Author’s Heartfelt Book of Poetry, an Outpouring of Emotions During Wife’s Terminal Illness, Urges Readers to Strengthen and Cherish their Bonds of Love

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Written from the heart and experiences of Guglielmo, ‘I Take Thee, Angela: A Life in Poetry’ comprises frank, raw and ultimately beautiful verses that take their cues from the emotions the author and his wife endured while she was dying from pancreatic cancer. While it was a time of great pain and suffering, Guglielmo admits that their unshakable love for each other brought a unique and powerful kind of solace along with it. Through his words, the author hopes readers will learn to cherish those they love and prosper in every moment they have left together.

New Haven, CT – In 2007, Guglielmo made the harrowing transition from married man to widower. While naturally the most painful experience of his life, Guglielmo held a memory that few can boast; ultimate and unwavering mutual love for the wife he had just lost. While their lives were turned upside down by her illness, the love Guglielmo and Angela shared ultimately became their strongest sustenance.
So deep were these emotions that Guglielmo started transposing them into a series of powerful, uplifting poems. He has now released them to the world in a volume that will compel anyone to redefine their definition of love and truly cherish those who make their life so gifted.
‘I Take Thee, Angela: A Life in Poetry’ may be from one man’s heart, but it’s chock-full of universal truths.
The poems contained in this work were the result of an outpouring of emotions and feelings that occurred over the two and one-half years of suffering my wife, Angela, endured during her struggle with pancreatic cancer.

So deep and so strong was the love we shared that it was our sustenance during a period when nothing seemed to matter except to overcome the monster that had become such an all-consuming part of our lives.

The lesson I carry away from this experience is to not take for granted the happiness that can be enjoyed during the time that God has given us all to share with one another.

We should all cherish the fact that we are together and love and respect our relationship to the fullest. No one knows what tomorrow may bring.

“Everyone is loved, or has been loved, even if they don’t believe it’s the case,” explains the author. “What makes love so painful is that we eventually have to sever our earthly bonds and take away just the memories we created. Therefore, it’s vital for everyone to recognize and embrace every thread of the love they share with others.”
Continuing, “I hope my work brings all couples closer together to foster stronger love, understanding and compassion. Those who know that the days with their dearest love are numbered will find my book extremely close to their own heart.”
With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘I Take Thee, Angela: A Life in Poetry’, from Xlibris, is available now:

About the Author:

Guglielmo a.k.a William V. Vincoli was born in Port Chester, N.Y., the youngest of eight children. He was educated in local schools and also attended Indiana University. Retired as Vice President of Greenwich Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. in Greenwich Connecticut, after 31 years. Guglielmo and Angela met in 1951 and were married in 1953. They raised four children. Angela passed away in 2007.

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