Free Press Book: Published as Author’s “Life Blueprint” to Children

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A Journey in Thoughts: Bold New Poetry Collection Stimulates the Mind & Touches the Heart; Published as Author’s “Life Blueprint” to Children.

Masterfully crafted by Isaac Mack Toney Jr, ‘A Journey in Thoughts’ captures the true beauty of the human experience, its relationships and the intense responsibility that surrounds it all. With some of the verses first penned two decades ago, Toney finally publishes them to the world not only to help readers live with a new sense of perspective, but to provide his children with a life-changing legacy.

Trenton, NJ– While in sixth grade, Isaac Mack Toney Jr stood up in front of his entire school and delivered an uplifting self-written address titled ‘Keys to Success’. Since these early formative years, Toney has had a unique way with words, often penning poems and prose that parallels experiences ranging from blissful marriage to the dark torments of grief.

But, until now, Toney has kept his work strictly for friends and family. Bowing to recent pressure, he has finally compiled the best and most inspirational of his poetry into a new collection titled ‘A Journey in Thoughts – A Collection of Poems that will Stimulate the Mind and Touch the Heart’.

Each line captures the innate beauty of human relationships and the inescapable sense of responsibility that goes along with them. Both grounding and thought-provoking, Toney’s work spans the full spectrum of life from anger and happiness to love and determination.

“Relationships form a central theme of my work, and I hope that all readers will use my verses to reflect on the relationships they are currently in, the ones they hope to foster and even those for which ties are broken,” explains Toney. “I want to fill each reader’s heart with focus and meaning, while urging them to remember that the past isn’t the driving force behind life – but rather the determination and vision for where each person wants to be. If they continue to rise, there is nothing they can’t achieve.”

The author’s work also serves an immensely powerful dual-purpose.

“I’m not going to be around forever, so created this book to exist as a proven “blueprint for life” for my children. The story is far from finished, and further volumes will continue to document and dissect my life and experiences. While written for my family, the power and wisdom contained on every page will appeal to readers from a huge cross-section of life and cultures. Relationships know no boundaries, as does the power of the written word.”

With the volume expected to be in popular demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after publication. ‘A Journey in Thoughts – A Collection of Poems that will Stimulate the Mind and Touch the Heart’ is due for release in June of 2015.

About the author, in his own words:

I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. Being the 3rd of 4 children in a middle class family with both a loving mother and father, I came to have a wide range of experiences in life. From elementary school, I would sometimes sit at the window in my room that I shared with my older brother, on the 3rd floor and just muse over life, love, and happiness.

As I reflected on those key elements, I would begin to write. From poems to speeches, I would seek to write from the heart and stimulate the mind. My first acclaimed work was a speech that I gave at my 6th grade graduation entitled, “Keys to Success.” This speech inspired a journey of committing my thoughts to paper over the next almost 2 decades.

Over the last 17 years, I have picked up the pen from time to time. When prodded by my mother on occasions as endearing as anniversaries or as heartrending as a death, I have written to confirm the love of the marital union or to reflect appreciatively on the years spent with a loved one who is no longer here.

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