Dr. John Hamilton Releases “The Little Black Man’s Book” to Assist African American Boys


Carson, CA (BlackNews.com) — In 2006, Dr. John Hamilton released The Little Black Mans Book: 10 Strategies To Help, To Discipline, and To Uplift the African American Man-child. This monumental mini-book filled a gap needed to assist parents (especially single female parents) to reach their African American man-child.

Since 2006, Dr. Hamilton has created and written additional curriculum to assist with the self-esteem and leadership skills of African American males. In addition, along with Dr. John Spruill III, Dr. Hamilton has tapped into hip-hop and pop culture by co-creating ProfessU.com a website dedicated to promoting the positive in hip-hop/pop culture and connecting them to education.

After eight years, Dr. Hamilton has decided to revisit The Little Black Mans Book with a second edition. However, in the second edition, he has given the title a facelift revealing The Little Black Mans Book: To Help, To Discipline, and To Uplift the African American Man-child. In addition to the mini-books title facelift, he has enlisted the assistance from retired Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Lloyd Scott. This mini-book discusses everything from Building Structure, Male Role Models, Hip-hop, Priority of Education to Interaction/Engagement With Law Enforcement.

The Little Black Mans Book is timely, because of all the racial aggressions and micro-aggressions African American young men have faced and continue to face from Trayvon Martin to Freddie Gray.

The purpose of The Little Black Mans Book is for parents, caretakers, educators and mentors to use the guides within the mini-book to assist with molding their man-child into a responsible and productive man. Moreover, this mini-book assists parents to help their man-child focus on creating a positive mindset, reframing negative issues, and promoting high expectations. The Little Black Mans Book reaches out to the single female parent, who needs guidance, assistance, and the will to reclaim her man-child or foster solutions to keep him on the straight and narrow.

This is an excellent resource for parents; schools; parent educators; parent advocacy groups, mentor programs; youth groups; Upward Bound; and any TRIO programs.
What are people saying about The Little Black Mans Book?

“The Little Black Mans Book allows me to be interactive with my man-child through dialogue.” — Single-Female Parent

“At last, a guide for single parents – especially single female parents as well as educators filled with easily accessible information on connecting with young African American males.” — Master Teacher
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