Pinterest: You might find it useful – It’s a golden tool for marketing products

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By Pamela Bratcher-McMillan
President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al.

Many of you are aware of the great images that can be derived from Pinterest. It is a “golden tool for marketing.”

Pinterest is an online board where users share images related to their interest. It is a golden tool for marketing products as well. Many companies are taking advantage of Pinterest to promote their brands. Scientists are taking advantage of it to share their research and ideas, cooks are using it to share recipes, artists share work and mediums, etc. You get the idea, and it is all done visually.

If you decide that Pinterest may be useful to you, keep in mind that you should use great images. Otherwise, without interesting photos that are pleasing or attention getting at best, don’t waste your time. The idea is for people to become inspired and want to share in your world so keep it polished. An image with visual impact can be used to bring traffic to your website or spread the news about your product and services. It is also a great way to find like-minded people and exchange knowledge or learn something. You want to contribute in a way so that people want to share “repin” your images on their site.

Pinterest is also a great way to bookmark your ideas by pinning things that interest you to your board and being able to see at a glance what you want to focus on when you revisit the page. You don’t have to scroll through links to figure out if it is the page you are looking for. You will see it.

Keep in mind, however, that whatever images you use that you have the rights to them or permission to use them. You don’t want to end up with a lawsuit for using property that doesn’t belong to you. Not only can you “pin” pictures on your board, you can find like “pins” and keep abreast of what others are doing in your area of interest. Their “pins” will show up on your stream for daily updates.

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and will definitely draw more attention than static text. You can find out more about Pinterest by visiting their website.

Pamela Bratcher-McMillan is a technology Expert and President, Chair & CEO, of PETAL et al. She is also a weekly columnist for CopyLine Magazine

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