President Trump has Wrecked the Core Fabric and Spirit of This Country


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My Two Cents Worth: Part 1

By Dr. Juanita Bratcher

Publisher & CEO, CopyLine Magazine

(A reprint: First published in on February 19, 2018)

In a short period of time, President Donald Trump has wrecked the core fabric and spirit of this country. He has divided the citizenry little by little, has torn the country’s cultural fabric apart and cultivated it into small racial pieces, and at the same time, ignored what is good for America and what is good for the American people (Of course he would strongly disagree with that assessment) inasmuch as he’s too busy trying to “Make America Great Again” (his campaign slogan that will never happen).

Trump takes no responsibility for anything. He has a habit of always pinning the blame (if it’s something negative) on someone else; and his usual targets are former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or just about anyone he gets into a strong public debate with. He is the master when it comes to “playing the blame game.”

Trump is known to give out “false or misleading claims” on a daily basis, according to the Washington Post. And there are others in the news media who think likewise. He has a habit of calling the news media the “fake media”.

Trump bends the truth about any and everything and takes no responsibility for nothing. Some people I’ve talked to in conversation call him “the liar-in-chief”. Nonetheless, this is the man elected president of the United States and is leading our country.

There’s an old saying that “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” There are many Americans that are on to Trump’s non-leadership skills and leadership abilities to adequately run this country. They have a general idea about happenings in this country and their workplace – politics, current events and otherwise. They can’t be fooled by Trump’s pathological untruths.

In a Washington Post article January 10, 2018, titled: “President Trump has Made More Than 2,000 False or Misleading Claims Over 355 Days”, authored by Glenn Kessler and Meg Kelly, it noted that “After a year in office, President Trump has made 2,140 false or misleading claims and flip-flops. He now averages 5.9 per day….”

Further, the article noted that “With just 10 days before he finishes his first year as president, Trump has made 2,001 false or misleading claims in 355 days, according to our database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president. That’s an average of more than 5.6 claims a day.”

A majority of Americans (Trump has low favorability ratings in all polls) have been overwhelmed by Trump’s inaction and/or misleading information since he arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., surrounded by cabinet members who know very little to nothing about the jobs they were selected to serve in.

And as long as Trump stays in the Oval Office he will continue to destroy the country even more with his legislative agenda and Executive Orders. Trump signed 24 Executive Orders in his first 100 days in office; his way of trying to make sure he erases many of President Barack Obama’s legacy accomplishments.

But remember, Trump didn’t do it (set policy all by himself), he had the help of powerful Republican enablers. They have to bear some of the blame. Trump has had the help of many enablers -The national Republican Party and Congressional Republican leadership – Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Devin Nunes and many others. The Republicans are in control of the House, Senate and Presidency. Let’s remember Trump and his comrade enablers on election days when they’re up for re-election.

Trump is unpredictable, irresponsible, unaccountable, and uses strong derogatory and incendiary rhetoric when making remarks about certain racial ethnic groups.  His racist maneuvering and remarks have divided and torn this country apart. Furthermore, his administration has been subject of many scandals.

I’ve been covering politics and presidential campaigns/elections for more than 42 years. In January 2016, I celebrated 40 rock-solid years as a journalist/news reporter/author/publisher. But I must say the 2016 presidential campaign is unlike any campaign I’ve seen during my tenure as a journalist/news reporter/author/publisher. That campaign was a stark difference from the others!

I’m weary now of what I continue to see happening in and coming out of the White House. And I’m concerned about what is taking place politically in this country.


Something Is Wrong In America

By Juanita Bratcher

Copyright © 2006

Something is wrong in America

When a man has no place to sleep

There’s something wrong in America

When a man has nothing to eat

Something is wrong in America

When violence constantly roars through the streets

There’s something wrong about America

When the evils of racism lie at its feet


Something is wrong in America

When justice and equality can’t prevail

There’s something wrong about America

When its justice system has failed


Something is wrong in America

When leaders are corrupt from greed

Something is wrong in America

When it can’t help its citizens in need


Something is wrong in America

When poverty robs a man of self-esteem

There’s something wrong about America

When a man can’t realize his dreams


COMING SOON: PART 2 will focus on President Donald Trump’s useless maneuvering since taking over the presidency.


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