The Campaign for Better Health Care supports the major components of President Obama’s plan

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Statement by Jim Duffett, Executive Director, Campaign for Better Health Care regarding President Obama’s speech before a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress

This evening, President Obama made it very clear to the American people and to Congress that health care is the key to economic security and opportunity. Health insurance reform will result in affordability, accessibility and peace of mind for businesses, individuals and families throughout our nation.

The Campaign for Better Health Care supports the major components of President Obama’s plan:  consumer protections to shield consumers from abusive insurance industry practices; a focus on preventative and primary care; the right to choose whether a private or public health insurance plan is best for us and our families; an increased quality of care; and cost containment that will eliminate fraud and increase efficiency.  We believe that these components together work towards assuring peace of mind for all of us, in knowing that the health care we need will be available to us when we need it.

During the month of August, we witnessed a lot of huffing and puffing, hyperbole and a desperate push for the “Do Nothing” policies of the past from the opponents of fairness, all designed to derail health insurance reform.  They failed.

A majority of Americans still support the major components of this health insurance reform plan laid out by President Obama.  A vast majority of Americans believe that they should have access to the same health care options provided to our members of Congress at taxpayer expense, and they are right.   Enough is enough.  We are all in this together.

We stand with the President and all who continue to fight for health care justice.  The hypocrisy and fear mongering in Washington must end.  It is time to quit playing politics, and to once and for all solve the health care crisis by creating a system that works for all of us. 

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