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President Obama Celebrated the Beginning of the Summer Olympics by Wishing Team USA the Best of Luck

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President Obama’s Weekly Address:  Representing the Best of America in the Summer Olympics


WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, President Obama celebrated the beginning of the Summer Olympics by wishing Team USA the best of luck as they compete on the world stage. The President said Team USA reminds the world why America always sets the example as a nation of immigrants that finds strength by embracing our diversity and finding unity in our national pride. President Obama thanked the American Olympic and Paralympic athletes for representing the best of America. Our Olympians always remind us of our potential – that no matter where you’re from, you can succeed with determination and discipline. That’s not only the Olympic spirit, but also the American spirit.

The audio of the address and video of the address will be available online at www.whitehouse.gov at 6:00AM EDT, August 6, 2016.


Weekly Address
The White House
August 6, 2016 

President Barack Obama: Every four years, our nation’s attention turns to a competition that’s as heated as it is historic.  People pack arenas and wave flags.  Journalists judge every move and overanalyze every misstep.  Sometimes we’re let down, but more often we’re lifted up.  And just when we think we’ve seen it all, we see something happen in a race that we’ve never seen before.

I’m talking, of course, about the Summer Olympics.

This month, Rio is hosting the first-ever Games held in South America – and we’re ready to root on Team USA.  We’re excited to see who will inspire us this time; whose speed will remind us of Jesse Owens; whose feats will remind us of Bob Beamon’s amazing jump?  Which young American will leave us awestruck, the way a teenager named Kerri Strug did when she stuck that landing, and when another kid named Cassius Clay gave the world its first glimpse of greatness?  Who will match Mary Lou Retton’s perfection; or pull off an upset like Rulon Gardner’s; or dominate like the Dream Team?

That’s why we watch.  And we have a lot to look forward to this year.  Team USA reminds the world why America always sets the gold standard: We’re a nation of immigrants that finds strength in our diversity and unity in our national pride.

Our athletes hail from 46 states, D.C., and the Virgin Islands.  Our team boasts the most women who have ever competed for any nation at any Olympic Games.  It includes active-duty members of our military and our veterans.  We’ve got basketball players who stand nearly seven feet tall and a gymnast who’s 4-foot-8.  And Team USA spans generations: a few athletes who are almost as old as I am, and one born just a year before my younger daughter.

Our roster includes a gymnast from Texas who’s so trailblazing, they named a flip after her.  A young woman who persevered through a tough childhood in Flint, Michigan, to become the first American woman to win gold in the boxing ring.  And a fencing champion from suburban Jersey who’ll become the first American Olympian to wear a hijab while competing.  And on our Paralympic team, we’re honored to be represented by a Navy veteran who lost his sight while serving in Afghanistan and continues to show us what courage looks like every time he jumps in the pool.

When you watch these Games, remember that it’s about so much more than the moments going by in a flash.  Think about the countless hours these athletes put in, knowing it could mean the difference in a split-second victory that earns them a lifetime of pride, and gives us enduring memories.  It’s about the character it takes to train your heart out, even when no one’s watching.  Just hard work, focus, and a dream.  That’s the Olympic spirit – and it’s the American spirit, too

In our Olympians, we recognize that no one accomplishes greatness alone.  Even solo athletes have a coach beside them and a country behind them.  In a season of intense politics, let’s cherish this opportunity to come together around one flag.  In a time of challenge around the world, let’s appreciate the peaceful competition and sportsmanship we’ll see, the hugs and high-fives and the empathy and understanding between rivals who know we share a common humanity.  Let’s honor the courage it takes, not only to cross the finish line first, but merely to stand in the starting blocks.  And let’s see in ourselves the example they set – proving that no matter where you’re from, with determination and discipline, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

That idea – that you can succeed no matter where you’re from – is especially true this year.  We’ll cheer on athletes on the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team: Ten competitors from the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Syria who personify endurance.

To all of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes wearing the red, white, and blue – know that your country couldn’t be prouder of you.  We admire all the work you’ve done to get to Rio and everything you’ll do there.  Thank you for showing the world the best of America.  And know that when you get up on that podium, we’ll be singing the National Anthem – and maybe even shedding a tear – right alongside you.

Now go bring home the gold!


President Obama Announces Presidential Delegation to the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games

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President Barack Obama announced the designation of the Presidential Delegation to Attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Federative Republic of Brazil.

Presidential Delegation to the Opening Ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Summer Games

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Federative Republic of Brazil will be held on August 5, 2016.

The delegation will attend athletic events, meet with U.S. athletes, and attend the Opening Ceremony.

The Honorable John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States, will lead the delegation.

Members of the Presidential Delegation

The Honorable Liliana Ayalde, U.S. Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil, Department of State

The Honorable Mari Carmen Aponte, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Department of State

The Honorable Liz Allen, Deputy Assistant to the President and White House Deputy Communications Director

The Honorable Ellie Schafer, Special Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Visitors Office

Mr. Mark Spitz, nine-time Olympic gold medalist, one-time Olympic silver medalist, one-time Olympic bronze medalist, men’s swimming

Zika Virus And The 2016 Summer Olympics

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Travel guidance for those heading to Brazil for the Olympics


SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is offering travel recommendations to help those going to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil protect themselves from the Zika virus. 

“Because Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects, IDPH wants to urge individuals visiting Brazil to protect themselves from mosquito bites,” said IDPH Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D.  “This advice also applies to other destinations in the Americas that are currently experiencing and outbreak of Zika virus.  While most people get Zika virus from a mosquito bite, the virus can also be sexually transmitted, so it is important to take precautions against both modes of transmission.”

Recommendations for travelers:

• All travelers to the Olympics should take precautions to protect themselves against mosquito bites.  Use insect repellent on exposed skin that contain active ingredients such DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR3535, or para-methane-diol; wear long sleeves and long pants when possible; and stay in air conditioned or screened-in rooms.

• Pregnant women should not go to the Olympics.  For those who must go, talk with a health care provider before going, strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites, and use a condom or do not have sex.

• Women who could become pregnant or are trying to become pregnant should talk with a health care provider about the risk of Zika virus infection, strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites, and use a condom or do not have sex. 

• All travelers should either use a condom or do not have sex.

Zika virus can be spread through anal, oral, and vaginal sex.  A man can pass Zika virus to his partner(s) even if he does not have symptoms at the time, or if his symptoms have gone away.  While there is one documented case of Zika virus transmission from a woman to a man, more is still being learned.  Condoms can reduce the chance of getting Zika virus from sex.  All pregnant women with sex partners who live in or have traveled to an area with Zika virus should use condoms or not have sex during their pregnancy, even if their partners do not have Zika virus symptoms or if their symptoms have gone away.  People who live in or have traveled to an area with Zika virus should consider using condoms to protect their sex partners.

CDC has guidance for how long to wait before trying to get pregnant or have sex without a condom.

Possible exposure via recent travel or sex without a condom



     Zika virus symptoms Wait at least 8 weeks after symptoms start Wait at least 6 months after symptoms start
     No Zika virus symptoms Wait at least 8 weeks after exposure Wait at least 8 weeks after exposure.

Talk with your healthcare provider

People living in areas with Zika virus



     Zika virus symptoms Wait at least 8 weeks after symptoms start Wait at least 6 months after symptoms start
     No Zika virus symptoms Talk with doctor or healthcare provider Talk with doctor or healthcare provider

When returning home, watch for symptoms of Zika virus and call your health care provider if you suspect you may be infected.

For more information, check out the Zika Virus Information Center on the IDPH website.

Legendary Division I Coach, Mike Jarvis, to Speak at Alfred Street Baptist Church Men’s Retreat, July 22-24 at Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, Maryland

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Coach Mike Jarvis
Alexandria, VA (BlackNews.com) — Mike Jarvis, legendary basketball coach, life coach, author, and sports analyst will be the keynote speaker at Alfred Street Baptist Churchs 2016 Mens Retreat: Excellence Without Excuses. Alfred Street Baptist Church is excited to host this phenomenal, empowering, speaker to accompany their very own, dynamic Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley who leads them in worship every Saturday and Sunday.This three day, two night event will include men from all around the DMV (DC, Maryland, and VA) who are both eager and elated to hear Coach Mike Jarvis speak because of his profound career in sports where he built a record of 583-326.The practice of motivating his players has been incorporated into his life which is why Alfred Street Baptist Church invited him to be their keynote speaker for their men. Along with sharing his life skills for success, he will also discuss what it takes to motivate and inspire men both young and old to excel and find their true destiny. After all, this is the man who taught former NBA center, Patrick Ewing how to play basketball upon his arrival to the United States from Jamaica. As a result, Ewing became an NBA All-star and arguably one of best to ever play the game of basketball.Since retiring from coaching, Jarvis spends his time doing book signings and appearances to share words of wisdom with respect to his two bestselling books entitled, Everybody Needs a Head Coach and Skills For Life: The Fundamentals You Need to Succeed, augmented by being an analyst for Fox Sports.

Alfred Street Baptist Church is thrilled to introduce Coach Jarvis to the men who will be in attendance at this one-of-a kind bonding event. He has been a head coach and coached many exceptional all-star players, but notes the most important decision he made occurred on April 29, 2005, when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Head Coach.

We are looking forward to hearing what Coach Mike Jarvis has to say to the men of today, in light of the current circumstances and real issues facing Black men in America. We are confident that he will be able to empower, encourage and educate the men in attendance and provide them with the necessary take away skills needed to be successful in life, said Alfred Street Baptist Church, pastor, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley. In addition, we will also welcome three spiritually uplifting speakers including but not limited to: Rev. Kevin G. Swann, pastor, Ivy Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia, Ronald E, Hopson, PHD, associate professor of Psychology and Divinity at Howard University and Dr. Donte Hickman Sr., pastor of Southern Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

There are still a few spaces left to attend this great retreat, including 1 day passes and 1 night passes, visit www.alfredstreet.org to register today as space is limited and going fast. All men in the DMV area are invited to attend. Email men@alfredstreet.org for details or to register.

Follow the Mens Retreat on Social Media through the following:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlfredStreetBaptistChurch/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AlfredStreetBC
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alfredstreetbc/

Hashtags: #ASBC #Alfred Street #ASBCMEN

Photo Caption: Coach Mike Jarvis, legendary basketball coach



She “made winning an attitude” – Statement by President Obama on the Death of Pat Summitt

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President Barack Obama: Nobody walked off a college basketball court victorious more times than Tennessee’s Pat Summitt.  For four decades, she outworked her rivals, made winning an attitude, loved her players like family, and became a role model to millions of Americans, including our two daughters. Her unparalleled success includes never recording a losing season in 38 years of coaching‎, but also, and more importantly, a 100 percent graduation rate among her players who completed their athletic eligibility. Her legacy, however, is measured much more by the generations of young women and men who admired Pat’s intense competitiveness and character, and as a result found in themselves the confidence to practice hard, play harder, and live with courage on and off the court. As Pat once said in recalling her achievements, “What I see are not the numbers.  I see their faces.”

Pat learned early on that everyone should be treated the same. When she would play basketball against her older brothers in the family barn, they didn’t treat her any differently and certainly didn’t go easy on her. Later, her Hall of Fame career would tell the story of the historic progress toward equality in American athletics that she helped advance. Pat started playing college hoops before Title IX and started coaching before the NCAA recognized women’s basketball as a sport. When she took the helm at Tennessee as a 22-year-old, she had to wash her players’ uniforms; by the time Pat stepped down as the Lady Vols’ head coach, her teams wore eight championship rings and had cut down nets in sold-out stadiums.

Pat was a patriot who earned Olympic medals for America as a player and a coach, and I was honored to award her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She was a proud Tennessean who, when she went into labor while on a recruiting visit, demanded the pilot return to Knoxville so her son could be born in her home state. And she was an inspiring fighter. Even after Alzheimer’s started to soften her memory, and she began a public and brave fight against that terrible disease, Pat had the grace and perspective to remind us that “God doesn’t take things away to be cruel. … He takes things away to lighten us.  He takes things away so we can fly.”

Michelle and I send our condolences to Pat Summitt’s family – which includes her former players and fans on Rocky Top and across America.

IDOT, ISP: Make a Super Bowl Game Plan

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Pick your team now: Are you drinking or are you driving?


SPRINGFIELD, IL – Millions of people will gather this Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. Many will celebrate with alcohol. As part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Illinois State Police (ISP) and police and sheriff’s departments throughout Illinois strongly urge fans to come up with a game plan now: drinking or driving, but not both.

“Drunk driving is preventable. If you plan on drinking this Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you have a sober ride home lined up before the game,” said Jared Thornley, IDOT’s Director of Traffic Safety. “Driving impaired by alcohol or drugs can result in a costly DUI arrest, loss of driving privileges or even jail time. Most tragically, it could result in injury or death for you or others on the road.”

“DUIs are responsible for nearly one-third of all fatal crashes in Illinois. A single DUI can cost thousands of dollars, suspension of driving privileges, potential jail time, or worse, cause the death of another motorist,” said ISP Colonel Tad Williams. “Plan ahead to arrive home safe this Super Bowl weekend by designating a driver or catching a cab. Everyone wins when we all make it home safe.”

If you’re attending a Super Bowl party or watching the game at a sports bar or restaurant:

• Designate your sober driver before the party begins.
• Keep track of how much you have had to drink.
• Make sure your ride is sober before getting in the vehicle.
• If you don’t have a designated driver, call a cab, friend, or family member to come get you. If possible, stay where you are for the night and don’t drive until you are sober.
• Use your community’s sober ride program, if available.
• Never let friends drive drunk. Arrange a safe way for them to get home.
• Always buckle up and drive defensively – it’s your best defense against a drunk driver.

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party:

• Make sure your guests designate sober drivers in advance. Or arrange rides for them.
• Serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages.
• Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter of the game, just like at the stadium.
• Take the keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving drunk.
• You can be prosecuted if someone you served ends up in a drunk-driving crash. If an underage person drinks and drives, the parent or provider may be legally liable for any damage, injury or death caused by the underage driver.

According to the most recent estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,967 people were killed in the United States in drunk driving crashes in 2014. These deaths accounted for 31 percent of the total motor vehicle traffic fatalities. In Illinois in 2014, estimates show 317 people were killed in crashes involving at least one drunk driver, or 34 percent of all those who died in crashes that year.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is made possible by federal highway safety funding, administered by IDOT and supported by hundreds of Illinois law enforcement agencies.

Former St. Louis Cardinals Official Pleads Guilty to Houston Astros Computer Intrusions

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The former director of Baseball Development for the St. Louis Cardinals made an initial appearance in Houston federal court today on charges of accessing the Houston Astros’ computers without authorization, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas and Special Agent in Charge Perrye K. Turner of the FBI Houston Division.  Later this afternoon, the former Cardinals official then entered a guilty plea to all counts as charged.

Christopher Correa, 35, of St. Louis, was charged in a criminal information with five counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer.  No other personnel associated with the Cardinals organization have been charged.

“We have secured an appropriate conviction in this case as a result of a very detailed, thorough and complete investigation,” said U.S. Attorney Magidson.  “Unauthorized computer intrusion is not to be taken lightly.  Whether it’s preserving the sanctity of America’s pastime or protecting trade secrets, those that unlawfully gain proprietary information by accessing computers without authorization must be held accountable for their illegal actions.”

From 2009 to July 2015, Correa was employed by the St. Louis Cardinals and became the director of Baseball Development in 2013.  In this role, he provided analytical support to all areas of the Cardinals’ baseball operations.  Correa is no longer employed by the Cardinals organization.

The Astros and the Cardinals, like many teams, measured and analyzed in-game activities to look for advantages that may not have been apparent to their competitors.  To assist their efforts, the Astros operated a private online database called Ground Control to house a wide variety of confidential data, including scouting reports, statistics and contract information.  The Astros also provided e-mail accounts to their employees.  Ground Control and Astros e‑mails could be accessed online via password-protected accounts.

As part of his plea agreement, Correa admitted that from March 2013 through at least March 2014, he illicitly accessed the Ground Control and/or e-mail accounts of others in order to gain access to Astros proprietary information.

“The theft of intellectual property by computer intrusion is a serious federal crime,” said Special Agent in Charge Turner.  “The Houston Cyber Task Force stands ready to identify, pursue and defeat cyber criminals who gain unauthorized access to proprietary data.  In each and every case, we will seek to hold those accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

In one instance, Correa was able to obtain an Astros employee’s password because that employee has previously been employed by the Cardinals.  When he left the Cardinals organization, the employee had to turn over his Cardinals-owned laptop to Correa along with the laptop’s password.  Having that information, Correa was able to access the now-Astros employee’s Ground Control and e-mail accounts using a variation of the password he used while with the Cardinals.

The plea agreement details a selection of instances in which Correa unlawfully accessed the Astros’ computers.  For example, during 2013, he was able to access scout rankings of every player eligible for the draft.  He also viewed, among other things, an Astros weekly digest page which described the performance and injuries of prospects who the Astros were considering, and a regional scout’s estimates of prospects’ peak rise and the bonus he proposed be offered.  He also viewed the team’s scouting crosscheck page, which listed prospects who were seen by higher level scouts.  During the June 2013 amateur draft, Correa intruded into that account again and viewed information on players who had not yet been drafted as well as several players drafted by the Astros and other teams.

Correa later intruded into that account during the July 31, 2013, trade deadline and viewed notes of the Astros’ trade discussions with other teams.

Another set of intrusions occurred in March 2014.  The Astros reacted by implementing security precautions to include the actual Ground Control website address (URL) and required all users to change their passwords to more complex passwords.  The team also reset all Ground Control passwords to a more complex default password and quickly e‑mailed the new default password and the new URL to all Ground Control users.

Shortly thereafter, Correa illegally accessed the aforementioned person’s e‑mail account and found the e‑mails that contained Ground Control’s new URL and the newly-reset password for all users.  A few minutes later, Correa used this information to access another person’s Ground Control account without authorization.  There, he viewed a total of 118 webpages including lists ranking the players whom Astros scouts desired in the upcoming draft, summaries of scouting evaluations and summaries of college players identified by the Astros’ analytics department as top performers.

On two more occasions, he again illicitly accessed that account and viewed confidential information, such as projects the analytics department was researching, notes of the Astros’ trade discussions with other Major League Baseball teams and reports of players in the Astros’ system and their development.

The parties agreed that Correa masked his identity, his location and the type of device that he used, and that the total intended loss for all of the intrusions is approximately $1.7 million.

Each conviction of unauthorized access of a protected computer carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 fine.

The charges and conviction are the result of an investigation conducted by the FBI.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chu of the Southern District of Texas is prosecuting the case.

Source: FBI

Bronzeville’s Wendell Phillips Wildcats Become First Ever Chicago Public School to Capture State Football Championship With a 51-7 Win

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AUSL’s Wendell Phillips Academy Wildcats Finish Undefeated Season With History Making Performance

School Will Hold Celebratory Prep Rally on Wednesday, December 2, at 2:30 P.M.



CHICAGO, IL – In the first 40 years that the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) held statewide playoff football competition, no team from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) were crowned champions. The Wendell Phillips Academy High School Wildcats broke that trend with an overwhelming 51-7 victory in the class 4A finals against an undefeated Belleville Althoff Catholic High School on Friday, November 27, 2015.

“Before today, no Chicago Public Schools football team had ever won a state title.  Tonight, the Phillips Academy Wildcats ended that streak. They have proven to be the true definition of perseverance and determination. Tonight, we celebrate them not only as the pride of Bronzeville, but all of Chicago. Congratulations to Coach Troy McAllister and his team on not only a perfect season, but on securing a spot in Illinois’ sports history,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a statement released Friday night.

The team’s success is the culmination of a transformation of the school by the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL). Since the fall of 2010, Phillips has been managed by AUSL, a nonprofit CPS school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in what once were CPS’ lowest performing schools.

On their most recent ACT, Phillips students scored higher than at any point in the past 15 years and last year 100 percent of the senior class applied and were accepted to college with more than $5 million in scholarship offers. The football program was also transformed with only a dozen students in the program in 2010 to now involving more than 90.

“This team went out on Friday night to make a statement, which was excellence is achievable for anyone that devotes themselves to a goal. ” said Mike Koldyke, AUSL’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus. “AUSL creates educational equity by asking students to show us what they are capable of and giving them the tools to accomplish it. The 2015 Phillips’ Wildcats are a prime example of what the young people of Chicago can do when given the chance.”

Phillips dominated the 4A IHSA Football Championship, held at NIU’s Husky Stadium in DeKalb Il., with an entire team effort. The team only allowed one early touchdown and then went on to score 51 unanswered points led by quarterback Quayvon Skanes’ one passing and four rushing touchdowns.

“All year I have felt that these student athletes knew they were a part of something much larger than themselves and were playing to show the world what this school and community represents,” said Wendell Phillips Head Football Coach Troy McAllister. “This win is a product of the remarkable transformation of Wendell Phillips Academy and was made possible by the support of our student body, dedicated teachers and the entire city of Chicago.”

The Wildcats were led by 19 seniors all of whom are on track to graduate and several of them that are being recruited to play at the collegiate level. The team has a number of players who are highly sought after by colleges on its roster including Linebacker Amani Jones who has committed to the University of Iowa, Wide Receiver Quayvon Skanes who has committed to the University of Connecticut and Defensive End Amir Watts who is uncommitted but is being recruited by several D1 programs.

About The Academy for Urban School Leadership

AUSL is a Chicago nonprofit school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools.

AUSL was founded in 2001 and today manages 32 Chicago Public Schools serving more than 18,000 students. Over 880 teachers have graduated from the AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency™.

Phillips High School Reaches Quarterfinals in Historic Playoff Run

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Wendell Phillips Academy Wildcats Move One Step Closer to Capturing Historic State Title
AUSL School in Pursuit of Becoming the First Chicago Public School to Win a State Football Championship

CHICAGO, IL – On Saturday, November 7, 2015 the Wendell Phillips Academy High School Wildcats qualified for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Quarterfinals with a 28 – 6 win over Johnsburg High School. The Wildcats will now take their team with an 11 – 0, record to Gately Stadium (810 E 103rd St.) on November 17 at 7 p.m., to take on Geneseo High School for a chance to move on to the IHSA Semifinals. The recent successes on the field are the product of an off-the-field story that started with the transformation of the school by the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) in 2010.

Despite Phillips’ unprecedented success in athletics, overcoming hardship off-the-field has been as large of a test as any opponent on-the-field. Phillips is located in the historic Bronzeville community, and for many years prior to AUSL management, the school reported high drop-out rates and low test scores.  Since the fall of 2010, Phillips has been managed by AUSL, a nonprofit Chicago Public School (CPS) school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in what once were CPS’ lowest performing schools.

The results of AUSL’s transformation of Phillips have been dramatic. On their most recent ACT, Phillips students scored higher than at any point in the past 15 years and last year 100 percent of the senior class applied and were accepted to college with more than $5 million in scholarship offers. These and other indicators point to a rise that mirrors the play of the Wildcats on the football field.

“AUSL was founded with the understanding that athletics, music and other before and after school programming play a major role in the social, behavioral and academic growth of a chronically low performing school. What Phillips has accomplished is not only a remarkable achievement for the school but is also a model for the entire city,” said Mike Koldyke, AUSL’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus. “The team spirit and professionalism of the players is inspiring.  In addition, the pride that the community has in this team could be seen all fall with more than 1000 spectators overfilling the bleachers at their games.”

The successes of the football team have been a source of stability for much of the student body. The football program is the second largest program in CPS involving more than 90 student athletes. The varsity team is led by 19 seniors all of whom are on track to graduate and several of them that are being recruited to play at the collegiate level. The team has a number of players who are highly sought after by colleges on its roster including Linebacker Amani Jones who has committed to the University of Iowa, Wide Receiver Quayvon Skanes who has committed to the University of Connecticut and Defensive End Amir Watts who is uncommitted but is being recruited by several D1 programs.

“Our student athletes are the embodiment of the hard work our teachers, community and AUSL have done to transform this historic high school to its former glory,” said Wendell Phillips Head Football Coach Troy McAllister. “Whether it is studying game film to get ready for a matchup, showing the utmost sportsmanship on the field or achieving new personal goals in the classroom, we challenge our players, and frankly all of our students, to believe in their own self-worth and that hard work and pride are the prerequisites of success.”

On Saturday, November 14, Phillips will play Geneseo High School at Gately Stadium (810 E 103rd St.) for the State Quarterfinals starting at 7 p.m. The winner will move on to the Semifinal game that will take place during the week of November 16. The 4A State Championship will take place during the week of November 23 at Northern Illinois University’s Huskie Stadium.

About The Academy for Urban School Leadership

AUSL is a Chicago nonprofit school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools.

AUSL was founded in 2001 and today manages 32 Chicago Public Schools serving more than 18,000 students. Over 880 teachers have graduated from the AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency™.

The Countdown Begins for the Florida Blue Florida Classic Rivalry Between Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University

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The nation’s largest HBCU rivalry between the Florida A&M University Rattlers and the Bethune-Cookman University Wildcats returns for the 36th year on November 21 in Orlando.
Florida Classic 2015

Orlando, FL (BlackNews.com) — In less than 20 days, tens of thousands of fans both near and far will descend upon the City of Orlando for the big game with a big impact supporting educational opportunities and having an annual economic impact of about $30 million for the Central Florida region.

Billed as the nation’s largest HBCU sports event, the Florida Blue Florida Classic annual matchup played between in-state rivals, the Florida A&M University Rattlers and the Bethune-Cookman University Wildcats returns on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at the Orlando Citrus Bowl. FAMU and B-CU will meet for the 70th time and the 36th in the Florida Classic.

“The Florida Blue Florida Classic is always exciting for both universities because of the funds it raises for our scholarship programs and the significant impact it adds to the Central Florida economy, shares Milton Overton, FAMU Athletic Director. Its more than just a game and is part of our multi-layered approach to partner with the community.

In addition to the football game, the weekend lineup of events also emphasizes community partnership. The Career Expo and Job Fair presented on Friday, November 20 at the Amway Center is a collaboration with Orlando Jobs to connect job seekers with employers hiring for over 4,000 jobs across various sectors. Among the recruiting list of companies includes the City of Orlando, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Visit Orlando, Verizon, Florida Virtual School, Marriott International, Region’s Bank, Orlando Health, and more. Also on the same day is the Florida Consortium Kickoff Luncheon presented by Florida Blue and brings together community partners, supporters, and local organizations. Other events include the Florida Blue Battle of the Bands on Friday night, a pre-game FanFare with activities for the entire family, and the McDonalds Halftime Show featuring the Marching 100 and the Marching Wildcats.

We continue to enhance the game experience to drive value for our fans and to create greater impact for the community each year, shares Lynn Thompson, B-CU Athletic Director. Last years game was the first played at the newly renovated Orlando Citrus Bowl, which enhanced the game experience for fans. This years game is significant because both teams are playing under the leadership of two new head coaches Coach Alex Wood with the Rattlers and Coach Terry Sims with the Wildcats.

The Florida Blue Florida Classic is a game of tradition with a long storied history dating back to the first Classic played in 1978. Since then, more than 1,500,000 fans have attended the game. In addition to the economic impact the game has on its host city, Orlando, proceeds continue to support educational opportunities at both universities.
Last years game was the first played in the new Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium and featured a better fan experience with larger, more comfortable seats with chair backs, an additional six inches of legroom in the lower bowl, multiple club suites and lounges, better concessions, new team facilities, and video displays on each upper deck.
Tickets are still on sale and available for purchase starting at $15 at Ticketmaster or at www.FloridaClassic.org.

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