Stronger in technology, yet racial weakness is destroying U.S.

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By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Network

It seems rather strange that in a day where modern technology has taken the U.S. and its consumers to heights unknown, that the hearts and mentalities of some have become weaker!

With modern technology in its advanced age, can you believe some incoherent heirs to the political microphones resort to broadcasting unrehearsed lies without the blinking of an eye? Is it that in a political ‘Willie-Lynch’ plight to destroy the underprivileged tax payers, many forget they’re on-the-air with stupid commentaries that are heard around the world? Carelessly, these demons-of-mass-destruction only seek to rob, steal and will destroy an entire nation.

On a mission from the pit-of-hell, these demonic-political spirits are barriers of packages which promote racism and ignorance! The well-spoken and deceiving orator often speaks with misgivings and misconceptions that could destroy the very fabric and framework for which these United States was built… justice and liberty for all people!

With all said and done, has the stench of politics beaten the majority of tax payers down? As trash is subliminally shoved down the throats of U.S. citizens, some deceivers are saying they come in the name of President Barack Obama! Foolishly some of these very same politicians are hoping that the consumers will swallow their bitter taste of bigotry like a gigantic taste of Castor oil?

As families are torn apart by shooting and killings in the Chicago area, gangs and other demonic forces have now become rampant!  Some politicians and leading organizational leaders speaking off-the-record state that administrative anti-crime efforts should take a place with ‘anti-crime established programs’ that have served successfully over the years and have proven track records.

With rough crime facts and figures staring the public in the face, it has been documented that the city’s police and mayor’s administrations has mishandled crime figures. Now without hope, many horrified mothers will have to continue peering from behind the window, curtains of their multi-locked doors, trembling as daily gunshots are no longer heard from the allies, but now heard as bold murders are committed in the main streets of Chicago.

With all the tales told, and the press uncovering what is stated to be the truth; it is fair to say that the deceiving tongues of those elected and appointed persons continue to say – Crime is Down!

The holy scriptures warn us about principalities and spiritual wicked folk sitting in high places. In private quarters a public-figure said that, “The powers-that-be continue to spit in the face of elders and the poor, who pay their salaries! This is more than despicable behavior coming from persons elected to lead, protect and to serve.”

Biblically, we have been instructed to marvel not at the things we now see and hear, for it is stated that these things must be! Why are these things happening? Simply because the heart of man has waxed cold and has become increasingly evil as the prince of darkness prevails! We have been commanded to fight a spiritually-good fight… and to remember that our reward is dispensed by God and not man!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is President of Probation Challenge and the PCC Network – The Truth Network

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