakefront Trail on their way to and from work.

The Active Transportation Alliance (Active Trans) offers a crowdsourced Lakefront Trail update system at www.activetrans.org/lakefront. The system allows trail users to post their own trail updates for others, providing more timely information on the conditions of the 18-mile trail.

Whether it’s high waves crashing over a segment of the trail, strong headwinds or heavy trail traffic on a beautiful day, commuters can be ready by checking the Lakefront Trail updates.

The Chicago Lakefront Trail serves as one of the most popular bike commuting routes in the region. A recent trail count that Active Trans conducted for the Chicago Park District found that at the busiest points on the trail, nearly 30,000 people were passing by daily.

“When you step out of the door, it’s great to have current information about what’s happening on the trail,” said Johanna Thompson, a year-round bike commuter who works at The Field Museum. “Knowing that there’s ice at Fullerton or that the sand has been swept up near 31st makes bike commutes a lot smoother.”

The Active Trans Lakefront Trail webpage displays the latest trail condition updates posted by trail users and Active Trans staff. Trail users can also follow the @activetransLFT Twitter feed ( www.twitter.com/activetransLFT). Twitter users can join the crowdsourcing effort by posting trail updates using the hashtag #CHILFT.

Trail users are encouraged to report detours and other conditions such as snow, debris and high waves so that everyone can safely enjoy the Lakefront Trail. Active Trans and the Chicago Park District will continue to work together in responding to issues in an efficient and timely manner.

“Active Trans has always been on the ground connecting Lakefront Trail users and the Chicago Park District,” said Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance. “Our reporting system ensures that trail users have instant access to conditions that could affect their commute.”

The Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit, member-based advocacy organization that works to make bicycling, walking and public transit so safe, convenient and fun that we will achieve a significant shift from environmentally harmful, sedentary travel to clean, active travel. The organization builds a movement around active transportation, encourages physical activity, increases safety and builds a world-class transportation network. The Active Transportation Alliance is North America’s largest transportation advocacy organization, supported by nearly 6,000 members, 1,000 volunteers and 40 full-time staff. For more information on the Active Transportation Alliance, visit www.activetrans.org or call 312.427.3325.

Veteran print/broadcast Journalist Henrietta Burroughs recognized for Journalism Accomplishments

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The Alliance for Community Media and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Bestowed Honors

Henrietta J. Burroughs, award-winning journalist


San Francisco Bay Area, CA (BlackNews.com) — Henrietta J. Burroughs – a skilled journalist who is accomplished in both print and broadcast genres – is a rising star and one to watch. Burroughs is founder and editor of the East Palo Alto Today print and online newspaper, the city’s only print news publication. She is also producer and host of “Talking with Henrietta,” a one-hour news talk show that airs on the San Francisco Midpeninsula on Comcast Channel 27.

In recent months, the highly regarded media professional has been recognized for her outstanding journalistic works. In July 2011, the Alliance for Community Media presented her with its coveted Hometown Award for “Best Informational Talk Show” for her program’s episode titled “Strengthening the Bonds Between Fathers and Children.” Burroughs was further recognized September 13th when the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors honored her with a resolution commending her for the enthusiasm, professionalism, honesty, and dedication consistently demonstrated throughout her widespread career as a journalist. Santa Clara County District 5 Supervisor Liz Kniss made the moving presentation.

Hometown Award

The Alliance for Community Media selected Burroughs’ show as the winner from among 1,100+ entries from throughout the country. During its annual Hometown Video Awards & ACM Leadership Awards Dinner in Tucson, Arizona on July 29, 2011, the organization presented her with its Hometown Award for “Best Informational Talk Show” for her program’s episode on which she explored stereotypes about fatherhood in communities of color, and reviewed new statistics that prove that men in these communities are more involved in their families than previously thought.

Service Resolution

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors made the resolution presentation on the morning of September 13, 2011 in the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers during its ceremonial award presentations at its regular meeting. “This is indeed an honor and I am absolutely thrilled to be standing here before you to receive this [award],” said Burroughs. (See video excerpt at www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBrCCEtKWl0).

East Palo Alto Today is a bi-monthly print and online community newspaper. Published by the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media, EPA Today was established to provide the residents of East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven section of Menlo Park with up-to-date news and information affecting their communities. When launched, the publication was the city’s first locally produced and continuously published newspaper in 20 years. www.epatoday.org

“Talking with Henrietta” is a one-hour talk show that addresses interesting hot topics like immigration, racial profiling, foster care, local politics, crime and violence, the economic climate, home foreclosures and much more. The show is produced biweekly and can be viewed in the San Francisco Bay Area on Comcast Channel 27 at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays with replays Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Henrietta Burroughs is the show’s producer, host and moderator. Show excerpts may be viewed on the Internet at www.youtube.com/user/Henrie818#p/u.

Henrietta J. Burroughs is the founder of the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media, a nonprofit organization that she established in 2003 to create media outlets in the City of East Palo Alto that would fill the city’s information void. In January 2006, under her leadership, the EPA Center for Community Media launched East Palo Alto Today.

The multi-award winning journalist is a former television news reporter who worked for several television news shows in New York, New Jersey and California. She also hosted a weekly television show in New York and worked for Newsweek’s Broadcasting Unit, where she produced syndicated stories to air nationally.

In California, Burroughs was the Editorial Director for KNTV-TV in San Jose, for which she won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; a Golden Medallion from The State Bar of California for Distinguished Reporting; and an “Excellence in the Media” award from the San Jose community; among numerous other professional recognitions.

Her writings have appeared in the New York Post, The New York Times, McCall’s Magazine, Black Enterprise, the San Jose Business Journal, the Palo Alto Weekly, Newark Magazine, and other local and national publications.

Burroughs received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy with Departmental Honors from Howard University; a Masters in International Affairs Degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University; and a Certificate in Broadcast Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. Henrietta J. Burroughs may be reached at (650) 289-9699.

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