U.S. Senator Dick Durbin to chair Alexi for Illinois campaign

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 Durbin Cites Giannoulias’ Effort to Save 600 Illinois Jobs; Criticizes Kirk’s Economic Record As “Wrong for Illinois”
SPRINGFIELD – At his home in Springfield, United States Senator and Majority Whip Dick Durbin stood with Alexi Giannoulias and announced that he will serve as a Chair of the Alexi for Illinois campaign and do whatever he can to defeat Congressman Mark Kirk in November.

“The United States Senate needs a strong, fresh voice that will join me in fighting to bring good, new jobs to Illinois,” said Senator Durbin. “Alexi fought for and saved 600 Illinois jobs at the Hartmarx plant. We need that passion and commitment to help move our country and state forward. Mark Kirk will only take us backwards to the failed economic policies that brought us into one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression.”

In 2009, Wells Fargo, a bank that received $25 billion of taxpayer’s money, threatened to liquidate Hartmarx, an American bedrock company in Des Plaines, IL that has been making men’s suits since 1911. Giannoulias stood up and told Wells Fargo that if it wanted to continue to do business in Illinois it would have to find a way to keep American jobs in America. As a result, Wells Fargo backed down and found a purchaser that would not liquidate the company – saving 600 jobs.

Today’s announcement kicked off the general election for Giannoulias’ U.S. Senate campaign and highlighted his plan to get Illinois’ economy working again. For more information on Giannoulias’ plan please visit: www.alexiforillinois.com/issues/economy

“I am honored to have Senator Durbin’s support and leadership on my campaign, which is all about creating the new, next-generation jobs of tomorrow right here in Illinois,” said Giannoulias. “Together, over the next nine months we are going to be talking about real solutions that will turn our economy and our state around. There is so much at stake, and Illinois simply can not afford Republican Mark Kirk’s failed record of supporting George Bush‘s reckless budgets and failed economic policies.”

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