Polar Bear Numbers Could Have Quadrupled

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Researcher says attempts to silence her have failed Polar bear numbers could easily exceed 40,000, up from a low point of 10,000 or fewer in the 1960s. 

In The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened, a book published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), Dr Susan Crockford uses the latest data as well as revisiting some of the absurd values used in official estimates, and concludes that polar bears are actually thriving: “My scientific estimates make perfect sense and they tally with what the Inuit and other Arctic residents are seeing on the ground. Almost everywhere polar bears come into contact with people, they are much more common than they used to be. It’s a wonderful conservation success story.”   Crockford also describes how, despite the good news, polar bear specialists have consistently tried to low-ball polar bear population figures.   They have also engaged in a relentless smear campaign in an attempt to silence her in order to protect the story of a polar bear catastrophe, and the funding that comes with it.   “A few unscrupulous people have been trying to destroy my reputation”, she says. “But the facts are against them, and they have failed”. Dr Crockford discussed population numbers and her new book on the Glenn Beck show on Tuesday 19 March. The book had its official launch event on 10 April at 12:00pm in Calgary in the Centini Restaurant, where Dr Crockford was on hand to sign copies.

The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened
published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation

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