The Credit Bros, Who Have Helped 250 Families Become Homeowners, Are Back With A Free New Tool


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Nationwide ( — Christopher Watson and Aaron Steede, known as the Credit Bros, have surpassed industry expectations by launching a new service called Dispute It 4 Free that helps individuals and families to accurately monitor and correct their credit reports by removing invalid collection accounts and other errors.

Their story went viral over a year ago when they helped put 50 families in homes within six months. Now, however, these two brothers are responsible for assisting well over 250 families across the United States get into homes. They’ve been recognized in Black EnterpriseFace to Face Africa, and have been mentioned by many celebrities via social media for their efforts and hard work.

Now they have partnered with a software company to make credit repair free. Christopher comments, “With everything we are doing, the two hurdles we are seeing are pricing for credit restoration, or the independence of client’s wanting to fix their credit but rather have guidance along the way.”

Aaron chimes in with the same viewpoint, “Yep, that’s an objection that we mainly see. They either can’t afford it monthly or want to fix it themselves but don’t know where to start. With Chris and me coming from the community, we understand both. Our overall goal is to help anyone willing to help themselves, whether the roadblock is a financial strain, or the avenue is independence. We also talked about how they planned on being an economic powerhouse in the upcoming years.”

Credit Bros have also partnered with an investment firm named Johnson Capital Planning based out of Nashville, Tennessee to help their clients with budgeting, investing, retirement planning, portfolio management, and insurance coverage to protect families while growing their assets. Credit is the foundation; however, they go hand and hand with finances. They put their dollars in the communities to give back, change the narrative and close the ridiculous wealth gap in the black community. Of course, they will still be offering their expertise and services, but if you are looking to work with your credit or even want to save money, Dispute It 4 Free is the software you should be betting on for results.

How to get started:

It’s simple. Go to the website, click sign up, fill in your info, and the software will direct you to credit stripe, their monitoring affiliate who helped make this software compatible. You will pay for your monitoring with two affordable options. Then the software will sync up with your credit reports and give you your errors.

They have also launched a Facebook group where they will be helping and offering guidance along the way. Talking about going the extra mile, these brothers are serious about helping the community increase wealth.

To get started with the free software and/or to learn more, visit

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