The PCC Internet Broadcast Network Presents ‘The Howard Morgan Story’

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Founder & President of Probation Challenge


Chicago, IL – Howard Morgan, a former Chicago Policeman shot 28 times by Chicago Policemen, was found guilty of attempted murder.

The Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of the PCC Network, and Maureen ‘Moe’ Forte’, taped 2-segments of  ‘The Howard Morgan Story’, where the victim Howard Morgan’s wife, Rosalind, gives an account of what she said took place with her husband.

Howard Morgan miraculously lived and later was acquitted in 2007 on two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm,

Also giving an account of what took place in the Chicago/County Criminal Courts event is Brother Lionel Muhammad, student of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad tells what the State’s Attorney stated about the victim Howard Morgan during the court procedure…which was shocking!

With more questions than answers: How can Howard Morgan be guilty of attempted murder, if he was acquitted for firing his gun in 2007?

Morgan has no known criminal record and why has much of the mainstream press never carried the story. In earlier years, the only media personality to file an interview with Rosalind Morgan was Chinta Strausberg (The Strausberg Report) with the PCC Network.

The entire interviews may be viewed on: ‘The Truth Network’ … 24/7 and On-Demand, or on Facebook: Harold E. Bailey. Rev. Bailey said ‘The world-courts will now determine the truth and make its decision accordantly.”

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