What Ever Happened To Truth? Truth Gets Lost In an Election Year Full of Dirty Tricks and Lies

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By Juanita Bratcher


Having set their sights high on running for various political offices in the 2010 elections, some candidates feel that they can fast walk or skip into office on a “pack of unmitigated lies” – from lying about their credentials to lying about their opponents. That’s why voters must be exceptionally vigilant about candidates running for public offices and about their agendas.

 Many of these wishful thinking politicians are not fit for public office, and are not ready for prime time on the political stage.

Voters should not be fooled by fast talk and trickery rhetoric or mayhem. They should keep their eyes open, ears on the alert, and be mindful of those who use lies and fear tactics as a means to land into office.

For every incumbent running, there’s a track record to run on – good or bad- while political novelist, those new to running for office, perhaps the first time (there are many perennial candidates) – have some kind of background – whether community or political activists, or civic, corporate or business. Spending a little time on Google or other search engines can flush out a lot more information than imaginable. 

If elected to office, what change will they bring? Change can be difficult for some – they want things to stay in the past rather than come into the present. It’s hard for them to give up one thing for another. But what some of these winning candidates will inevitably bring to office can have a profound affect on the country as a whole, specifically in the U.S. Congress.

 Voters should not be misled by candidates who shuffle with the truth. It is essential that voters are conscious of candidates’ records and fight back and challenge those misfit or unfit candidates at the polls by not casting a vote for them, regardless of their Party affiliation – Democrat, Republican or any third-party candidate for that matter.

 Voters should make it their business not to elect people to office who do not understand politics or government, or not be able to effectively participate in decision-making. And what’s wrong with being inclusive? How advantageous is it to Americans to support a candidate whose actions and rhetoric leave a lot to be desired? Will they bring about serious change that truly represents all?

 We live in a complex society. There are different views, different opinions, and we have different ways of doing things. But that shouldn’t be a factor in our dialogue to work for the good of the country and its people.

 But what would be more troubling, is the failure of some apathetic voters to not go to the polls on Election Day to systematically weed out those whose agendas are based on lies and innuendos.

 Those who are not part of the solution can certainly be looked at as a part of the problem.

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