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Pols Weigh-in on President Trump’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Budget: “…It Confirms Our Worst Fears…” Says County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Senator Tammy Baldwin had plenty to say about Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2018  budget. Their remarks sent a chilling effect about the proposed budget.
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin
Trump’s budget doesn’t reflect our values
Dick Durbin <info@dickdurbin.com>


Donald Trump campaigned on standing up for “the middle class, the forgotten people, the forgotten men and women of this country, who built our country.” He pledged not to cut Medicaid. He promised not to make students pay more toward loan debt.

But his latest budget proposal breaks every one of those promises.

The Trump budget is an attack on children, working families, seniors, and people with disabilities — all while the wealthiest Americans receive a major tax break.

Add your name now: tell Congress not to pass a budget that puts tax cuts for the wealthiest ahead of the needs of low- and middle-income Americans.

The Trump budget would drastically slash health care funding, including a more than $600 billion cut to Medicaid. It also cuts funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and would gut investments in medical research, calling for the lowest level of funding for the National Institutes of Health in more than a decade.

It would hit low-income Americans especially hard, with cuts to food stamps and aid for needy families.

It eliminates subsidized student loans, which would make the college debt crisis even worse. It slashes funds for work study programs and eliminates loan forgiveness for graduates who pursue lower-paying public service careers.

Budgets are a reflection of our values and this budget proposal sends a clear message that President Trump would rather give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans than invest in programs that serve low- and middle-income families. Tell Congress not to pass it.

Thank you for speaking up to defend our values.

My best,

Dick Durbin



Senator Tammy Baldwin

When I was 9 years old, I developed a serious illness similar to spinal meningitis — it put me in the hospital for months.

I was raised by my grandparents and I would eventually make a full recovery. But when they looked for an insurance policy that would cover me in the future, they couldn’t find such a policy because of my previous illness. Not from any insurer. Not at any price.

My grandparents were forced to make great sacrifices to pay for my health care simply because I was a child who had been branded with the words “pre-existing condition.”

Juanita, no parent, or grandparent, should have to lay awake at night wondering whether or not they can afford to care for their loved ones, and I am committed to protecting every American I can from having to experience what they did.

We have a chance to speak out — add your name with OFA, and commit to staying involved in the fight to protect affordable health care for all Americans.

Health care is bigger than politics, it’s about people’s lives, and the chaos and uncertainty that would follow Obamacare’s repeal would be devastating for American families.

More than 20 million people have gained coverage under Obamacare, and the uninsured rate has never been lower. But according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest analysis, you could be forced to pay more for less care or you could be at risk of losing health care coverage altogether.

Any effort to improve our health care system must protect the guaranteed protections and care that people with pre-existing conditions and others have today, not take them away.

Over a million OFA supporters have signed petitions and made calls to protect affordable health care — join them now, and they’ll be in touch soon with ways for you to get involved:


Thank you,

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

The Trump administration’s proposed budget confirms our worst fears. It goes well beyond the traditional budgets we have seen from conservative presidents; it is a mean-spirited, harmful fiscal plan that would impose lasting harm upon those who are the poorest and most vulnerable among us, not to mention damage public education, the environment, public health and the broader social safety network.

By proposing significant cuts to Medicaid – apart from those that would be implemented under the American Health Care Act passed by the House – the President’s budget would further erode the right of all Americans to get meaningful health care. His administration speaks of furthering local control, but his budget puts such programs as Community Development Block Grants and HOME funding on the chopping block, which will destroy the ability of local units of government to improve their infrastructure, provide social services and improve the availability of affordable housing.

But this budget – indeed, any budget – is more than merely dollars and cents. Those dollars and cents must fund programs and services that keep us safe, protect our natural resources, help educate our children, provide safe shelter, and support programs that address the food insecurity so many of our residents face daily. This budget hits such programs as SNAP, Meals on Wheels, after school programs, even Social Security disability.

Traditionally a President’s budget proposals are massively changed once they get to Congress. Our fervent hope and belief is that this cruel and heartless approach will not stand.

Speaker Madigan Responds to Passage of Rauner-Backed Procurement Reforms

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  • Illinois House speaker says he backs 2016 special election | FOX2now ...
  • Governor Bruce Rauner (1) Governor Bruce Rauner (2) SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois Speaker Michael J. Madigan issued the following statement Monday after the House voted to pass Senate Bill 8, a package of reforms negotiated by Gov. Bruce Rauner to help streamline acquisition of goods and services, reducing costs to the state: 

“Today’s passage of a procurement reform package requested by Governor Rauner is another instance in which House Democrats have followed through on our commitment to work cooperatively with the governor to reduce the cost of government and address the issues facing our state.

“This bill is the result of negotiation between legislators and the administration. In January, I directed the House State Government Administration Committee to thoroughly evaluate the governor’s procurement proposal, and that committee approved the governor’s plan with bipartisan support.  

“The biggest issue facing Illinois remains the state budget. As the governor continues to hold other aspects of his agenda as pre-conditions to his cooperation on a full balanced budget, I renew my request that the governor immediately focus on working with House Democrats to find common ground and pass a budget for our state. Today’s agreement is proof that House Democrats are willing to make compromises to move Illinois forward.”

Photos: (Top Left) Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan

(Top Right) Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner

Attorney General Madigan Announces $18.5 Million Settlement With Target Over Data Breach

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Agreement Establishes Industry Standards for Collecting and Protecting Consumer Data  


CHICAGO, IL – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that Illinois led 47 states and the District of Columbia in reaching an $18.5 million settlement with the Target Corporation to resolve the states’ investigation into the company’s 2013 data breach. The settlement represents the largest multistate data breach settlement achieved to date and sets industry standards for better protecting consumers’ information from data breaches in the future.


The states’ investigation, led by Madigan and Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, found that cyber attackers accessed Target’s gateway server through credentials stolen from a third-party HVAC vendor on or about November 12, 2013. The credentials were used to exploit weaknesses in Target’s system, allowing the attackers to access a customer service database, install malware on the system and to capture customer data, including full names, telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, payment card numbers, expiration dates, credit card verification codes and encrypted debit PINs.


The breach affected more than 41 million customer payment card accounts and contact information for more than 60 million customers.


“Today’s settlement with Target establishes industry standards for companies that process payment cards and maintain secure information about their customers,” Madigan said. “People must remain vigilant about activity on their credit and debit cards as it’s not a matter of if but when you are going to be a victim of identity theft or a security breach.”


The new industry standards require Target to:

  • Develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive information security program;
  • Employ an executive or officer who is responsible for executing the plan;
  • Hire an independent, qualified third-party to conduct a comprehensive security assessment:
  • Maintain and support software on its network for data security purposes;
  • Maintain appropriate encryption policies, particularly as they pertain to cardholder and personal information data;
  • Segment its cardholder data environment from the rest of its computer network; and
  • Undertake steps to control access to its network, including implementing password rotation policies and two-factor authentication.

Illinois will receive more than $1.2 million from the settlement.


Joining Madigan and the Connecticut Attorney General’s office in participating in the settlement are attorneys general from: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia and the District of Columbia.


A copy of the settlement document can be found here.


Consumer Protection Division Chief Deborah Hagan, Springfield Bureau Chief Elizabeth Blackston, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Van Hise and Assistant Attorney General Yangsu Kim handled the settlement for Madigan’s Consumer Protection Bureau.


Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation to Host Criminal Justice Symposium

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – According to the NAACP, African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population, while only accounting for 13 percent of the population. These numbers are indicative of the need for further reforms. The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation (ILBCF) is hosting a Criminal Justice Symposium to explore different policy initiatives that have been suggested and implemented, and discuss solutions to end the inequality. The ILBCF will be issuing its criminal justice report, which outlines the Black Caucus’ Criminal Justice agenda for this year’s General Assembly.
Below is a list of panelists and the issues they will be discussing:
Pretrial Administration and Bail Reform
·         Attorney Sierra Senor-Moore
·         State Representative Carol Ammons (D-Champaign/Urbana)
·         Faith Coalition for the Common Good – Reginald Dale
·         State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (D-Chicago)
·         Executive Director of Social Changes – Todd Belcore
·         State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria)
The ILBCF Criminal Justice Symposium will be hosted at:
African American History Museum
1440 Monument Dr. Springfield IL 62702
Monday, May 22, 2017
5:45 PM-6:30 PM Reception
6:30 PM-8:00 PM Presentation
This event is also being co-sponsored by the following: Faith Coalistion for the Common Good/ CUJO, NAACP, Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi, Kit it 200, Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Democratic Chairman’s Association, The Outlet, Alderman Doris Turner, Attorney Sierra Senor – Moore, State Senator Andy Manar, Zeta Phi Beta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs

Rep. Harper to Help Immigrants Understand Their Constitutional Rights

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CHICAGO, IL – Illinois State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, is joining the National Immigrant Justice Center to help connect immigrants with legal resources and help them train for encounters with law enforcement at her Know Your Rights Seminar that will be on Saturday, June 11 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m at the Sherman Park Library Branch, located at 5440 S. Racine Ave. in Chicago.


“Due to the Trump administration’s abuse of power, people won’t leave their homes due to fear of being racially profiled and deported, despite being proud Americans. I want people to understand what they are legally able to do if law-enforcement unconstitutionally stops them,” Harper said. “No one should be living in a state of fear of their government illegally deporting them and taking them away from their families.”


Harper is partnering with the National Immigrant Justice Center to provide and update immigrants about their constitutional rights. During the event, representatives from the NJIC will review existing legal options for immigrants to be prepared for potential encounters with law enforcement, as well as develop a safety plan with attendees to further enhance necessary preparations.



Who: State Rep. Sonya HarperNational Justice Immigrant CenterWhat: Know Your Rights SeminarWhen: Saturday, June 1111 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Where: Sherman Park Branch5440 S Racine AveChicago, IL 60609

Negotiating Team Outlines House Democrats’ Economic Reform Proposals

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – House Democrats seeking common ground with Gov. Bruce Rauner in order to end the budget stalemate and put the state on a path to fiscal stability are asking the governor to consider their reform proposals that will improve the business climate while lifting up the middle class.

“House Democrats believe the budget crisis demands immediate action, and it is our hope to show Governor Rauner that we stand ready to work with him,” state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie said. “We plan to seek common ground with the governor on his proposals, and present him with items we believe should be part of the bargaining in order to encourage economic growth while lifting up the middle class.”

Last week, House Speaker Michael J. Madigan appointed Currie and House Leaders Lou Lang, Arthur Turner and Jay Hoffman to work with Rauner to find compromise on issues unrelated to the state budget.

The legislators plan to present the governor with House Democratic Caucus proposals that will improve the business climate while lifting up the middle class. While the governor has prioritized changes to the workers’ compensation system, Democrats are pushing for additional reforms that would prohibit insurance companies in Illinois from eliminating an insurance policy due to a pre-existing condition and would also create an Insurance Rate Review Board to prevent insurance companies from unfairly gouging consumers.

The House negotiators also plan to ask Rauner to stand with Democrats in working to close corporate loopholes that allow large businesses to pay nothing in taxes. House Democrats have prioritized cutting the overall corporate income tax to level the playing field for small and medium-sized employers, while also cracking down on large corporations that game the system to avoid paying anything in taxes.

“House Democrats have put forward a number of reforms that address the governor’s goals, and we will continue pushing ideas that will strengthen the economy while also lifting up the middle class,” Lang said. “We believe we can create jobs without hurting the people who work in those jobs every day. We look forward to working with the governor to find common ground and move this conversation forward by discussing his ideas in depth, and presenting him with ideas of our own.”   

Another Victory in the Struggle Against Police Crimes

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From: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression


Patrick Prince was released from prison on Tuesday after State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office dropped all the charges against him. Prince has been in prison for 26 years, wrongfully charged and convicted based solely on a confession extracted through police torture.


Frank Chapman, hailed the release, noting that “The release of Patrick Prince is another victory in the struggle by tens of thousands of people throughout the Chicago Area against police crimes, especially the torture and wrongful conviction of Black and Latino young men,” Chapman declared. “We call on State’s Attorney Foxx to free all people who have consistently claimed they confessed under torture.”


Chapman is Field Organizer of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR), and Chairperson of the Stop Police Crimes Organizing Committee (SPCOC).


The CAARPR and SPCOC have organized 50,000 people to sign petitions and postcards addressed to their aldermen demanding passage of the ordinance creating an all-elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC), which would have the power to end and prevent police killings and torture by referring these torture cops for prosecution.


“There are still over a hundred police torture victims in prison,” Chapman noted. He called on Gov. Bruce Rauner to pardon all these torture victims. “It isn’t necessary for the State’s Attorney to have to look individually at each case,” Chapman said. “The Governor has the Constitutional power to pardon all these victims of torture and free them with the stroke of a pen.


“We join with the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of these men who have been tirelessly campaigning for justice in the cases of their loved ones who are victims of the police crime of torture. The criterion for pardon should be very simple:

  1. The victim claimed his innocence from the beginning.
  2. The victim accused the police of wresting a false confession through torture.


“That’s it. That’s all the Governor needs to free these men through Executive Pardon TODAY!”



As Obama Invites Next Generation to ‘Take Their Own Crack at Changing the World,’ Chicago Youth Answer ‘Yes We Can’

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350 teen problem-solvers from 60 schools gather to present solutions to Chicago’s toughest issues at Mikva’s Action Civics Showcase

 CHICAGO, IL – Encouraged by Obama’s call to young people, “to take up the baton,” Chicago youth will gather to showcase their year-long activism effort to better their schools and neighborhoods at the Mikva Challenge 15th Annual Action Civics Showcase on May 23, 2017 at the Chicago Cultural Center. Mikva Challenge will host the Showcase in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools Office of Civic Engagement and Service Learning. Youth will meet political and community leaders at the Showcase and will be awarded badges for civic action, research and community building.

To stand-up against current immigration policies, youth leaders at Benito Juarez Academy are engaging lawmakers on the local, state, and national level. To increase teen employment in the summer, youth from Excel Academy in Marquette Park organized a job fair with over 25 businesses offering employment opportunities. To increase youth engagement in local politics, youth from Sullivan High School drafted a project proposal to be put on the ballot for the 49th Ward PB process, and they also launched a GOTV campaign to get their peers to vote.

“I’m working Mikva for the recycling project and each day we collect food that so many students throw away. This food could be given to those that actually need it. Saving food also helps students see that they are wasting most of not, not eating it, and that throwing it away is just wrong,” said Khadijah Zaki from Mather High School, who is working on a food recycling and waste elimination project this year with her peers.

The Action Civics Showcase is a culminating event of our Democracy in Action program that had 2,500 youth participants from over 60 schools throughout the Chicagoland area this year. Here’s a complete list of all our projects and schools that will be presenting at the Showcase on May 23rd.
When: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 4pm-6pm
Where: Cultural Center, 78 E Washington, Chicago, IL 60602

Visuals: Over 350 young people will have their project on display at the event. You’ll also see teachers, principals, politicians and community leaders at the event

Action Civics Showcase 2017 – Project Highlights


Project Title


Benito Juarez Community Academy 

Lobbying to stop anti-immigrant policies

Angered and frustrated by immigration policies coming out of the White House and the negative impact it was having on the school community, youth leaders decided to take action. The group is planning a year long lobbying campaign to influence lawmakers in Springfield and D.C. to change immigration policies through lobbying and launching a story-telling project on youth impacted by these policies.

Julian High School 

Peace Week

In response to a tragedy that took a student’s life in 2012, youth leaders have organized themselves to lead a Peace Day and now a Peace Week every year in their school. As part of their final project, the group will be hosting a Peace Summit to empower teens to discuss societal issues and create peace within themselves, within their schools and within their communities.

Chicago Excel Academy, Southwest


Connecting Youth to Jobs

Worried and frustrated with the high rate of youth unemployment in the Marquette Park neighborhood, youth and teachers collaborated to bring over 25 businesses and other agencies to a school-wide employment fair.

Fenger High School

More opportunities for Black Men

Recognizing the dearth of role models and access to good leadership opportunities for black men in their neighborhood, youth leaders worked on creating pathways to fill that gap. They met with Chicago Bears player Charles Tillman to talk about challenges they face, and are also regularly meeting with community leaders to bring more jobs to black men in their school.

Marquette Elementary

Fill a Tote for Hope

In order to address the issue of homelessness in their community, youth at Marquette researched the number of displaced families and individuals living in Chicago Law and then designed a campaign called Filled A Tote for Hope! They packaged a 100 tote bags filled with hygiene products, clothes etc to distribute to the homeless on April Fools Day.

In Search of Justice: The Sad Saga of Former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden

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By Dr. Juanita Bratcher

Editor & Publisher, CopyLine Magazine

A Reprint from the PCC Network


In his search for truth & justice, former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden has encountered many battles in life, and has faced untold obstacles in his 53-year quest to clear his name of a crime he said he never committed – all to no avail. According to Bolden, he was framed by the government – the Secret Service and other law enforcement officials.

Bolden, the first Black Secret Service Agent on a U.S. Presidential Detail, was personally picked by President John F. Kennedy to join his presidential detail while Kennedy was on a trip to Chicago in 1961. He was elated, and who wouldn’t be elated. After all, it was a time of racial strife in the country and an offer like this to a black man was unimaginable to say the least. At the time he was a local Chicago Secret Service agent.

Clearing his name is something that is sacred to him, and even at 82 years old, he is still mindful of that duty to himself, family, friends, and supporters, that he must never give up on that goal.

And in spite of his many trials and tribulations, which included three heart attacks, a Pace Maker and a bout with cancer – Bolden has not given up, and he said he “will never give up, because God is in the plan.

In King James Version of the Bible, John 14:1, it states: Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. And in John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me “

Abraham Bolden has been talking about his dismal plight now for a very long time; how he was railroaded by the U.S. Secret Service and other law enforcement officials while he was a secret service agent. He’s been fighting a long time to clear his name, after spending three years and three months in federal prison for a crime he emphatically says he never committed. He was fired from the Secret Service in August 1964, spent three years and three months in federal prison, and paroled in 1969. He is deeply rooted in history. He is an American hero, a black man that won’t give up his fight to clear his name. God was in his life at a very early age, when he was a young kid. He grew up, believing in the justice of God.

Bolden, the East Saint Louis native who was the first black Secret Service Agent, became an agent in 1960.

And since that time, he’s had a long history of fighting a battle he never imagined, and also feels betrayed.  Not only did he face racism from his fellow agents while on the job, but he has spent most of his life fighting to clear his name.

It has been a long haul for Bolden and one helluva ride for a patriotic and courageous man in his quest to seek justice and clear his name. He has spent most of his life toward that goal – 53 years to be exact – all to no avail. Bolden is aware that it’s been a slow road to attaining the dream of clearing his name, he was denied pardons by three U.S. Presidents (Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama), yet, he has no intentions of ever giving up in his endeavors to clear his name. Even after the three heart attacks, a pace maker and a bout with cancer he still has a whimper of hope in clearing his name, which has evaded him for so many years.

Bolden is an historical figure.

Bolden was accused of taking a $50,000 bribe from a counterfeiting ring that he had helped break, which he denies, and eventually did time for bribery. He has spent most of his life fighting a grave injustice done to him.

Prior to joining Kennedy’s presidential detail, Bolden served as a former Illinois state trooper and a Secret Service Agent in Chicago. He graduated cum laude from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, with a B.A. degree in music composition.

President Kennedy told Bolden he was the “Jackie Robinson of Baseball”. Some have said he was framed because he knew too much.

In published reports it was stated that after two incredibly unfair criminal trials the first in which the sitting judge instructed the jury that Bolden was guilty of all counts in the indictment. Bolden was convicted; however, but the case against Bolden began to fall apart when one of the witnesses, Joseph Spagnoli, who testified against Bolden, confessed that he and another witness, Frank William Jones, concocted and fabricated the criminal case against Bolden with the help of an Assistant United States Attorney. In spite of Spagnoli’s confession and the government’s refusal to deny the charges levied by Spagnoli, Bolden was sent away to the penitentiary.

After an initial mistrial, Bolden was convicted and served three years and three months in federal prison before he was paroled in 1969.

Bolden was arraigned in Chicago on May 20, 1964 on federal charges that he had solicited a bribe from a counterfeiting ring that he had helped break. He was accused of seeking $50,000 in exchange for a secret file on the investigation. The government’s case rested primarily on the testimony of the two men, Frank Jones and Joseph Spagnoli, both facing criminal charges.

Bolden was not accused of receiving or was he ever found to be in possession of any illicit funds from the accused felons who testified against him. He maintained his innocence, asserting that he had been framed because he planned to expose dereliction among the agents assigned to guard Kennedy in front of the Commission. The Secret Service denied Bolden’s claims

Reportedly, there were two witnesses who testified against Bolden at his trial. One of them, who accused Bolden of soliciting bribes, admitted that federal prosecutors had asked him to lie about the case. However, when Bolden appealed and requested a new trial it was denied and Bolden began serving a six-year sentence in 1966, and paroled in 1969.

Bolden is a strong man, a very focused man, a religious man, a patriotic man, a man of integrity That was noted in many articles that I read about him pertaining to his plight. Where does that strength come from? From God, his wife (he and his wife Barbara were married 49 years), mother, children and many supporters.

Bolden focused on two voices he heard while in his prison cell. The dark room lit up and the voice told him not to be afraid. Another voice asked his name and said “God is with you.” Bolden said he knew the voices were spiritual messages from God.

He talked fondly about President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy, he said, “meant a lot to me, I will miss him for the rest of my life.”

You can watch the complete interview with Dr. Juanita Bratcher and Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden on Youtube.com.

And On a Final Note:

To Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden

By Dr. Juanita Bratcher


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will

And change one’s life and living at will

You fight to the end to clear your good name

But nothing goes right, and you’re labeled insane

It seems that the world stands still and there is no hope

But God sees all and there’s room to cope


So when you scream to the top of your voice and ask God that justice prevails

You’ll see, all will go well

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