Steve Harvey Allegedly Guilty of Gang Stalking and Bullying

Steve Harvey Allegedly Guilty of Gang Stalking and Bullying

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Nationwide — Essie Berry, civil rights activist and widow of Fred “ReRun” Berry from the 1970s sitcom What’s Happening, says that after a decade of allegations, comedian/ media personality Steve Harvey continues to utilize criminal tactics against her and others. She says that these include gang stalking, fraud, collusion, conspiracy, concealment of evidence, discrimination, and retaliation against women.

Berry says that many his victims have been denied due process because records were sealed with allegations of fraud, child abuse and blackmail during the years starting in 2013 until the present.

In one case derived from Collins County in McKinney, Texas, under the jurisdiction of Judge Angela Tucker, she says that the judge appears to have participated by helping commit fraud.

Berry along with NAACP Leaders, Dr. Lillie Coley and Danyelle Brown and also members of the Black Panther Party, are now asking for a federal investigation on all parties involved in the conspiracy against activist Berry in the state of California case (BC661527) and McKinney Texas, located in Collins County (Case No. 199-521-5905).

According to a document presented to Berry by Steve Harvey’s attorney, Bobbie Edmon, eleven judges have signed an arrest warrant to silence activist Berry in California. She comments, “This is clearly unheard of. This is modern day lynching.”

Judge Angela Tucker of the 199th Precinct was the main judge pertaining to the case, and Berry alleges that her district court allowed fraud upon the courts for Steve Harvey to take place over a decade ago.

She also alleges that his attorney also committed collusion by continuing to help harass her for reporting and filing complaints for child abuse, blackmail and fraud against Steve Harvey.

Berry comments, “Steve Harvey is a natural born liar. He lied to the media in 2013 when he said that I was a conspirator and extortionist with no tangible evidence. There is concrete proof that Steve Harvey has made several violent videos, threats via text messages and phone calls from burner phones.”

She continues, “Steve Harvey has not acted like a man. He has mistreated women for years and then covered up his lies through deception. I’m asking the public to help us to stop Steve Harvey and his courtroom corruption against Black women and others who deserve the right to justice.”

In 2020, Essie Berry was reportedly entered into a program called The Safe at Home Program for victims of Domestic Violence & Stalking, a program that was reportedly developed and created by Gavin Newsome, the Governor of California to protect victims against crimes of stalking. She says that she is still in that program right now.

She says that no one can enter this program without having concrete proof against the predator, and that all of her evidence and documents proved that Steve Harvey himself was the predator. The evidence she surrendered to the program included videos, threats, 2,000 text messages from burner phones, and also police reports.

According to Berry, Steve Harvey has a long list associated with allegations of violating and the mistreatment towards women of color and she says these secrets have been uncovered for over 20 years.

For example, Quolandra Harris, a transgender woman from Fulton County, Georgia, was reportedly violated by Harvey on March 2, 2015. Another woman, Mary Harvey, his ex-wife, reportedly filed a case in November 29, 2005, and until present suffers from nervous breakdowns and was gagged for over 18 years into silence by the courts in her divorce case.

Berry comments, “What happened to freedom of speech? Steve wanted Mary quiet and anyone who knows the truth knows about Steve’s malicious attitude and insensitive statements stating that people are beneath him. Steve is basically saying that only his voice matters while criticizing others.”

Berry also says that she obtained a three-year restraining order against Steve Harvey on August 18, 2020 (Case No: CID VS 2013528) and insists that restraining orders can’t be granted without concrete proof. However, she claims that somehow, Harvey was able to influence Judge Garza in San Bernardino Courts without her being notified that a hearing was taking place until the last moment. He as therefore reportedly able to remove her three-year restraining order after 6 months of being served. She says that once he convinced the judge to remove the restraining order, he went back to bullying her with malicious intent and degrading videos, gang stalking & harassment. She even says that her friends and family members have been threatened by him.

Berry and her team of civil rights activists comment, “We are holding all organizations, sponsors and networks who are affiliated with Steve Harvey accountable for his actions. Steve Harvey feels that his celebrity status gives him a pass to commit crimes, and encourages judges and attorneys to obstruct and interfere with justice. Let’s hold Steve Harvey accountable for his action. The time is now!”

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