$100 million plan to educate Black America


Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Leveraging the power of social media through Facebook and Twitter, Educate Black America is an important Internet site for opportunity and prosperity. Everyone with access to a computer can be included by liking and sharing Educate Black America on Facebook, following Educate Black America on Twitter, by joining the ABC Club from the Educate Black America web site at www.am-blk-coll.com, and emailing them at mindsandmoney@usa.net.

Supporters linked to the Educate Black America Network can now receive immediate notification of scholarship awards and availability, as well as employment and intern opportunities. Their mission is to strengthen Black America by raising the bar on educational attainment on all levels, provide a significant new source of funding for scholarships and provide a foundation for individual and collective economic prosperity. The Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the web site provide full details.

Their success will depend on supporters using their online purchases from the Educate Black America Shopping site, www.am-blk-coll.com, to generate millions of dollars in scholarships for Black Higher Education. Leveraging the economic power of Black spending overcame racial discrimination in the South in the 50s. That same determination and focus plus the support of other can revolutionize and strengthen the ability of deserving students to achieve their educational dreams. These scholarship funds come from the money people spend while contributions to the United Negro College fund and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund come from charitable donations. Educate Black America funds are a new source of education funding separate and independent of these two fine philanthropic organizations.

Former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, noted human and civil rights advocate, said, as national spokesperson for Educate Black America, that, “Educating Black America is something we must do, can do, and should do.” Since 1988, Educate Black America (formerly known as America’s Black Collegians) has generated millions of dollars in financial support of Black Higher Education.

If everybody does their part and their share, the TRILLION DOLLARS spent by consumers and businesses in Black America and other supporters of Black Higher Education can generate a $100 Million fund. The funds will be available to underwrite scholarships that include K-12, college, post secondary trade and career, distance learning, as well as management and professional studies.

“The goal will be met if a penny out of every $100 spent can be leveraged through the Educate Black America initiative”, according to Alvin J. Lee, founder and former Fortune 500 executive. “With a user base that includes over 10 million households, more than 750,000 businesses, and 50 million people, the $100 million annual goal is achievable when people take action and leverage their buying power through the Educate Black America Shopping site.”

To begin 2014, Educate Black America has created a $100,000 Challenge Award grant to be awarded in January based on online purchases between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

To make that happen people need to:

1. Join the Educate Black America Network through Facebook, Twitter, email or ABC Club
2. Shop from the Educate Black America Shopping page
3. Spread the word to all friends, family, and associates

“It’s all about the money and how it flows. When shoppers buy directly from retailers, the stores can maximize their profits as opposed to revenue sharing through partner marketing programs such as Educate Black America. In both cases, shoppers receive the same products, services, and prices. Educate Black America shoppers can choose from top American retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Walmart, Advance Auto and many more. Educate Black America Shopping has products and services for you, your house, your car, your family, your pets and your business.” For travel spending, Enterprise Car Rental, Expedia and Hotwire are part of EBA Travel. Full details are on the web site under EBA Travel.

For 2014, the program has been expanded with Appleseed offering an opportunity for people to participate and share in the scholarship awards and expansion of Educate Black America across the country. Appleseed is an exciting and innovative self-help development program that makes it possible for people, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to earn cash and scholarship awards. ABC Ventures will be hiring marketing coordinators in local markets across the country to promote and support Educate Black America.

$100 Million in scholarships and hundreds of jobs in marketing and promotion are there and the stage has been set. The next step is up to everybody who feels education is the path to opportunity and prosperity.

About ABC Ventures
ABC Ventures, a Baltimore, MD corporate development group, is the management company for America’s Black Colleges Fund, Inc. The company, staffed by former Fortune 500 executives and managers, specializes in cause marketing initiatives that build corporate bottom line results and generate significant financial support of important social causes.

Photo Caption: Former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm at the National Press Club