Woman Launches Newest Black-Owned Radio Station And TV Network In Downtown Atlanta

Woman Launches Newest Black-Owned Radio Station And Tv Network In Downtown Atlanta

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Nationwide — Tina Redmond aka DJ Chic Chick, a California native from Inglewood known for having many talents and ambitions, is now the owner of Atlanta’s newest Black-owned radio station and television network, TRACC Radio and TRACC TV. She says she created the two media platforms to offer independent artists, celebrities, as well business owners the opportunity to be promoted worldwide.

DJ Chic Chick is a DJ that started her career professionally a little over a year ago. She is always bringing cultural music to the black communities and connecting the communities worldwide. Before moving back to Georgia, previously residing in the peach state years prior, Tina Redmond was in Hollywood working as a SAG-AFTRA actress and performing production work behind the scenes. After years of learning the industry in front of the camera, as well as behind the camera, she decided to start the planning of her work, then working her plan on the road to producing music documentaries. Tina started to brainstorm on the stepping stones that she needed to create in order for her to get into the music industry to build her connections.

She admits to being vocally challenged, as well as having no musical instrument training. Therefore, Tina decided to put acting on the back burner, go back to school for radio broadcasting and take some DJ lessons, which would be her entrance into the music industry.

In 2017, the path began. Tina went to Santa Monica College for radio broadcasting and took private DJ lessons at Scratch Academy in LA. While learning her crafts physically, she studied the broadcasting world and DJ world through online research and then started traveling to places like New York and Las Vegas to check out DJ sets to get an idea of which direction she wanted her brand to go in, once launched. While traveling, she was also inspired by the influence that the New York DJs such as DJ Scratch, Kid Capri, and more have had on the hip hop community.

It wasn’t until she saw Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris perform live in Vegas for her to really be in awe of an entirely different outlook on deejaying and the execution of entertaining the audience.

Those motivational moments were effective ways for her to grasp an idea of how effective her brand would become by adding her own flavor to what she saw already being done. All of this played a role with added goals of becoming an international DJ, a resident DJ in Las Vegas, along with owning her own radio station and tv network. Tina’s greatest inspiration was learning Cathy Hughes’s story of how she began her radio stations and her struggles that molded her into the mogul that she is today. Therefore, a unique, one-of-a-kind blend of music genres, her personality, her foundation, and inspirations would definitely play a huge part. In 2019, DJ Chic Chick was then formed.

About DJ Chic Chick’s journey
DJ Chic Chick moved back to Atlanta with a temporary goal of moving there for a few years in 2018 to pursue her career of breaking into radio as a broadcaster and DJ at some local clubs. Atlanta was the choice, because when she had lived there previously. DJ Chic Chick owned an entertainment company called “Cali Chic Studio”, in Buckhead. She already had a small audience under that brand and wanted to build off of that with a new brand in the city of black entrepreneurs and musicians, which she felt was so much easier to have access to vs Hollywood celebrities and the red tape behind it. The first year back DJ Chic Chick traveled a lot and wasn’t focused solely on what she moved to Atlanta for.

One year later, in 2019, is when she met a former boxer by the name of Champ, that introduced her to a friend of his that had a local online radio station that was seeking a DJ for his Monday night mix show. In less than a year this goal-oriented, go-getter developed a morning show, late-night live performance show, became a program director for the station, opened up an event studio for interviews in the West End area of Atlanta, got booked to DJ for some of the hottest clubs and events in Atlanta such as Opium, Union Eav, RollingOut.com conference, etc., and then moved to an A.M. radio station called Real 1100 in Atlanta. In March 2020, the pandemic hit, so she parted ways at tA.M. station. DJ Chic Chick took a few weeks to figure out her next move, with the quarantine lifestyle in mind. She researched licensed local online stations in Atlanta and was advised by an artist and friend, Smoov from the Atlanta music group on the rise “Famille Forever”, that K100 Radio would be a good fit for her brand. She reached out to Blizm owner of K100 Radio, received the offer, and since then has syndicated her prerecorded show “Chic Chick Live” on K100 Radio Atlanta, where her niche is dirty hip hop and r&b mixes with interviews and community awareness.

“Chic Chick Live” is also on BaseFM Radio in Manchester U.K. owned by DJ Lucky B of London, where her niche is a live house remix show as well as now TRACC Radio where DJ Chic Chick shows variety in her music genre, celebrity interviews, skits, podcasts, etc., with an array of worldwide opportunities for exposure. DJ Chic Chick has become the mastermind of networking by joining influential groups in Atlanta to promote TRACC Radio and TRACC TV, such as “The Gathering Spot” and “Atlanta Black Chambers”, with a goal of creating opportunities for the Atlanta community to receive what DJ Chic Chick knows the industry to have access to in Los Angeles as well as introduce LA to what Atlanta has to offer. Although TRACC Radio is a worldwide station, DJ Chic Chick’s goal is to start with two home base physical stations one in Atlanta and one in Los Angeles because both towns have a heavy influence on music and seeing that the TRACC brand is all about connecting culture through music, audio-wise on TRACC Radio and visually on TRACC TV that is set to be released on the new and improved digital media platforms, Atlanta was the first city to launch and the goal is to launch the LA one later after the pandemic plays out.

About TRACC Radio and TRACC TV
TRACC Radio is a top 40 station with an added unique style, that breaks independent artists, new records, as well as mainstream artists & their new projects. On TRACC Radio. listeners hear new & old school mixes by some of the hottest DJs from all over the world. With each DJ being from a different place, the audience gets to experience the genre of music known for in each DJ’s hometown. TRACC Radio is a worldwide station that plays all genres of music from hip hop, R&B, pop, reggae, afrobeat, house, dancehall, jazz, Latin, gospel, disco in rotation as well as through their DJ’s mixes, 24/7. Artists, as well as business owners, get worldwide exposure through the TRACC platform.  TRACC Radio also has comedy skits, podcasts, celebrity interviews, and live performance shows. Tune in to TRACC Radio on any day also check out the after-hours music slots & shows at night for the grown, sexy & mature audience due to mature language. The experience of tuning into the station will not be disappointing. Stay on track with TRACC Radio by following them on all social media @TRACCRADIO as well as their sister company for visual @TRACCTV.

TRACC Radio and TRACC TV’s Atlanta station is located in Midtown at 715 Peachtree St NE, Suite 100/200 Atlanta, GA 30308.

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