President Obama signs health care bill into law

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Giannoulias’ Statement on President Obama signing Historic legislation

CHICAGO, IL – Following the President’s enactment of the health care reform bill this morning, U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias released the following statement:

“With the stroke of his pen today, President Obama signed landmark legislation that will ensure that insurance companies can no longer use caps or pre-existing conditions to deny coverage to those who pay their premiums, gouge consumers, or ration care to those who offer the most profit. Small businesses will earn tax credits to provide health insurance for their employees, prescription drugs will be more affordable for seniors, and the federal deficit would be reduced over the next decade.

“Unfortunately, my opponent Mark Kirk has joined Republicans declaring he wants to lead the effort to repeal this bill and defeat President Obama’s efforts to move this nation forward. I will continue to be a fighter for the hardworking people of Illinois who deserve results, not political games or obstruction, from their leaders in Washington.”

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