Rauner Earns 21% of the Chicago Vote; Chicago GOP Candidate Recruiting Program a Success

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From the Chicago GOP Party

CHICAGO, IL -  Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner received 20.81% of the vote in the City of Chicago, surpassing the 20% threshhold that Republicans have traditionally needed to win statewide office. The previous GOP nominee for Governor, State Senator Bill Brady, received 17.5% of the Chicago vote in 2010.

The governor’s race was a test of the Chicago Republican party’s “Chicago Victory Project,” a candidate recruitment and campaign infrastructure program.  The goal of the program was to recruit high-quality first-time candidates for Illinois House and State Senate seats, provide them with campaign infrastructure, and drive the GOP vote in Chicago by 5%.  Partnering closely with the Illinois GOP and the Rauner campaign ensured top-to-bottom alignment.

As a result of this initiative, the Chicago GOP recruited and ran nine candidates on the ballot in districts throughout Chicago. Each candidate was in a district which was extremely difficult for a Republican to win. Nevertheless, the candidates went door-to-door and spent many hours ringing doorbells and making calls. The net effect was that Republicans who turned out to vote for the local Republican candidate also tended to vote for Bruce Rauner and the whole statewide ticket.  The party raised approximately $250,000 for the program, shattering previous fundraising records.

“This outcome was the result of two years of planning, fundraising and execution,” said Adam Robinson, Chairman of the Chicago GOP.  “It’s no secret that Chicago is and forever will be critical to the success of our statewide candidates.  This is a winning formula for future elections.”

All but one of the candidates were running for office for the first time. Nevertheless, four of them won the endorsement of local media.

“The impact of these campaigns was substantial,” said Chris Cleveland, Vice Chairman of the Chicago GOP. “The results of this election guarantee that we’ll have a larger field of candidates in the future.  The Chicago GOP will expand this program substantially in preparation for 2016.”

The candidates were Vince Kolber, Stefanie Linares, Collin Johnson, Mark Calonder, Denis Detzel, Greg Bedell, Coby Hakalir, Mark Ekhoff, and Victor Horne.

“We’re deeply grateful for what these Chicago candidates have done for the party,” said Cleveland.

For more information, contact: Chris Cleveland
312 339 2677 mobile

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