Topinka refuses to return “tainted campaign contribution” from company controlled by federally convicted contractor

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(From Citizens for David E. Miller)
Dolton, IL – Illinois Comptroller candidate David Miller restated his call for Judy Baar Topinka to return a $5,000 donation from Orange Crush, LLC. The company is owned by a member of the Palumbo family, who was convicted by the federal government and barred from doing business with the state.

In a Daily Herald news story this morning, a Topinka campaign spokesperson said, “The campaign does not plan to return the money.”

“Ms. Topinka clearly knows taking this money is wrong. She is trying hide this contribution behind a political smokescreen. The people of Illinois need a Comptroller who knows right from wrong.” said David Miller.


In 1999, Sebastian Palumbo and companies he controlled were banned from working on state and federally funded road work projects.

In 2010, Orange Crush, LLC gave Citizens for Judy Baar Topinka, a $5,000 contribution.

According to a Chicago Tribune story:

“In January 1999, two Palumbo corporate entities–Palumbo Brothers Inc. and Monarch Asphalt–admitted to inflating bills on more than 60 Chicago-area road projects during an 11-year period. The cheating cost government entities more than $10 million. Both companies were banned from state and federal work and are no longer active, though not formally dissolved.

In their plea agreement, the Palumbos as individuals pleaded guilty to a separate scheme–failing to pay employees for overtime work and underpaying required contributions to the Teamsters and Laborers union pension funds. That scam cost 900 workers about $3.3 million in lost pay and benefits, according to prosecutors’ estimates, a sum later reimbursed as part of the plea agreements.

Orange Crush was not part of the criminal prosecution, but the Palumbos’ plea agreements bar any company in which any of the Palumbos owns more than 5 percent from taking state or federal money.”

According to a Glenview Journal & Topics story from August 25, 2010:

“Family patriarch Sebastian Palumbo holds a majority interest in Orange Crush” 

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