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Theta Omega Chapter – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority — Partners With 1 Woodlawn to Present Documentary on Gentrification

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Theta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is joining forces with 1 Woodlawn to address the effects of gentrification in Woodlawn. The chapter has a strong bond with Woodlawn as its flagship AKArama Foundation Community Service Center is located at 6220 S. Ingleside, in the heart of Woodlawn.   The Center will be the site of the chapter and 1 Woodlawn’s first joint venture:  The showing of the documentary, Gentrified Ethnic Cleansing: American Style. The showing  takes place Friday, May 18 from 6 PM to 8:30 PM.  The public is invited to the event, which is free of charge.


Elaine Smith Singh, president, noted that the eagerly-awaited Obama Presidential Library will be located in Jackson Park, which is in Woodlawn. With this showcase tourism spot in the area and with it being close to Lake Michigan, Woodlawn is a prime locale for gentrification.


“Woodlawn is poised to become a major lure for new businesses, a hub for vibrant opportunities, and an ideal site to attract an influx of new residents,” observed Smith Singh.  She noted that since Woodlawn became an economic magnet, property values have increased and crime is down. “This signals the beginning of a Renaissance and an economic revitalization,” she said.


While gentrification has positive benefits, Smith said it also represents an issue in minority communities like Woodlawn. “The rush of new residents can destabilize communities and can drive residents out of a community that has been home to them for decades.  It can also spark tension and conflicts.”


Smith noted that the chapter is a stakeholder with a vested interest in the community.  As proof of its connection to Woodlawn, Theta Omega’s 300+ members engage in service initiatives that uplift the community.


Recognizing Theta Omega’s role in bettering Woodlawn, principals from 1 Woodlawn sought the chapter out to join the crusade to address the potential impact of gentrification. 1 Woodlawn plays a critical role in the community mission by focusing on equipping residents to discover needs communities are facing and documenting those needs in terms that integrate governmental, community, founder and provider language. The organization also designs solutions that meet those needs, prioritizes implementation of those solutions and scales the solutions.



To facilitate the collaboration, President Smith Singh charged the chapter’s Connection Committee to work with 1 Woodlawn to strategize.  Josephine Perry is chairman of the Committee, which identifies and studies issues that impact the quality of life.

Connection also designs strategies for communication with the membership regarding these issues and mobilizes the membership for action to formulate and recommend position statements to the Leadership.

Gentrification is an issue that falls under the purview of Connection. It also supports Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority’s mission to serve mankind.


Since education is key to understanding gentrification, the chapter and 1 Woodlawn will present the showing of the documentary, Gentrified Ethnic Cleansing: American Style. The documentary explores the “unspoken ethnic component” behind gentrification: serious economic upheavals affecting those living in what’s deemed historically economic depressed neighborhoods.  The movie addresses what can be done to survive gentrification.”


The showing will take place Friday, May 18 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the AkArama Foundation Community Service Center, 6220 S. Ingleside.  The showing is free to the public.


Following the presentation, leaders from Alpha Kappa Alpha and 1 Woodlawn will lead a discussion and engage the audience on the message in the documentary.


“This should be a forum where the community will be educated and enlightened,” said Smith Singh. “As a result of the gathering, the process for designing a plan of action will be formulated. Because gentrification is a flash point, the event will spark a conversation and unleash all the concerns regarding this issue.  Hosting the documentary and exposing it to the public represents a first step in addressing how to deal with the rewards, risks and ramifications of gentrification,” declared Smith Singh.


Those interested in attending the showing should RSVP at networkofwoodlawn@gmail.com



Black Women Leaders Speak Up And Out on Money and the “METOO” Movement

Posted by Admin On May - 10 - 2018 Comments Off on Black Women Leaders Speak Up And Out on Money and the “METOO” Movement

Author Dr. Venus Opal Reese Says “It’s Not Only Our Time But Our Turn”

Venus Opal Reese

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — “Why is it when white women tell their truth it’s all over the media,” says Dr. Venus Opal Reese, creator of the Black Woman Millionaire Tour and author of the best-selling book by the same name. “Based on conversations I have had with hundreds of black women leaders and entrepreneurs who have attended tour stops nationwide, the word on the street has been that when white women started to speak up about Harvey Weinstein, it was big news. But black women having been saying the same thing for centuries and it wasn’t a headline.”

They aren’t wrong. Studies have shown that sexual violence affects black women at higher rates. More than 20 percent of black women are raped during their lifetimes – a higher percentage than women overall. Professor and journalist Shanita Hubbard provides insight into how this fact is tied to why white women get heard while black women don’t: “Black girls and women are both viewed as hypersexual so our stories are ignored.”

Dr. Venus, a Stanford University graduate and former tenure professor, discusses on her tour that the black female body is a “social non-being.” As such, black women are rendered voiceless, disposable and powerless. She talks about how this has been the case since the 1600s when taxes and laws were created to justify the right to black women’s bodies as the labor-producing workforce for the American Dream.

According to Dr. Venus historically, the black female body has been socially positioned in the following ways:

* the workhorse
* the cash cow
* the beast of burden.

“We are still positioned socially to not only work like a slave but to also remain powerless, broke and broken,” says Dr. Venus. “What I have learned from my own experience of living on the streets by the age of 16, eating out of trash cans, and being subject to damn near every sort of violation is this: the way to claim your power is to heal and have your own money.”

Dr. Venus is on the last leg of her national tour based on her best-selling book, The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible. “The book deep dives into the healing required to be your own boss and to charge what you are truly worth. During the 4-hour workshop-like tour stops, I cover proven business training we used to gross over $4 million in five years. We did it through healing,” states Dr. Venus, who has been featured in Forbes, Ebony, Black Enterprise, on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, and Diversity Inc.

“It’s time for black women to never have to put up with crap for a paycheck. Or stay in any sort of terrorizing relationship because we need the money. We have access now that our ancestors could never have known to pray for. It’s not only our time, it’s our turn.”

For info on the tour, visit www.TheBlackWomanMillionaire.com/Tour

For the non-explicit version of book, visit www.TheBlackWomanMillionaire.com/Standard

For the original version of the book, visit www.TheBlackWomanMillionaire.com

Watch her recent interview on WREG News Channel 3 on “Turning Your Mess Into Millions”:

Photo Caption: Dr. Venus Opal Reese, The Black Woman Millionaire Mentor


Chicago Is 2018’s 7th Most Diverse Large City: WalletHub Study

Posted by Admin On May - 3 - 2018 Comments Off on Chicago Is 2018’s 7th Most Diverse Large City: WalletHub Study


From: Diana Popa


With immigration policy remaining a hot-button issue in 2018’s political landscape, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s Most Diverse Cities in America.

To determine the places in the U.S. with the most mixed demographics, WalletHub compared the profiles of more than 500 of the largest cities across five major diversity categories: socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household and religious.Chicago ranks 11th overall but 7th among large cities.

Diversity in Chicago (1=Most Diverse; 250=Avg.)

  • 240th – Income Diversity
  • 47th – Educational-Attainment Diversity
  • 11th – Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • 55th – Linguistic Diversity
  • 146th – Industry Diversity
  • 192nd – Age Diversity

For the full report, please visit:

2018’s Best & Worst States for Nurses: WalletHub

Posted by Admin On May - 2 - 2018 Comments Off on 2018’s Best & Worst States for Nurses: WalletHub

From: Diana Popa


With National Nurses Week kicking off May 6, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its report on 2018’s Best & Worst States for Nurses.

In order to help new nursing graduates find the best markets for their profession, WalletHub compared the relative attractiveness of the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 21 key metrics. The data set ranges from monthly average starting salary for nurses to health-care facilities per capita to nursing-job openings per capita.

The Nursing Market in Illinois (1=Best; 25=Avg.)

  • 16th – Monthly Avg. Starting Salary for Nurses (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 49th – Health-Care Facilities per Capita
  • 20th – Nurses per Capita
  • 42nd – Projected Share of Elderly Population by 2030
  • 44th – Nursing-Job Openings per Capita
  • 19th – Average Annual Salary for Nurses (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 41st – Share of Best Nursing Homes
  • 15th – Projected Competition by 2024
  • 8th – Avg. Number of Work Hours

For the full report, please visit:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a phone, Skype or in-studio interview with one of our experts. Full data sets for specific states and the District are also available upon request.

Diana Popa
WalletHub Communications Manager
(202) 684-6386

More from WalletHub


Rev. Dr. Harold Bailey to Relinquish the Reigns of Probation Challenge

Posted by Admin On May - 2 - 2018 Comments Off on Rev. Dr. Harold Bailey to Relinquish the Reigns of Probation Challenge

After Guiding thousands of youth through the doors of his positive and educational  Probation Challenge program to excell in life and follow their educational dreams, Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey is calling it quits. Bailey will relinquish the reigns of his  program, an organization founded by him and has been at the forefront of helping and servicing young people for more than 40 years in the Chicago and Cook County areas.


The prominent minister,  CEO of the Probation Challenge organization, will relinquish reigns but continue to serve as Probation Challenge’s president. PCChas referred thousands of youth to colleges and universities, giving them grants and scholarships, and directing them to a more positive lifestyle. In addition to that, clients mandated to the program have always had the protective eyes of  Bailey and his organization and no one who wanted an education was ever turned away from his program.


Rev. Dr. Bailey who is now 80 years old, was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Adolphus and Lillian Bailey, who were then considered to be prominent precinct captains. His educational process began by listening for children were to be seen and not heard! But Bailey’s journey would be different – far different!  He was mentally challenged by black leaders who sat feet under his parents’ table as they discussed matters concerning the community; though he could not speak, he rejected much of what he overheard for he perceived there had to be a far viable way to challenge those who sat in seats of authority—especially those individuals who were the powers-that-be downtown on the fifth floor.

Sincere leaders confessed over dinner that the then political administration would not help youth educationally and serious efforts to assist would cause internal racial strife! In disbelief, Bailey learned that young men and women were not adequately educated and that it was intentional. This revelation brought about days and nights of agonizing! He deduced that much was about political prostitution and that leaders then had to go along to get along. They instilled in private that there would be a brighter tomorrow.
For more than 40-years of servicing youth in the Chicago and County of Cook, the Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey CEO of the Probation Challenge organization will relinquish his reigns. After referring thousands of youth to colleges and universities, giving them grants and scholarship, and directing them to a more positive lifestyle. In addition to those clients mandated to the program, Bailey never turned down anyone seeking an education.
Rev. Bailey, employed as a Cook County adult probation officer was assigned to work exclusively with the then Justice R. Eugene Pincham, criminal courts. It was from Pincham’s court that Bailey had the vision to turn the lives of youth around through the vehicle of education. The judge sanctioned that vision with the rest becoming history.
The Probation Challenge program was recorded by the state of Illinois, with Rev. Bailey as the registered agent. The late Mayor Harold Washington, Sen. Howard Brookins, Carol Mosley Braun, and the Illinois Black Caucus introduced the program into law…it would be known as The Probation Challenge Act, by the  Illinois State Statue! It was duly noted that it was the first mandated program of its kind in the country! The program has been the subject of positive media attention from around the world and sought after to duplicate.
Citing health issues and noting that time has now brought about a change in the psychology of youth.  Bailey said, “At the helm should be those younger adults who can share with others their psychology. Young adults, however, should be mindful that the youth has to consult with the elders for wisdom. He said, “Often youth after being on the planet only for a minute yet believe they know it all! Young men and women have to come to the realism that elders are also continuously learning and coming into the knowledge of truth and don’t know it all.”
Rev. Bailey said as he relinquishes the reigns to Clarence McMillian, who will serve as chairman of the board, Brandy N. Bailey, Bailey’s daughter will serve as the board secretary. Bailey will remain as the organizations’ president.
McMillian walking hand-in-glove with Bailey for over 29-years has given radio and television Internet broadcast services. Bailey will retain proprietorship over the Probation Challenge procedures. 
Bailey with delight says that on-air personalities will continue to offer to the International community the best in journalism.  In early years as Bailey sojourned through the halls of what he calls ‘The Criminal Just Us System’, there were investigative reporters on assignment to follow his steps – they have now become staff to the Network. The Challenge News Magazine will continue to send quarterly filings across the world.
Program Hosts and Journalist are Chinta Strausberg, Juanita Bratcher, Geri Patterson, Pastor Mitty Collier, Karissa N. Hardin, Brandy N. Bailey, Pastor Lottie Woods Hall, Howard Saffold, Rev. Dr. Harold E. Bailey and Clarence McMillan.
Probation Challenge has been the subject of positive media attention for over 40-years as Bailey achievements include: The History Makers. Other awards have included: Judge Eugene Pincham Award, Nelson Mandela Award, African American Trail Blazer Award, Golden Rule International Award, Global Leadership Award, Ora Higgins Award, Mother Christine Moore Award, Northern Illinois University Community Service Award, Intercessory Health and Healing Center Award, and other numerous to mention.  Bailey had a pull-out session with The Chicago Sun-Times with reporter Lillian Williams called: A New Twist In Going Straight and has appeared on 60 Minutes, 48-Hours, and other television shows.
Bailey has the honors of being called: Dr. Harold E. Bailey, after being cited for his work in criminal justice and the creation of the first program of its kind in the country for youth through the channels of education. Many remember Rev. Bailey with The Harold Bailey Singers, who recorded for RUSH and Savoy Records. He was noted for appearances on the Sid Ordower Jubilee Showcase.
For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Bailey at 773-978-3706


Distinguished African American Lawyer Recognized as one of Rue Ratings “Best Attorney of America”

Posted by Admin On May - 2 - 2018 Comments Off on Distinguished African American Lawyer Recognized as one of Rue Ratings “Best Attorney of America”

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Rue Ratings Best Attorneys of America has invited The Law Office of Zulu Ali’s Principal and Founder, Zulu Ali, to become a lifetime charter member of “Best Attorneys of America” representing California as one of the state’s top 100 lawyers.

Less than one percent (1%) of the attorneys in the US have been invited to become members of this distinguished group. Rue Ratings defines a “best attorney” as an individual with an “extraordinary level of legal expertise, competency, professional reputation and ethical standards.” Membership is extremely selective, carefully screened, and limited to the most qualified and accomplished attorneys in the United States. Rue Ratings’ Best Attorneys of America is an organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence.

Attorney Ali, a native of Shelbyville, Tennessee, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, who served with the Marine Security Forces. After graduating from the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Attorney Ali served as a sworn police officer with the City of Shelbyville, City of Lewisburg, and Vanderbilt Police Departments, respectively. Attorney Ali currently hosts the radio talk show “Justice Watch with Attorney Zulu Ali” on NBC news affiliate station KCAA in Redlands, California.

Director of the American Committee for United Nations Oversight, an advocacy group lobbying the United Nations for police reform, Attorney Ali opened the Law Offices of Zulu Ali with a focus on representing persons accused of crimes and seeking criminal justice, immigrants, victims of discrimination, and persons seeking civil justice. He has been admitted to the California State Bar; United States District Courts for the districts of Central California, Southern California, Northern California, and Colorado; United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Circuits; and the United States Supreme Court.

Attorney Ali was also named to the Top 100 Lawyers by the prestigious National Black Lawyers-Top 100; The National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 Lawyers; Premier Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys, also known as the National Academy of Jurisprudence; and Top 10 Attorneys for client satisfaction in criminal law, immigration law, and personal injury by the American Institute of Legal Counsel.

Attorney Ali was honored by the National Action Network with the Vanguard Award as one of Los Angeles’ 100 Most Influential African Americans.

Attorney Ali earned a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in African Studies from Regents College through a consortium with Tennessee State University and a Juris Doctorate from Trinity International University Law School.

Attorney Ali is a devoted husband and father; he lives in Southern California with Charito, his wife of over 32 years. Their four adult children and three grandchildren also live in Southern California.

For more details about his law firm, visit www.zulualilaw.com


Virginia Author Honors Colin Kaepernick and Helps Teens Talk About Race and Policing With Latest Book

Posted by Admin On May - 1 - 2018 Comments Off on Virginia Author Honors Colin Kaepernick and Helps Teens Talk About Race and Policing With Latest Book

Ritchie Carlyle

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Rest in Peace Rashawn Reloaded by Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW is an excellent, award winning children’s book that summarizes the multi-faceted issues surrounding the alarming trend of American police officers and private citizens shooting unarmed Black men. Sidney added responses gathered from a Q and A session at a Youth Conference that took place at the JMU Male Academy for Academic Achievement on July 18, 2018. The data gathered from this meeting is scattered throughout the book to provide readers a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Black or Brown boy today. At the end of the book, Sidney gives solid tips on how to survive encounters with law enforcement in terms most children can understand.

Rest in Peace Rashawn Reloaded is the story of a young Black boy named Jeremy. Jeremy, like many children in the United States, grew tired of being bullied. What transpired after another run-in with the neighborhood gang is best described as Lemony Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events on steroids. Unlike the movie, one of the “unfortunate events” resulted in the unnecessary murder of his older brother Rashawn, who was a college football player home from school.


Sidney uses elements from several high-profile police shootings to illustrate the many sides of life in America for Black and Brown boys. Secondly, Sidney gives an authentic account of how the aftermath of these killings play out all over the nation ad nauseum. Moreover, Sidney shows the emotional toll these killings take on the parents, relatives and the community of the victims of police killings and points out the need for increased mental health services when dealing with loss. Sidney delivers a major twist in the story that’s masterful and worth purchasing the book to find out.


The cover photo displays Professional football player Colin Kaepernick, among others, kneeling. Mr. Kaepernick has dedicated the last few years of his life to ending police violence against people of color and effecting positive change for all people in America and abroad. During the 2016 NFL Season, Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. His protest was met with widespread criticism from team owners, players, politicians and many others. Many NFL players joined Kaepernick and athletes all over the country began kneeling during the National Anthem to protest the persistent racism experienced by people of color in America.


After opting out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers at the end of the 2016 NFL season, Colin Kaepernick was not signed by any team in the NFL in 2017. There were dozens of quarterbacks signed that year who were not remotely as talented as Kaepernick. The skill disparity was so blatant that Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL in November 2017. Players across the league kept the protest going all season, with the most notable being The Cleveland Browns protest. The protest featured Seth DeValve, one of the first white football players to kneel in protest. Players donning the numbers of Seth DeValve, Eric Reid and Michael Bennett are featured alongside RaShawn on the cover of Rest in Peace RaShawn Reloaded.


Despite the criticism, Kaepernick has raised millions for numerous charities and has received many awards and accolades for his philanthropy. Recently, Kaepernick was awarded The GQ Magazine Citizen of the Year Award in 2017 and The Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award in 2018. At the time of this publication, Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent.


Speaking of accolades, Rest in Peace ReShawn Reloaded was selected for the Recommended Book List for the 2018 In the Margins Book Award. A committee of librarians who work with marginalized youth decided Ronnie’s book was an outstanding fit to recommend to other groups who work with marginalized youth. Rest in Peace RaShawn Reloaded is also one of fourteen books written for middle and high school readers nominated for the 2018 Young Adult Virginia Authors (YAVA) award. Please cast your vote for Rest in Peace RaShawn Reloaded by visiting www.rvalibrary.org/yava/votes/. The YAVA popular voting period will be running through May 15, 2018. The winning author will be recognized and receive a $1,000 cash prize at the YAVA Book and Author Party at the Richmond Public Library on Saturday, October 6, 2018.


All children and adults will benefit from reading Rest in Peace Rashawn Reloaded because it brings awareness to key issues of our times. Secondly, it touches on bullying and what trauma and grief can lead to. In the book, Jeremy thinks a replica gun will solve his problem, but in too many schools across America, children are using real guns to harm others in response to being bullied. Millions of youth across America encounter police daily and Rest in Peace Rashawn Reloaded does an excellent job illustrating what can be done to improve relationships between police officers and communities of color.


Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW books are available on Amazon.com. For inquiries, please send an email to nelsonbeatstheodds@gmail.com. Visit www.nelsonbeatstheodds.com for more information about Sidney’s books, services, products and more.


Photo Caption: Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW holds a Rest in Peace RaShawn Reloaded poster at the 2018 Ujamaa Book Festival in Alexandria, Virginia


Photo Credit: Kris Murray

8th Ward Residents Facing Mounting Challenges Head-On

Posted by Admin On April - 5 - 2018 Comments Off on 8th Ward Residents Facing Mounting Challenges Head-On

Concerned Citizens Organization and 8th Ward residents are facing head-on challenges in the 8th Ward


By Pamela Bratcher-McMillan

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”- MLK

Concerned Citizens of the 8th Ward

Concerned Citizens of the 8th Ward

Once again, the Concerned Citizens of the 8th Ward and some 8th Ward residents have overcome tactics to thwart their activities when trying to inform the community of unwanted developments that only serve a few, but are being forced on the 8th Ward community overall. The Concerned Citizens scheduled meeting at St. Ailbe Church to inform the community of a development that many in the area don’t want was canceled without notice. Reportedly, an unknown caller had called the church sometime ago to reserve the meeting room and falsely used the name of a person several people at the church was familiar with. When the falsely accused woman called the church and complained the meeting was canceled. When attendees arrived at the meeting, and after standing in the rainy-cold for awhile, they were told by an 8th Ward alderman’s staff person stationed in the parking lot passing out brochures about Montclare, that the meeting had been canceled. It was a full-parking lot of cars and disappointed people due to the meeting being canceled. The proposed 134-unit, 8 story low income Montclare building for senior citizens is defiantly opposed by the community but very much sanctioned by the alderman. The Concerned Citizens of the 8th Ward were disappointed but not discouraged that the meeting had been canceled. They quickly relocated everyone to an alternate location because they felt it was too important to let the mishap obliterate them or stand in the way of getting the word out about what was taking place in the community, including a new seven story 1-2 bedroom low-income senior housing development without input from the community. That was quick thinking on the part of Linda Hudson, a candidate for alderman of the 8th Ward, who understands the importance of not letting a situation that some would have given up on and gone home stop her from informing the community. This instantaneous recovery shows that Hudson thinks on her feet (even in the rainy-cold).  That is why we need Hudson for 8th Ward alderman. She won’t give up on getting the community involved and empowered. Let’s hope St Ailbe learned from this and will develop a fail-safe system to confirm persons who call in to use the meeting room. Perhaps a confirmation number could be issued when a meeting is scheduled, and it would have to be used to cancel the meting or with a follow-up call. Elect Linda Hudson for 8th Ward Alderman  

Black Women’s Roundtable Release its Fifth Annual Report on Status of Black Women, “Time For Power Shift”

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Report Sites Progress, Accomplishments,  Potential and Challenges for Black Women in 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday, March 28th, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s (NCBCP) Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR) will close out Women’s History Month and Black Women’s Week, by hosting a tele-briefing to release its Fifth Annual Black Women in the U.S. Report, which assesses the challenges, triumphs and overall contemporary condition of Black women in the United States in 2018. This year’s report is entitled “Time for a Power Shift” and takes an in-depth look at the issue of power and exactly where Black women fall socially, politically, economically, spiritually and health-wise.
Key findings from this year’s report include:
  • Black Women Shifting Their Power
  • When It Comes to Politics, the Power of Black Women is on the Rise
  • Electoral Successes Prove Black Women Can Win Anywhere
  • In 2018, Black Women Can Make Political History
  • Despite Gains, Black Women are Not Without Political Challenges
  • The Power of Black Women’s Leadership is Significantly Curtailed in the Corporate World
  • Black Women Especially Vulnerable Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Black Women Immigrants and Their Families Have Been Uniquely Targeted in the Trump Era
  • The Power of Black Women’s Push for Social Justice Remains
  • Black Women Are Still the Foundation of Black Family Financial Power
  • Entrepreneurship Seen as the Conduit to Greater Economic Power for Black Women
  • Black Women Venture Capitalists Flex Their Economic Power to Help Close the Venture Capital Funding Gap
  • Black Women Still Lack the Power to Live Free from Violence, Health Challenges and in Full Autonomy of Their Own Bodies
  • Black Women Lean on Spiritual Power to Make Magic Happen
Melanie L. Campbell, President/CEO of the NCBCP and Convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable, states, “The annual BWR Report provides the NCBCP and Black Women’s Roundtable with a vehicle to actualize our commitment to ensuring Black women and girls’ voices and stories are elevated in the public sphere. This year, the report is laser focused on showcasing Black women’s intergenerational and diverse leadership, expertise and unique perspectives on the issue of building and sustaining power to achieve a higher quality of life for Black women, our families and communities.”
Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, the BWR Report’s editor-in-chief, shares, “We find ourselves at a very precarious moment in our nation’s history, and Black women understand what’s at stake. They’ve stepped up in bold and tangible ways to not only be the drivers of change but to wield the levers of power themselves like never before.”
For media outlets interested in hearing a live presentation of the key findings of the 2018 BWR Report and its significance, please join the Black Women’s Roundtable Tele-Press Conference, at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, March 28th, by calling the press briefing teleconference phone number at (701) 801-1211 and enter 757553026#.The BWR Report will be presented to the press by Ms. Campbell, Dr. Jones-DeWeever and several contributors to the 2018 BWR Report.
The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) is one of the most active civil rights and social justice organizations in the nation “dedicated to increasing civic engagement, economic and voter empowerment in Black America.” The Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR) is the women and girls empowerment arm of the NCBCP. At the forefront of championing just and equitable public policy on behalf of Black women, BWR promotes their health and wellness, economic security & prosperity, education and global empowerment as key elements for success.


Eric Garner’s Death Avenges in New Comic Book Series

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Nubian Man Avenges Deaths of the Nubian People

By Bryson Bone

Nubian Man

Newark, NJ (BlackNews.com) — Created by Jersey-born writer, Zinc Nguvu, and illustrator Terry Brown of Lexington, Kentucky in response to the unjust killings of African-Americans by police and racists across the country, the Nubian Man series (www.TheNubianMan.com) promises to take the comic book universe by storm but online first.

“I wanted everyone to know the origin of Nubian Man and his mission foremost. It’s because of all of the killings,” Nguvu says. However, he made clear, “Tamir Rice is what really pushed me over the edge from an emotional perspective. I cried because I knew there was going to be no justice, and another black life would have been taken senselessly. That was when the creative juices started flowing. Within twenty four hours later, I wrote the overview of the Nubian Man concept.”

By day, Nubian Man is Director of African-American Studies of Brooklyn’s Harry Jeffries University, a school named in honor of his grandfather located at 1650 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. At night he’s out avenging the deaths of the Nubian people.

The first edition of the online comic series is titled “R.I.P. Eric Garner,” associated with the 2014 police choking death of unarmed African-American and Staten Island resident, Eric Garner,-whose famous last words “I CAN’T BREATH,” became a national slogan among activists protesting police brutality.

The story can be read for free at www.thenubianman.com. There will be additional releases in May and September which will complete season one. The first physical comic book will release December 1, 2018 which will consist of all three stories from season one. Starting season 2 there will be four stories released then the pattern will follow from then on.

Nguvu resides in Newark, New Jersey, just a mere fifteen miles away from the Staten Island block where Garner took his last breath. He plans to use the Nubian Man series as an empowering tool as well as an informative vehicle.

“I’m really looking to serve the communities. We have an apparel line called Nubian Wear on www.TheNubianMan.com. Any nonprofit organization that is addressing literacy or the arts in the inner city for the youth will be able to benefit from our efforts,” he says. “We believe Nubian Man has the potential to become an inner-city classic, especially with the social ramifications it has. The most important aspect of Nubian Man is that it’d keep the memories alive of all the brothers and sisters who’ve been killed.”

Nguvu gives an extended invitation: “If you stand against any unjust decisions by the court system and racists that have caused a Nubian life to be taken without reciprocity, then you too can be a part of the NUBIAN nation!”

Contact: NubianManCSR@gmail.com to book Zinc Nguvu’s lecture, Introducing Nubian Man, A Hero Spawned from Social Injustice.

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