Windsor Lifestyles’ helpful services enable seniors to live independently in their own homes

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Offering concierge & home maintenance services

janeandchrisHomeowners who wish to remain living independently in the homes they know and love now have an invaluable resource they can turn to: Windsor Lifestyles, a company that offers helpful in-home concierge and home maintenance services to anyone in need of assistance.

From maintaining your residence to providing in-home assistance and companionship and running errands, Windsor Lifestyles offers a full suite of services designed to make it easier for anyone to age in place safely and comfortably.

Christopher Cope and his mother Jane launched Windsor Lifestyles after identifying a burgeoning need for specialized services among the growing population of retired and senior citizens.

The Copes were inspired by the area’s changing population: Consider that 42 percent of people age 65 and older suffer from a physical disability that limits their activities of daily life (ADLs), and the population of those 65 years and older is expected to increase from approximately 35 million to 55 million by 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Additionally, an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) report issued a few years back revealed that 36 percent of the country’s housing owned by those age 50 and older was constructed before 1960, which indicates that many of these homes are in need of renovation, repair and maintenance. AARP survey data also show that 62 percent of respondents age 45 and older said they, a parent, spouse or another household member experienced difficulty with walking, getting into/out of a bed, negotiating stairs, or other orthopedic problems, and used a cane, wheelchair, walker or motorized scooter.

“These statistics underscore the rising need for greater availability of in-home care for seniors, which is lacking in the northwest suburbs—the primary market we serve,” said Christopher, president of Windsor Lifestyles. “From the start, we envisioned this company as a one-stop solutions provider. With one phone call, a senior can get virtually any assistance they need. And they can count on help from experts who are compassionate, highly skilled, reliable and efficiently responsive.”

Windsor Lifestyles offers a wide array of customized services to choose from, such as:

  • Exterior maintenance, including lawn and foliage care, gardening, gutter cleaning, and leaf and snow removal.
  • Interior maintenance, including replacing furnace filters, changing batteries and light bulbs, and keeping appliances and equipment running smoothly.
  • Remodeling, including room additions, kitchen and bath renovations, universal design adaptations and interior decorating.
  • Handyman services, including repairs, painting, maintain HVAC systems, window washing, electrical and plumbing.
  • In-home personal care.
  • Housecleaning, including washing, dusting, laundry and linen changing.
  • Companionship, including someone to talk to and assist with daily life activities.
  • Food shopping and custom meal preparation.
  • House sitting while you’re away, including taking in the mail, watering plants, caring for pets, checking on the home and more.
  • Transportation, including driving to/from stores, offices, clinics and loved ones.
  • Auto care, including arranging for routine maintenance and repairs, stickers, licenses and registration, and parking and storage.

“What’s unique and different about our company is that we provide both in home personal care and home upkeep, the combination of which many other agencies don’t offer,” Jane said. Plus, she added, “our team has invaluable expertise in the home building industry and has been producing independent living communities for seniors over the past 10 years. We know what it takes to create ideal living environments for older homeowners who desire autonomy and want an alternative to an assisted living or nursing home facility.”

Chris Cope noted that Windsor Lifestyles “specializes in creating nurturing, healthy, safe and relaxing living environments for the seniors we serve. And, unlike our competition, we’re distinctively qualified to offer both types of services. We’re CAPS credentialed, which means that we’re experienced aging-in-place experts certified by the National Association of Home Builders and AARP.”

Chris and his staff perform rigorous background checks on and thoroughly train every service provider they hire, so clients can rest assured that any Windsor Lifestyles professional they interact with is skilled, trustworthy, reliable, kind and accommodating.

“We don’t just cater to seniors. We’re also a great resource for anyone in need of assistance, including those with disabilities, people who live alone, snowbirds and frequent travelers, and those who are just plain busy,” said Jane. “This is what we call our concierge service.”

Windsor Lifestyles prices its services affordably on a fee-per-service basis, and services are available for any duration, be it temporary, long-term or of indefinite length.

“We’re there for you as your needs change,” Chris said. “So while you may initially enlist our services for something like lawn care only, you may eventually need someone to pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, deliver your groceries or lend a hand getting up and down the stairs. Practically everything you want or require is accessible to you under one roof—and that is the roof of your own home, where you can remain living comfortably and securely with a little help from Windsor Lifestyles.”

For more information on Windsor Lifestyles, phone (847) 842-2525 or visit

Image caption: Jane Cope (left) and her son Chris Cope formed Windsor Lifestyles to offer helpful in-home concierge and home maintenance services especially geared to seniors.

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