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New book theorizes that the election of President Obama has served as a catharsis for the resurgence of racism and hate groups

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i_hope_he_failsIn a new book, “I Hope He Fails”, the author theorizes that the election of Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States of America has served as a catharsis for the resurgence of racism and hate groups in America and that these two entities are being fueled by the rightwing media. Courageously taking on the biggest names in conservative talk radio and TV – going where even politicians and the mainstream media dare not go.



Walls, MS (BlackNews.com) — Robert J. Walker announced the release of his new book, I Hope He Fails. With all the paraphernalia being sold on the internet using the slogan, “I Hope He Fails,” referring to Rush Limbaugh‘s statement, made shortly after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election to become the first African American elected President of the United States, at first glance one would probably conclude that this new book, I Hope He Fails was yet another rightwing attack on President Barack Obama. However, when you read the subtitle you instantly get a clear picture of the content of this book.

When asked what inspired him to write the book, the author Robert J. Walker, who considers himself a working class educator states, “I am not a politician or a media pundit. I am an educator, a working class teacher. I was not in the country during the 2008 election. I was in Ethiopia, Africa training teachers. I voted in the 2008 election by absentee ballot. When I returned to America, I was surprised and hurt by all the anger and false accusations hurled at the President by the conservative right. That is what inspired me to write this book. I wrote I Hope He Fails as a play on Rush Limbaugh’s words – to defuse his statement and as a trumpet call to awaken people of faith and goodwill who have fallen asleep after the 2008 election. If those of us who went to the polls in 2008 to elect President Obama, especially those of us in a minority group; whether religion, race, gender, or sexual preference, if we want to continue to have a voice in this government, we must recharge the zeal we had during the 2008 campaign. We must rally around the President and push back against those on the radical far right and Tea Party movement who want to take the country back to the 1950s when everything in America was, ‘for whites only.’ “

Throughout the pages of this controversial book, the author walks the sensitive tight rope of the three most divisive issues in America: Race, Religion, and Politics to make the argument that hate in America towards President Barack Obama is being fueled by the rightwing media. The author believes that Rush Limbaugh leads the Republican Party and the rightwing attack against President Obama.

Walker says, “The book also gives my somber and revealing assessment of how I believe the rightwing media has joined forces with the Religious and Political Right in establishing a ‘Legion’ for the purpose of destroying the Presidency of Barack Obama. I compare the rightwing media to the demon named Legion as found in Mark 5:1-18 and Luke 8:28-39. Throughout the book, I give current event examples to support my hypothesis that the rightwing media has polarized the country on the lines of Race, Religion, and Politics so much to the point that nothing is getting done in Washington, D.C. for the good of the American people.”

Walker concludes, “With a Black man in the White House, the conservative rightwing media has a perfect hate target to attack each day on their radio and TV talk shows. If anything should happen to President Barack Obama, his blood will be on their hands.”

About the Author:

Dr. Robert J. Walker is the recipient of the 2009 President’s Volunteer Service Award and was selected the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (IFESH) organization Outstanding Educator of the Year 2008-2009 for the year he served in Ethiopia, Africa training college teachers. He is chair of the Department of Education at Southwest Tennessee Community College – the largest community college in the state of Tennessee.

 About the Book:

I Hope He Fails
By Robert J. Walker
$14.95 paperback 164 pages
ISBN 978-0-557-40752-1

Attorney General Madigan launches new initiative to crack down on child porn operations across Illinois

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Announces Arrest of Carbondale Child Porn Trafficker

Carbondale, IL - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a new initiative of her office to crackdown on the trafficking of child pornography. As a result of the first wave of investigations under the initiative, Madigan said a Carbondale man was arrested on multiple counts of possessing child pornography.
William Wilson, 21, of Carbondale was arrested and charged with four counts of possession of child pornography, a Class 3 felony, punishable by two to five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.
“Child pornography is an escalating epidemic – here in Illinois and across the nation. My office is committed to protecting children from this scourge. Today, I want to put child pornographers in Illinois on notice that we will track you down and punish you to the full extent of the law,” said Attorney General Madigan.
Madigan commended the Carbondale Police Department and Jackson County State’s Attorney Mike Wepsic’s office who assisted in the arrest of Wilson on Thursday – the first arrest under this new push.
Investigators from the Attorney General’s office can track pornographers using Internet protocol – IP – addresses, which are unique identifiers for individual computers.
This new push to track down child pornographers is in direct relation to the enormity of the problem. In the past 30 days, more than 8,000 Illinois IP addresses were seen trading child pornography images and videos.
“Unfortunately, child pornographers are in every community in Illinois – from Chicago to Carbondale, Danville to Quincy,” said Madigan. “Through this new initiative, we are working with local law enforcement to target child pornographers in Illinois. Let me be crystal clear – we know who you are. If you are dealing in child pornography, you need to ask yourself, ‘Is today the day I will be arrested — the day I will be handcuffed and taken from my home and charged with felony offenses?’”
Madigan stressed that pornography is not a victimless crime. A majority of those depicted in child pornography images have yet to reach the age of puberty, and many are literally infants and toddlers.
“Aside from the initial horror of these crimes, each time these videos or images are viewed, these innocent children are victimized yet again,” said Madigan.
A total of 24,494 sex offenders are registered in Illinois. More than 81 percent of those are child sex offenders.

Federal grant helps expand Cook County State’s Attorney’s fight against human trafficking

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 The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has been chosen as one of only four governmental agencies in the nation to receive federal funding from the U.S. Department of Justice to expand efforts to combat the human trafficking of minor children, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez announced. 

The grant will provide the State’s Attorney’s Office with $300,000 over the course of two years to be used for training, programming and support for social service agencies to link children at risk or those involved in commercial sexual exploitation to essential services.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of the four agencies to receive this important grant after a nationwide submission process,” Alvarez said.  “This funding will help us greatly in our ongoing efforts to investigate and prosecute the sex trafficking of minors and to help provide important social services to children who become caught up in the sex trade.”

The announcement of the grant comes on the heels of passage of the Illinois Safe Children Act, a new law that enhances protections for juveniles caught in the sex trade and provides new legal tools to police and prosecutors to target those who prostitute children. Alvarez was instrumental in passage of the legislation and her office has led the charge in efforts to address the issue, forming a first-of-its-kind Human Trafficking Initiative to investigate and prosecute these cases. 

Funding from the grant will be used to provide specialized training for assistant state’s attorneys to help them identify potential human trafficking victims when they come to court on seemingly unrelated cases.  Resources will also be designated to establish a new staff position to monitor trafficking cases as they go through the criminal justice system and to help ensure that victims are put in touch with appropriate counseling and support services.

Beyond Sport releases 2010 Summit programme

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 Beyond Sport released its detailed programme for the Beyond Sport Summit 2010 in Chicago, September 29-30.

The annual event brings together those who use sport as a vehicle to create social impact with influencers from the world of business, government and federations whose attitudes and decisions can have substantial impact.

 Now in its second year, over 750 individuals are expected to take part in the Summit, lead by a list of speakers that includes Olympic legends Michael Johnson, Frank Fredericks, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Ian Thorpe; HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan; former South African soccer captain Lucas Radebe; and US Senator and former Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley.  

Among the organisations from across this spectrum of influence that have already confirmed their attendance including Chicago Bulls; Cisco; HSBC; JP Morgan; Kellogg Foundation; LIVESTRONG; NFL; United Nations; U.S. Department of Education; Women’s Sports Foundation, and many more.  

The Summit schedule outlined below includes the announcement of the winners of the Beyond Sport Awards 2010 which celebrate the best initiatives from across the world that use sport to create social change. Selected from over 400 entries covering 115 countries, the winning projects will receive a substantial package of funding business support to help them grow and become sustainable in the future. 

To view the full Summit schedule, list of speakers and participating companies and to find out details on how to attend the event, visit www.beyondsport.org. 


* The schedule detailed below is subject to change if deemed necessary by the organisers.


Wednesday, September 29:

Noon-2 pm: Summit begins; Networking Lunch

2 pm: Opening of the Beyond Sport Summit : Welcome – Nick Keller , Founder Beyond Sport and Patrick Ryan, Executive Director, World Sport Chicago

2:15 pm: My Journey Beyond Sport – Rita Benson LeBlanc, Owner, Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints

2:30-3:30 pm: Panel 1 – Looking back and looking forward: Have we stepped up event legacy delivery?

Facilitator: Julie Foudy, former President, Women Sport’s Foundation and two-time World Cup winner 

Panellists include: 

·        Rita Benson LeBlanc, Owner, Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints

·        Scott Blackmun, CEO , US Olympic Committee

·        Tim Leiweke, CEO, AEG Worldwide

3:30–3:45 pm: Beyond Sport Awards 2010 Winners Part I

3:45-4:15 pm: Networking break 

4:15- 4:20 pm: Humanitarian in Sport Award, Supported by United Airlines

4:20-4:45 pm: Interview – Senator Bill Bradley, NBA Hall of Fame inductee and former US Presidential Candidate, and Dikembe Mutombo, NBA All-Star and philanthropist

4:45-5:35 pm: Panel 2 – Sporting celebrities and doing good: What’s possible and what’s not?
Supported by Athletes for Hope

Facilitator: Ivan Blumberg, CEO, Athletes for Hope 

Panellists include:

·        Kathy Behrens, Senior Vice President, NBA

·        Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Multi-Olympic Gold Medallist and legendary athlete

6:30-8:30 pm: Welcome Reception, hosted by Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley, and Announcement of the winner of the United Airlines Chicago Impact Award


Thursday, September 30

9:00 am: Opening of the Beyond Sport Summit Final Day

9:10 am: Keynote Address

9: 20-10:20 am: Panel 3 – Playing Hardball: Can sport tackle youth violence in urban communities?

Facilitator: Jeff McMullen, Foreign Correspondent, ABC and Reporter, Sixty Minutes

Panellists include:

·        Daniel Varner, Program Officer, Kellogg Foundation and Co-Founder, Think Detroit PAL

·        Alberto Vollmer, Founder of Project Alcatraz , Sport for Social Inclusion Award 2009 Winner

·        Lucas Radebe, Former Captain of South Africa Football Team, and FFH World Cup Ambassador

10:20 am: Beyond Sport Awards 2010 Winners Part II 

10:35-10:45 am: My Journey Beyond Sport – William Scherr, Olympic Gold Medallist and Chairman, World Sport Chicago

10:45-11:45 am: Panel 4 – It’s Her Move: How can sport provide opportunities for girls’ and women’s education?

Facilitator: Donna De Varona, Co-Founder, Women’s Sports Foundation

Panellists include:

·        Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Department of Education

·        Auma Obama, Special Adviser, CARE International

·        Ana Arizabaleta, Director, Colombianitos, UNICEF Children’s Rights Award 2009 Winner

·        Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Multi-Paralympic Gold Medallist

11:45-12:15 pm: Networking break

12:15-1 pm: Special Session: Who Cares, Wins: Why is the intersection of sport, business, and philanthropy so important?

Panellists include:

·        Lesa Ukman, IEG, LLC Chairman

·        Ethan Zohn, Co-Founder, Grassroot Soccer and Winner of ‘Survivor’ 

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-2:30 pm: My Journey Beyond Sport (TBC)

2:30-2:40 pm: Beyond Sport Awards 2010 Winners Part III

2:40–3:40 pm: Panel 5 – Fair Play: Are there no-go zones when addressing peace and sport?

Facilitator: Michael Elliot, Editor, TIME International


Panellists include:

·        HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan

·        Eboo Patel, Head, Interfaith Youth Core

·        Nomfundo Walaza, CEO, Desmond Tutu Peace Centre

3:40-3:50 pm: Beyond Sport Awards 2010 Winners Part IV

3:50-4:20 pm: Networking Break

4:20 -4:35 pm: My Journey Beyond Sport – Michael Johnson, Multi-Olympic Gold Medallist

4:35–4:45 pm:  Presentation of the Leadership in Sport Award, Supported by Heidrick and Struggles; Presented by Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley 

4:45-5:15 pm: A Conversation with a special guest…

5:15 pm – Closing Remarks and Handover to Host City 2011

5:30-7:00 pm: Closing Reception

Further speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Beyond Sport is partnered with Barclays Spaces for Sports, United Airlines, TIME International and UNICEF. 

Beyond Sport is a global organisation that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world.

 We do this primarily in three ways: 

Beyond Sport Awards

The Beyond Sport Awards programme provides support worth $1 million annually to projects across the world that use sport to address issues within their communities. The Beyond Sport Awards 2010 were open for entries from January to April with more than 400 projects entering this year’s Awards.


Beyond Sport Summit

The Summit is an annual event that brings together the best sport-led social innovators with influential, global leaders to address sport’s role in driving positive social change. The Beyond Sport Summit 2010 will be held between September 29-30 in Chicago . 

Beyond Sport World

Beyond Sport World is an online networking platform that allows any organisation across the globe involved in sport and development to promote their activities and connect. Visit www.beyondsportworld.org. 

Tony Award Winner Mary Zimmerman adapts Voltaire’s Candide in a major musical revival

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Will Open Goodman Theatre’s 10th year in Chicago’s Theatre District      

Nearly 30 songs in Leonard Bernstein’s Triumphant Score include “Candide Overture”, “Glitter and be Gay”, “The Best of all Possible Worlds”, and  “Make Our Garden Grow” 


Chicago, IL – Goodman Theatre celebrates its 10th season in Chicago’s North Loop Theatre District with a fresh take on an enduring masterpiece – Candide, Voltaire’s effervescent, picaresque adventure, newly adapted and directed by Chicago’s own Mary Zimerman, the Goodman’s Manilow Resident Director. A cast of 19 and an orchestra of 12, under the direction of Music Director Doug Peck, bring to life nearly 30 songs in Leonard Bernstein’s glorious score, and recreate Voltaire’s satirical story of Candide (Geoff Packard)—a young optimist shipwrecked, soldiered, swindled and separated (repeatedly) from his true love, Cunegonde (Lauren Molina). For this major revival, Zimmerman has tapped her signature design team—Daniel Ostling (Set), Mara Blumenfeld (Costumes), T.J. Gerckens (Lighting) and Richard Woodbury (Sound). Danny Pelzig choreographs the cataclysmic events that ensue. Candide runs September 17 – October 24 in the Albert Theatre; tickets are $25 – $85. JP Morgan Chase & Co. is the Major Corporate Sponsor; ComEd is the Official Lighting Sponsor; Abbott and Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP are the Corporate Sponsor Partners. Chicago Tribune and WBEZ 91.5 FM are Media Sponsors. A September 26 Season Opening Benefit takes place at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing—the location of the theater’s former home of 75 years—followed by a performance of Candide. Honored will be those who paved the way for the Goodman’s new home, making possible its myriad artistic, economic and community engagement achievements. Tickets are $1,000; call 312.443.5564.

“Mary Zimmerman’s reinvention of Candide represents, to borrow a phrase, ‘the best of all possible worlds’!” said Goodman Artistic Director Robert Falls. “Her singular insight and vivid imagination—as we’ve seen in The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Journey to the West, The Odyssey, Pericles and three highly successful productions for New York’s Metropolitan Opera, among many others—distinguish Mary as a leading contemporary adapter of classic texts. I am thrilled that she is now bringing her unique artistry to this funny, insightful and irresistibly theatrical work—a glorious way to launch our 10th anniversary on Dearborn Street.”

As previously announced, the cast of Goodman Theatre’s production of Candide features Geoff Packard in the title role; Lauren Molina as his princess love, Cunegonde; Larry Yando as Candide’s mentor, Pangloss; Hollis Resnik as the Old Lady; Jonathan Weir as the Governor; Erik Lochtefeld as Maximillian; Margo Seibert as Paquette; Jesse J. Perez as Cacambo and Tom Aulino as Martin. Ensemble members include Spencer Curnutt, Rebecca Finnegan, Govind Kumar, Rob Lindley, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Emma Rosenthal, Thomas Adrian Simpson, Joey Stone, Tempe Thomas and Joseph Tokarz. Visit the Goodman Theatre Press Room for photos and bios.

“Candide is exquisite entertainment, a blend of opera, comedy, travel adventure and romance,” said Adaptor and Director Mary Zimmerman, whose major revival for the Goodman will be made using her signature style of collaboration with her company and creative team. “Its gorgeous music and lyrical wit act as proof of the very best potential of human beings and the beauty of this life—while at the same instant, the story is revealing some of the worst and most difficult aspects of that life.”

Candide chronicles, in lightning-fast progression, the story of a young man banished from his home, drafted into the Bulgarian army and forced to endure relentless disaster. Voltaire’s satiric genius is found in Candide’s earnest attempts to trivialize the tragedy and uphold the contention of his mentor, Dr. Pangloss, that all things happen for the best in this ‘best of all possible worlds’. Although Candide’s journey is described with humor, Voltaire raises serious questions: How can mankind deal with disaster without surrendering to despair? Can optimism prevail in a world that frequently seems randomly cruel? How is survival itself possible in an environment that often gleefully refutes Pangloss’s hopeful axiom?

About Mary Zimmerman’s Adaptation

Few modern musicals have enjoyed the extensive exploration and reexamination that Candide has in the years following its 1956 Broadway debut. Mary Zimmerman, “a specialist in literary spectacle (from whom) theatrical fireworks are expected” (The New York Times), has opted to create a new book for this production by returning afresh to Voltaire’s original 1759 Candide, Or Optimism. She has ordered the sequence of events in Candide’s adventure—many of which had been altered for previous productions—to align more closely with the novella’s original structure.

Music Director Doug Peck has tailored Bernstein’s score for the cast of 19 and orchestra of 12, “wrapping the music around Mary’s adaptation, blending Bernstein and Voltaire in a way that emphasizes them both.” Audiences will be treated to such popular songs as “Candide Overture,” “The Best of All Possible Worlds,” “It Must Be So,” “I Am Easily Assimilated,” “We Are Women,” “My Love,” “Quiet,” and the heartfelt finale, “Make Our Garden Grow.” Bernstein’s score reflects a variety of classical influences, including Mozart and Verti (“Auto-da-fé”), Gilbert and Sullivan (“Bon Voyage”), Gounod’s Faust (“Glitter and Be Gay”) and even Schoenberg (“Quiet”).

“With Candide, Bernstein composed something wholly unusual; the singing style is more complex and challenging than most musicals,” said Peck, who bases his orchestrations on those used in the Royal National Theatre’s production, and uses underscoring for scenes that Zimmerman selected from the novella but that were never set to music.

About Leonard Bernstein and the History of Candide

“There is more of me in that piece than anything else I have ever done.” (Leonard Bernstein, on Candide)

The idea for musicalizing Voltaire’s novella came to Bernstein and playwright Lillian Hellman in the midst of the anti-Communist Congressional purges of the early 1950s; both agreed that the political excesses of 18th century France mirrored the assault on individual rights that they were experiencing. Collaborating with lyricist John Latouche, Hellman and Bernstein began work in 1954, eventually involving young poet Richard Wilbur as lyricist, and Dorothy Parker and James Agee contributing to the book, as well. Candide premiered on Broadway in 1956. The show’s cast recording attracted a cult following among musical theater aficionados, but few new productions were attempted until 1974, when director Harold Prince created a new version of the show for Brooklyn’s Chelsea Theater Center. Hugh Wheeler created a new book which emphasized the loopy humor of Voltaire’s satire. In 1982, again under Prince’s direction, the New York City Opera presented a greatly expanded Candide, and Prince revived Candide on Broadway in an opulent 1997 production. A year later, British director/playwright John Caird created another new iteration of the show for a production at London’s Royal National Theatre. Although Bernstein’s score remained intact, both Sondheim and Wilbur provided slightly revised lyrics for some songs. A 2004 semi-staged New York Philharmonic concert version starred Kristin Chenoweth as Cunegonde and Patti LuPone as the Old Lady. In honor of the show’s 50th anniversary in 2006, Candide was revived at Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet and at La Scala in Milan.

Leonard Bernstein (August 25, 1918 – October 14, 1990) was a world-renowned musician, conductor and composer throughout his entire adult life. He was Music Director of the New York Philharmonic and conducted the world’s major orchestras, recording hundreds of these performances. His books and the televised Young People’s Concerts with the New York Philharmonic established him as a leading educator. His compositions include Jeremiah, The Age of Anxiety, Kaddish, Serenade, Five Anniversaries, Mass, Chichester Psalms, Slava!, Songfest, Divertimento for Orchestra, Missa Brevis, Arias and Barcarolles, Concerto for Orchestra and A Quiet Place. Bernstein composed for the Broadway musical stage, including On the Town, Wonderful Town, Candide and the immensely popular West Side Story. In addition to their West Side Story collaboration, Bernstein worked with choreographer Jerome Robbins on three major ballets, Fancy Free, Facsimile and Dybbuk. Bernstein was the recipient of many honors, including the Tony Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Theater, 11 Emmy Awards, the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award and the Kennedy Center Honors.

Tickets to Candide are on sale now. Call 312.443.3800, click GoodmanTheatre.org or visit the box office (170 North Dearborn). Mezztix are half-price mezzanine tickets available at 12 noon at the box office, and at 10am online (promo code MEZZTIX) day of performance; Mezztix are not available by telephone. 10Tix are $10 mezzanine tickets for students available at 12 noon at the box office, and at 10am online on the day of performance; 10Tix are not available by telephone. Valid student I.D. must be presented when picking up the tickets. Limit four per student with I.D. All tickets are subject to availability and handling fees apply. Discounted Group Tickets for 10 persons or more are available at 312.443.3820.

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