IL GOP Chairman launches online petition to stop “Flip-Flop Flider”

Online petition at for citizens to tell Illinois State Senate President Cullerton to stop “Flip-Flop Flider”


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady launched an online petition for citizens to demand that Illinois State Senate President John Cullerton oppose State Senate confirmation of former State Representative Bob Flider (D-Mount Zion) as Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

“If John Cullerton allows the State Senate to confirm Flip-Flop Flider to lead an agency that oversees one of Illinois’ most important industries, it will lead us to believe that John Cullerton is a co-conspirator in a late night, lame duck ‘Quinn Pro Quo’ that gave all taxpayers – including those in the agriculture industry – a 66% tax hike that passed by only one vote in each chamber of the state legislature,” said Brady.

In his unsuccessful 2010 re-election campaign, Flider told voters he was opposed to Governor Pat Quinn’s proposed tax increase but on his last full day in office in 2011, Flider ‘flip-flopped’ and cast the deciding House vote in favor of a tax hike that was even higher than the one Flider had campaigned against, Brady added.

Brady said of the twelve ‘lame duck’ House Democrats who voted for the tax increase, six are now on public payroll. Cullerton, along with State House Speaker Michael Madigan, also supported the tax hike. Every Republican state legislator voted against the tax hike.

The petition is online at