Senator Durbin, Congressman Davis, and IL Senators Hunter and Raoul Recognized for Racial Justice Reform Efforts

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statelegisbutton(Chicago, IL) – The Illinois Association for Criminal Justice bestowed awards to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Congressman
Danny K. Davis and Illinois State Senators Mattie Hunter and Kwame Raoul
today for legislative leadership in criminal justice policy.

The association recognized Senator Durbin for authoring the Fair
Sentencing Act, which was signed into law in 2010 and reduces the
sentencing disparity in the mandatory penalties for possession of crack versus powder cocaine.

IACJ awarded Congressman Davis for sponsoring the Second Chance Act, which provides federal seed grants for programs that assist individuals released from prison to successfully reenter society

Senators Hunter and Raoul also received the group’s recognition for state legislative drug crime reform efforts in Springfield. Hunter successfully sponsored the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study Commission law that addresses racial disparities in justice system’s response to drug crimes.

Raoul won approval for Illinois Crime Reduction Act, a measure that invests in community-based solutions to non-violent, drug-related crime.

“At the heart of our mission, our goals are to advance criminal justice reforms that guarantee equality for all under the law, create safer communities, and reduce the financial burden of expensive and unnecessary incarceration on taxpayers,” said IACJ President Diane
Williams. “Congressman Davis and Senators Durbin, Hunter and Raoul embody those goals.”

“Our mission is to ensure that services and public policies are in place that will reduce crime and restore individuals to stability and productivity in their communities,” said Pamela Rodriguez, president of TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities), a founding
organizational member of IACJ. “We’re here today because it’s vital to recognize legislative leaders when they take courageous stands in matters of fiscal responsibility and social justice. We care about these issues, we understand the impact of public policy in our communities,
and we’re paying attention to what happens in Springfield and Washington.”

Sponsored by IACJ, the event was held at the Safer Foundation, which provides services education, employment, and support services for people with criminal records. Founded in 2010, the mission of the Illinois Association for Criminal Justice (IACJ) is to ensure quality, comprehensive and coordinated services for people with criminal histories through the education of the public, advocacy, and community capacity building. For more information,
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Photo Caption:  Illinois Association for Criminal Justice recognizes legislators for national and state leadership in addressing racial disproportionality in the justice system. Left to right:  Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul; IACJ Chair Diane Williams; Clarisol Duque on behalf of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin; Congressman Danny Davis; Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter; IACJ Vice-Chair Pamela Rodriguez. Photo Courtesy of David Ormsby.

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