Rev. Bailey: “Not running for political office”

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Calling it a “misconception” that he is vying for political office in the First Congressional District, Rev. Harold Bailey said he has no interest in entering the political arena.

After being flooded with calls inquiring about his running in the First Congressional District, a seat now held by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, Bailey said he felt it best to clear up the misconception and set the record straight.

“Politics is not my calling,” said Bailey. “I have no interest in entering the political arena. I merely want to set the record straight for the sake of many people who perhaps assume at this time it is I (who wants to run)…no it is not.”

Bailey said he has always had an historical interest in educating young men and women filtering through the criminal justice system and those youth who were dropped from the education rolls.

“I would not like to have a misconception settle in the minds of those who have trusted me to remain free of the ‘political dust’ ,”  he said, especially after Probation Challenge program’s “illegal eviction” from the Olive-Harvey College campus.

Bailey concluded: “I’m not seeking to ride on my name recognition and would like to keep it that way.”

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