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Slaughter Takes Oath of Office as New Legislator, Vows to Stand up for Middle-Class Illinoisans

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CHICAGO, IL – State Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, took the oath of office on Wednesday to represent the 27th District in the Illinois House of Representatives. He issued the following statement:


“This is a humbling experience for my entire family and the communities I represent.  I cannot wait to get to work on the many challenges facing our state and our neighborhoods. I consider this opportunity one of the greatest honors of my life, but the work ahead will be tough and decisions will be difficult.


“It is in all of our best interests to pass a budget that helps the working people of Illinois. A great number of our citizens are being denied critical services because the governor continues to rigidly pursue an agenda that drives down wages for middle-class workers. The governor continues to hold our social service providers, our school children, our healthcare providers and those they serve as hostages in this budget battle. The governor needs to know that I will be supportive of common sense solutions that move our state forward, but those solutions must help, not hurt, the people of the 27th District.


“I remain hopeful that the children of Chicago are no longer used as a scapegoat in our political process. Our schools need adequate funding and the people in our communities need jobs.  I look forward to being a strong and persistent voice for those I am fortunate enough to serve.”


Slaughter’s constituent service office can be reached at 773-445-9700 or slaughterj@ilga.gov.



At Issue: The Mayor, the Feds, and Reform

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From: Invisible Institute

By Curtis Black

Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed to continue reform of the Chicago Police Department – which he characterized as a program of “training, technology, and transparency” – regardless of the outcome of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation of the department.

The DOJ is expected to issue its report on constitutional violations by CPD within the next week. Rather than negotiating a court-approved consent decree, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the DOJ now aims at reaching an “agreement in principle” regarding reforms that are needed.

A City Hall source told the Sun-Times that the mayor was resisting pressure from DOJ to sign a letter of intent now to negotiate a consent decree, preferring to take a chance on lighter enforcement by the feds after Donald Trump is inaugurated as president.

President-elect Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons)

Trump’s attorney general designee, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, said he was not aware of the DOJ investigation into Chicago police and wouldn’t commit to moving forward with it, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois told WBEZ. In the past Sessions has voiced opposition to the use of consent decrees to reform police departments. As of Tuesday afternoon, the Sessions confirmation hearing was being live-broadcast online via multiple outlets.

Emanuel told the Sun-Times that since his own Police Accountability Task Force issued its report in April, he has been “systematically going through and putting in place the recommendations of change I think are important.”

Police Board president Lori Lightfoot, who chaired the task force, told Crain’s Chicago Business that Emanuel has implemented “only a few” of the 126 recommendations in the April report.

Laquan McDonald investigation continues

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson was among top brass who reviewed the October 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald and agreed that it was justified, despite viewing video which subsequently resulted in murder charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke. That’s according to sworn testimony given during an Inspector General investigation of the follow-up to the shooting, the Chicago Tribune reported last month.

Johnson was deputy chief at the time. Then-Supt. Garry McCarthy was also in the group that reviewed the shooting.

Garry McCarthy and Martinez Sutton (City Bureau)

“Everyone agreed” that Van Dyke’s use of force was appropriate, Lt. Osvaldo Valdez told investigators, the Tribune reported. In addition, the lead detective on the case, David March, told investigators, “I was informed the entire command staff concurred with the findings and conclusions of my investigation.” March determined that Van Dyke’s actions were “absolutely proper.”

Johnson “strongly disagreed” with Valdez’s statement, a police spokesperson told the Tribune. He declined to elaborate.

The Tribune article reveals details of an IG investigation into the aftermath of the McDonald shooting. The IG’s report on that investigation has not been publicly issued.

The Tribune revealed that Inspector General Joseph Ferguson recommended firing Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy and Deputy Chief David McNaughton in addition to nine lower-ranking officers, but Johnson postponed acting in order to allow Roy and McNaughton to retire instead.

In addition, “multiple witnesses told the inspector general that detectives investigating the shooting refused to accept their accounts of what happened and threatened them,” the Tribune reported. To date, no disciplinary action for intimidating witnesses has been recommended.

One witness is suing the police department: Alma Benitez has charged she was detained and pressured to change her story, according to the Tribune.

Of 15 department members the IG recommended disciplining for their role in the investigation of McDonald’s shooting, Johnson has moved to fire only five, but the superintendent is still weighing discipline against four others, the Sun-Times reported.

Meanwhile, special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes has issued subpoenas to “police officers who either abruptly resigned, were fired, or were told to resign by police department brass,” according to the Sun-Times.

Watts cases reviewed

CPD’s general counsel is reviewing allegations around reversed convictions linked to corrupt former Sgt. Ronald Watts, WBEZ reports.  The review “could lead to other cases,” a department spokesperson said.

As detailed last year by Jamie Kalven at the Intercept, for over a decade Watts extorted protection money from drug dealers and framed those who wouldn’t go along.

WBEZ also reported that a South Side district commander was selected by Supt. Eddie Johnson for a top position after promoting one of Watts’ underlings, ten months after Watts was arrested for stealing from a government informant.

Fred Waller – named patrol bureau chief by Johnson last year – was commander of the Wentworth district when he nominated Alvin Jones for sergeant. Jones was named along with Watts in numerous misconduct complaints and worked on four Watts cases in which convictions were later overturned.

A department spokesperson said Waller didn’t know about the complaints and “potential wrongdoing.”

Police whistleblower Shannon Spalding scoffed at that claim, as did Lionel White, whose 2008 conviction following an arrest by Watts’ team was overturned last year. White alleges Jones beat him during his arrest – a claim supported by hospital records, according to WBEZ.

Supt. Johnson told WBEZ the department would “go back and take a look at” Waller’s promotion of Jones.

Shannon Spalding (Chicago Tonight)

Congress Certifies Trump. Growing 1000s Say NO! Vow To STOP Trump/Pence Fascist Regime Before It Starts!

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From: RefuseFascism.org

Mission and Plan for a Month of Massive Resistance   


“Imagine if people, in the tens of millions, filled the streets, powerfully declaring that this regime is illegitimate and demanding that it not be allowed to rule!  The whole political landscape would be dramatically transformed, every faction within the established power structure would be forced to respond—and all this could well lead to a situation in which this fascist regime is actually prevented from ruling. This is not some idle dream but something which could be made a reality if all those who hate what is represented by this fascist regime translate their outrage into firm determination and massive mobilization to create the conditions which make this possible,” says the Mission and Plan for a Month of Massive Resistance


Congress certified Donald Trump’s election. Democrat Joe Biden said, “It’s over.” But growing 1000’s, including many prominent voices are saying it is NOT over! “We certify this fascist regime as illegitimate,” Carl Dix, one of RefuseFascism.org‘s initiators, declared today. “We are going to #FloodDC!”


Growing numbers of prominent voices, including Cornel West, Alice Walker, Rosie O’Donnell, Ed Asner and many others, along with thousands of signers, called for millions to take the streets in political protest and resistance to prevent what they argue is a fascist regime from taking power in a full-page signed ad in the New York Times on Wednesday. “Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts!” it states.


“Today’s Congressional vote underscores the urgency and truth of our Call to Action, Dix says, which states:



“[Stopping Trump/Pence] is not wishful thinking but could be made a reality if all who hate what is represented by this fascist regime translate our outrage into massive mobilization to create the political conditions which make this possible. We are millions. Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do – creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling.”

For Interviews with Initiators of RefuseFascism.org and signers of the Call to Action, including concerning plans to #FloodDC, contact: Larry Everest 917-553-8972

Go to RefuseFascism.org for Initiators, Call to Action, Plan to STOP Trump/Pence, schedule of Protests and Events @RefuseFascism Facebook: RefuseFascism #NoFascist2017



Prominent scientists, actors, musicians, intellectuals, activists, religious leaders, and over 3,000 others, have called for massive protests and resistance to “Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts!” in a full-page signed ad on January 4 in the New York Times.



The declaration, “NO! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America” warns that Trump is “assembling a regime of grave danger” whose fascist character “renders it illegitimate and an immoral peril to the future of humanity and the earth itself.”



They state: “millions must rise up in a resistance with a deep determination such that we create a political crisis that prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society.” To achieve that they call for “protests that don’t stop—where people refuse to leave, occupying public space, and more and more people stand up with conviction and courage.”



Signers to this “Call to Action” from RefuseFascism.org include: Imam Aiyub Abdul-Baki, Justice Committee, Islamic Leadership Council of New York; Ed Asner, actor; Bill Ayers, activist, educator; Charles Burnett, filmmaker; Isabel Cardenas, Salvadoran-American activist; Margaret Cho, comedian, actor; Chuck D, rapper, author; Joe Dante, filmmaker; Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA; Alex Ebert, musician; Niles Eldredge, evolutionary biologist; Eve Ensler, playwright; Merrill Garbus, Founding band member, tUnE-yArDs; Pastor Gregg L. Greer, Freedom First International, SCLC; Lalah Hathaway, singer; Marc Lamont Hill, CNN commentator and professor, Morehouse College; Chase Iron Eyes, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; Evelyn Fox Keller, Professor Emerita of History and Philosophy of Science, MIT; Robin D.G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at UCLA; Wayne Kramer, musician; John Landis, filmmaker; Vic Mensa, rapper; Debra Messing, actor; jessica Care moore, poet; Thurston Moore, singer, songwriter, guitarist of Sonic Youth; PZ Myers, evolutionary developmental biologist; Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, actor; Arturo O’Farrill, composer and musician; Michelle Phillips, musician; Milton Saier, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology UCSD; Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five; Michael Shannon, actor; Danny Simmons, visual artist; David Strathairn, actor; Alice Walker, author; Cornel West, writer and professor; Saul Williams, poet and performer. (Organizations, institutions listed for ID purposes only)



“Stranded by the State” Premieres, a New Video Series Chronicling the Human Impact of Illinois’ Ongoing Budget Crisis

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In These Times magazine and Kartemquin Films partner to release director Liz Kaar’s online video series illustrating the personal toll of the de-facto budget cuts in Illinois across a range of issues. The series also grapples with potential solutions to the ongoing crisis.


CHICAGO, IL — Today, In These Times magazine and Kartemquin Films release the first installment of a new multi-part video series, Stranded by the State, that chronicles the long-term toll of the ongoing budget crisis in Illinois on state residents.


Directed, edited and produced by Kartemquin associate Liz Kaar, the trailer for Stranded by the State is now available to watch at inthesetimes.com/stranded. The first full episode will be released on Monday, November 21.


“Crisis creates opportunity,” Governor Bruce Rauner told the Chicago Tribune editorial board in April 2015. “Crisis creates leverage to change—and we’ve got to use that leverage of the crisis to force structural change.”


Illinois has not passed a real budget in over a year, the first state to do so since the Great Depression. The ongoing fight over the budget between Gov. Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly has been covered widely, but what do the effects of this lingering crisis look like in people’s day-to-day lives?


Using the cinéma vérité style favored by Kartemquin (the Chicago-based non-profit documentary production collaborative behind fifty years of classic documentaries, such as Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters), the series follows the families, workers and students living through the de-facto budget cuts, showing the many ways the budget crisis is deteriorating the fabric of Illinois communities.


Each episode will focus on a different aspect of the crisis—from higher education to social services to housing—as well as who is benefiting from the crisis and what kinds of solutions could ultimately solve it. The series incorporates data connecting the situation in Illinois to long-term trends of austerity affecting the country at large, and demonstrates how it ultimately costs taxpayers more in the long run.


“We’ve cut services back to a degree that now people who are vulnerable are using the most expensive services,” says Sol Flores, Executive Director of La Casa Norte, a social service agency for homeless youth and families in Chicago. “It means more mental health emergency room visits, more emergency hospitalization; it means incarceration for juveniles and adults…The young people, children and families that we don’t invest in today, we’ll be confronting tomorrow. And we will pay one way or another.”


The series is a co-production between In These Times and Kartemquin Films, two veteran Chicago media organizations with a long history of covering social justice issues.


Upcoming episodes will feature issues including at-risk youth, adult literacy, senior food programs, immigrant services, higher education and supportive housing. They will also explore the impact of toxic swaps as well as potential revenue-based solutions to the budget crisis.


At a time when residents across the state are facing the brunt of the budget crisis created in Springfield, this series puts a human face on how these cuts are causing anxiety, hardship and pain across Illinois.


Liz Kaar, an independent film director and editor based in Chicago, has worked closely with Kartemquin Films for the last decade on over a dozen films. Most recently, she co-directed and edited Hard Earned, the company’s award-winning six-part series for Al Jazeera America about low-wage workers.


“I’m drawn to stories that make the political concrete and show the material effects of policies on real lives,” says Kaar. “This series looks beyond just the numbers to show the complexities and ripple effects of Illinois’ disinvestment in its residents. We’re living in an age of austerity, when important programs are being defunded on all levels of government, when ‘tax’ is a dirty word, when the social safety net is in tatters and people’s basic needs go unmet. With a businessman just elected president of the United States, the experience of Illinois under a ‘CEO’ governor may soon play out on the national level. We may well see the harmful effects documented in this series—on families, workers and communities—writ large. This is a time when we must ask ourselves who we are as a society, and who we want to be.”


In These Times, an independent, nonprofit magazine, is dedicated to advancing democracy and economic justice, informing movements for a more humane world, and providing an accessible forum for debate about the policies that shape our future. To read more, visit InTheseTimes.com.


Kartemquin Films is a not-for-profit collaborative center for documentary media makers who seek to foster a more engaged and empowered society. In 2016, Kartemquin celebrated 50 years of sparking democracy through documentary. Best known for producing HOOP DREAMS and THE INTERRUPTERS among over 55 documentaries that examine and critique society through the lives of ordinary people, Kartemquin is a national leader in documentary media advocacy and professional development programs that help further grow the field. For more information, visit www.kartemquin.com.


For more information, contact:


Miles Kampf-Lassin

Community Editor

In These Times


(773) 914-9141


Election Special: View From the Ground

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At Issue: Trump and Police Reform

The U.S. Department of Justice under the administration of Donald Trump“could choose to either drop or drastically reduce the scope” of its investigation of racial bias and excess force issues in the Chicago Police Department, the Marshall Project reports. During his campaign, Trump frequently cited violence on Chicago as evidence that police need to “get tough.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he remains committed to reforming CPD, regardless of the outcome of the Justice Department investigation, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Youtube/Boys and Girls Club of Chicago)

“A U.S. official familiar with the [Chicago] investigation said that it is ‘unlikely’ that the inquiry will wrap up before Trump is sworn in, and that once the new Justice Department leaders are in place, they could react to the investigation by deciding to take out some required reforms,” the Washington Post reported.

“The official said, though, that it was unlikely that new leadership would opt to override the results of the Chicago investigation or others that resulted in reform agreements already in place. Such inquiries are carried out by career officials rather than political appointees.”

Trump’s advocacy of “law and order” and his praise for stop-and-frisk tactics contrast sharply with the emphasis of the Obama administration, which “has strongly advocated community policing and decried strategies it considers unconstitutional or discriminatory,” according to the Associated Press.

Reform in the states

“Trump’s victory may be fatal to the unusually bipartisan campaign to reduce prison sentences, invest in rehabilitation, and otherwise render the federal justice system more humane and effective,” according to the Marshall Project. His “law-and-order entourage… constitutes a virtual counter-reform movement, favoring longer sentences, fuller prisons and militarized policing.”

Reform advocates “may well opt to turn their attention to the states, where most of America’s criminal justice is practiced, and where officials of both parties have been receptive to alternatives.”

In the same election in which Trump prevailed, voters backed criminal justice reforms in a number of states, endorsing ballot initiatives to reduce incarceration levels in California and Oklahoma, reform bail practices in New Mexico, and institute gun control measures in California, Nevada, and Washington, the Marshall Project reported.

In Illinois, however, growing momentum behind Gov. Bruce Rauner’s call for criminal justice reform could become a victim to the state’s toxic environment, Rich Miller warned in Crain’s – especially after Rauner paid for mailers attacking a Villa Park Democrat for backing a reform bill that Rauner himself had supported and signed.

As Kim Foxx was elected Cook County State’s Attorney on a platform of criminal justice reform, candidates running on promises of reducing incarceration levels won elections as local prosecutor in Tampa, Houston, and Denver, according to the Marshall Project. And in addition to Cook County, voters in St. Louis, Atlanta and Orlando elected African Americans for the first time to serve as local prosecutors.

Sanctuary City

Meanwhile, with Trump threatening to cut off federal funding for “sanctuary cities,” two City Council members called on Gov. Rauner to declare his support of Chicago’s policies. Ald. Danny Solis (22nd) and Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th) called on Rauner to “stand up for Chicago.”

At a press conference Monday, Mayor Emanuel declared that Chicago “will always be a sanctuary city.”

The city’s welcoming ordinance, barring police from inquiring about individuals’ immigration status, was strengthened last month to prohibit threats and other abuse against immigrants. Ald. Carlos Rosa (35th) has called for further strengthening it, eliminating exceptions that allow CPD to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement when an immigrant has an outstanding warrant, has been convicted of a felony, is a defendant in a criminal case, or is listed as a gang member in a law enforcement database.

Ald. Carlos Rosa (Darryl Holliday)

Advocacy groups “say this is about due process and equal treatment,” writes Marlen Garcia in the Sun-Times. Protections for immigrants are needed to allay fears that prevent them from reporting crimes or cooperating with police, according to advocates.

“There’s no legal definition of a sanctuary city” – and law enforcement agencies that refuse to cooperate with ICE are found in Republican as well as Democratic regions, in rural areas as well as big cities, according to the Marshall Project. Many sheriff’s departments refuse to honor ICE “detainer requests” – requests that individuals be jailed beyond their release date so ICE has time to detain them – in part to avoid lawsuits. Federal courts have ruled that the requests are legally binding, so counties that honor them may be violating individuals’ constitutional rights.

Alicia Keys Urges Fans and All Americans to Vote for Hillary Clinton in Powerful New MoveOn.org Video

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In a new video released today, renowned singer, songwriter, and actress Alicia Keys urges her fans, and all Americans, to “Vote Love” this year by supporting Hillary Clinton for president. The video, produced in partnership with MoveOn.org Political Action, highlights how voting can help bring about a more perfect union and advance trans equality, gender equality, sexual equality, and racial equality. In the video, Keys invites her fans and followers to share what they love and how that’s inspiring them to vote in this election.
The video builds on Keys’ other work to engage and inspire voters in this election including her performance at the Democratic National Convention.
In the video, Alicia Keys explains:
“This election has struck me so deeply, as a woman, as a Black woman, as a human being.  I have tried to make sense of the hate eating away at the soul of our country. America is angry. Many​ for good reason.
“But have we lost our faith in a greater future? Have we lost our wonder for that American miracle of harmony? In a race between moving forward together or moving backwards divided — how can anyone still be undecided?”
Keys adds:
“If we elect our nation’s first female president on November 8th, we won’t wake up on November 9th in a perfect world. But we can wake up in a more perfect union. And we will stay here, to fight for trans-equality, gender-equality, sexual-equality, racial equality, economic-equality. We will stay one and we will rise.
“​​I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, I’m fighting for a woman who was never meant to have a seat at the table. A woman who never quit, who never got too jaded for hope. She endures because she has faith in our kindness.
“This is our time to be strong. Now don’t tell me you can’t vote, you won’t vote. I know you’re strong enough. Because I know you love.”
“Donald Trump’s campaign represents a clear and present danger to the very fabric of our nation. Trump has led a campaign fueled by racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic, and violent rhetoric intent on dividing us,” said Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action. “That’s why we are so proud to team up with Alicia Keys, an artist who reaches millions, to make sure people get out and vote for a more perfect union this November by rejecting Donald Trump’s politics of hate and working to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.”
Alicia Keys’ direct video appeal builds on MoveOn.org’s significant cultural engagement this election cycle.
Recently, MoveOn.org announced that more than 60 Broadway actors and actresses from five different Broadway shows including Beautiful, Book of Mormon, Fiddler on the Roof, Paramour and Waitress, have joined MoveOn.org’s #UnitedFor Campaign, an effort to convince Americans to vote against Donald Trump, reject his dangerous campaign of hate and division, and elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States this November.
Last month, MoveOn.org announced the winners of its “Laughter Trumps Hate” content. More than 200 comedians across the country submitted stand-up sets, sketch videos, and Trump impressions, and a panel of all-star judges—including Judd Apatow, Adam McKay, Aasif Mandvi, and Negin Farsad, among others—selected one winner in each category.
And earlier this year, more than 100 high-profile celebrities and artists joined MoveOn.org’s #UnitedAgainstHate campaign to ensure Americans vote against Donald Trump and reject Trump’s dangerous campaign of hate and division, and committed to “use our platforms to bring attention to the dangers of a Trump presidency, and to the real and present threats of his candidacy.” The signers included actors, producers, directors, comedians, screenwriters, musicians, fashion designers, and other artists from across the country. Collectively, these artists reach millions of followers and committed to using their influence to ensure Americans vote against Trump this November.
For more information, contact Brett Abrams at 516-841-1105 or by email at press@moveon.org.

Comptroller Munger Campaign Accuses City Clerk Mendoza of Raking “in Cash From City & State Contractors”

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 Candidate looks to bring ‘Chicago Way’ back to Springfield

According to Citizens for Illinois State Comptroller Leslie Munger, “Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza has lined her campaign coffers with contributions from those doing business with her City Hall Office – now she’s bringing in even more by taking cash from those who would benefit if she is elected Illinois State Comptroller.


“As Clerk, Mendoza raised $20,000 from Clarity Partners, a firm which was awarded a city contract to allow for year-round city stickers sales. Contributions from the firm and its executives rolled in before, during and after the project, which Mendoza has touted as her greatest accomplishment – while refusing to be transparent about the conflict of interest. At the same time, Mendoza has brought in more than $40,000 in campaign contributions from city Currency Exchanges, which earn a fee in selling city stickers regulated by the Clerk.


“Now running for Comptroller, Mendoza is raking in cash from Ullico, a pension fund management firm that recently lost its contract with the state. Ullico was removed by the Illinois State Board of Investment, a committee of which the State Comptroller is a voting member.


“After two decades on taxpayer-funded payrolls, Susana Mendoza has mastered the art of making her ‘service’ pay off,” said Phil Rodriguez, spokesman for the campaign of Comptroller Leslie Munger. “Not only has she taken in $2 million in publicly funded salaries, but she’s also fueled her campaigns with cash from businesses that benefit from her being in office. Now she wants to bring her ‘Chicago Way’ back to Springfield? Enough.”


Munger joined members of the Board of Investment in withdrawing $65 million in state pension investments from Ullico, citing that in addition to charging higher fees, the company had been placed on the board’s “watch list,” because too much of its portfolio – 52 percent – was being held in cash. One month after the September, 2015, vote, Ullico began contributing to Mendoza. The firm has contributed $20,000 to Mendoza to date, including $10,000 this month alone.


“Susana Mendoza is a career politician and while she promises to be an independent Comptroller, her record of partisan politics and pay-to-play campaigns speaks for itself,” Rodriguez said. “In less than two years in office, Leslie has stood up to all sides, speaking out for fiscal responsibility while showing a commitment to human services. She brings a fresh voice that is sorely needed in Springfield.”


A former business executive and longtime human service volunteer, Munger was sworn-in as Comptroller in January, 2015. She has been enthusiastically endorsed by news outlets throughout Illinois, including: Belleville News-Democrat, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Chicago Defender, Springfield Journal-Register Champaign News-Gazette, Rockford Register-Star and Quincy Herald-Whig.


Revcoms Brings National Organizing Tour to Chicago

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The Revolution Club – also known as the Revcoms – are bringing their National Organizing Tour to Chicago.  The theme of the tour is “America Was Never Great!  Overthrow, Don’t Vote For, This System!”


A Press Conference will be held Tuesday, Oct 18, 9 a.m., at Cook County (Leighton) Criminal Courthouse (on the steps), 2650 S. California, in Chicago, with Carl Dix speaking.

“Chicago is famous for two things.” said Carl Dix, one of the spokespersons for the Tour: “the police murdering our youth and then covering it up, and the way in which the system has turned these youth against each other.  We’re going to organize them to turn their anger against this system, and not each other, and to fight to overthrow it.” 
“We’ll be going to the campuses, too, where the students are questioning.  Our message to everyone: neither of the presidential candidates will bring anything but worse misery and oppression.  We need to get organized, NOW, for an actual revolution.”
The Revcoms were recently in the news in Chicago after Milwaukee police chief accused them of leading the recent rebellion against police murder in Milwaukee this summer.  When asked about this, Dix said “Innocent as charged.”
*Carl Dix is a courageous freedom fighter from the 1960s who went on to become a revolutionary fighter and a communist. Dix spent two years in military prison for refusing to fight in the unjust Vietnam War. He emerged unrepentant and went on to become a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), USA, dedicating his life to the emancipation of all humanity. Today, Carl is a follower of and advocate for Bob Avakian, his leadership, and his visionary new synthesis of communism. Carl Dix and Cornel West co-founded the Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN), and Rise Up October that brought thousands into the streets in New York City demanding a stop to police terror.

National Gay Media Association Member Papers Endorse Clinton for President

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In an unprecedented move, all 12 of the country’s longest-serving and most award-winning LGBT newspapers are each separately endorsing Democratic Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

The 12 are members of the National Gay Media Association, a trade association of the nation’s major-market legacy LGBT newspapers. NGMA members have a combined circulation in print and online of more than one million readers per week.

The members of NGMA who are each endorsing Clinton in their own pages are: Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco), Washington Blade, Philadelphia Gay News, Dallas Voice, Windy City Times (Chicago), Between the Lines (Detroit), Bay Windows (Boston), Georgia Voice, SFGN (Ft. Lauderdale), Watermark (Orlando and Tampa Bay), Gay City News (New York), and The Pride LA.

This is an unprecedented joint announcement from the newspapers, because several do not engage in political endorsements: 31-year-old Windy City Times has endorsed just once in 16 years, and the Dallas Voice has never endorsed for any race in 32 years.

“This race for president is showing this country a clear choice of moving backward or moving forward on LGBTQ and other human rights,” said NGMA spokesperson Tracy Baim, publisher of Windy City Times. “We know that the LGBTQ community is made up of diverse political voices. But the homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-immigrant and sexist nature of Republican candidate Donald Trump means that we can’t sit on the sidelines this election season.”

“Hillary Clinton has spent her career fighting for social justice,” Baim said. “While she came late to some LGBTQ issues, so did most mainstream politicians. In this presidential race, there is a clear choice to keep this country moving forward in the footsteps of President Barack Obama, the most pro-LGBTQ president in U.S. history. That choice is Hillary Clinton.”

In an op-ed for NGMA member paper the Philadelphia Gay News, Hillary Clinton talked about how, as president, she would advance the historic pro-LGBTQ equality agenda she and her runningmate Tim Kaine have embraced. She is the first major-party candidate for president to write an op-ed for an LGBTQ publication. “If I’m fortunate enough to be elected president, I’ll protect the progress we’ve fought so hard to achieve—and I’ll keep fighting until every American can live free from discrimination and prejudice,” she wrote.

See www.nationalgaymediaassociation.com

#BlackWomenVote Campaign Launches to Energize and Engage Black Women GOTV Effort

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New Website Showcases Election News and Tools for Black Women to Prepare to Vote

NEW YORK – Higher Heights, the leading, independent and trusted political voice for Black women leading up to, and beyond Election Day 2016 launched #BlackWomenVote Get Out The Vote, a nonpartisan campaign. The nationwide effort is to ensure Black women have the news and tools to get out the vote on Nov. 8.

The campaign is being launched on the birthday of civil rights leader and voting rights activist, Fannie Lou Hamer. Hamer organized and encouraged Blacks to register to vote.

She also worked for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which fought racial segregation and injustice in the South. In 1964, she helped found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Hamer died in 1977, today would have been her 99th birthday.

The campaign is centered around the new website BlackWomenVote.com. The site provides the latest election news, commentary and tools for Black women to prepare to vote, and get out the vote within their social networks. The campaign over the next month, will reach Black women across the country to activate their circles and give them the tools to raise their voice, cast their vote and flex their collective voting power.

“The #BlackWomenVote campaign is being launched on the birthday of Fannie Lou Hamer, because it is about igniting a spark so that the voice of Black women and the power that we hold can be fully put to work and recognized at the ballot box in November,” said Glynda C. Carr, co- founder of Higher Heights. “The new campaign provides Black women with tools they can use to vote and get their networks to vote. We know that when you fire up a Black woman she does not go to the polls alone, she brings her house, her block, her church, her sorority, and her water cooler. For us, this election is about harnessing the power of Black women’s votes to address and support building economically stable communities and the other issues of the greatest importance to Black women.”

The new website includes an Election Center, where women can pledge to vote and make a voting plan as well as connect them to tools like register to vote and find their polling location. The site also includes weekly commentary on news from Black women across the country about this election and current topics focused on issues affecting Black women.

During the course of the campaign #BlackWomenVote will also host a number of on and offline events like town halls, conversations and salons to further energize Black women and emphasize the importance to get out the vote in November, as well as staying active beyond Election Day.

“We have launched this campaign to provide meaningful ways for Black women to organize their networks this election and demonstrate our collective power for change in our communities and nationwide,” said Kimberly Peeler Allen, co- founder of Higher Heights. This is really about harnessing the power of Black women to ensure we have a seat at political and economic decision making tables.”

Please visit #BlackWomenVote here.
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