Solving young black males’ problems in school

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Solving young black males’ problems in school

Reggie Jenkins, author and UUNIK Academy Executive Director

Knoxville, TN ( – Across the country, black boys are in trouble. Most parents and educators view the situation of black boys alerting. Two community leaders share solutions in their new book to local communities.

The plight of black males in America is troubling. Nationally, young black males account for 56% of juvenile drug offenders in residential placement. In fact, black males lead about every negative performance indicator, such school drop out and unemployment rates in the nation.

Deossie Dingus, former Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer, explains, “We own those indicators. The CDC [Center for Disease and Control] now has the tasks of tracking the death rate of Black males in America.” Dingus maintains that the death rates of young black males are so troubling that it can be classified as an epidemic.

A Call to Destiny: How to Create Effective Ways to Assist Black Boys in America by Dr. Daryl D. Green and Reggie Jenkins provides a practical assessment of what happens to young black boys in America. They authors hope to share their critical solutions to others. Jenkins argues, “With unemployment, racism, drug use, illiteracy, dysfunctional family structure, lack of positive role models, and prison incarceration on the rise, there is a dire need for workshops and conferences that address the issues confronting our male youth.”

The new book seeks to provide ways for parents, educators, and supporters to assist these boys in their positive development. Without any intervention, young black boys, regardless of their social class, will not survive in the 21st century. Dr. Green notes, “There is plenty of blame to go around. It is time for adults to stop talking and act. We are offering proven solutions, not untested ones.” In the book, there are over 70 strategies to assist young males toward more productive lives. Proceeds from the e-book version will be donated to UUNIK Academy to better assist these young boys.

Both authors are community-focused and results-oriented. Dr. Green is a nationally recognized lecturer and author of several books. Dr. Green is a professor at Knoxville College. Mr. Jenkins is the founder and executive director of UUNIK Academy, a rites of passage program dedicated to holistic development of young males between the ages of 10-15. Mr. Jenkins is also a graduate of University of Tennessee (Knoxville) where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics.

The authors are available for media interviews as well as speaking engagements to businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and local communities. For more information, please contact Reggie Jenkins at

About UUNIK Academy, Inc.:
UUNIK Academy, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic development of African-American males between the ages of 11-15. For more information, go to UUNIK Academy’s website at Website:,

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